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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2017 7:00am-8:00am CET

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of journalist dafna caught on that. the anti corruption blocker was killed in october by a car bomb that investigators say was likely a remote controlled explosion the three suspects have pleaded not guilty to the charges. on. tonight an exclusive interview with the man who calls himself the biggest enemy of russian president vladimir putin the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili he's calling for a new revolution in his adopted home ukraine claiming democracy there is threatened by corruption and the kremlin in a dramatic clash with police today in kiev his supporters saved him from arrest. the. the.
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the the. the. this is absolutely fake the feeling is that these people they told me that if they cannot find anything on me they will create it we've been marching peacefully quietly but but in bigger numbers more and more and that's what they were scared of. i'm burning off in berlin also coming up tonight he was president trump reportedly told palestinian president mahmoud abbas today that he intends to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. groups including hamas are now calling for a day of rage to protest and there are warnings from across europe and the middle east the strongest from turkey. you seem to know this could go all the way to
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cutting our diplomatic ties with israel or you did. under islam is a red line it's the capital of the palestinian state and yet i know that unilateral steps to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is i believe that would be a very dangerous move. we begin the day with a showdown between police and protesters in kiev and the police lost hundreds of supporters of former georgian president and now anti-corruption crusader. clashed with ukrainian police and forced police to let saakashvili go now ukraine has already revoked saakashvili citizenship and claims that he is part of a plan to topple the government of president poroshenko saakashvili is popularity with voters and his claims of rampant corruption in ukraine are a thorn in poroshenko side but saakashvili says if you retrace the plans to take
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him out you'll find that they start with the russian president vladimir putin our first report takes us tonight to the streets of kiev. early morning hide and seek on the rubes above kiev's my town square except the man being detained by on mark special forces is a former president and one of ukrainian president petro poroshenko is most vocal opponents. as news of the rate spread on facebook within minutes a crowd had gathered on the streets below but still there was no word from the police as to why he was being detained. his arms tied behind his back second really had one last chance to address his supporters calling for president bush and co to face impeachment the but it was one second he was bundled into a car that the confrontation between police and his supporters really got going.
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the street ornaments rubbish bins even park police cars were all fair game as the crowd tried to prevent second species forcible departure. in the meantime ukraine's prosecutor general finally got around to answering the question on everyone's lips why not such a big operation and why now many he said they colluded with exiled ukrainian oligarchs was preparing to subvert the country's government. or want to cause now to our correspondent nick connelly in kiev nick govern exclusive interview with mr saakashvili today good evening to you nick you spoke with mr saakashvili just moments after he basically escaped the ukrainian police that's right brant this has been an extraordinary day here in kiryat began with my colleague seeing a man being chased across the roofs just on my town square behind me here that man
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turned out to be michelle's acushla really and it ended with us at the walls of ukraine's parliament the roger in a tent camp where mikhail saakashvili was with his supporters and he gave us an interview i began by asking him why he thought he'd been detained today. the real reason is that for the last several months i've been heading the movement for change in terms of corruption in terms of getting rid of a corrupt practice of the president that he's immediate surroundings had brought ukraine to be a good situation of being the poorest country in terms of g.d.p. if europe and. they've been menacing me for some time they've they told me that they were there asked me it's what they've been sending me people they told me that they will if they don't find something on me they will invent something on me that was depression cause right hand man mr gross kit that told. to me your thoughts today publish my times which apparently show you don't need to be quitting you know i don't know i don't know what i don't know who this guy well i don't know that i
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don't know how he looks i don't know how he sounds and why would i i mean this is this is absolutely fake the feeling is that these people they told me that if they cannot find anything on me they will create it we've been marching peacefully quietly but but in bigger numbers more and more and that's what they were scared of . the ukraine is willing to to elect which is someone who was born in the country look up i'm not running for office right now i'm running i'm just trying to rescue this nation from absolute zero bleeding of corruption. well well right now i'm deleting the progress whatever i whatever it is no future prepares for me to see but because of course i'm going to run for president if you can't for sure thank you. he's an interesting character to say the least painting there talking to you he's got the ukrainian flag draped around his neck and he says he's not going to
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run for office but at the same time he says he is they are in ukraine to rescue the country from the oblivion of corruption how is he going to do that. well quite and beyond that brant he is the leader of a new party albeit one that has ratings in the low single digits so far but it's difficult to see how institution he's going to bring about much change i think the real the real interesting question will be whether the second really turns out to be a crystallizing point not just for people who necessarily trust him directly but just a trigger for people who are on. dissatisfied with the current system with the current government who have seen years of war drag on and these the country comic situation is still so if any worse than it was before the modern revolution livingstone is really suffering here if he's able to bring these people out into the streets now he's promised that he will do that this weekend he's called a meeting
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a demonstration on sunday in which he plans to call for president bush's impeachment if he manages to really bring out thousands tens of thousands of people rather than the hundreds and thousands we've seen at previous events then that will be a sign that he really is a serious threat to the current government and he still says that he's the biggest enemy to the russian president vladimir putin and people watching this you know you can understand it they say well then once a former president of georgia doing mixed up in ukrainian politics well brant this is one of the more. extraordinary stories of posts of history that this region seeing the last few decades so he second really finished his second term in office in georgia back in late twenty's thirteen he lost the election and handed over power peacefully something that isn't common in this region has to be said and that was about the time when the protests on the square behind me got going the last my don and the new team that came in headed by current president
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poroshenko actually brought in they invited him over and said that they needed his experience in in before. bringing in western style economic liberal economic reforms and at first it seemed to go very well it was a sort of political love story between poroshenko and his friend second really they were even remotely personal friends second really was made the governor a very important region of a desk and stayed in that post for over a year but then things turned sour they fellow fell out sexually accusing chorus think of protecting the old corruption the old corrupt systems and not being willing to break with the past and now we have this former friend second spinny out on the streets calling for his impeachment so it really is a pretty extraordinary reversal of fortunes now an extraordinary day too especially when he managed to escape the police nick connelly on the story for us tonight in kiev nic thank you very much. oh there will be no athletes competing for russia in the winter olympics the
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international olympic committee today banned russia due to evidence confirming state sponsored doping some clean athletes however will be able to compete under a neutral flag but under strict conditions with just ten weeks before the games begin in south korea i.o.c. president thomas bach found that the evidence of doping presented to him in the committee today was enough to stop athletes from competing under the russian flag at the games this is the second time in a row that russian athletes will miss out on an olympics because of doping they also missed out on the twenty sixteen summer games in rio. and the i.o.c. president held a press conference in luzon a short while ago here as part of what thomas bach had to say to the russian olympic committee is suspended who its immediate effect individual russian house leads will be able to participate under strict conditions at the olympic games. two thousand and eighteen. this in
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right it has lee will participate be it individual or team competitions under the name olympic athlete from russia with the acronym. our met her and from our war words destroyed me now are the evidence that convinced the i.o.c. to make the take this decision again was basically found in urine samples indeed the urine samples which russian athletes who had been doping they were switched with urine samples from the same same athletes that they had given up several weeks before when they were so to speak clean and this was not only a sort of one time thing at the sochi olympics in two thousand and fourteen but apparently this was part of a highly orchestrated state sponsored doping program involve not only the russian olympic committee but the russian sports ministry the russian you know special
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police so this was something that was being directed from very high levels and the evidence for this really came out last year after the mclaren report and that happened basically too soon before the summer olympics for the i.o.c. to be comfortable to put a sort of blanket ban in place so they decided to really look at the same evidence and lo and behold mr schmidt which was the that the head of the new commission which gave his report today said yet the evidence checks out we need to ban russia and what happens now to the clean athletes and how are we going to prove that russian athletes are clean well to answer your second question first i think time will tell one of the big things that happens in a lot of reason to lympics and you can go back not only to sochi but to you know london and twenty twentieth's that are cetera you have to keep these samples on file let's just say and maybe a few years down the line might found find even more athletes who are ostensibly
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clean it is a linux will turn out to have been dirty but i think the compromise that they have struck for this games which is coming up in two months time really is about as good as a compromise as they can get and basically saying we banned russia we banned the country the flag the anthem etc. we ban the sports administrators who orchestrated this program but if you're a russian athlete and you haven't been caught doping just yet we will let you compete under a neutral flag and quickly before we run out of time does russia have any recourse now i mean i think they do i think that if russia's actions in the past are any guide i think that they will probably try and take this to the court of arbitration for sport i'm not sure having gone down the road twice with the same strong evidence they're going to get any more joy with them than they have ups and yeah we'll have to see it's going to be. and even colder winter olympics for the russian athletes that's for sure met her thank you very much and still to come on the day germany's foreign minister says his country's ties with the united states are
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changing and one reason he says is because of the face of america is change in absent in the foreseeable future a majority of us americans will no longer have european i don't know but latin american asian and african roots and that's why the relationship of the united states and europe will no longer be the same as it once was including after donald trump. let's us and my. u.s. president donald trump today phone palestinian president mahmoud abbas and confirmed his plans to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem it's a step that would be tantamount to recognizing the disputed city as israel's capital something that trump promised during his presidential campaign reiterating statements made earlier in the week abbas ward trump that moving the embassy would endanger the middle east peace process and provoke unrest in the region. all right
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we've got team coverage on the story now i'm joined from jerusalem by my colleague tanya kramer and in washington our correspondent carsten phenomena good evening to both of you talking let me start with you how are palestinian authorities how are they reacting to this phone call from u.s. president donald trump. yeah we understand that mr time had these phone conversations with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas also the king and they issued a statement afterwards saying that they were in town informed about the intentions of mr trump to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem it's not clear when this will happen there's no time to be given not you know the framework in which is will be done there no details given in that but the statement by president and all that it is you've been hearing me over the past couple of hours stressing you know that this so much concern and they're warning about the impact for the region and they're also stressing that the palestinians will not give up on their claim on east hussein as
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the capital of their future state according to international resolutions so i mean this is a cause many of the concerns of for many leaders individually have to stress that came from egypt from jordan from turkey from saudi arabia everybody is saying this is a dangerous move and had cooties daedalus to beechen president of also called the jordan's king abdullah. and we know that abdulla has in the past said that this type of move would endangered stability in jordan why is he so bored. we don't have a lot at stake here jordan is traditionally the custodian of the holy sites and the other parks are compared into a sense that everything that concerns east jerusalem also concerns jordan and you should not forget there's also a lot of palestinian refugees living in jordan so what he also expressed again
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today in that statement is he also warned about the danger to go ahead with this move without having the framework of negotiations and he's also you know this is concern you know me very muslim people i talked to today on the palestinian side at least you know that this is setting new paramita jerusalem such a sensitive subject so symbolic for a lot of people and i think it leaves a lot of people here with a lot of uncertainty now how this will play out and carsten moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem it has been u.s. policy or goal of the u.s. for decades but it's never been implemented right. basically all of president clinton have been kicking this can down the road every six months because twenty two years ago the u.s. congress passed a law the jerusalem embassy act which says that. is the capital of israel and that the u.s. embassy should move there now that law gives the president of the united states the
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chance to postpone the implementation of that law by a six months at a time if it is in the national interest of the security of the united states and that has happened again and again bill clinton and george w. bush and then barack obama have all postponed the implementation of this again and again donald trump also did it once in the summer this year but only grudgingly after he was. supported in this by his advisors and allies of the united states but now he seems to have changed his mind it could be that he declares he wants to the embassy in jerusalem but still postponed the move for six months so legally not much would change but it would still be a game changer politically and diplomatically in person is there any sense there in the u.s. that the timing of this being suspicious that that trump is doing this now to
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divert attention from the f.b.i. investigation into his campaign's connections to russia. there is a sense certainly but it's difficult to prove and to be fair donald trump seems to really believe that the u.s. embassy should be in jerusalem he has promised that during his election campaign now he has broken some of his promises but he's also kept some when you look at the issue of the paris agreement on climate change on the travel ban against some majority muslim countries and now maybe also in this case the point is that donald trump needs his core supporters his base if he wants to control the republican establishment and part of that base is the conservative pro israel lobby and their christian conservative. evangelist. partners and supports us so he wants to keep that base and he will proceed with that apparently no matter
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what all right kirsten phenomena in washington and tanya kramer in jerusalem to both of you thank you the palestinians are reportedly planning a day of rage to protest the move the discussion on social media is turning to how this may affect the security of the middle east john the secular from tel aviv tweeted we will have a definite escalations of terrorism and violence hamas has called for a day of rage and for continuing violence which could trigger new intifada drums declarations have ended two state solution brought additional problems and the twitter user has yana he's based in london wrote day of rage does it really have to be an aggressive word this is what gives the west the impression of angry muslims you see how they use the words to trigger anger inside their follower circle and the national security roundtable a u.s. nonprofit tweeted on each day the u.s. or each day of rage rather the u.s. should cut thirty three percent of its funding to the arabs they need to stop
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raging and winding. well in his strongest language yet germany's foreign ministers ignore gabriele today explained why his country in europe can no longer depend on the u.s. as a guarantor of peace security and the rule of law ties between berlin in washington have soured since u.s. president double trump took office and at a foreign policy forum here in berlin today gabriele said that the traditional view of the u.s. as the world's policeman is changing partly because the face of america is changing with us as the united states as i understand it is no longer responsible for the static librium of the arena rather it is a combatant on the south korean. belief that the united states was a protector as a matter of course despite occasional differences because long ago begun to crumble
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. the book and poets of today take back control and make america great again for the battle cries of our time back and again those words say it all they are about the restoration of allegedly good old times we are seeing a return to borders and the supposed strength of national states. is not so nice to us. in the foreseeable future a majority of us americans will no longer have europeans i know but latin american asian and african roots. that's why the relationship of the united states and europe will no longer be the same as it once was including after donald trump. i'm joined now by our political correspondent kate let's start with that last statement there from the german foreign minister about changing ethnic demographics in the u.s.
