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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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your head down can your mouth shut of course of the first line of this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about it because it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still black you're. out. for germany starting december tenth w. this is d w news live from berlin israel and the middle east brace for more
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violence after deadly protests sparked by donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel demonstrations against the united states have also spread around the world and an outpouring of anger over the u.s. president's controversial move. also coming up. hold onto your hats for the frontrunners in europe's answer to the oscars we'll bring you a sneak preview of the films making a splash in this year's european film awards. and a thunderous sendoff for the singer known as the french elvis presley paris pays an emotional farewell to the man who talked the country out of iraq. i'm marrying and instead it's good to have you with us tensions are running high in the middle east after days of violent protests against u.s. president donna. trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel
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the islamist group hamas has said two of its gunmen were killed in israeli air strikes carried out in response to rocket attacks from the gaza strip and the palestinian health ministry said israeli bombings on friday injured more than a dozen people this comes as demonstrators and israeli forces clash for a third day amid a wave of outrage over trump's decision to reverse decades of u.s. policy. our correspondent my a shooter is in jerusalem and she's been following developments for us there hello to you miles so we've already seen several days of violent protests how have things been today well if you're just looking behind me at the damascus gate where all the protests in jerusalem were happening yesterday it looks like a very call normal saturday afternoon evening here but we do know that there have
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been some small protests still happening in jerusalem that i've been pushed back by the police and in the west bank and gaza they have been some full on riots involving hundreds of people versus the i.d.f. with rock throwing burning tires and some arrested and injured so this isn't over yet and it seems that the palestinian anger is still burning all right well my and do stay with us we'd like to talk to you more about this in the political repercussions in just a moment but first let's have a look at some more reactions from around the world and also at the u.n. . a small group of pro israeli demonstrates is. and just across from the thousands turned out to support the palestinians scenes like these on friday in london could be found across many cities. in the greek capital athens u.s. flags were burned in protest against president trump's middle east policy. in
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tunisia and many countries across the muslim and arab world thousands call for freedom for palestine. and in washington the u.s. president could well have seen this prayer protest from the white house. an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council the representatives of israel and the palestinians are at a distance. that you as this is to reward israelis impunity undermines and essentially disqualifies its leadership role to seek peace in the region i call on all countries all be thinking nations of the world to join with our american friends recognize the jewel their limbs connection to israel and move your embassies to our capital but as here the u.s.
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is largely alone in its decision the european allies speak out against the us president's actions we disagree with the u.s. decision to recognize to resell them as the capital of israel and to begin preparations to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem it is not in line with security council resolutions and is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region we encourage the u.s. administration to not bring forward detailed proposals for an israeli palestinian settlement a settlement between the neighbors now seems further away than ever. all right so as we just saw the united states quite isolated absent united nations in light of this can the u.s. still be considered a credible broker in the mideast conflict this is a big question under an undercurrent in this whole situation here which is if not
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the u.s. then a who what other country has sort of the presence on the international stage and the objectivity from the situation to be an impartial broker in any future peace process peace negotiations that might happen maybe france maybe germany but that's really the question now is it not the u.s. who another problem with this is that in the minds of the palestinians and the arabs the u.s. was never really an objective broker in the first place they were always suspected of being very much on the israeli side and this announcement by president trump has confirmed that now in their minds all right we're also hearing that the arab league is due to hold a meeting to discuss this very issue sometime today what can we expect from them. that is the question is what can they possibly do what sway do they have over this
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situation now i mean the u.s. says that they're going to move the embassy and they can move their embassy no matter what statement the arab league puts out and the other problem here is the palestinian cause used to be a uniting cause among the arab nations that used to be the thing that they all fought for together and now a lot of arab nations are dealing with wars such in syria yemen isis economic stagnation there's a whole host of other problems in the palestinian issue and the issue of jerusalem specifically very much fallen down that list so we'll have to see exactly what sort of strongly worded statement or plan of action comes out of this meeting in cairo. and i am just very briefly what are residents of jerusalem saying about all of this both arabs and jews how did they feel. for the israelis this is a mixed issue there are certainly many who feel that it's about time that jerusalem was always going to be their capital is their capital and this was the right move
