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tv   Check-in - German winter holiday destinations  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2017 7:02am-7:31am CET

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around two hundred thousand people it's a flee the homes multiple places have destroyed hundreds of businesses and much of the state's valuable avocado crop fire crews a stretched but unrelenting whens raise the prospect of the fires last thing until christmas. unimpeded access to education and knowledge and the same opportunities for everyone. a central goal of the global community but what's the reality on the ground education for all w.'s multimedia special remakes personal stories and highlights extraordinary projects the world over find out more on the internet d w dot com education for all.
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welcome to a special edition of check in in keeping with the time of year and a call for early we'll check out regions in sceneries that are particularly beautiful during the winter months. from the. or or mountains in the east to the alps in the south and affect us gotten a lot and on the two bits of germany's highest peak. the call begins in the central european highlands where or mining has long since been replaced by tourism. i'm
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in the eastern part of germany in saxony a my way to the f. could be. the word means or mountains and it was the iron ore and silver that attracted people to these parties in the middle ages nowadays the low mountain range is a popular tourist destination in summer it attracts hikers and once the snow starts to fall winter sports lovers start arriving. today i'll go skating on the fish the back saxony is highest mountain i'll take a course in cross-country skiing and meet the area's biggest celebrity and learn more about the challenges tourism has to face in this area after many. obese and tell lies at the foot of the fish to back on the central square there is a post milestone like those that have existed in many parts of saxony since the eighteenth century and with information on distances and times it takes to walk to the surrounding villages. of these dollars nine
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hundred and fourteen meters above sea level and has about two thousand five hundred residents in addition it welcomes one hundred fifty thousand tourists a year the best thing about obese and the town starts right at the front of the face the back slopes pretty crowded today i wonder what made all these people come here. what makes the air is special it's known for its warm hearted people it's the beer is cheaper. or got it's close yes it is report we've been coming for seventeen years here you know for a good family slope does that mean easy or a bit of everything easy and hard combined we've often gone sledding on this big trail. like and how was it nice is args easier than skiing yeah yeah. there's no way around it i'm going to have to check out the face. back slopes for
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myself. the drop from the mountaintop to the valley is about three hundred meters just the right kind of hill for an occasional scare like me. well that was a good warm up but now for the real challenge a lesson in cross-country skiing. was my first look see the equipment fits properly we can check the length of the poles ok wonderful stay relaxed i should not go blind over it we've been to the cross country skiing take some practice for instance and in whose pool i patted my foot on my left foot already but not like that now we're basically on the diagonal
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to move a vision of it was. all but then we try the whole thing with. this guy who was on and we'll see if you can at least i have an expert here former competitive skier enrico funk you know move forward. excuse to fool and it's going to end now just push your foot forwards on the bus and when it clicks and you're in the it's a big one what do we have to move forward with you know the stride that's right now stride forward simple dimmable. well. as you see now we'll be going downhill slightly and then set looks good and if it gets too slow for you shuffle forwards again which is the most and it's important to always keep smiling. when it comes on and you can also hold the. on iraq
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and just glide that's it but how can i break without falling if you give us the old we can really do is practice holding down safely if the situation gets really dodgy only one thing helps a controlled fall. and if i just let myself fall over and stretch out but should avoid needing to. not in the truck to spoil them try to stay in between this is hard work. well if you know. your legs make a big v. the arms work the same as downhill that was well done. and thank you. nicole i've enjoyed teaching you cross-country skiing it's been fun. tourism is the economic motor of the etiquette bag and that's one reason they're proud and over these that a former local boy is active here i'm meeting the young spice local three time olympic champion in ski jumping after his career he went into the hotel business
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guests can admire his old trophies in the display cases. so. it's not the ending and you've been all over the world but you decided to stay here to stay at home why here and not somewhere out in the big wide world. of this it was i think coincidences exist sometimes they're preordained. i might have been working outside of a visa in time. and then the hotel came along after all that travelling around because of my sport i was glad to find something i know. because. it's now this building is more than twenty years old and i believe it has a pretty interesting history. and. the building used to belong to the east german
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secret police the. locals called it the media and we bought it in one thousand nine hundred five and converted it and extended it within a year. or less and then what do you consider the biggest challenges for tourism in the abs. i think. the biggest challenges here are the winters ahead as. i tell it also thinking about how we can entertain holiday makers when there's less no or none at all ok and this is a definite that since definitely the big question that all winter sports regions not just low mountain ranges but alpine regions have to answer because of climate change. would that be fog if they don't then there's the question of water attractions what holiday activity options we can offer our guests when that happens to us and he's a type one. and then we wish you lots of luck in finding the answers thank you.
