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people found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music they felt bridges to the past the future. after these scams starting to simmer seventeen w. . this is it every news live from berlin on the edge u.s. president trumps move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel sparks hamas to call for a new uprising. as
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international condemnation grows palestinians protest in the west bank and gaza the israeli army reinforce us troops in the west bank we are live in jerusalem also coming up. marching for independence tens of thousands of cattle and protesters rally in brussels demanding support from the e.u. after the failed independence referendum in the spanish region plus. can this man solve germany's political woes social democrat leader martin schulz refused to form a coalition government with angle america's conservatives after his party's election defeat but now he may be changing his mind and. hot dry winds fanned the flames of massive wildfires in southern california people fleeing their homes hundreds of houses destroyed thousands more threatened as firefighters struggle to contain the infernos.
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thank you very much for your company in response to u.s. president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinian group hamas has called for an uprising israeli security forces have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters in the streets of the west bank both the palestinians and the israelis see jerusalem as their capital and the city has been a key issue in decades of conflict but has ignored international warnings by recognizing it as israel seat of government saying it's time for a new approach all right and we can get reaction now from c.n.n. she joins us now she's a palestinian lawmaker and a member of the palestinian liberation organization's executive committee she is in
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ramallah. very good evening you wrote an op ed for the new york times today where you call trump's decision a huge mistake why. it's a huge mistake with urges not only undermining the chances of injury destroying their very foundations he is destroying american vaccination and then with his justice by standing orders to such a point that he could lose you know and has become complicit in the crime scene is also inflaming the public of the will provoke people people throughout the region and beyond and he had suffered too much too much and this certainly will enhance our living in peace extremism and violence and he then beyond and of course by giving an example now for violating international law if you want to go there granted it's only things work together but. yes. and countries that have predictably reacted in horror to the secession but besides the
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usual condemnations they're not suggesting any solutions do you feel the palestinians feel that the arab world has given up on the palestinians at this stage when we tried many times and i know and have needed this call donald trump and just like the straight enough to go down that path and they also know that this is going to affect them and the fact that in to some effect i could standing of course and influence in their knees but it seems he was bent on doing as he did he do a chunk of his closest allies in the region and he also gentler jeopardised than the world and on peace and so everybody has a stake in my physician against this campaign which is in which an attention is it to me of all of the sponsibility actions. still in and that sense it's not arabs that sending us shows that fact that the u.s. now has exposed and its challenge as being on one front step forward of the
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occupation and one of the most extreme line patients because any government in this case. the palestinian leadership has also come under fire for not doing enough it's been widely reported that the u.s. would do this yet the palestinian leadership doesn't seem to have had a well formulated response for their people. yeah well the cultural leadership is between iraq and. brazil to stand up to the u.s. directly or to rejoice the same as you have to be able to. correlate a national strategy based on an actual national conversation are to be able to face all these challenges the most that they could do or track to persuade done untrapped not to adopt such a position and not to jeopardize the chances of peace but unfortunately good luck in france so the question is how do we now work with our arab allies and friends
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with people around the world recall the countries who really are quite upset them quite disturbed about this morals and now feel that the u.s. is embarking on a very as responsible and mentors policy in the region that with that like them as well that we have to be able to protect our own rights protected on land try to get some accountability for results rigor international criminal court and at the same damn hard because we talk about the two state solution like a graduate state of palestine or jerusalem as its capital. there are all sorts of roles that have to be taken and we have to redefine our relationship with israel and with. all the things that require in meeting of the central council and i'm going to adopt in strategy and emotionally palestinian lawmaker in a member of the palestinian liberation organization executive committee thank you. all right and we can go now to detail use the very on my us waiter she is in
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jerusalem for us she joins me on the line right now maya when we talk about jerusalem we talk as if it's a united city described as the facts on the ground what's the demographic reality of jerusalem. jerusalem is a very old city that despite everyone talking about it being divisible between east and west actually very hard to divide there's no river or barrier or a clear road between east and west in terms of demographic there's about eight hundred fifty thousand people who live here around three hundred thousand of whom are palestinian residents of east jerusalem and that is an official legal status they hold a resident in east jerusalem which means they're not israeli citizens and they cannot vote in the knesset elections the elections for the israeli congress so there's quite a presence and there's quite a community here mostly in east jerusalem and today we saw many of them especially