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i mean i was trying to imagine today when i heard that do you think signal governor would he have been able to say that if we were in error of president barack obama is that of president trump well it was quite a bizarre comment to make and it's not a doubt going to raise quite a few eyebrows in washington and many people are not going to be asking exactly what gabriele meant by that and how a change in demographics can change this transatlantic relationship between the u.s. and germany which traditionally has been based on common values but of course it does beg the question would we have even been hearing this somewhat somebody speech today from gabriele. obama still in the oval office of course global politics and this transatlantic relationship between germany and the u.s. has changed somewhat dramatically since trump took the presidency yet the german foreign minister today said this is it all because of donald trump so what is it
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about that well what he was trying to say is that trump isn't a coles of this change in global politics right now but that he's a symptom of what's happening geopolitically and so as a result of that he said today that germany and europe needs to take more responsibility for its own interests and the same time it's clear from the message that gabo is sending today that lynn is also aware of this element of competition which has arisen in the transatlantic relationship and that's going to continue as well gabriele said after presidency which shares that he isn't alone responsible for this change i mean ok so you've got the foreign minister talking about paradigm shifts but what does that look like on the ground how likely is it there. we do see a change in the foreign policy coming from europe's strongest country unlikely to see any immediate changes overnight gabriele said himself that germany is going to
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continue to invest in this relationship with the u.s. but simply that the two countries are no longer fully aligned and of course it's also important to remember that the consensus of germany's foreign policy is working with other countries and what we've touched to is actually nothing very new some of the comments that he made were really in direct reference as well to comments that we heard from german chancellor angela merkel early in the year when she herself also said that the days when we can rely on others like she has said that before as well. keep reading thank you very much. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can write directly to me brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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megacities. you know my biggest urban centers are growing crowded
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affects can be catastrophic as housing gets scarce rents skyrocket and traffic congestion gets out of control how can our been grown sustainable and social the future of our cities made in germany. in the us steady and from claiming the moment stand. for the well it's not just preening swinging bell and the workman must be fresh at hand with high tech. and. from on high let's make trades the my last. thing in the future. in forty five minutes on. your smart t.v. smart or with a d w force. what you want what you want. up to do
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extraordinary. depth you decide what songs find out more to come smart. your home. because of persecution. starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country five people who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past the future. after the escape starting december seventeenth d.w. . new
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york hong kong london for centuries the promise of a better life as millions to the big city centers power the world economy generating an unbelievable seventy five percent of global g.d.p. today but city dwellers compete for foldable housing for example and that is a problem today here are made in germany big cities on the move. the laws of economics say supply and demand determine the price of a good if many people want to live in say berlin and housing is scarce you have to blow a big chunk of your income on your rent for decades berlin has been a happy place rents were famously low ten years ago for example tenants paid five euros per square meter today it's nearer ten compared to other big cities around the world in paris you pay twenty six years and in singapore you have to fork out three times as much as the average berlin bus proper to develop developers have
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discovered this lucrative market and show little respect for the fact that every flat they want to make profit on is also someone's home. every tenant in berlin every tenant if you're paying rent you're a risk. if you can nobody has an automatic right to live in a central urban location for. the summer at some point you just give up and pack up your things you have. a city or to be primarily there for those who live and work in applicant otherwise the city stops being a city that often. uses cities belong to and who can afford to live in them the issue has become the subject of heated debate in berlin
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with a growing number of tenants battling against rising rents kurtzberg is a popular multicultural neighborhood it's home to households with both high and low incomes and to families up with lee mobile singles and students. i meet giles who rents an apartment in a classic roseburg tenement building. originally from england he moved into the neighborhood over fifteen years ago but now he fears he'll have to move out. very sort of sent letters sort of buildings cloud against all of us said no we went to court about it in this was a scare tactic doldrums clogger is used by landlords to force residents to either move out or accept modernization plans for their apartment block and the resulting high rents in this case they're set to double the building is owned by foreign explain which drives up tenants in order to raise the rents or resell the tenement
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blocks at a profit. no one has the right to destroy the community that i've taken a part in building the companies don't like to be named and shamed the shareholders don't like it. the government and the senate who are doing nothing about this need our vote and we need to shout more to them about doing something about it to. make in the city. the company's website openly states its business model the acquisition renovation and optimization of properties to drive further reinvestment into the portfolio. and while the properties are being optimized so is the company's tax bill as revealed in the paradise papers. please send its profits to offshore accounts on the english channel island a tax haven and the company owns a range of buildings in berlin. the berlin real estate market
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is currently one of the most attractive in europe property prices and rents have risen continually over the last two decades with investors from around the world descending on the city looking for easy profits vienna based as in most started buying properties over ten years ago. it's still cheap compared to other major cities we have to make that berlin wall catch up with the rest so it makes sense to compare prices with other places. there's still plenty of scope for increases a lot of other cities underwent that process decades ago and berlin is only doing so now it's happening at an extremely fast pace so we can understand why some people find it daunting. that has some up in development research is worried and their eyes the conflicts between investors and residents jeopardize livelihoods and neighborhood stability. you can blame private property owners and investors for
7:34 am
pursuing investment products on the real estate market by their economic logic if they're trying to get the most out of these properties. but the result is that these. yes are diametrically opposed to the needs and interests that keep a city running so the solution is relatively easy or placing limits on those market forces. and tenants are now also being driven out of less central less fashionable areas of berlin such as vice. after fighting a series of legal battles this couple having to move out of their apartment they told me how they feel powerless and at the mercy of the building's owner which is again. i'm really disappointed about the way they've treated us. city's a population center that's supposed to be places for
7:35 am
a living not speculating. town planners architects and builders have taken up the challenge of providing affordable housing for tens of thousands of new berlin as every year while keeping the city attractive for investors and tourists alike not a small task as my colleague found out when he talked to one of chief plant. berlin is not the best place right now for an apartment hunter there's not enough rental housing to meet demand the majority of new apartments that are being built are for private ownership and prices that are beyond my budget at the same time rents are going up and up. every year some fifty thousand people moved to the german capital but last year just fourteen thousand new apartments were added to the housing stock i've come to see renowned project
7:36 am
developer philip wood two years to find out what's gone wrong on the urban planning front. will there be any affordable housing in central berlin in the future because it wasn't the most important thing would be to build a significant number of new apartments but that's where we and other projects come in and we have to ensure that those apartments remain affordable. but nobody's doing anything about it as there is building going on but not enough affairs and due to lack of funding if there is enough power. but the available but we have only limited space to build on. you could build upwards that's the point we're bound to return to berlin could stand a couple more high rises. and there's still demand for office space that's the that's the other big issue the people coming here also need work and if we project the numbers through twenty thirty there will be no more sites available for offices
7:37 am
and industry so we're going to be saying increasing competition in that sector to. his plans also involve job creation here at berlin's table airport scheduled to close down in the near future. wants to turn the site into a hub for state of the research and industry. we have two major projects one we call the urban tech republic it's a research and industry park for a future technology the aims to boost the local economy and attract innovative companies and create new jobs we envisage seventeen to twenty thousand new jobs there. and the other project involves five thousand housing units for ten thousand people. i think the kind of disneyland style future. style and i'm wary about comparing this project with silicon valley because we do have a different culture in europe. what we're aiming for is not disneyland we want to
7:38 am
retain berlin's mixed composition it's social structure it's about using new technologies to improve the standard of living. and thus the whole debate here should always be centered on how we can deliver a more livable city. and not how we can introduce more technology. but the objective of a livable city should also include enabling people to live there where do they live here. there in the eastern part and a huge residue. area. which isn't on the map no not yet i mean what is getting so no apartment here for me to move into any time soon it's still not clear whether the project will actually get off the ground the site will not become vacant until after the new airport on the other side of the city has opened.
