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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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i pity tony clinton gave a cutoff and. tells them to make a speech a few of them tell of the famous potato. this is the devil you news live from birth led a seismic shift in the middle east policy president trump is expected to confirm that the u.s. embassy of israel will move from tel aviv to jerusalem that means recognizing the city as the capital of israel one palestinian diplomat has called it the kiss of
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death for the two state solution. also coming up with the russian olympic committee is suspended who was immediately for. a limb pick officials banned russia from the upcoming winter games over state sponsored doping clean up leagues will only be allowed to keep as neutral as. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program great to have you with us. u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce today that he will move america's embassy in israel to jerusalem recognizing the city as the capital of the jewish state it's a major change in american policy and one that the palestinians and arab states say could threaten the middle east peace process one palestinian diplomat has called it the kiss of death for the proposed two state solution to the israeli palestinian
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conflict. israel long ago declared jerusalem as its eternal capital but the rest of the world never recognized the move and to date no major countries have an embassy in the ancient city donald trump's decision would change that and could have an explosive effect on the region not least because the palestinians insist that east jerusalem must be their capital if a two state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict is to become a reality. the position of the president is very clear and if. this is going to move. this is again. this is this. this. would complicate things. peace process maybe it will be the end of the peace process other leaders promptly echoed that
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warning. mr truck drew is the red line for muslims. in cairo the head of the arab league said embassy would be an unnecessary provocation to the arab world the kings of saudi arabia and jordan both criticize the move as did iraqi prime minister. and. the iraqi government warns of the consequences of this decision on the stability of the area and of the world it ignores the rights of palestinians and arabs and muslims alike . the united states appears to recognize that trumps announcement may trigger unrest in the mideast the state department has ordered its consulate personnel in israel not to conduct personal travel in jerusalem's old city or the
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west bank. and for more on this development i'm joined now by my colleagues aaron tilton who is with us here in the studio tanya kramer is also standing by with the view from jerusalem aaron i'd like to begin first with you what is trump's motivation behind this move well the short answer is he's fulfilling a campaign promise the long answer is that trump is really facing a lot of pressure back home in the states the russian investigation which is looking at his campaign's possible collusion with members of the kremlin is actually entering a very critical phase he's also facing extreme criticism for his support of a tax bill which is actually ended up being one of the most unpopular piece of legislation in modern american history and he's also throwing his support behind a very controversial figure in a senate race in alabama and it's all kind of dragging down on his polling numbers we're starting to see some of his support even among his base a roadie and now the drew some question has always being a kind of a lightning rod issue for
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a members of his base especially even joe christians and if what we are speculating here but it could really be that trump sees this as in kind of an easy win in a way to boost his polling numbers back home and easy win but not easily digested in the region in fact because this is such a complex issue here the issue of jerusalem as the israeli capital and with that i'll turn to you tanya how important is it for israelis for the u.s. to make this declaration. well i think you could say it is important for most israelis and that goes across the political spectrum but i think people are also concerned about what will happen next but i think it's most important for the current israeli government i mean and as you heard in the report is either captured . or predominantly a palestinian arab east jerusalem in one thousand sixty seven annexed it and then declared the capital and usually you hear the undivided eternal capital of israel
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that is two muslim so that line was never accepted by the international community and for the israeli government it was almost over and seen as a historic injustice that is closest ally the u.s. has never really recognized as capital although now there's a lot of criticism coming in of course from all over the world about the decision criticism of course also from the palestinians who have their own claims there in jerusalem just remind us of the significance of that area for them. i mean the palestinians want to see occupied east jerusalem as their future capital of their future independent state and the palestinian leadership has made that very clear when trump made a phone call last night there was a statement given now that they will not give up on this claim and impreza mahmoud abbas also want about the implications it was under no common i mean international consensus that any change of status of jerusalem which is such
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a contentious issue and israeli palestinian conflict would be part of the goal is here to deal and the u.s. now is pulling out of that it seems but any talk to her sitting on the street you know you get all kind of reactions in some say we're going on surprise i'm really disappointed so maria defiant but i mean it leaves a lot of uncertainty as well what will happen they're next. tanya just briefly what is this likely to mean for the peace process. well i mean you could say there is actually no peace process at the moment but we understand that the u.s. is actually pushing for a new plan i mean the team is german christian is a son in thomson who know and mideast peace and war and he's here in the region a lot in the past couple of months and they're talking about in your push for peace but as you know this isn't. a reason if this goes through i mean this would kill an initiative like that so i think it's important to see how mr trimble announces what do you actually see really anything in his statement he is expected to give today