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the youth of the community out in front of the damascus gate at the old city shouting protesting that jerusalem is the arab jerusalem is palestinian and that takes a very much opposed to shall we say to that read the declaration from president trump and why and what do you answer for interrupting you there what do you hearing about the situation the current situation in the palestinian territories are people being reacting. right so we've heard about these these clashes happening in bethlehem and around the territories and we know that police and the i.d.f. are gearing up for possibly more violence clashes incidents happening tomorrow because it is friday so friday prayers will be happening today in jerusalem and things were fairly calm but tense and we still have a heavier than normal police presence out on the streets there are some police on
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horseback who have been writing back and forth in front of me and my colleague just sort of intimidating the people in this neighborhood it's it's been a tense day there's been some clashes some scuffles we've had some people arrested one person was injured in front of me not a good situation and likely to depreciate in the next day or so my whole or the people of israel how do they feel about all of this. that's it it's a good question so there are certainly some israelis who feel that is time that jerusalem has always been their capital always will be their capital and there's no denying that and that trump declaration is simply an acknowledgment of the fact that there are many israelis who have very mixed feelings about this you know they recognize that this is a sticky situation at the tough negotiating position because jerusalem is such a important city for people of all fades you know particularly the palestinians and the israelis who live in this region and so it really just sort of throws
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a whole wrench into the entire peace process and as we have seen here today with things being tense and slightly chaotic that. it doesn't it doesn't help the situation doesn't make things better last winter reporting from jerusalem thank you . all right want to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the european union is taking the czech republic hungry and poland to court for failing to take their fair share of refugees under age twenty fifty planned well the countries have taken in almost no refugees in the past two years despite an e.u. agreement to relocate some one hundred sixty thousand people from italy and greece their governments accuse brussels of limiting their national sovereignty. hong kong has high court is set to sentence student protest leader joshua watching and fifteen other pro-democracy activists are facing possible prison sentences for their role in the mass democracy demonstrations three years ago during the
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so-called umbrella movement thousands of students and activists occupied main shopping areas demanding full democracy in the semi a thomas chinese city. the mist and the mystery buyer of a record three hundred eighty million euro painting of christ by a leonardo da vinci has been revealed christie's auction house has declined to identify the buyer last month but the new york times reports it was purchased by a little known saudi prince the five hundred year old work is now headed to the newly opened north museum in abu dhabi. raging wildfires in california have prompted authorities to issue a purple alert that's the highest level warning ever issued in the state amid what's being called extremely critical fire weather tens of thousands of people are under evacuation orders and nearly two hundred homes and buildings have been destroyed as firefighters struggle to contain the fires that figure is expected to
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grow. a wind whipped inferno that shows no signs of stopping the ferocious santa ana winds are forecast to hit one hundred thirty kilometers per hour on thursday for their fuel for this fire in ventura county that's already consumed hundreds of homes. greatest threat is and will always continue to be the wind if the wind dies down we'll get a handle on this we're in the middle of a week long red flag condition we're not done. the wildfires have surged right into the heart of los angeles here at the luxury neighborhood of bel-air. a vineyard belonging to billionaire rupert murdoch one of the million dollar properties under threat. fire crews struggling to contain the flames for a handful of homes it was a losing battle. and darkness revealed shocking scenes on the four
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o five one of the city's famed freeways barges go way now on the freeway. need to get out of here. about two hundred thousand people have already evacuated a number that's likely to increase if wilder winds ignite even more fires. to brussels now or almost fifty thousand cattle on demonstrators have taken to the streets calling on the european union to support their cause many in the crowd come especially from the spanish region of catalonia they're urging the e.u. to back their push for independence and support their ousted leader carlists. he's currently in brussels and says that despite upcoming elections he will stay in belgium because he fears he'll be arrested if he returns to spain. all right in the w.'s charlot telson phil was with the crowds and joins us now from