7:39 am
and that new airport famously is more than five years behind schedule whatever happened to germany's. scarce and expensive living space is only one problem that city dwellers face these days another one is traffic after years of jammed streets and badly organized public transport the city of hamburg has now made a remarkable recovery smart technology is helping to avoid gridlock. as our cities become increasingly congested with more and more people on the government's have to come up with new solutions to improve traffic flows and these days they're digital this brand new software is helping hamburg to improve the coordination of its construction sites. we're very pleased we've had some astonishing results. the programmers very intuitive it's very similar to a smartphone or tablet anyone can use it it's very own problematic and i'm assuming a big improvement in coordination. this software shows where
7:40 am
a construction site is planned. if it looks like the plans will cause traffic snarl ups building what can be postponed. with other projects. it's a lesson. in how traffic lights and signals are already coordinated digitally with technology that optimizes signal timing to create a succession of green lights the city buses the traffic control centers software shows how best to keep the rest of the traffic flowing in the mornings there are lots more cars and motorbikes heading into the city as opposed to out of it so signals a program to optimize traffic in that direction i did just i think yes what you've got up to me. is a pioneer in the field of smart mobility in twenty twenty one the city will be hosting the intelligent transport systems world congress over the next few years the local author of these will be taking action to ensure residents spend as little
7:41 am
time as possible stuck in traffic. the main focus is communication between traffic lights and cars signaling to motorists when lights are green. the green wave concept will be replaced by a system providing information on traffic lights including a cross roads so that approaching cars don't have to stop and start down for. the most dependable way to avoid traffic jams is by rail. those who don't have a station on their doorstep can travel to and from one with four wheels. and. hamburg's overhead rail system is also linked up to car sharing schemes. is a good moment and i have an app for hamburg that shows what public transport options are available where the nearest car sharing station is the nearest underground station overground station and the distances between them yes you have
7:42 am
been and it was influenced and we want to create a platform where the entire process is seen to from leasing up to registering and paying. a complex big income. to the inhabitants of big cities need to be able to move about efficiently and also get along together. at the hamburg hafen city university researchers have developed digital models to analyze behavior patterns such as where people tend to congregate in new hope first of all we research how public squares work we track people who are out walking their dogs shopping hanging out to see how public places function and we collaborate with companies and other research institute who also have an interest in public places working well and attracting people to know the things go to dog and often. building contractors can therefore see if their projects meet
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criteria and compare potential sites in terms of advantages and disadvantages proximity to a research institute or an airport for example digitalisation give city dwellers new opportunities to enhance the urban experience. those living space becomes a sort after commodity more and more people are starting to realize that small actually beautiful micro flats might be a remedy for the housing crisis the tiny house movement is a trend that is coming soon to a city news. how much space do we need to live in. works in theater in berlin and he thinks we don't need much he lives in what's known as a tiny house on wheels. is cool is cool the thing is that as soon as you enter you're in the bedroom the living room the kitchen and the hallway at the same time
7:44 am
or who are. dozens and it's designed so that everything can be folded up and unfolded when it's needed. you've got everything you need. it measures just nine square meters but there's a surprising amount of storage space built into the walls and floor. so this is. done this bias here is one example when you're finished in the kitchen you have to put away the stove. or. even that's the basic concept. it takes a lot of getting used to but in the long run it's a really functional system in every way. a tiny house wouldn't suit luxury lovers who like to surround themselves with lots of possessions. but it's a living space alternative that appeals to
7:45 am
a growing number of people. in cities that need more affordable housing tiny houses are an interesting option cabins like these could be installed on land that's not being used. or even on the roofs of existing buildings affordable housing is growing ever scarcer in more and more city is. one for lin entrepreneur has a vision of a city above a city. being talked to were stopped again urban infrastructure extends right up to the roof of the house not where we want to hook up our cabins connect in cities infrastructure is everywhere. up here on the roof i've got up power connection that connects me to the grid and the rest and they could also work with water and sewage. of us all but also for. with twenty square meters these cabins would be relatively spacious for the time being they only exist as
7:46 am
a mockup but the first prototype is currently under construction it will cost fifty thousand euros the startup already has some potential customers lined up. demonstrating and. the concept and the product allow us to make use of spaces that are unsuited to conventional housing or of simply gone unnoticed and we would like to use any space that is large enough to accommodate a many house. we have our sights set on any left over space where many houses could be placed along the onion housing solutions have to be found just one example berlin needs seventeen thousand new apartments every year. living on the square footage of a bass towel maybe a money saving trend in europe but in cities in other parts of the world big families have been sharing tiny flats for a long time out of sheer necessity and forced to pay outrageous rents in one part
7:47 am
of our series founders valley we follow tech entrepreneurs need to have debts not to hong kong where he found out how people deal with the extremely chronic conditions that both at home and work and how that lack of space is also inspiring new business ideas. it's a human yeah. and the way it's shot it's like as if you would be the person being there. this photos it's like you can really imagine. being in the screens and. this is kind of. you know. life in hong kong behind the facades of the skyscrapers lies a shadow world entrepreneur for just that's not has been traveling through asia talking to people about the global phenomenon of urbanization. a social worker has
7:48 am
brought him to this apartment block which the landlord has subdivided into miniscule units there's barely space to move. sometimes he hears some small people on the net and sitting. there rent amounts to over one hundred eighty year is a month can i ask you how big this room is this is less than thirty. minutes yet. i think it's pretty hard on the thirteen year old son. he realizes the situation is difficult. he told me it's all good with his friends because he can invite them home to three square metres of space. retaliates the social problems for him like getting knocked out of. me. he can't just bring his friends home in a normal way to play computer games say. on the computer.
7:49 am
as a basement what we're seeing here is the effect rental prices can have on the lives of people who don't earn enough money to afford a decent life. for being on the engines leading to. hong kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world the financial services hub attracts millions of workers and the cramped living conditions take their toll says architect vicky chan. if you look around people like you you don't see a lot of people smiling you know people are generally kind of unhappy and one in seven people actually has mental illness here and i call this stress out at the office. and so sometimes it is not so much about the physical a moment it's also like the mental part of it. how to make cities more livable places in the future vicki chan focuses on green living bringing nature back to the concrete jungle making building sustainable and energy
7:50 am
efficient the architect founded his business with a small team he has an office in new york and one here in hong kong. but implementing his ideas requires a new approach to urban planning. to make a sustainable city i believe is very important to their regulations. and their firm in them away so that they become less about restricting how we can make a city but more power providing a platform that people can use their creative freedom to generate a here are a space that they want that's the jurymen but there's a serious lack of affordable housing in hong kong at least two hundred thousand people live in appallingly cramped conditions. yet you know i actually even those people are there in hong kong that not everyone they know about the situation of
7:51 am
the poor and then some people they even don't believe there should they have people that even very poor conditions. was new to the german startup founder to know. yeah you're a chair we have that measure here by it today or a bigger size. we try you're already a bit of it because. it's very different from what he's used to. and you'll be a mentor to all your days are there so there were so many few days you know all full you've earned there's no you have so you have less space because you need to store your yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. tiny accommodations can mean big business entrepreneur eric one presents the sweet
7:52 am
capsule he developed it has wife i t.v. and air conditioning and it's even said to be earthquake proof the boxes i'm mainly sold to hotels in asia. well how does all i came up with the idea because i'm from hong kong where the room is a really small. holes i asked myself how there's now rooms could be made more pleasant especially in the evening. i had an active imagination as a kid i used to imagine flying to space for. the first version of the bed culture was very simple. then i developed it and this is the latest generation almost all the devices in the control by mobile phone are so i guess. i don't just make a box money i give you to tell me that this is your new school our life. this is exactly what we have. vicki chan teaches
7:53 am
schoolchildren on a voluntary basis about architecture and urban planning. goes along to attend one of the lessons. the architect wants to encourage the children to come up with their own designs for living solutions. the children have so many great ideas. a lot of them aren't realistic but still it's good and healthy to question things that have always been the same. and often mentions the concept of copy and paste architecture so it's a useful term. but i think ultimately it's in the hands of the people who provide the money. but they have to think differently and as long as that doesn't happen i think it will be hard to change. changing cities takes time and money and capping rising rent prices is
7:54 am
a job for policymakers. but people like architect vicki chan china to transform the world one vision at a time. inspiring stuff next week. we follow a face off to taiwan and you can find out much more about all of his adventures in asia on our website w dot com slash found us valley thanks very much for watching bob.
7:55 am
moved up in the earth study and from playing the moment.
7:56 am
for the world just released me down to work man lasting friendship. with high tech and missing from high let me. things the must. make the future. in fifteen minutes on d w. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how to german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special w dot com. football made in germany. beat the germans new and surprising aspects of plays and culture in germany. u.s. american kate moves up take a look at germany it is interesting that their traditions every day lives and language doesn't just come out of. young good.
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senior u.s. officials say president trump will today officially recognize jerusalem as israel's
7:59 am
capital can also order a plan to move the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv allies have warned the move will endanger the middle east peace process and provoke unrest. the international olympic committee says russia's elliptic team has been banned from participating in the twenty eighteen winter olympic games in south korea government officials will not be allowed to attend and russian athletes can only compete as neutrals investigations revealed widespread doping violations among russian athletes. in honduras left as presidential candidate salvador knows that is the mending of total recount of all votes or a direct runoff to resolve the country's ongoing political crisis that's according to the country's former president manuel zelaya. has accused incumbent president one or longer numbers of voter fraud in elections held in late november. his court has charged three men with the murder of journalist dafna cut on the. the anti
8:00 am
corruption blogger was killed in october by a car bomb that investigators say was likely a remote controlled explosion the three suspects have pleaded not guilty to the charges. the trump russia saga now crosses the atlantic to germany u.s. investigator robert mueller subpoena a bank to release data on accounts held by president trump over russia's influence on his election as president. also on the show the e.u. is blacklisting seventeen countries as tax havens it's supposed to be a bold move but campaigners are outraged as the list includes no e.u. members. and as brics it talks go nowhere dairy farmers in northern ireland want to know the one thing on many people's minds what good is bricks it
8:01 am
anyway. so i'm for business on the w m how you know i guess thank you for joining us germany's biggest bank deutsche bank is being investigated over russian meddling in the us presidential election last year a number of media outlets are reporting that special counsel robert mueller who's leading the inquiry has asked deutscher to release data on accounts held by president trump and his family the information was demanded by subpoena after deutscher rejected requests from the us house democrats to share the data in june the bank lent the trump organization millions of dollars for real estate ventures in the past. it's a developing story and we want to add allies it with our financial correspondent on wall street called the high end good to see you now tell us the scope of this possible case could we also see other banks involved in a civil matter. this case is not so much about if your bank did
8:02 am
anything wrong but rather about possible ties between donald and rusher and if you look at my father u.s. banks for example could be involved similarly rather unlikely if you look at the past couple of years a lot of the projects for donald trump have not been really that successful so a lot of the big u.s. banks actually have shied away from doing business with donald trump bank was one of the few bigger bangs to still continue doing business with the now u.s. president now yes on the other headlines that we saw today the u.s. trade deficit has risen to its highest level in nine months and that means that the country spent a whopping forty eight billion dollars more on imports and it managed to shift in exports now that's an increase of over eight percent in a month potentially dragging down g.d.p. for the full year rising oil prices pushed the import bill higher imports from china were also in a record high the news won't go unnoticed by the u.s.
8:03 am
president as donald trump has long blamed the country's trade deficit for the loss of manufacturing jobs and also moderate economic growth. back to you know we know that this is a crucial moment to see how much tantrum can actually control the u.s. monetary policy the economy and the development of the economy in general how is this going down there. the trade deficit certainly could be a drag on u.s. growth in the fourth quarter and possibly also looking ahead but we should keep in mind that this trade deficit is a very very volatile index and it's still pretty likely that the trade deficit recovers a little bit now in november and also in december so we did see increase of of energy imports also partly due because energy prices were on the rise in general
8:04 am
and when you look at exports so we had to decline in civilian aircraft exports and also soybeans but as i said it's a very volatile index so we have to wait and see by the way we had two consecutive quarters of g.d.p. growth of a good three percent and depending on the straight deficit we will see if that trend continues are not. caught on wall street thank you very much. back to europe now where enough is enough that's what europe finance ministers are saying finally taking action against tax havens like the ones exposed by the panama papers and the paradise papers the e.u. is naming and shaming seventeen countries on a new blacklist but to the dismay of transparency campaigners e.u. members like luxembourg or ireland are not among them and british overseas territories are also being spared a tropical tax haven in the middle of grey brussels to the e.u.