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to the palestinians and how will this go down here in the region tanya kramer with the very latest from jerusalem and aaron tell us in here in the studio with more on the u.s. view on the situation we thank you very much to both of you for your reporting is going to quick check now some other stories that have a making news around the world british police have reportedly foiled an alleged plot to assassinate the country's prime minister theresa may the extremist islamist plot is understood to have involved a bomb attack on the prime minister's residence two men arrested last week have been charged with plans to carry out terrorism security officials believe it is the plot police have thwarted this year. hundreds of nigerians were flown home from libya on tuesday as the u.n. steps up efforts to fly migrants out of the country the move follows an outcry over reports that migrants they're hoping to get to europe are instead being sold into slavery it is estimated that more than four hundred thousand might african migrants
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are stranded inside libya in detention camps. french rock icon johnny holiday has died from lung cancer aged seventy four known as the french elvis holiday helped popularize rock n roll in the francophone world helping him sell one hundred million records in a fifty year career. to . the international olympic committee has banned russia from competing in the twenty eighteen winter olympics some clean athletes will be allowed to compete as neutrals but under strict circumstances with just ten weeks before the games began in south korea the i.o.c. said that there was enough evidence of state sponsored doping to justify the ban moscow says that it will study the decision before deciding what to do next after
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poring over several reports detailing evidence of systematic doping in russia the r.u. sees executive board finally came to a conclusion on the country's interim big future thomas but the i.o.c. president made the announcement to the russian olympic committee is suspended who is immediate effect. individual clean the russian obsoletes will be able to participate under strict conditions at the olympic winter games here which are two thousand and eighteen. these in righted elsley so will participate between individual or team competitions under the name olympic athlete from russia with the aircrew name. seen such as these from the such a winter games in twenty fourteen will not be repeated in pyung chang by refusing
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to allow a russian flag a national anthem at the twenty eight thousand games the i.o.c. has gone beyond any previous doping sanctions it's also hundred a lifelong bones to russian officials including vitaly mutko the former sports minister and current deputy prime minister of russia. no official of the russian ministry of sport will be accredited for the olympic winter games two thousand and eighteen. then minister of sport restore the tally. and is then deputy minister yuriy not gone it will be excluded from any parties from any participation in all future olympic games although tuesday's decision is far from the complete ban many had hoped for it does show that the i.o.c. will stand up to russia whether it means an end to this doping scandal depends on how russia reacts to the decision. a state of
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emergency has been declared in southern california where firefighters are battling severe wildfires almost two hundred thousand people have been ordered to evacuate no one is believed to have died in the fires local media report that one person was killed in a car crash while fleeing the area. and he hoped to save this house now gone up in flames one of hundreds of homes destroyed by wild fire at this point all the firefighters can do is stand and watch. the biggest fire burning right now in california is here in ventura county northwest of los angeles some neighborhoods have been spared others now just smoking piles of ash and debris authorities warn residents to get out while they still can. so we want to be really clear with
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folks we have lost structures we have not lost lives do not leave your homes. hot dry winds have whipped the flames across more than eighty kilometers nearly to the pacific ocean twenty seven thousand has been one of the worst years on record for wildfires in california. the state fire chief blames climate change for spawning more and bigger blazes and warns that this wildfire could continue on its path of destruction for several more days. a tanzanian born artist has made history by becoming the first black woman to win britain's most prestigious art award the turner prize liban to him it scooped up the award worth around twenty eight thousand euros for her work addressing racial politics and the legacy of slavery when there. is a prize. is that they're you know hey mate it's been a long wait for been
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a hammett's she's not only the first black woman to pick up the turner prize but also the oldest ever went to britain's most prestigious out towards the sixty three year old artist thank those who supported her since emerging in the one nine hundred eighty s. as a leading light of british. to the arts and cultural historians who cared enough to write essays about my work for decades thank you you gave me some students in the wilderness use tanzania and warn him it who's working creates postal indiana sets painted with images of black slaves benefited from a change in the prizes rules where previously only artists under fifty were eligible it used to be viewed as a vehicle for younger artists do what i wanted by judges uncompromising tackling of racism him it's a story when i mean she's finally got the recognition she deserves. sports news just briefly now and in the champions league byron munich beat them on three one on
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tuesday night but all they finished second in their group the results which included two goals from corn nine hundred to low so a measure of revenge for the defeat that they suffered in paris earlier in the campaign both teams go on to the champions league knockout stage which will be drawn this friday you're watching news still to come on the program because it is it a solid rally or a monica jones has that story and a whole lot more coming right up. i'm sorry kelly umbrella. me. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be good for sports reporter so what this complaint is besides the year but isn't that the cost.


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