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on the part of the trump administration there are a lot of israelis who have very mixed feelings about this because they think that this will complicate if not outright stall or cancel any possibility of peace with the palestinians or the formation of a palestinian state for the palestinian side we've seen a lot of anger frankly i mean we can see the protests and the riots going on in the west bank and in gaza today as well as support of protests around the world and one of the chance that was being shouted a lot yesterday on the day before here at damascus gate was. which means jerusalem is arabic jerusalem is palestinian they really feel that this is at least a part of this is their city and they have as much of a right to it as the israelis do all right to reporting for us from jerusalem thank you. now to some of the other stories making headlines this hour iraqi prime minister hyderabadi says his country's war with a so-called islamic state has been won he says the army has driven i is from the
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country and re secured its border with syria after more than three years of conflict huge wildfires raging through southern california have killed at least one person and forced around two hundred thousand people to flee their homes multiple blazes have destroyed hundreds of buildings and much of the state's valuable of a condo crump and unrelenting winds could mean the fire could last until christmas more than two months after elections here in germany the country is itching closer to forming a government the center left social democrats have been meeting in berlin to consider why and key issues they want to take into talks with chance are on the america well that's after the s.p.d. decided to go ahead with exploratory talks on a possible coalition let's have a listen to what party leader martin schultz had to say you have that gives us all from the group we will focus on results in the negotiations and attempt to find ways to lead this country out of the difficult situation it's currently finds
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itself it. does and that's why i will say again it can be annoying that we are once again called on to take political responsibility for our future after others have let is into a dead end. but we social democrats will do it on our own terms don't worry about mammon most of our previous and that was s.t.d. leader martin schultz all our political correspondent thomas sparrow has been following the final hours of the party's conference i asked him earlier what key demand the social democrats will bring to the table when they meet with chancellor angela merkel. they will determine in watch form they could participate in the new german government as far as the key priorities are you could possibly group them into categories on the one hundred social issues they have featured here at the party called very prominently including reforms in education pensions employment a second aspect one that's particularly important for martin shows is that idea of
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europe they have defined themselves as germany's european party and in that sense martin shows proposal all the united states of europe is one that he will probably be mentioning a lot in the next few days it's also a long term vision for the s.p.d. as he himself also stressed at this party conference i would describe those two key areas social issues that they have been very important for the s.p.d. and also that idea of europe now as our correspondent thomas sparrow reporting from the s.p.d. party conference. now on to something for our cinema fans there in europe's answer to the oscar is the european film awards the top prize is handed out tonight here in berlin the home to the european film academy we've taken a look at this year's favorites one of them is a dark comedy from sweden which is expected to win big. what are the biggest challenges of square a comedy about the art world and one man's accidential crisis has picked up five
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nominations a museum curator goes from one strange situation to the next and not completely without blame how often. women say you don't know very well. and have sex with them you know their names. so what's my. director ruben best learn to expose is the hypocrisy and immorality of the upper middle class a social satire a portrait of the present that you won't forget in a hurry after winning the palme d'or the highest prize at the con film festival it now has a good shot at the european film awards. the hunger area and love story on body and soul has been nominated for three awards it's a mythical romance between maria and director two introverts who work together at a slaughterhouse they slowly realize their soul mates they even have the same dream
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every night. the film demonstrates the strength of love with poetic often enigmatic images that earned it the golden bear at the berlin film festival. melancholic finish director aki chorus marquees entry the other side of hope follows the fate of a syrian refugee in helsinki a lonely restaurant owner decides to help him this is my bed. no way. for a time the two of them share a common destiny as always cars maki believes in hope in the face of adverse conditions his film has been nominated for two awards. three films that ask big questions all of them would be deserving winners. to paris now where the
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city is at a standstill as it says goodbye to the singer known as the french elvis presley rock legend johnny hallyday died of lung cancer on wednesday at the age of seventy four tens of thousands of people turned out to see him off ahead of his funeral lining the streets to watch bikers a skordas coffin to the ceremony. hundreds of bikers joined the funeral procession for a thunderous sendoff johnny holiday himself drove a harley he was a working class hero whose appeal adventure he comes across class divides. their yacht a trailer you look around there are all sorts of people workers everything young people old people less young people we don't care we're always young for johnny the jungle journey. that would have been no johnny without british and american rock but he made it very much his own and he sang in french. on the steps of the mud
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lame church president manuel mccall paid tribute to his fortune told a career spanning almost sixty years is a thousand songs fifty albums. you were with us still with us with us forever more the. johnny holiday will be buried next week on the caribbean island of somebody telling me. you're watching news coming to you from berlin we'll be back again at the top of the hour with an update in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website that's at d.w. dot com omarion edelstein thanks for watching. good stuff.


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