8:05 am
finance ministers singled out seventeen tax havens on a blacklist countries like barbados namibia and tunisia have released the whole crack down on tax dodgers but they stopped short of imposing national sanctions on them for that hopefully this will help to increase the transparency of the global tax environment. well look i want to emphasize that this is not a punitive measure but our wish is that those countries will cooperate more in the future. or stood but according to the european commission the measures against tax havens don't go far enough. from the commission point of view we could go. seen a stronger defense so or counter measures but we hope that this work will continue on as a cultural side the ngo oxfam also criticizes the blacklist this being too short
8:06 am
they count thirty five countries that should be blacklisted among them four countries within the european union ireland the netherlands luxembourg and malta but there's not a single e.u. member state on the list critics say europe should put its own house in order first . and our reporter charlot shell some pill has been covering the story for us from brussels charlotte hi good to see you not a single country is listed on this blacklist as we just saw how does the e.u. even justify that. that's quite right well the e.u. will argue that it's got its own tools for regulating tax avoidance within member states they'll say this is something that was always planned to moderate the action of third party countries countries outside the block but certainly the fact that no e.u. countries are on either this blacklist or the so-called greylisting list of countries who are going to have to adjust their behavior has really caused a lot of anger in some circles oxfam for example as we just heard there in that
8:07 am
report is particularly angry it publish its own report saying was this a blacklist all was it a whitewash it argues that had the e.u. applied its own rules to its own member states then for european countries would be on that list including mull to luxembourg ireland and the netherlands the shoulder we're talking about their justification with the third party countries if you will let's talk about those because what does it even mean for the government of a country to be named on the black list the list is not only include just some small vacation islands but also important trading partners like say south korea that's quite right and you're picking up actually on another one of the concerns that's been raised about this and now it's meant today and that is the fact that there are currently no concrete sanctions for countries found to be in violation of the rules regarding taxation that could change its there's some speculation that member
8:08 am
states might be able to impose their own sanctions but as it stands it's only really some e.u. funding that is risk in fact e.u. commissioner of attacks has criticized that saying while this is an important first step that this announcement has been made it could in fact have gone a lot further essentially it doesn't seem to have any teeth when it comes to dealing with time issues charlot chosen pill in brussels thank you very much for the analysis. on to another e.u. headache because another round of talks has failed the major hurdle this time is how the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland will work about thirty thousand people cross the invisible border every day for work goods go back and forth without inspection after bricks at the republic of ireland would remain in the european union while northern ireland as part of the u.k. would have to exit as you can see on your screen britain may have to reintroduce a so-called hard border with customs checks for goods people and services that
8:09 am
would be a huge worry for northern ireland's dairy farmers who depend on easy cross border trade milk is northern ireland's most important agricultural product but on certainty over what will happen when britain leaves the european union has left many farmers on edge especially those who currently trade with and travel freely to the republic of ireland which is staying in the e.u. because of the way the whole system set up there will be tariffs there are traded on the european quality standards at the minute there are standards when change will be as high as ever they are but. those are present barriers for creating this product in the future. and the fact that we don't know is the difficult part in addition agricultural products from northern ireland are heavily subsidized it remains to be seen if the support will continue after breakfast. a major
8:10 am
industrial sector depends on. the luck patrick company purchases and the six hundred million liters of milk from farmers on both sides of the border annually the supply chain is going to be massively disruptors there is going to be farmers who have no place to send their milk now because their processing unit is on the other side of the border and the processor cannot bring that cross the border because he's going to have to pay a prohibited. in excess of fifty to seventy percent like patrick exports milk powder worldwide as well as roll milk to a baby food producer in the republic of ireland their main customer is china which insists on the e.u. quality label. challenge these relationships. what is absent here is a clear vision for britain and for northern ireland in a post brags that scenario can somebody somewhere stand up and tell me
8:11 am
all of the members of this society what better situation is going to prevail in the post the scenario that currently prevails the face of northern ireland's aquaculture sector lies in the balance as farmers wait to see if a deal on the border question can be reached. that was. very much for joining us for the latest member you can always log on to the w dot com so you next time.
8:12 am
coach of a african. tour linked to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news as easy now i would say d w dot com slash africa join us on facebook at g w africa. and that's w look at me speak your language to talk about them. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning our web special to the refugee journeys like germany and the prospects for those returning home. and join the discussion on
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d w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d.-w. maybe for mine. they know like. they know what we think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. well i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece assault with. a virtual person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does the machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you listen let's say feelings of the the instruments.
8:14 am
steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us politics about. algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. it's three meters and thirteen centimeters high three meters thirty six wide and weighs more than twenty five tons that's roughly equivalent to five fully grown elephants it's more is up to twenty seven centimeters take more than four thousand hours have already gone into making it when completed it will be the largest brain and the pride of a new cathedral in bucharest where it will bring in gods on up for centuries to come.
8:15 am
the contract for the bell went to pay to and your hand is cast mild bell found as in the fourteenth generation almost a year ago in eighteen thirty six the family stopped being an itinerant business it opened its workshop right below the band easel hill in innsbrook. it's not just any foundry that's able to manufacture a bell of this size yohannes cast maya who's in charge of the family business is administrative department set the course early on for this. year. in the year two thousand we built a new bell south. that was forward looking so that my son or my future grandchildren would still be able to use it.
8:16 am
it's the connection between the foundry and book arrest has a little bit of tradition. for anything. you have a few years ago we were allowed to cast new bells for the old patriarchal cathedral it was a much smaller church with particularly beautiful bells. they really stood out from other bells with the quality of their sound. that was why we were allowed to cast this big bell here in. sculptor christina. is in the factory modeling the bells commissioner out of plasticine patriarch danielle was appointed the head of the orthodox church in romania in two thousand and seven his countenance is to be immortalized on the bow the working method for want to mentation has changed little in many hundred years while pater
8:17 am
class maya now uses the latest software when planning and constructing the bell software he was able to develop in collaboration with universities and ex-pat institutes. it took us fifteen years to create the program oh i thought it would take two to four years now we can cost absolutely perfect bells in a large variety of thicknesses. this bell has the same notice the palmer and bell in st stephen's cathedral in vienna but it's five tonnes havea it has much thicker wards which brings out the partials much more it just sounds more intense. we calculated the bell and then we drew it and then we transferred it to the stricken and attached it to a spindle it could turn so we could make the most. this mode is made of bricks
8:18 am
then rendered with clay and shaped by the stricken by the end it corresponds exactly to the hollow space of the finished bell now we can cut out the folds bell from this trickle and form the folds bell you can see the cross-section of the bell very nicely. in simple terms casting a bell requires three preparatory components of which the middle one the full spell is subsequently removed thereby creating the hollow space into which the bell metal is cast the first component the in a mold is ready now the fool spell is made it exactly matches the size and appearance of the later bronze bow a particularly sandy clay is used for this full spell it mustn't be too compact so that it can be removed again easily later on.
8:19 am
and then separating lemonade of graphite ensures that the fourth bell can be separated easily from the in a mold. the method for shaping the full spell hasn't changed in centuries. only available employees in the foundry are required five tons of clay have to be laid up after all. and end of year komi or the other two trained bell found as also help that boss. the portrait of the patriarch is now already in the workshop and negative is now made of it out of pasta this plastic on. will allow an unlimited number of copies
8:20 am
to be made of wax. while the plasters hardening on the fool spout continues. the lower section is fully formed but the two meters sixty four can't just be one from the bottom. the clay wall gets steeper and steeper without the toward ropes to help the clay stick it would slide down the in a moment. the plastic cost is set and the portrait of the patriarch is clearly visible. the hot wax is ready on the stove it can be poor dong to the moment this wax cost
8:21 am
will need to be applied to the fool's bell. a problem has occurred with the full spell despite all the supporting measures some of the clay has slid off the hole has to be patched up again an unforeseen loss of time. it's nice to have fresh and. it's three hours work but three hours with five employees is fifteen hours. it's a bit annoying we want to make progress and we've got a schedule to keep in mind in the coffee fight that's ok. but there's nothing to be done about it the full spell has to be finished today otherwise it's possible more of the sandy clay will break off overnight as it dries. the workshop meanwhile is ready to proceed the wax cast of the patriarch is
8:22 am
a success. and now the tray of the full spell has been redone the whole twilights fulfils two jobs it stabilizes the clay and the wax layer creates a perfectly smooth surface which is necessary in order to attach ornamentations to the bell. thank. god. with a bell of this size the amount of liquid wax required is immense. for large pots full are spread out over the clay. thank this trickle goes round and round about every time it goes round it removes even the smallest irregularities.
8:23 am
and with that this trickle has done its job it won't be needed and. like many of its predecessors this one too will find an honorary spot on the foundry wall. the overnight the fool's bells shamus as if covered in icing. the next morning the sculptors attach they want to mentation all of the spots calculated for the different letters a mocked the wax letters on made to measure in the workshop instead large quantities of different sizes and phones are kept in stock while the sculptor's a dealing with the letters company management gathers in the office of the head of
8:24 am
the company christophe class maya still has a firm place in the family business. you know business they turn takes care of the casting process ideal with our clients and my father's the master of ceremonies as it were. made for them he oversees the casting commissioned before and during the casting. was right. it's pages jobs to manage the casting process. he has our back so we can concentrate on the actual work ensuring that our clients are perfectly looked after that. christophe grass my can as greatly about another representative duty. my sons have asked me to do a lovely job which is to do guided tours in our belle museum for which we once won
8:25 am
the austrian museum prize. we have several guns and i'm allowed to do the rotor. since i enjoy showing guests around the museum so much i put myself on the road a lot of. work has progressed in the pit a mountain too is used for the wax cost of the patriarch glue sticks they didn't take this to four hundred years ago the feature ornament of the new bell work was very precise it just meant. that. the edges have to lie flush with the full spell there mustn't be a gap that anything could get into applying the wax costs to the full spell is a difficult job. now the owner mentation is
8:26 am
sprayed with a special clay mix that was developed by the family a long time ago up until two hundred years ago the bells were always cast on side because it was impossible to move them across existent transport tension roots that's why the grass my ancestors traveled haul off of europe and recorded in their company books what they had discovered and learned in the various locations. if you know these we're still finding things in these company books that we want to implement it. says. that this is the only mental claim for example it's applied to the only mentation in a very fine layer there's a recipe for it in this book and we were very surprised by the composition so we tried it and it really was even smoother and that. that's one of the reasons why we
8:27 am
have such a lovely surface on how girls beer is one of the ingredients the clay firm. it's like they used to we let it stand for several weeks and then it collapses and it's very smooth ready to be yours so. i won't reveal the other ingredients i have to keep some secrets. ok. as soon as have four layers of the ornamental clay have dried further thicker layers of clay are applied that's how the third component the outer mode is made the economy is creating the mix for it at the park now in addition to clay and hay menu has always been part of this mix once it dries it becomes hard like wood making it the perfect material for the bells out a mold. this is what the outer mode looks like when the clay has been applied and left to draw on the bill it is important now the mode in pots made of steel rings
8:28 am
helps with that it's filled with pure and sand a special mix that hardens completely but first the founders and a ceramic pipes to the base of the bow the idea is to channel the liquid bronze around the mold and let it rise from below. the resulting metal is much denser and better like this than if it were merely added from above. to remove the fool's belt the individual parts of the mode involves have to be taken apart and then reassembled again for the casting process to find the exact spot for that again the founders punch then names into the future and sand after it hardens these markings fit like a lock and key after that the prepared hollow mode for the crown is placed on the full spell once again pipes are laid and the space is filled with pool and sand.
