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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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i p t twenty going to cave in i don't think. tells me and. i feel i'm telling the famous potato. this is it on the news live from berlin on it she was president i'm supposed to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel sparks hamas to call for a new uprising. as international
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condemnation grows palestinians protest in the west bank and gaza and the israeli army reinforce its troops in the west bank we speak to a prominent palestinian lawmaker also coming up. can this man solve germany's political woes social democrat leader martin schulz refused to form a coalition government with uncle america's conservatives after his party's election defeat but now he may be changing his mind. and hot dry winds fanning the flames of massive wildfires in southern california people flee their homes hundreds of houses are destroyed and thousands more are threatened as firefighters struggle to contain the infernos. thank you very much for your company. u.s.
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president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinian group hamas has called for an uprising while israel's president lavished praise on president tom's decision but the palestinian president says he is rallying international opposition to the move which he called an unacceptable crime. it was a day of fun rest in many parts of israel thousands of palestinians took to the streets to protest against u.s. president donald trump's decision to officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and in many parts of the country protesters clashed with security forces. israel is preparing for more violence in the coming days and is deploying additional troops to the west bank but many fear that the situation could escalate as the islamic militant group hamas its followers to start an uprising
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a first intifada against israel. we demand resistance in the west bank so we can answer this shameless aggression and i repeat shameless aggression the american decision as an act of aggression against our people a declination of war against the palestinian people and the holiest sites of islam and christianity. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in contrast while trump's announcement as a historic landmark and said of the countries we're considering following the u.s. lead. we are already in contact with other countries which will issue is a meal of recognition i have no doubt that the moment the american embassy moves to jerusalem and even before then there will be
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a movement of many embassies to jerusalem the time has come. your. but the u.s. decision also prompted to brought a diplomatic backlash turkey russia and the european union condemned the move saying that recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and hopes of resolving the conflict peacefully and that it's divided the international community the u.n. security council has an emergency meeting about the matter. declared friday a day of rage and many fear that the conflict about jerusalem could spark a new bloody wall in the region. are and we can get reaction now from. she joins us now she's a palestinian lawmaker and a member of the palestinian liberation organization's executive committee she is in
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ramallah mr showing a very good evening you were an op ed for the new york times today where you call trump's decision a huge mistake why. us it's a huge mistake because he's not on the undermining the trances of destroying the very foundations of peace is destroying america and what situation when it is justice by finding such appalling clues and will become complicit in the crime is also inflaming the public of the will provoke a will people out the region and beyond and we had supporting extremists and this certainly will have its our relentless extremism and violence. leon and of course by giving an example of violating international law and you know what the. restrictions work together but. arab countries that have predictably reacted in
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horror to this decision but the size the usual condemnations they're not suggesting any solutions do you feel that a palestinian still at the arab world has given up on the palestinians at this stage. when we tried very hard that many arab leaders call donald trump and straighten up. and they all know that this is going to affect them and the fact that into this summer i could standing of course and influence in the early but it seems easy was hell bent on doing a. good chunk of his closest allies in the region he also gender. they were own people so everybody has taken a position against donald trump initiative which in itself is a good way of sponsibility. in that sense it's not arabs selling and the fact that the u.s. now has exposed. as being in full support of the occupation and of the most
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extreme right wing hard line israeli government. an emotional we palestinian lawmaker and a member of the palestinian liberation organization's executive committee thank you all right and we can go now to do the very own my ass waiter she is in jerusalem for us a she joins me on the line right now maya when we talk about jerusalem we talk as if it's a united a city described as the facts on the ground what's the demographic reality of jerusalem. the curious moment is a very old city that despite everyone talking about it being divisible between east and west actually very hard to divide there's no river or a barrier a clear road between east and west in terms demographic there's about eight hundred fifty thousand people who live here are around three hundred thousand of whom are
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palestinian residents of east jerusalem and that is an official legal status they hold a resident in east jerusalem which means they're not israeli citizens and they cannot vote in the knesset elections the elections for the israeli congress so there's quite a presence and there's quite a community here mostly in east jerusalem and today we saw many of them especially the youth of the community out in front of the damascus gate at the old city and shouting protesting that jerusalem is the arab jerusalem is palestinian and that they are very much opposed to shall we say to that read the declaration from president trump and maya what do you very sorry for interrupting there what you're hearing about the situation the current situation in the palestinian territories are have people been reacting. right so we've heard about these these clashes happening in bethlehem and around the territories and we know that police and the i.d.f.
