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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2017 5:02am-5:31am CET

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they are attached let's see if he says. as a compact s.u.v. the to go on is well suited to this task it boasts high ground clearance and robust plastic cladding that offers good underbody protection. and thanks to its all wheel drive the vehicle maintains a firm grip he went on slippery surfaces. horse levers so if he held his going to test what the to go on is like as a total vehicle she flips the switch in the trunk to release the trailer hitch then she uses the rearview camera to maneuver the trailer precisely. doesn't stand as i know since trailer is just as easy to use and a big help when reversing joe he advises drivers to practice a little in a parking lot first and still it's only a driver's system not
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a completely automated system he feels a computer can never completely replace a human's visual judgement. and takes just a few quick steps to connect the electrical cable that delivers power to the trailers taillight. secure it and turn the crank to the lock snaps into place. and sophie's all ready to go for a test drive or to go on is equipped with a two lever one hundred ten kilowatt diesel engine though it's the smallest diesel engine available for this s.u.v. it packs plenty of pulling power its maximum three hundred forty new meters of torque at just one thousand seven hundred fifty rpm mean it can pull away with the east even with a trailer in tow now comes the decisive part of the test so famous back the trailer into a designated park. as in the soviets planes that she first put the car into
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reverse like normal then she presses the park assist button to activate the trailer assistance now she steers the car using the mirror adjustment joystick by pushing it to the left or right depending on the direction she wants to go now she wants to go left so she presses afterwards or. trailer assist relies on many components that are already present arc assist power steering electric mirror adjustment the rear view camera and the infotainment display all of these components work together to prevent the trailer from suddenly ending up in the wrong place. so be says that at first it was a bit strange to steer the car and the tree there using just the little mirror adjustment but once you've done it a few times it's relatively easy especially because you can see the direction
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you're going on this infotainment display here. the good to know right now says the good news is three lyricist works straight away the bad news is it cost extra and you need to combine components to make it work for instance your review camera and the trailer hitch with the electoral installation kit system cost nine hundred thirty five euros and the trailer hitch another eight hundred eighty three. but trailer assist does give drivers a sense of security so they can relax when they're pulling a big load even in tight spaces or situations with more visibility backing up is no longer a problem you. see. today the porsche three fifty six numbers among that truly classic sports cars in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight it became the first automobile to proudly bear the porsche name before then ferdinand porsche had developed cars for various other
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brands at the porsche design and engineering firm he'd founded in one thousand thirty one instead going. to f one that are classic car expert coast of our tells us that the first porsche wasn't actually build and stood guard but in the austrian town of. near the end of the second world war the company had moved its entire operations there to escape the constant bombing raids and the three fifty six was in the brainchild of patriarch for an end porsche rather it was his son ferry who created the sports car out of v.w. parts his father praised faeries work and said he wouldn't change a single screw one with one mind. on. ferdinand porsche was one of the auto industry's pioneers starting in eight hundred ninety seven he developed electric and hybrid vehicles and all electric drive model
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and trend setting made. engine race cars like the astro dialer session and the auto union silver era. right in christophe tells us that earlier versions of the porsche three fifty six had a souped up beetle engine under the hood which barely produced forty horsepower that's not really enough for a sports car but he says it's fun all the same the car is clever aerodynamics and lightweight construction way to reach one hundred forty kilometers an hour and that's why about anything so fine i think if i'm walking on and off what's what. during the seventeen years the three fifty six was produced porsche continued to make improvements this super ninety convertible from one nine hundred sixty is among the most fully perfected versions it's one point six liter ninety horsepower engine is over twice as powerful as the motor in the original three fifty six.
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i didn't pause at that wrist of feels that the porsche three fifty six is not only a bit last a drive it's a feast for the senses to the big white steering wheel the leather seats these but i was here. everything gives you the impression of being made to last the cars body was designed by engineers one commend the food already given shape to auto unions grand prix sports cars and the v.w. beetle christophe says the three fifty six is a true milestone and automotive history that form the basis for porsche is designed language and. he says any new nine eleven is really just a modern variant of the three fifty six that is the i'm going to almost i'm going to be more than a buy on to this dies except for to take. its face.