8:29 am
right at the top of the molding box the founders attach the costing holds a large cost in both is made of bricks that can withstand the bronze when it's one thousand one hundred degrees the incoming metal will pool here before flowing down the pipes. a riser is placed at the center it will be used at the end of the cost in process. the whole structure is stable enough now to remove the central part of the fool's belt from the molding box. when the upper sections are lifted off the name markings become visible now the rest of the mold and box has to be lifted.
8:30 am
since the in a mold has been anchored to the ground the full spell crumbles remaining inside the moden box is the bells out of a mold to claim that the mode in box will be lifted next to the pit. then missing a few centimeters that can happen to the best bell found down again. with so much expertise on hand and with repeated measurements this problem is of course solvable. the moden vox has to be strapped closer to the crane a second attempt. success
8:31 am
. now pay talk i asked my and his colleagues have a long arduous job to do. the five and a half tons of clay sand that made up the fool's bell have to be removed again completely and not just on the inside of the out among. the in a mold in the pit has to be gained by hand spade by spade. overnight the outer mode is now heated to melt the wax that you want to mend haitians.
8:32 am
but the file was only able to remove some of the work. a lot of the wax that created the onan tensions in the outer mold is still attached to the clay it has to be stripped off with a gas burner. the in a mode is dried again to allow any residual moisture to escape through the clay. or the wax has now been meticulously removed from every no can cranny of the outer mold you want to and taishan and the portrait of the patriarch are respondent in the negative. the plastic cost of the patriotic canal joined the hundreds of other portrayed in that sense of old countless works from
8:33 am
decades past away to potential second use for a new bell here i am. the molding box with the cleaned out a load is returned to its exact position over the in a mold during the casting process the liquid prongs exerts immense forces on the out i loaned to prevent the loading docks from shattering the pit is filled with us . steel beams provide additional support for the molding box the earth is compacted what are the opening lines of friedrich schiller's poem the song of the bell rolled up in a steady burn from clay the moment doc stand this day and ask the bell be ready fresh a workman be at hand. the grass my only needs to
8:34 am
be ready the following day but first there's a logistical problem that needs solving this that will help with that it's to serve as an oversized thermos flask for its day to day operation the foundry needs one furnace in which ten tons of bronze can be molten down but today more than thirty tells a needed. one furnace full of prongs was already melted overnight. at half past five in the morning it's hot enough to be transported.
8:35 am
over the next few hours the bronze must maintain its temperature in a vat which has been coated with fire and. with that the next load of bronze can be tackled every bronze in god weighs ten kilos meaning there are a thousand in gods to make up ten tons. thrown into the large vaness one at a time the foundries old furnace has been revived for this casting job several hundred additional ng got delivered the required amount of bronze pallet after pallet the thousand in got same neverending. and. several sacks of charcoal i did to the
8:36 am
bronze in the insulated fact. they catch fire right away and prevent the liquid hot brungs from cooling down. and the bronze in the furnace is has to be brought up to the right temperature over several hours time to ramp up the f. now. at around lunchtime the preparations for the casting process are going full steam ahead all of the transport routes to the casting whole are heated with charcoal to facilitate the flow of the bronze. but the casting process the bronze has to reach a temperature of one thousand one hundred degrees it's hot enough shortly before the casting process the hot charcoal has to be removed again including from the channel to the old gunness that was built especially for this job. everything's
8:37 am
ready now though the blessing comes from higher as chena would remind us to that end father nikolai cling to a close associate of the patriarch has come from bucharest with a small delegation from the congregation to watch the cost thing and celebrate and orthodox service. one tradition is considered particularly important before every ballot is cost we're all going to pray the lord's prayer together everyone in their own language for the kingdom the power and the glory are yours now and forever amen.
8:38 am
then things get hot. to make sure the alloy is well mixed the bronze is given a good stuff. in. the trunk of an old is used for this job it triggers a chemical reaction it. is the metal any hydrogen that could create gas bubbles during the cooling process is removed from the bronze. the bronze in the vat meanwhile has kept its temperature as soon as the vat has reached its position the process can begin. the sindo will flow to the top of the cost in vats and would contaminate the battle tapping the vats is a matter for the boss of course. the founders will open the access from the old
8:39 am
furnace first old with the blessing of god of course. when the found hole is more resistant than expected anto rushes in to help. health and safety a secondary right now the safety of just gets away. and with that the most nerve wracking and dangerous part of making this bell begins nothing can go wrong over the next fifteen minutes.
8:40 am
the bronx needs a helping hand where the channel levels out it's a job for the children at the planet who want ways extremely keen on casting day. the be. thankful. the bronze of the old fun s which is the collecting pool that's the signal to open the big fan s. . and once the bronze from the family fight is added the foundry floor resembles a golden river system.
8:41 am
the splash protect us slips into the boiling hot bronze but it's recovered again quickly no damage has been done. every second around sixty kilos of prongs flowed to the base of the cost to hit. it's too soon to give the all clear immediately after the bronze rivers dry up. thank. you and. thank
8:42 am
you. ok just daughter isabella can't believe how eyes but sure footed climbing comes naturally to a tyranny and even above the remains of boiling hot braun's. its own list on. the ballast full we just have to follow up with that full but the ballot self is full. as the bronze cools down it contracts. to make sure there's enough metal to keep the bell full fresh hot bronze has to be
8:43 am
added regularly. thanks. thanks to. god thank god the bronze doesn't have to take the detour via the ceramic pipes anymore it can be poured right into the top. ok. you know almost a whole extra ton of bronze is added to the bow this way. the a two more ladles to be on the safe side then everyone involved has earned themselves a reward. thanks. the relief is palpable.
8:44 am
the employees are visibly in lated and relieved as they have their photo taken to commemorate this balcony. but they are uncertain t. remains of a gunnies that she is palin describes an alliance in the us that has received full the mode is happily made when its beauty be perceived so be toil and repaid. to get the answer to that question well found us have to be patient the metal has to cool sufficiently over the course of two weeks as winter comes to innsbruck. finally the pit is opened up again thanks to special diggers that can even dig around whom as the modem box makes an appearance again. a hundred and twenty five cubic meters of earth was sent back they were merely
8:45 am
borrowed from a construction company. the moment of truth has arrived there is tension in the air well all the hard work of recent months have paid off. my. god it looks great. it's beautiful it's shiny you can see the structure at first glance i give it a thumbs up and the temperatures go to. the balcony as cool down nicely. that. the bell can be lifted into daylight.
8:46 am
two hundred years ago frederick described the following moment perfectly. now for me break up the building it's intent is filled all right but our hearts and eyes be feasting on the most successful side. swing the hama swing til the mantle spring storms. if the bell being now awoken be the frame in peace is broken.
8:47 am
jaw i am to me god has given see that like a golden star from its hosking so blank and even peel if out the metal cool yeah. congratulations to everyone. this is a high large enough four hundred year family history. may this bell like all other bells ring in on are of god that made also delight its listeners. the main task now is cleaning the bow. in particular the quality of the owner mentation is scrutinized.
8:48 am
the pit has to be tied up to the. the brick mold has been lifted out the individual bricks will be recycled for the next bow. an important part of the ballast still missing however to complete it pay to class maya and his sons and last and. head over to gemini to convince tom jones who. when we have to drive so far to make the clap account to be done in austria and there's no company in austria that can do it the company or stock has specialized in big belt is a big clapper for this bell has to be stable and ring well so that the bow has
8:49 am
a nice sound the clapper has to last a long time and it must not shut down for. costing a clapper is an exciting event for young and old that's why the company hoss fog uses the occasion of this commission to stage an open day. the clapper is made from a steel cylinder that weighs around seven hundred kilograms. thus the individual sections of the trap are all measured and priest and.
8:50 am
after the first step the metal has cooled down too much it can't be worked any more and has to be reheated in the furnace. the times when a hammer and anvil will use da long gone and metal working to their exact calibration of the item is still a job for a human. hands but the grunt work is done via computer assisted hydraulic press after four tens in the press and in the furnace the clapper has taken shape the ideal clapper from a bell found his point of view would be a pool attached by a thread but of course that wouldn't work as a result there is no threat instead there is a shot that says narrow is possible. but because the shaft shifts the center of gravity away from the board there's a balance there at the other end of the trap and that way the center of gravity is
8:51 am
perfectly in the bull and the trap but can ring the bell as it should. putting these exact weight requirements is and ought such a clappers real quality as the mercedes of clubbers. even though it might not look that way the metal is so hard that a small mishap one do it any damage. the fact that. after around three and a half hours the forging work is complete the clapper can be presented in all its glory. the visitors are already impressed. but the trapper will still undergo fine tuning at the latest in line with the foundries specifications the trapper was forged out of a special steel with
8:52 am
a low nine stabilize ation that way it will be softer than the bell every time the flap a hits the bow it will be knocked back sightly thereby acting as a waring part nevertheless it's designed to do its job for around seventy years and ensures the bell will be able to ring on home for centuries. cutter works its way through the metal one micro meter at a time slowly the clapperboard that will strike the bell becomes a visible on the laser thanks. be handed over the quality of the steel is checked via ultrasound this material test is only done after the fine tuning since the surface must be smoothed for this test. the clapper gets the all clear it can be sent to innsbruck.
8:53 am
all the necessary cleaning has been completed in the foundry the sandblasting alone took six days. the result his breath taking the largest free swinging bell in the world is ready for book arrests national cathedral of redemption was. was. godless of how glorious it looks the bell needs to sound perfect to.
8:54 am
the or double sound of a bell is made up of various partials that can be tested at different parts of the bow the homeowner interaction between these partials gives a bell that zanardi. the balance partials are all correct no whether they're a happy everything is as calculated the bells fundamental is seen zero we're going to hang the clapper and then we'll bring about we count of the bell swinging in the foundry if it works with the clapper and it sounds nice and strong then our work will be done we'll be happy and we'll be able to sleep well tonight. the trapper has arrived in innsbruck to protect the metal from corrosion it's being covered with a black vanish here in the foundry. as
8:55 am
soon as the clapper has been attached and the bell is rung the grass my family will have completed its commission transporting the ballot to bucharest and installing it in the cathedral along with setting up their winning technology will be done by were many and companies the bell will remain in the foundry for a few more weeks while preparations off finalized. sheilas poem ends with the words peace be the first chime she's ringing words everyone hopes will ring true for this bell to. uh
8:56 am
or are. they're black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across
8:57 am
germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories and. it seemed that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it gets you might do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. .