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are gearing up for possibly more violence clashes incidents happening tomorrow because it is friday so friday prayers will be happening today in jerusalem if things were fairly calm but tense and we still have a heavier than normal police presence out on the streets there are some police on horseback who have been writing back and forth in front of me and my colleague just sort of intimidating the people in this neighborhood it's it's been a tense day there's been some clashes some scuffles some people arrested one person was injured in front of me not a good situation and likely to depreciate in the next day or so my whole or the people of israel how do they feel about all of this. it's it's a good question so there are certainly some israelis who feel that it is time that jerusalem has always been their capital always will be their capital and there's no denying that and that trump declaration is simply an acknowledgment of the fact
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that there are many israelis who have very mixed feelings about this you know they recognize that this is a sticky situation it's a tough negotiating position because jerusalem is such a important city for people of all fades you know particularly the palestinians and the israelis who live in this region and so it really just sort of throws a whole wrench into the entire peace process and as we have seen here today with things being tense and slightly chaotic that. it doesn't it doesn't help the situation doesn't make things better last winter reporting from jerusalem thank you . well meantime german just ongoing americal spoke out this evening about president trump's decision to recognize from some as israel's capital reiterating her opposition to them. in this instance we will act according to the un resolutions which state that during the negotiations towards a two state solution the status of jerusalem must also be negotiated this is why we
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desire the renewal of this process and are not in agreement with the decision made last night. the german chancellor are reacting we want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. the european union is taking the czech republic hungry and poland took four days for failing to take their fair share of refugees under twenty fifteen plan the countries have taken in almost no way a few g.'s in the past two years despite the e.u. agreement to relocate some one hundred sixty thousand people from italy and greece their governments accuse brussels of limiting their national sovereignty. with only two weeks to go till catalonia holds new elections more than forty thousand pro catalan protesters have gathered in brussels to urge the e.u. to support their drive for independence from spain while they're also voicing support for the posed leader carlos put he has said he will stay in belgium where
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he currently is because he fears arrest if he were turns to spain. the mystery buyer of a record three hundred and eighty million euro painting of christ by leonardo da vinci has been revealed to christie's auction house had declined to identify the buyer last month but the new york times reports it was purchased by a little known saudi prince the five hundred year old work is now headed to the newly opened museum in abu dhabi. turkish president rich a tired man has begun a two day official visit to greece the first by a turkish head of state in sixty five years the two neighbors have normalized their tense relations in recent years but there are still disagreements over major issues like the island of cyprus control of parts of the agency and the migration crisis.
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and berlin germany's social democrats are debating whether to open talks on continuing the governing coalition with the chance on the america's conservatives for the next parliamentary term at the s.p.d. party conference chairman martin scholz asked his fellow social democrats to give the green light to preliminary talks initially wound out that often after the party performed badly in september's general election well now schultz says the success of any preliminary talks will depend on what parts of the party's program can be adopted as the government as government policy. we must not govern at any price but we must not go into a position at any price what matters is what policies we can push through your choice or to go on. well next to the u.s. where waging wildfires in california have prompted authorities to issue a purple alert that's the highest level warning ever issued in the state i mean
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what's being called extremely critical fire weather tens of thousands of people are under evacuation orders and nearly two hundred homes and buildings have been destroyed as firefighters struggle to contain the fires that figure is expected to grow. a wind whipped inferno that shows no signs of stopping the ferocious santa ana winds are forecast to hit one hundred thirty kilometers per hour on thursday for their fuel for this fire in ventura county that's already consumed hundreds of homes. greatest threat is and will always continue to be the wind if the wind dies down we'll get a handle on this we're in the no a week long red flag condition we're not done. the wildfires have surged right into the heart of los angeles here at the luxury neighborhood of bel-air. a vineyard
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belonging to billionaire rupert murdoch one of the million dollar properties under threat. fire crews struggling to contain the flames for a handful of homes it was a losing battle. and darkness revealed shocking scenes on the four hundred five one of the city's famed freeways which barges go way bigger from now on the freeway. need to get out of here to worse the. about two hundred thousand people have already evacuated a number that's likely to increase if wilder winds ignite even more fires. thanks for washing is up next. my first boss i was a sewing machine. when i come home women are bones by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to write a.


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