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is the mediately recognizable. the round headlights and prominent wings have essentially become part of porsches d.n.a. . that gently sloping greer is also a porsche specialty although the teardrop aerodynamic design is now seen as dated. the ignition is found to the left of the steering wheel the tank ometer is centrally located and they are good nomics are stellar these features or should drivers have come to know and love all came from the three fifty six. bus hats just as crystal says the heart of the three fifty six can be found back here in the fall the first three fifty six is used beetle engines this one was already fitted with
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a four cylinder one point six liter porsche boxster and. it boasts under head campus and generates ninety horsepower imported thanks to the east to solaris carburetors. one of the standard engines hands. sixty and seventy five horsepower there was a one hundred thirty or so hour variant with a very complicated vertical shaft engine but he says this here is the finest one you can get when. the boxer engines are viewed as reliable and long lasting then as now porsches are often known as sensible sports cars which makes them unique. christo says the one portion now still would be introducing a successor model fans in automotive journalist claim that a new porsche could never outdo the old three fifty six well the nine eleven has
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certainly made more than a few friends over the years and as the forefather to the nine eleven the first porsche ever three fifty six is definitely an automotive milestone i think definitely. the movie industry. today it's still a pleasure to take a three fifty six convertible out for a spin on the picture as roads of trentino in northern italy after the three fifty six was discontinued in one nine hundred sixty five porsche buyers had to wait until nineteen eighty two for the introduction of the nine eleven convertible until they could once again feel the wind in their hair. next time and drive it up pick up from or say to us we put the new x. class to the test. and natural gas in the tank v.w. takes a new look at this alternative fuel. argentina
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for decades farmers here has been using a controversial herbicide like to say. now cancer and birth defects are on the rise as are the voices protesting against the use of chemicals in agriculture people here are speaking up. to say the sick children of argentina. fifteen minutes. the fast pace of life in the digital notable shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information to the wittiest phone lines and interviews with makers and users.
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in forty five minutes. my first boss was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to add up by cycle of my home and it took me as the bike. finally gave up and went on by me and my cycles but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than riding a bike and now i want to meet our two boys woman back home for both by their duties and social goals and inform them about the basic rights my name is them out of the home and i work into.
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frankfurt am. managed by from. the international olympic committee says russia's the limbic team has been banned from participating in the twenty eighteen winter olympic games in south korea government officials will not be allowed to attend and russian athletes can only compete as neutrals investigations revealed widespread doping violations among russian athletes. in honduras left his presidential candidate salvador knows that is the mending of total recount of all votes or a direct runoff to resolve the country's ongoing political crisis that's according to the country's former president manuel zelaya. has accused incumbent president juan orlando were not as of voter fraud in elections held in late november. u.s.
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officials say the country plans to move its israeli embassy to jerusalem allies fear the move will endanger the middle east peace process and provoke unrest u.s. president donald trump made the embassy move a campaign promise. a balti as court has charged three men with the murder of journalist dafna caught on that. the anti corruption blogger was killed in october by a car bomb that investigators say was likely a remote controlled explosion the three suspects have pleaded not guilty to the charges. at. the trump russia saga now crosses the atlantic to germany u.s. investigator robert mueller subpoena a bank to release data on accounts held by president trump over russia's influence
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on his election as president. also on the show the e.u. is blacklisting seventeen countries as tax havens it's supposed to be a bold move but campaigners are outraged as the list includes no e.u. members. and as brics it talks go nowhere dairy farmers in northern ireland want to know the one thing on many people's minds what good is bricks it anyway. so i'm for business on the w m how you know i guess thank you for joining us germany's biggest bank deutsche bank is being investigated over russian meddling in the us presidential election last year a number of media outlets are reporting that special counsel robert mueller who's leading the inquiry has asked to release data on accounts held by president trump and his family the information was demanded by subpoena after deutscher rejected requests from the us house democrats to share the data in june the bank lent the trump organization millions of dollars for real estate ventures in the past.
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it's a developing story and we want to analyze it with our financial correspondent on wall street called the high end good to see you now it's tell us the scope of this possible case could we also see other banks involved in a civil matter. this case is not so much about if did anything wrong but rather about possible ties between donald trump and rusher and if you look at the father u.s. banks for example could be involved similarly it's rather unlikely if you look at the past couple of years a lot of the projects from donald trump have not been really that successful so a lot of the big u.s. banks actually have shied away from doing business with donald trump a daughter bank was one of the few bigger bangs to still continue doing business with the now u.s.
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president now yes on the other headlines that we saw today the u.s. trade deficit has risen to its highest level in nine months and that means that the country spent a whopping forty eight billion dollars more on imports and it managed to shift in exports that's an increase of over eight percent in a month potentially dragging down g.d.p. for the full year rising oil prices pushed the import bill higher imports from china were also in a record high the news won't go unnoticed by the u.s. president as donald trump has long.


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