8:58 am
this is deja vu news live from progress a seismic shift in the middle east president trump is expected to confirm that the u.s. embassy in israel will move from tel aviv to jerusalem that means recognizing the city as the capital of israel arab states warn it could threaten the peace process of the coming of the russian olympic committee is suspended was immediately issued
8:59 am
olympic officials ban russia from the upcoming winter games over state sponsored doping clean athletes will only be allowed to compete as neutral. police in kiev arrest former georgian leader mikhail saakashvili but they're forced to free him by angry supporters will have an exclusive interview. last look out for those big growing millionaires as the crypto currency breaks through the twelve thousand dollar barrier the champagne corks are popping for some lucky investors will find out what inflating a bit point problem. and asked in london celebrates a hundred years of independence we look at one of its most famous exports finished design. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce today that he will move america's
9:00 am
embassy in israel to jerusalem recognizing the city as the capital of the jewish state it is a major change in american policy and one that the palestinians and arab states say could threaten the middle east peace process the status of jerusalem is perhaps the single most contentious issue in the israeli palestinian conflict. israel long ago declared jerusalem as its eternal capital but the rest of the world never recognized the move and to date no major country has an embassy in the ancient city. donald trump's decision could have an explosive effect on the region not least because the palestinians insist that east jerusalem must be their capital if a two state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict is to become reality. the position of. this is very clear. if. they want to get this is going to
9:01 am
be moved to jerusalem this is again. this is this would be i would accept that. this. would complicate things it would put an obstacle to the peace process maybe it would be the end of the peace process. other leaders promptly echoed that warning. mr trump jerusalem is the red line for muslims. in cairo the head of the arab league said moving the u.s. embassy would be an unnecessary provocation to the arab world the kings of saudi arabia and jordan both criticize the move as did iraqi prime minister haidar a body. it has yet to have the iraqi government warns of the consequences of this decision on the stability of the area
9:02 am
and the world ignoring the rights of palestinians and the arab and muslim world and other religions. i mean what at the end it will. the united states appears to recognize that trump's announcement may trigger unrest the state department has ordered its consulate personnel in israel not to conduct personal travel in jerusalem some old city or the west bank. earlier we spoke to the correspondent in washington carson phenomena he told us more about the truck because twenty two years ago the u.s. congress passed a law at the jerusalem embassy act which says that jerusalem is the capital of israel and that the u.s. embassy should move there now that law gives the president of united states the chance to postpone the implementation of that law by a six months at the time if it is in the national interest of the security of the
9:03 am
united states and that has happened again and again bill clinton and george w. bush and then barack obama have all postponed the implementation of this again and again donald trump also did it one in the summer this year but only grudgingly after he was. supported in this by his advisors and allies of the united states but now he seems to have changed his mind it could be that he declares he wants to the embassy in jerusalem but still postpone the move for six months or legally not much would change but it would still be a game changer politically and diplomatically let's bring in our correspondent in jerusalem tanya kramer standing by for us hi tanya in our report a little earlier that we heard the palestinian authority saying that this move could see the end of the peace process how damaging could this really be for that process. well i think first of all you have to say there is no real peace process
9:04 am
at the moment has been staggering for years and for months but there is the assumption that some kind of push for peace as being currently discussed by tramp's own middle east peace a majority cushion or his team was here on the ground for many months but it's not it clear where this peace plan will go nobody knows anything about of the details and i've known the palestinians and as you said also as we've been hearing in the report and other leaders have met mary clear that you know this announced move by the u.s. president will basically kill or could potentially kill any attempt to push for new talks this was a good many leaders here also in the arab world and now time has apparently decided to go it alone to reverse a longstanding u.s. policy and ignore those warnings but i think it's also important. to wait and see and he will make it or give a statement it's expected to give a statement later today what he will actually say how we really were to his
9:05 am
statement and if you will leave some kind of opportunity. for the palestinians to claim their id or their aim to have a their own capital in east jerusalem tenure the actual process of moving the embassy could actually take years so could we see a reversal of this decision of the future. i mean from what we understand this came out of the white house doesn't that this thing that might. take two or three years i mean that is a u.s. consulate on the western side of town and rest to reserve and but from what we understand they might build a new a consulate so this will take years and we also understand that's why to the white house they will have to sign raises of just to again but you know if they reverse it i mean as it said in this provision in this that meant of nine to ninety five that my colleague talked about if it's in the national. interest of the national
9:06 am
security interests of the u.s. i mean whether they will change or get it again or not dr we don't know because at the moment it's not quite clear what mr trump has mind what you will do next and how this will play out. views the tenure kramer reporting for us from jerusalem tony thank you will be coming back to a bit later in the show now to some other stories making headlines around the world british police have reportedly for oil and a legit plot to assassinate the country's prime minister theresa may the extremist islamist plot is understood to have involved a bomb attack on the prime minister's residence two men arrested last week have been charged with plans to carry out terrorism security officials believe it is the ninth plot that police have thwarted this year. a multi scored test charge three men with october's car bomb murder of journalist daphne kind of one i got a fifty three year old was known for her blog explode exposing government corruption the three suspects among
9:07 am
a group of ten arrested this week have pleaded not guilty nearly fifty people are injured after a passenger train crashed into a freight train in northern germany on to say evening police are investigating what caused the accident rescue operations got off to a difficult start after an overhead power cable came down putting passengers at risk of electric shock. and a french rock icon johnny hallyday has died from lung cancer at the age of seventy four known as the french elvis holiday helped popularize rock n roll in the second world helping him sell one hundred million records in a fifty year career. now the international olympic committee has banned russia from competing in the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics some clean athletes will be able to compete
9:08 am
as neutrals under strict conditions with just ten weeks before the games begin in south korea the i.o.c. said there was enough evidence of systematic doping to justify the ban it is the second time in a row that the russian team has been banned from the olympics the i.o.c. is executive board were presented reports containing evidence of systematic doping in russia they spent tuesday afternoon poring over it and came to a final conclusion announced by two must back the i.o.c. as president. of the russian olympic committee is suspended with immediate effect. individual clean the russian house leads will be able to participate under strict conditions at the olympic winter games to have a chance two thousand and eighteen these in righted astley so will participate between individual or team competitions under the name olympic athlete from
9:09 am
russia with the acronym. there will be no russian flag and no national anthem at the winter olympics but clean athletes will be allowed to compete under a neutral elim pick flag. it's not a drastic change from the ban imposed at the rio olympics last year except this time around lifelong allin pick bans have been handed out to russian officials including vitale mood the former sports minister and current deputy prime minister of russia. no official of the russian ministry of sport will be a great it it for the olympic winter games two thousand and eighteen. the then minister of sport restore the tally would go. in deputy minister you're either going to. be excluded from any party seat from any participation in all future olympic games although choose dates decision is far from the blanket ban
9:10 am
many and hope for it does show that the i.o.c. are prepared to stand up to russia whether it means that the i.o.c. of put an end to this doping control to see depends on russia's acceptance of tuesday's decision. more on russia's a limpid ban now we have a young expat from v.w. sports here with us in studio we also have our correspondent in moscow emily share when standing by for us good to have you both of this morning i'm like let's start with you so the i.o.c. essentially said that russia banned from these winter olympics but clean athletes can perform they can take part under a neutral olympic flag was this the right decision i think opinion is a bit split on this one some people think it was spot on other people think the usa went hard enough and of course russia don't think it's the right decision i will appeal the ban but considering the evidence presented to the say i think this was the right decision from the i.o.c. to ban russia as a country. president thomas buck said it was an unprecedented attack on the
9:11 am
integrity of the olympic games and sport so that's pretty damning but at the same time i think banning russia is the right call i think though that it is fair that individual athletes that want implicated in the state sponsored program and can be shown to have pos stringent tests on doping should be able to compete under a neutral flag. they did have to tread a fine line on this way on they had to come down hard but they also need to keep russia onside in a way an olympics without russia at all is like a world cup of faith world cup without brazil so it was a fine line but i think it was the right call in the end for emily let's come to you in moscow now how is the kremlin reacted to this news. well there's been no real official reaction yet president putin is expected to speak today and another public event and he probably will comment there earlier he said that competing under. a neutral flag would be
9:12 am
a humiliation for russia so it'll be interesting to see what he says now if he does comment but many officials and politicians have already commented the opinions there have been rather divided on the one hand people are saying this is a humiliation for russia and on the other hand people are saying you know at least people are clean athletes will be allowed to take part and people are pointing out that in fact they will be under be able to compete under the name of you know olympic athletes from russia so there will be some indication of where they're from so apparently a decision about whether and in what form russian athletes will will be taking part from the russian side will be made on the twelfth of december by the russian olympic committee but of course it will be interesting to see what putin has to say today if he does comment and emily what are the russian people saying you've been speaking to people on the streets. well my
9:13 am
impression talking to people has been that people feel rather sorry for the athletes especially because surveys show that a minority of russians only believe that there was a state sponsored doping program and that in fact russian athletes did take performance enhancing drugs at all and my impression talking to people here is that people think this is basically more politics than sports there's a growing fear a feeling here in russia that there is a sort of anti russian campaign going on in the west you know you have the signs sions is widespread allegations of russian hackers hacking almost everything and also now this doping scandal so my impression though talking to people on the streets of moscow was that in any case this is a very emotional issue here in russia so maybe let's have a listen to what people had to say. every country has its astley these astley to perform under national flacks that's normal what's not normal however is if our
9:14 am
assets appear without our flak then all of their athletes should appear under the olympic flag as well but yes but it's me and there are many athletes didn't take drugs so why should the whole country be punished now just because of a few individual athletes you know and no years i think of no other choice than they might as well participate under a neutral flag then at least they can show what they can do because right now if that isn't bad enough for supposedly then the sport is when the you know if they happen you don't they wouldn't have been punished. this is all about negative attitudes towards russia we can see that in the news america's against us in the west is to hopefully that's because they're afraid of us because we're a strong nation. like i want to come back to you know is this fair is russia being singled out here. i mean i think considering the evidence against russia presented to the say it is a fair decision but you can understand why perhaps people in russia feel like
9:15 am