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for the. last stop on my ets could be a good trip as i now back was once a mining center in the sixteenth century the town was one of the biggest in germany now on the back to hearts is a small but lovely place with about twenty thousand residents. in the winter you should definitely check out the market square to skate on the ice and let the historical facades and chant you. the only question left to answer is what's the local food like seems like the most typical dish is nine a combination of nine symbolic foods. seven the milk and bread a for you complection the apple sauce to keep you free from pain and feature
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distribute the not be tedious which the winching would come to take. the lentils are to bring the money. and the roast meat strength of course. that was it already and honestly it was a very special trip the region's culture and history have to have the answer to a very interesting place and on top of that during the winter months there's infinite fun to be had as well as off the slopes. the next stop on this special edition that features cold weather destinations is the berchtesgaden region in southern very.
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my tour begins in the city a fact it's gotten which lend its name to the region. it's over nine hundred years old and the architecture reflects its rich history. one building that really stands out is the haitian house on the market square the murals on the facade depict ancient tales about back to scott. and a little further down the road you'll find a lovely schloss plot or castle square. and i thought it would be nice to pay a visit to the national park here i've met up with ranger klaus melba and we're off to see if we can spot some gold eagles. home we'll have
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a good view from of that. really is it not to steep i'm not so tall. just got a national park is the only national park in germany inhabited by golden eagles and there are about ten of them from class back bally we have a good view of the rocky crags. this wouldn't be if you look at the trees the treetops up on the mountain those are the places eagles like to shoot that's where you can best see them the muslim priests and but there's no sign of them yet. well looks like this is going to involve a bit of sitting waiting and wishing an ideal time for you guys to dive a little deeper into the national park. way too back to scott national park is lake county seeing only environmentally
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friendly electric boats are allowed to travel the lake which is almost two hundred meters. half way across the captain stops because it's from here that the steep mountain flanks create the famous could he see echo. after about a half an hour the boats reach their destination the hair shout peninsula and st bartholomew's an eye catching seventeenth century brock pilgrimage church. the church lies at the foot of the vox money from a sea with a height of over two thousand seven hundred meters the mighty mountain has come to symbolize the national park and the entire region. the national park consists of
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a fourth zone in which nature is left to itself then there is a maintenance zone where alpine meadows are cultivated and tourism is encouraged. several information center is explain the park's flora and fauna one of them the klaus buck house is the perfect starting point for a walk to the deer feeding station. when the rangers replenish the food supply up to sixty red deer venture out from the shelter of the trees to feet to the delight of visitors. but almost sixty five but the golden eagles are a bit shyer than the deer we're still waiting. so. this is. the this was so there's no need to separate tourism and conservation they
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go very well together you see tom can't exactly six hundred thousand people visit some both on a muse and the lake water is so clean you can drink it because only electric boats are allowed on the lake you have to compromise a little but matthew what do you do here apart from watching eagles. monitoring the golden eagles there's only one thing i do it's not a main task an important part of our job is looking after tourists we offer guided tours every day and of course we rangers are often out somewhere in the park we have two hundred fifty kilometers of trials in the national park from barrier free to steep pounds and we check them on a regular basis to make sure they're in order that sound jump to the top but he's only been about that's enough talking for the moment let's see if our luck with the eagles has improved a little right in the middle want to see. he's looking this way and there
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really is one. is there. and it gets even better we are one flying through the air. i want to explore even more of best this god's nature so i'm going snowshoeing i've joined a group led by mountain guide hunter and. some folks who might want to start. with which are right for the snowshoe. yeah then with the heel of will buckle around here you know it will just tighten up by neck until it fits comfortably. shows it's the. sites but i ready. let's get i want as opposed to give up but one important point we're going to our polls and i'm going to shoot us so walk with your legs far enough apart so you
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don't step on the poles or your other shoe i am going to take step and we're awful zone with it in the foot i had. the good luck to talk for a minute and look at the mountains here look at the next one over with the sun shining on it it covered in snow. that's the horror girls who are good it's over twenty five hundred meters that means that. the amazing thing about socialism is the fact that you literally get to walk off the beaten path on completely untouched snow with views that cannot be fixed. to. the next item on my a tin or ari is a visit to the oldest gentian distillery in germany your fears i have for
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a tour of as distillery things that i thought i taste my way through your range of products you have strict this distillery has been around since sixty ninety two gentian is an alpine plant that is cultivated and back to scotland and is still to make a better shops to be precise it's the route that's used. it once and same route looks like this when it comes out of the ground it's four or five years old and about eighty centimeters long off it's intimate the course. the roots are chopped and mashed then the liquid is extracted and distilled into any social way here is a hope a we are at the tasting you can try all our companies most popular products first of course is jensen primary product just from the root of a clear strong spirit no residual sugar forty percent by volume. while. their words are pungent because of the bitters but
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it has a well rounded taste. paul this is the that's the tension is the strength of the mountains later in the afternoon i treat myself to a drive through the mountains on the rust belt panoramic road i have to pay an eight year old tall to drive along it. after just a few kilometers i can say it's well worth it behind every curve there is another amazing view of austria and the vastness gotten a lot. and our final destination on this special edition of chalk and also in bavaria about two hundred kilometers further west. at two thousand nine hundred and sixty
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two meters it's germany's highest mountain peak. now and now i understand why half a million people come up here every year. watched and view the pen around us stretches out from the dolemite see all the way to the swiss alps. time to hit the slopes i've arrived at the glaciers ski area. it's only about three hundred metres below the peak if you've come all the way up here without your gear gel or you can rent it all right next to the slope style.