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brussels kelly good to see you're tens of thousands of people marching what was going on there. that's right police estimate say that some forty five thousand people were on the streets of brussels today we were hearing that they were expecting it expected to be a lot of people activists was saying twenty thousand or so but it is certain points in the day really felt like the whole of fossil owner had come down to brussels there was a sea of people through the european quarter draped in catalan flags many wearing the color yellow which has come to symbolize the independence movement in catalonia it was led by the dismissed couple and need to call us on he was in the middle of the crowd at certain points there were even scuffles as people tried to get close to him people trying to take selfies of him now the message from this process from people on the streets was that they wanted europe to wake up day one europe to acknowledge that there's a crisis in catalonia and to step in they say madrid is violating their democratic
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rights madrid of course would say something very different madrid says that the dismiss catalan leaders have been acting illegally the protesters who are on the streets today what was so very importantly demanding the release of some of the dismissed ministers who are still behind bars today there are two ministers and two activists who are still in jail at the moment there is while friendly peaceful protests there was also a lot of anger on the streets today and show how assertive is the people's message . well the been a lot of momentous moments as we said in this independence movement over the last few months and and the european union has stayed very quiet is chosen not to intervene so i think it's unlikely that it will take take any action today i think what it's going to do is watch very closely what happens in the elections that is used to take place in catalonia on december twenty first because what's crucial while there are also many independent supporters on the streets today they don't
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represent the whole region in fact election polls suggest that it's fifty fifty between those who are in favor of independence and those who are against so i think european officials will look to see what happens there and perhaps reconsider where they stand if these independent supporters do come to power again what has to be said is regardless of whether or not the european union decides to actually say anything it const but have noticed the number of people who were on the streets today charlie reporting from brussels thank you. all right. the jailed leader of turkey's pro kurdish opposition party went on trial in absentia and ancora today before his arrest salatin was widely seen as the strongest political opponent of president richard to one name or taj was detained last year when the government launched a crackdown following a failed coup attempt to use accused of having links to the outlawed kurdistan
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workers' party the p.k. k. if convicted him or touch faces up to one hundred forty two years in prison he has been remanded to remain in jail until the next hearing in several. already we've got a story now about your money or that concerns your money going to send you over to gary hart what about our money that there's anything we've learned from the financial crisis it's that rescuing banks should never again fall on the taxpayers not you and me ever since then central bankers and financial supervisors have been haggling over new rules for banks to avoid future bailouts the so-called basel committee is presenting these new rules tonight in frankfurt and here's the gist of it under the new regulations central banks which a term and how much equity banks need to buffer risks like the loans they gave to companies the expert had previously previously put that number at eight percent but
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some clients are riskier than others in paying back their loans so each loan company has to be evaluated separately but under which criteria can we leave it up to the banks to calculate the risk for themselves or do we need to apply some sort of international standard well in a nutshell that's what easy druggy and colleagues have been deliberating about for years to protect european taxpayers from excessive risk taking buybacks let's cross over to frankfurt contribution is standing by and where meyer druggy will be facing the cameras any moment that seems like a very long and tedious goshi ation process. yes gary hart and the results the presentation of the results of this long and tedious process has been delayed several times let's not forget lehman brothers collapsed in september two thousand and eight and now we're nine years later finally the new set of rules
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called basel three will come out. but to be fair it's of course worth noting and not a given that different parts of this world europe america china singapore turkey and many other countries sit together at one table and negotiate a new set of rules and finally settle on something so this is positive whether or not the taxpayers really will never again have to bail out a bank in the future remains to be seen we only have to look at italy where recently the government had to help the bank wanted a passkey with taxpayers' money to meet higher capital requirements current drug is holding this press conference presenting the results today were together with the governor of the swedish central bank why those two. well druggies not
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only the president of the european central bank he's also the chair of the group of governors and heads of supervision and stefan he's the head of the swedish ric's bank and he's the chair man of the basel committee but you're right to ask it might be advisable to the basel committee to include the americans more the new federal reserve chief jay powell at several occasions has already said that it might be a good idea to not regulate the banks too much and that of course makes some people here in europe wonder whether the americans might not pull out of the process going to do is there in frankfurt we're going to hear during later from you more about this story. seven years behind bars that's the price to pay for lying to consumers a former senior executive of fox farm was also find four hundred thousand dollars over his role in the company's massive emissions cheating scandal is the second