they're being targeted because i mean as thomas buck said this is on a president attack i think that's a bit rich from the i.o.c. because there has been instances of doping in the past i think this is an on an unprecedented attack on the olympic legacy it's not presence of punishment and i think this is because this is the most widespread investigation that has happened into one country's allegations but we must not forget that in the past there has been systematic doping in german teams in the in the eighty's and ninety's there's also a current water world anti-doping agency investigation going into china's. doping allegations it's a ledge that over ten thousand athletes doped in the eighteen nineteen eighties in ninety ninety ninety s. and it doesn't stop there the olympics have been riddled with doping allegations throughout its history. but that said i mean considering the evidence yes it's the
9:16 am
first big was for an investigation into a country's it. and the evidence is there so i think it is fair but you can understand perhaps why the russian people feel targeted there is a this is definitely a blow for russia you know this is a winter olympic powerhouse it's the host of the next football world cup how can moscow turn this around. i mean it's going to be a big job for russia to. clean up their image as well as prepare for the world cup next year i mean we have to remember that they hosted the so she games in twenty fourteen and since then twenty four of russian athletes have been banned for using banned substances so it's not a great look and on top of that the current deputy prime minister vitaly mutko has been banned for a lot from the olympics he was a essentially in charge during this period of anti doping in russia and he's now in charge of the faithful world cup so it's there's a lot of pressure on russia to do i guess put on
9:17 am
a good show in in russia next year for the world cup and make sure it all runs smoothly on expect from d.w. sports and also of course money in moscow and really sure when to thank you both for your analysis you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program remember the rioting in hamburg during the g twenty summit last summer well investigators say they believe the violence was not spontaneous police planned in minute detail we'll have more on that investigation. at the. bitcoin seems stoppable the cryptocurrency has just passed twelve thousand dollars stolen from less than one thousand dollars at the start of the year lucky and those who invested in it but the price surge has also been accompanied by a growing chorus of warnings that the speculative frenzy is an asset bubble poised to bust but that doesn't stop some stock exchanges and future markets from joining
9:18 am
the party. bitcoins may be a mystery for most people but many are intrigued by the crypto currency bitcoins are mind in massive data centers such as here in china the currency only exists online there's no bank or financial institution behind it the cash flows are anonymous and there's little oversight and yet big coin is currently enjoying an unusual run. at the start of this year one bitcoin was worth one thousand dollars but for weeks there's been a lot of hype surrounding its more recent surge in value on wednesday its price reached a record high of over twelve thousand two hundred dollars that means bitcoin has jumped in value by over eleven hundred percent an unparalleled rise. it's even called the attention of the reputable trick cargo commodities exchange which announced plans to begin trading big confucius investors will be able to buy and sell bitcoins at a fixed rate this will make the currency much easier to trade even japan's on board
9:19 am
bitcoin is listed on stock exchange now the ones judaeus crypto currency is well on its way to entering the financial mainstream. and if you recognize the voice of this daniel winter my colleague will be in the studio with me here an hour from now to talk a little bit more about bitcoin now because this latest bitcoin record coincides with the six december that's the day when children here in germany will be waking up to see if st nicholas has filled their shoes with treats like chocolate oranges or lip. the traditional christmas biscuits spiced with ginger and cinnamon and it seems other countries have quite a taste for them as well in fact the kids are big business now last year germany exported fifteen thousand tons of. neighboring austria and poland well the biggest bias not going up twenty five percent and eighteen percent of the total exports the
9:20 am
united kingdom also buys into the two. addition tucking into eleven percent of the total exports and nine percent of late corn exports went to the united states and the biscuit has also made their way down under with a four percent to go into australia so all those late coup sales rang again at the sweet fifty two million euros or around five thousand bitcoin if you prefer that now if you don't have enough cash to invest in states technology that comes straight from the assembly line use your own ingenuity and that's exactly what a man in mexico did when he decided to retrofit his old folks' beetle with electric engines why wait for comic us to eventually pick up the sign of the times when you can take matters into your own hands. with fourteen batteries under the hood hector ruiz drives into mexico city's rush hour traffic and electric beetle with zero c o
9:21 am
two emissions a rarity in the mega metropolis with five million cars jockeying for position smog blankets the city people choke on exhaust fumes. yes there's ways that i will upload this here is my contribution it shows that we can all do something for the environment we have the same air in china india germany and europe everywhere. really spent four thousand five hundred euros for his electric motor the batteries were customized for his needs how many kilometers can he actually drive per day how fast can you drive. with the wind in this city and he has a car that costs sixty thousand or ninety thousand euros and can go faster than one hundred fifty kilometers per hour. in a city we can't drive faster than twenty or thirty kilometers per hour but into kilometers but already thinking about us border. passed built the motor himself
9:22 am
replacing combustion engines with batteries that's what the fifty eight year old does all day in his workshop sustainability means that you don't always have to get a new car. it's a big advantage that we have when we use it's already been built transform it into something which can still be used but without a negative effect. most of the population can't afford to buy a new electric car but since it's mostly those residents who are causing the air pollution it might be the smartest idea for the government to subsidize the modifications only three thousand euros for an electric car. distance performance charging the batteries from home pos can customize it all. is that. people always wait for someone else to find the solution. but it doesn't have to be that way you think it will be done by people like you and me. we can see ourselves
9:23 am
as part of the solution and then solve the problem. bigger faster and father but why hector always is serious when he says he's thinking about his children's future retrofitting cars his affection to an economical why wait any longer. they were talking about electric cars in the eighties we've been waiting for decades but i know the car industry only offers really expensive ones i don't want to wait any longer i'd rather have one built for me. now here in germany police carries out a series of raids to me what's going on that's right monica of these raids these were in connection with left wing activists have been linked to the rioting at the g twenty summit in hamburg the officers searched more than twenty properties properties seizing computers and phones and made no arrests but the move shows how seriously hamburg is taking the violence by some activists reins on left wing
9:24 am
extremists police searched flats and meeting places linked to the scene in a german states in the early hours of tuesday night a special commission in hamburg called black block after the far left movement it's targeting is investigating what it says is a pilot mob you just go on now we have to present background information disclose structures from known traitors and of course in so doing come a little closer to the core of the story terry of the left wing autonomy that had previously been the case. their fellow members of the left wing scene in stuttgart are shocked and outraged by the police operation. in fact no one spoke with us here the police were masked they were they used extreme violence this is not a communication this is repression of. hamburg on the first day of the g twenty summit this summer. left wing radicals were filmed throwing stones and firecrackers and
9:25 am
police authorities crack down hard but the situation got out of control. five thousand militant opponents of the summit rioted in the city the one hundred sixty five member special commission is still examining videos photos and other material all together there are three thousand investigation proceedings and it's becoming clear that the violence was planned in minute detail. as investigators that these militant activities did not happen by chance that no one there simply got caught off and it coincidentally off findings indicate that they must of the discussions employ. computers and cell phones were seized during the raids now there is hope that additional information about germany's organized left wing extremist scene will be revealed. you're watching the news still to come we hear from israelis and palestinians who live in jerusalem about what they think of president trump's reported plan to move the u.s. embassy to the holy city. as fenlon celebrates one hundred years of independence we
9:26 am
look at one of its most famous exports finished design. and a small town in the middle of texas that turns into a mini germany during the annual sausage festival we'll take you to new brownfields . that more coming up in the next thirty minutes. munis for purists. who move east in motion. and really new innovations. accelerate into the future. and buckle up for the l.a. auto show. driving sixty minutes long to.
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the d.w.m. media center. find a camp. of a. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d w media center at media center dot w dot com. your home life because of persecution in society. starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country five people who found a new home in a foreign land along with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past and the future. after the escape. starting to simmer seventeen w. . i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best
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for my child. but in a society in which breastfeeding is often from the pond and out school for me to abound with profit is more important than my babies will be how do i know how to make the right decision. starting to seminar on d w. what the back you're watching t w news our top stories the international olympic committee has banned russia from competing in the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics zama clean athletes however will be able to compete as neutrals under strict conditions. and u.s. president on top is expected to announce plans today to move america embassy in israel to jerusalem palestinians and arab states warn it could threaten the middle east peace process. saying in jerusalem which came under israeli control fifty
9:29 am
years ago during the six day war as a result israel declared the city to be its capital but the palestinians also claim as their capital of a future state of palestine and much of the world considers a city occupied territory jerusalem status is central to any future middle east peace deal. one city and many years of turmoil the issue of jerusalem and to whom the city belongs has been a central sticking point in the peace talks between israelis and palestinians world leaders say a two state solution is the only acceptable resolution both israelis and palestinians lay claim to the city in one nine hundred forty seven the united nations and acted the palestine partition plan jerusalem was to be a separate body govern internationally while the rest of the land would be split into an arab and jewish state the jewish delegation at the time accepted the plan but the palestinian arab representatives rejected it the un never finalized its plan to establish as an international city not even after israel declared statehood
9:30 am
in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. in the aftermath of the arab israeli war jordan annexed the west bank including the eastern part of the city jerusalem remained split until one thousand nine hundred sixty seven when jordan lost the west bank to israel in the six day war in one nine hundred eighty israel passed a logic clearing jerusalem its capital the un declared the law illegal and called on member states to withdraw their diplomatic bases from jerusalem currently no embassies are within the city limits sense that the israeli government has repeatedly called for united jerusalem to be recognized as the capital of israel the palestinian authority maintains that easter is occupied territory and belongs to their future state as their capital. let's bring back to tanya kramer in jerusalem tanya how do people there feel about the u.s. decision to move the embassy. why i talk to the pastor is to people
9:31 am
either side and among other things you could really really mixed feelings about to a lot of disappointment and. bartered but it gives us a lot of people with a lot of uncertainty what will that actually mean for them people are disappointed because it also says to them that you know the u.s. doesn't see their reality of living in occupied east jerusalem now on the israeli side you know there's more optimism obviously. quite happy about it that finally the u.s. would recognize jews and the cubs are but let's listen to some of them i've talked to on the streets. fellas to me as a palestinian i oppose this it's after their logical their israel take our land jerusalem is the capital of palestine got more than half of us as a resident of jerusalem i have more important issues and to wait for trump in his decisions trump is the u.s.