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so white and all the snow around me is completely natural there are no snow cannons here on the business so the conditions for skiing couldn't be better. but the duke spits it is much more than just a tourist destination a lot of research goes on up here at the weather station meteorologists collect data about climate change. your low i'm looking for mr demmer that's me i
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believe we have a date to go with your homework you know. did you try to squeeze in the say that again garrick demos worked on the six bits of for the past forty years. mr day i mean you've been observing the weather for many years now what does the data tell us how are the conditions involved around this area. like yours is so well we've been collecting data since one thousand nine hundred when a station was built and what it is that's so get out if it. was in the past thirty years. we've been able to determine that temperatures are rising sharply that i suggested and this thing called just the tip of two in balkan states during that time there's hardly been a single year where the temperatures were below the average. in
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fact they've almost all been to war and that trend is continuing. to by the navy does this increase temperature impact the glacier. the glaciers been shrinking drastically for many years now what you see here is just a remnant of what it once was. and we expect it if the warming continues like this . that in twenty to twenty five years the glacier will disappear completely i for one does not mean for the area could you picture the soup spits it with out the glacier as i'll see invisible world of course is going to look pretty boring because instead of eyes will just have more screen in stone. you have plenty of that anyway but they'll be more. and it just doesn't look very good it's boring. it will be worse for skiers if that goes the glacier is used for skiing and that'll be bad for the ski business if you put them all the do you spend any of your spare
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time up on stage but so do you ski. and he thought i ought to know yes i was going . on and on a day like this if i'm not too exhausted from my shift. log use my pick up my skis ing again. on the slopes of. this model also ski the glacier and measure the snow level. to take a reading of the overall depth and i guess that on a day like today the sunshine will have lowered it by about five centimeters. prove to me at the. word god well have a great day thanks for meeting me it was a pleasure. you know. everybody's heading back into the valley at this time of day but i'm staying i've got a cool plan a night surrounded by ice and snow. welcome to the igloo village.
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and welcome to our bar. this there's some art on the walls and corridors. like this reclining buddha. and this is our first igloo. pretty big. one so i guess this is my bedroom good thing the ice blocks are covered in sheepskin because it's pretty cold freezing to be precise but there are plenty of ways to warm up this forty degree outdoor jacuzzis probably the most spectacular what was. already a strange feeling going to bed at twenty six hundred meters but a big sleeping bag should help.
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wow this is truly breathtaking early in the morning the evolution venturers have the entire mountain to themselves this more than makes up for the rough night we all had. i do have to say it was really quite chilly in the lead tonight and it took me some time to get used to the thin air up here but the scenery makes it all worthwhile. eco africa smart solutions for our environment.
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they're comfortable. they create jobs. and they produce waste. cheery old tires are being transformed into question. eco africa no g.w. . mexico april twenty ten. paramilitaries gunned down. in the finnish activist murdered for supporting the rights of the indigenous people. his mother embarks on a campaign for justice determined to bring the killers to court and still trying to this day a mexican murder story in forty five minutes on d w. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have
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a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking forward and need journalists they can trust for them to make sense of this. island is not tough enough and i work at u.w. .


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