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high level v.w. figure to be convicted over diesel gate in the u.s. . this wednesday was perhaps the worst day of all of the schmitz life the engineer sentenced to seven years in prison and the toughest possible sentence for puppets writing fraud against consumers he was emotional he apologized he regrets his decisions he said he takes responsibility it's his fault. schmidt was responsible for us environmental matters at v.w. from twenty twelve until twenty fifteen the time that folks wagon admits to manipulating emissions tests using software loaded into its cars. he knew about the test manipulation and testified in court that he simply followed orders the judge ruled that without doubt the v.w. board shared responsibility for the scandal prosecutors said schmidt was in the same room as the c.e.o. they all worked on their stories that they would tell viewer thora teams. it
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remains to be seen if the former folks foreign c.e.o. martin venter called could face charges in germany he has repeatedly denied knowing about emissions cheating schmidt's sentencing comes months after that of another former manager james gang having cooperated with authorities and handed in a guilty plea from the outset he received a forty month jail sentence. that's all your business is fact thank you in berlin germany social democrats are debating whether to open talks on continuing the governing coalition which americans conservatives for the next parliamentary term at the espy's party conference chairman the party chairman martin schultz asked his fellow social democrats to give the green light for full unary talks schultz initially ruled out the option after the party performed poorly in september's general election law now short says the success of the talks will depend on what parts of the county program can be adopted as government policy.
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we must not govern at any price but we must not go into a position and the process. is what policies we can push through must be a force that. raising the stakes there and we can go now to deal with user charlotte potts who is at the convention charlotte what are the options for s.p.d. delegates. well this party conference was originally planned to do some serious soul searching after a disastrous election result in september's national elections for the social democrats they scored the worst result in their modern day history now it has really turned into ending the political deadlock and germany and this is what the party convention is right now about they are leaving discussions right behind me holding speeches whether to take up the preliminary talks with manacles conservatives whether to maybe go into a grand coalition and by that
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a find a new government for germany but if they decide and the end to vote again set to take up the preliminary talks there are germany's only left with two options and one would be that machall is leading a minority government which is a very unstable government and she has already said that she is pretty much against it and the other option would be new elections which all the parties across the aisle have said that they are not very keen on it would mean a lengthy compay incense and lots of money going into these new elections so my best guess is that today at the party conference delegates and members will choose to take up these preliminary talks but that doesn't mean we'll have a new government anytime soon we'll have to head into a coalition talks and that might take a long time so i do think that martin shows where you are right now has made a convincing case in that he managed to convince many of the party members to or
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join him in his proposals. he definitely chaya he had a hard stance because he refused to take up these talks twice after the election in september he said no grand coalition anymore and he has tried to make the case that it's better for the social democrats to shape policies for the next four years to shape policies for germany but also for europe that it would be a good thing if the social democrats were one small in the government and could take up policies but the party is extremely invite it divided there are some part of the membership that are saying yes we have to take up these talks it's our duty it's our responsibility to find a solution for that is good for germany and that means to find a new government on the other hand there are there's a big part of the of the membership that is saying and especially the younger folks the grand coalition of the past four years with angle america has had the posse and
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will continue to have the party if we were going into another grand coalition they say better stay out of it again my best guess is that they will vote to take up preliminary talks but that doesn't mean that in the end we will see a grand coalition become reality. to charlotte parts reporting thank you. and standing in the german capital morning commuters in central berlin were treated to an impromptu performance when rockers bono and the edge from the band you to perform some of their newest songs all the venue they chose was of course one of the platforms on the year two underground line. now you go on the subway ride it standing room only but these riders don't seem to mind but. they're rubbing shoulders with rock stars. and the edge. and it's a once in a lifetime moment thank you for making me a part of this. after
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a trip on berlin's you to line the pop legend's offered up a taste of their new album songs of experience. and i was so surprised to see them up close and i still can't believe it was that. oh what a great idea to meet them both in person. for these berliners truly an unforgettable commute. when the rock gods you too descended down into the you to for an unexpected moment.
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