9:32 am
president but he doesn't mean anything to me. that the situation here will certainly get worse as a result and i have written a lot that at least some of. the just so i'm happy i think it's great that one of the world's leading political figures approves and recognizes jerusalem as the capital of the jewish state of israel. i'm only sad that no one did this sooner good activity not they all the image that i dislike. it's difficult enough as it is for palestinians and his radius to live together this move will only make it harder it's really not helpful but doctors and are are at them at that. ok so time is a mixed opinions there how important is it really to israelis for jerusalem to be recognized as israel's capital. i think it's definitely very important i mean if you look at polls and surveys of the past years a majority it is. for the recognition that jerusalem is their capital and that goes
9:33 am
in line of course with the official narrative of the government who calls to the internal and undivided capital. of israel although in reality you have to say and that's what most officials would not really acknowledge is that there is a division between occupy and it's risen where predominantly a person or residence live and west was and where it's mainly israelis living so israel has declared reserve as its capital after capture did nine hundred sixty seven that annexed it and the international community never a good knowledge has moved and that is. also why this u.s. shift in policy is so significant significant today and the use of the common international understanding as you know whatever changes this judge has after should be part of final status negotiations and palestinians say they want east jerusalem to be the capital of
9:34 am
a future state for them what do you think all of this means for the peace process. well first of all there is no peace process at the moment we understand that the u.s. president wants to relaunch some kind of. push for peace and his team has a son in law in middle east peace and jared and his team they were here in the region there for many months talking to all sides but it's very unclear how this will play out now because we've heard the palestinian leadership is saying that this move could potentially kill all these initiatives you also heard from other arab leaders in the region so you know it just constitutes a major shift in u.s. policy in have to read and see i think now whoa mr trump will announce it how will he explain this decision and will he go rather for the israeli narrative when you talk about the undivided attorney the capital will leave some window of
9:35 am
a two to four maybe the palestinians to claim that is to be part of the city and for future states but it still constitutes a major shift of u.s. policy there. awaiting to hear that announcement later today tanya kramer for us thank you very much now there were chaotic scenes in the ukraine in capital kiev on tuesday after police tried to arrest mikhail saakashvili he's a former leader of georgia who's now become an anti-corruption campaigner in ukraine and a thorn in the side of president petro poroshenko police detained second really but were forced to free him again when his supporters surrounded a van holding him our correspondent nick connelly was there we'll talk to him in a moment but first here's what he saw. early morning hide and seek in the rooms above kiev's my town square except the man being detained by on mark special forces is a former president and one of ukrainian president petro poroshenko as most vocal opponents . as news of the raid spread on facebook within minutes
9:36 am
a crowd had gathered on the streets below but still there was no word from the police as to why he was being detained. his arms tied behind his back second really had one last chance to address his supporters calling for president bush and co to face impeachment the but it was one second really was bundled into a car that the confrontation between police and his supporters really got going. street ornaments rubbish bins even park police cars were all fair game as the crowd tried to prevent second species forcible departure. in the meantime ukraine's prosecutor general finally got round to answering the question on everyone's lips why not such a big operation and why now second sweeney he said they colluded with the exiled ukrainian oligarchs who was preparing to subvert the country's government. well
9:37 am
let's talk to nick connelly now he met with former georgian president mikheil saakashvili last night hi nick so very tense scenes there in kiev yesterday at tell us more about what you saw good morning sumi well it's frankly been an extraordinary twenty four hours here that began with one of my colleagues this time yesterday sporting a man running across the roof just behind us on my down square here that man was mikhail saakashvili trying to get away from police authorities and it's now ended just in the last few hours with an new police raid on a successful his protest camp outside the parliament where we met him yesterday so . this story is far from over here when we caught up with him yesterday i'll see him why he thought he'd been detained for the real reason is that for the last several months i've been heading the movement for change in terms of corruption in terms of getting rid of
9:38 am
a corrupt practice of the president that he's immediate surroundings that brought ukraine to be good situation of being the poorest country in terms of g.d.p. you know if europe and. they've been menacing me for some time they have they told me that they were there asked me it's what they've been sending me people they told me that they will if they don't find something on me they will invent something on me that was depression cause right hand man mr gross kid that told. me you're gorgeous today published more times which apparently show you don't need to stick which in you know i don't know i don't i don't know i don't know who these guys well i don't know them i don't know how he looks i don't know how he sounds and why would i i mean this is this is absolutely fake the feeling is that these people they told me that if they cannot find anything on me they will create it we've been marching peacefully quietly but but in bigger numbers more and more and that's what they were scared of. ukraine's willing to to elect which is someone who was born in
9:39 am
the country look up i'm not running for office right now i'm running i'm just trying to rescue this nation from absolute oblivion of corruption. well well right now i'm deleting the paper progress whatever i whatever it is no future prepares for me to see but but local course i'm going to run for president a footprint for sure thank you. ok so next saakashvili saying he sees this role as rescuing the country from corruption but whatever is chances of succeeding if he's not going to run for president. well sumi of course that seems a little disingenuous from him given that he's recently set up a new policy albeit one that has ratings in the low single digits so far. i think anything is possible you saw yesterday his supporters pulling him out of a police car after an hour long standoff i think you know that gives you a sense of quite how much everything is up in the air here. i would say in this
9:40 am
something that analysts here say over and over again it's not necessary just about second to feel he could just be the flash point the trigger for people who are unhappy with the current government with president bush and co this is a country that has been at war for several years and there's no fast near end in sight to that place where living standards are still far below where they were before the my down revolution economy's doing pretty badly so this could be a trigger for people who might not necessarily have huge enthusiasm for him personally to vent their frustrations against the current government and to come out onto the streets the test will be this weekend he's promised to bring thousands out on to my don square behind me to call for but your porch and those impeachment if he's able to do that and really mobilize bigger numbers of people than he has been in recent months then obviously that could give us an idea about whether this is actually going away anywhere and whether this presents a real challenge the government so far the government's response seems pretty
9:41 am
pretty nervy so he seems to have actually really you know created some fear in the presidential administration just a mile up the road behind me yet all of this raises the question why is the former president of georgia getting mixed up and ukrainian politics in the first place. well simmias many things in ukraine is a little complicated he finished his second term in office in georgia in late twenty thirteen he left office after losing an election something that isn't a given in this part of the world and that was at his time when ukrainians went out onto the square behind me to protest against their president so this was the euro my don as it's known here and he was invited in by the reformers who took power after that my down revolution here they asked him to bring his particular brand of western liberal even libertarian economic reforms to ukraine something he'd done quite successfully in georgia and it first it was quite
9:42 am
a love in between him and present poroshenko they were even remotely personal friends really was made the governor of one of ukraine's most important regions but then after about a year or so they fell out second really coming out and accusing poroshenko of being too slow to root out corruption to be pretty he says he's protecting the old order instead of really reforming ukraine and what was a political friendship is now turned into pretty acrimonious adversaries right next calmly explain the story to us thank you very much nic to america now where there are millions of people of german descent so when donald trump called german chancellor angela merkel's refugee policy crazy what did they think well we asked german immigrants in a small town in texas a town that celebrates its german heritage with a festival of beer later hosen and sausages. folk festival in the texas countryside. with
9:43 am
a german name. brown fells texas it's voiced first time sausage fest it's the biggest beer and sausage festival in the u.s. . it's a blend of germany's october fest and carnival of the ten days these texans will celebrate their german heritage in an easy going and beverage filled manner that is typically german it always draws the crowds almost two hundred thousand people have come this year that travel from all over north america because the party is renowned far beyond the borders of texas. and new brown hills was founded by german settlers in the mid nineteenth century. today the city has seventy four thousand residents most of them have german roots.
9:44 am
and overall about forty five million u.s. citizens side they have a german background and one of them is frank witing he used to work for the regional surveyors office in the german state of. and then one he moved across the big pond to america fishing is a staunch republican a trump and a critic of anglo american. working with america in the refugee policy it's just come on in a panel also wanted to do that here i am well we all are immigrants in america. but when i enter the country my health was checked my political party membership was checked everything was checked in order for me to be able to come here. but now just to say they are refugees so they can come here we're totally against that. it's the same thing for trump and his wolf we like immigrants but we want to have
9:45 am
the right immigrants not criminals you know what i mean. i mean you know the right immigrants people like this perhaps before he went to america a newspaper ad asked do you want to become a millionaire witing did so he moved to the us the sixty five year old likes the free enterprise style here and he's become a specialist in selling health insurance where he sure is his friend when we had. the dirks family moved to texas from germany in two thousand and five but while witing has blossomed into dirk's has suffered disappointment he's especially critical of american foreign policy the dirks family now wants to move to europe why where they hope to find the things that are lacking for them here. i think it's high height freedom but there's not as much personal freedom as i've thought on the other hand business freedom is fantastic doing business here is great. believes
9:46 am
there's now a split in american society one that opened up well before donald trump. venture. you can sense a divide in us society these days it's not fully recognized in europe i can tell when i listen to european news or speak to europeans the split in society actually began with obama that is fifty percent republicans fifty percent democrats and it's very hard for americans to talk about politics just read the area around new brown fills his conservative around seventy three percent of voters in comal county voted for donald trump in the twenty sixteen election many republicans like frank fifteen were afraid the democrats would tighten the lenient gun control laws in texas. i tell my friends if a fire ever starts at my house don't come near it there are so many bullets obama
9:47 am
was the biggest boost for the gun business everyone bought weapons and i mean ition because we thought we're not going to be able to get them anymore that. trumps victory brought relief for the gun lobby. in new braunfels it's just laden sherman a german motto for the city it means life is good in new braunfels diane molds and gloria chorus are heading to a german bakery where once a month around two dozen women meet for a traditional german afternoon coffee party all the women here were is a born in germany or have german roots they talk about god and the world and politics and another u.s. citizen with german roots always comes up in conversation donald trump. the only reason i go back to germany is if he were elected again what's happening now has never happened before every day on t.v. they say something bad about the president that's not right it happened again well i like him i think he should think first before he speaks but i think he wants to
9:48 am
do to best he can for everyone that's best about the cotton up as into that there are so many who are against him for the next few days at least there's something more important than president trump. for ten days politics are put aside as new brownfields celebrates the party of the year the sausage festival it said there's no better place in america to celebrate the love of life german style than here. yesterday i guess everyone here is now german. but a very in. folk costumes tradition and a bit of charm that's how october first a celebrated texan style. now hundred years ago today finland gained its independence from russia before that it
9:49 am
had spent centuries under swedish rule to on of the day someone's capital house and dressed itself up in the finnish national colors blue and white celebrations officially kicked off on tuesday evening when the president sali ministers started the party nordic a country is known for its vast natural landscapes and its sauna culture but most popular export may well be its famed design. irina constance is a designer who wants to shop in helsinki is designated design district. the design in finland. it's very democratic so it's you can say that almost every household has some classic design piers so you actually grow up with. design classics have changed little over the years in finland practical and
9:50 am
timeless clia forms and durable materials. a collection made for the hundredth anniversary of independence in finnish bulletin. we are very near nature. we like simple things our nature is quite clean and and poor and simple so it's its functionality but still. with simplicity maybe. natural motifs have long been at the core of much finished design. furniture designs of the nine hundred thirty s. a still popular today in the my nine hundred forty s. and fifty's toppy revolutionized industrial design with his glasses. robust and timeless works. designed history with. finished design has never been the latest.
9:51 am
with nature is inspiration and functionality simplicity and an attention to detail the style could well continue for another hundred years. now a recent study by harvard university found that eating chestnuts and other nuts regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as fifteen percent well it's probably not the reason for a surge in demand for chestnuts in france but at least eating them is a pleasure that now has their approval of medical authority. a monster seems to be huffing and puffing its way through these woods in the early morning. it's a chestnut harvesting machine the spiky shelled nuts are practically worshipped here in a muslim in central france so no surprise that signs warn against gathering by unauthorized persons. going you'll feel that we're constantly saying organized
9:52 am
chestnut faves to still large numbers of our chestnuts in order to sell them so you valborg all. in this giant fiery oven the chestnuts are showed and roasted before being transformed into delicacies like the chestnut blood sausage. chestnut. is a specialist in sweet chestnuts he hopes his creations will restore the reputation that chestnuts once had before they were replaced by potatoes. said that of both of them in the past the chestnut was the main staple for the people here in certain periods it helped them survive. it was really the potato of the people. and indeed the chestnut is experiencing a kind of renaissance here demand in france is so high that the round brown nuts
9:53 am
have to be imported in this chestnut rich region many farmers are starting to abandon cattle for chestnuts. a friend of mine sold his cows he planted chestnuts and is now raising chickens that grow in the shade of the trees. the locals love their chestnuts these two men have baked at chestnut cake weighing one hundred forty kilograms for a festival the nuts are perfect in sweet as well as savory dishes. it's more of a challenge for the six people who will have to carry it to the festival. from that's growing popularity is a good thing for the people in regions like limit where they grow in great abundance. all right a reminder now of our top stories at this hour the international olympic committee has banned russia from competing in the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics clean athletes however will be able to compete as neutrals under strict conditions
9:54 am
and u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce plans today to move america's embassy in israel. palestinians and arab states warn it could threaten the middle east peace process. thanks for watching to that we were back in a few minutes. this
9:55 am
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and put be a great day to depend on the critter through friends alone. when it comes filming much more energy than that for effort. i'd personally take the bus to work every day and that favorite of them to add. to that from a one affection point here bring the population growth worldwide to a halt if the one that we have cannot support them ever increasing population and cannot produce except the ball and their food for the populace.
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this is the w. news live from berlin a seismic shift in the middle east president trump is expected to confirm that the u.s. embassy in israel will move from tel aviv to jerusalem that means recognizing the city as the capital of israel arab states warneke.


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