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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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because of persecution society. starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country. finds people who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music plays built bridges to the past and the future. for the new schedule starting december seventeenth on d. w. . this is the day of the news live from. donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as
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the capital of israel. but. the demonstrators voice their opposition and says he's around the world and palestinians keep up their protest in gaza on the west bank as funerals are headed for the for the first victims of clashes with israeli security forces to go to cairo where the arab league's holding an emergency session also coming up. at the under a sendoff for the singer known as the french elvis presley paris plays an emotional farewell to johnny hallyday the man who taught the country to rock. on to their europe the answers to the oscars the european film awards will dark swedish comedy the square pick of the best film prize or when it goes to another contender.
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thank you for joining us well the arab league is holding an emergency session to discuss donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the move by the u.s. president has drawn global condemnation and sparks violent protests among palestinians in gaza the west bank funerals have been held for two hamas militants killed in the owner asked. the. grief is rarely private in the middle east. militia men with masks and guns patrolled through crowds in cars the city an angry funeral parade. the dead were killed in asterix by israeli planes retaliation for rockets being fired towards israel from the gaza strip. two others died during clashes with israeli forces. get the balance remains relatively muted the real echo has been on the international diplomatic front. all
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along color come on let me look at this decision is entirely provocation let me speak clearly we will never give our consent to this decision that tramples muslim and christian rights on jerusalem will bizarre turn. the united nations security council also stood against trump's move. these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region a name that i know all of us in this council remain committed to this was welcomed by palestinian groups. it's very positive that many countries of the world came out to say that what america has done is not in the interests of the palestinians know the palestinian cause and not in the interests of the middle east in general. you know them but anger at donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's
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capital has gone global demonstrations in london athens tunis and rome. scenes from around the world echoing the calls of those living at the center of the tensions in jerusalem it sounds. let's go live to jerusalem on our correspondent tanya kramer right now and there have been clashes on the streets of jerusalem throughout the day but they were thankfully not as violent as feared what is the situation in the city right now well i'm standing here in is through some it's relatively quiet now i mean you see the streets almost empty it's also rather code so people are probably staying at home but the scene here protests today especially here in this main shopping street today and also there were protests at the scene in the reports in the occupied west bank and also in the gaza strip more intensive also dozens of people injured ok for
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years saying you know we have two ways of dealing with this is either going out on the streets but they're also hoping that their political leadership will basically come up with some kind of plan and some kind of response to this decision by mr trump and one of the responses of course is the arab league meeting which is taking place right now in cairo what exactly are palestinians hoping for. well we heard officials in ramallah saying today and also the foreign policy and foreign minister saying that they are hoping for a very strong word just a statement of condemnation by the arab league they are hoping also and i think this is what you have to look at that this some kind of maybe action plan i mean the arab league is not really known for going much further than the statements but i think what the palestinians are hoping for is that they have finding some kind of
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common response with other countries what to do next and to decide on the next steps and they hope of course i mean this see that the u.s. isolated itself with this decision they hope also to make some impact for example when it comes to decisions on the u.n. security council. have us tanya kramer speaking to us there in jerusalem thank you for that. now to some of the other stories making headlines this hour iraqi prime minister. has declared victory over the so-called islamic state he says the army has driven the final remnants of i asked from iraqi soil and more than three years of conflict is a misnomer since once controlled a third of iraq including its second largest city mosul. huge wildfires raging through southern california have killed at least one person and force around two hundred thousand people to flee their homes multiple blazes
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have destroyed hundreds of buildings and much of the state's valuable avocado crop and on relenting winds mean that the fires could last until christmas. investigators are looking into the role of two german companies which may have played in the played a role in the disappearance of an argentinian submarine the firm's supply of batteries for the stricken boats and are accused of bribing officials for recent repair work and the last message from the crew suggested a fire had broken eggs around the submarines battery compartment. and it's more than two months after elections here in germany the country is inching closer to forming a government the center left social democrats have been missing in britain to consider what key issues they want to take into talks with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and that's after the s.p.d. agreed to go ahead with this. possible coalition as listen to what party leader
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martin chills had to say you have that give this often a good we will focus on results in the negotiations and attempt to find ways to lead this country out of the difficult situation it's currently finds itself in. and that's why i will say again it can be annoying that we are once again called on to take political responsibility for our future after others have let is into a dead end. but we social democrats will do it on our own terms of don't know about me even mostly about p.b.s. or about me even as a child that is really serious when i was the s.p.d. leader marvin shields our political correspondent told us borrow has been following the final hours of the party's conference earlier he at lines last key demands the social democrats will bring to the table when they meet with chancellor angela merkel. they will determine in watch form they could participate in the new german government as far as their key priorities are you could possibly group them into
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categories on the one hundred social issues they have featured here at the party called burns prominently including reforms on education pensions employment a second aspect one that's particularly important for martin shows is that idea of europe they have define themselves as germany's european party and in that sense martin shows proposal all the united states of europe is one that he will probably be mentioning a lot in the next few days it's also a long term vision for the s.p.d. as he himself also stressed at this party conference i would describe those two key areas social issues though they have been very important for the s.p.d. and also that idea of europe has our correspondent. from the s.p.d. party conference to paris now where the city is saying goodbye to the singer known as the french elvis presley rock legend johnny hallyday died of lung cancer on wednesday at the age of seventy four tens of thousands of people turned to see him
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off ahead of his funeral. hundreds of bikers joined the funeral procession for a thunderous sendoff johnny holiday himself drove a harley he was a working class hero whose appeal eventually comes across class divides. we got a chance to look around there are all sorts of people workers everything young people old people less young people we don't care we're always young for johnny to the jungle journey. that would have been no johnny without british and american rock but he made it very much his own and he sang in french. on the steps of the muslim church president manuel mccall paid tribute to the source of gold to the career spanning almost sixty years a thousand songs fifty albums. you were with us still with us with us forever to be sure the. johnny holiday will be buried next week on the caribbean
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island of sam but tell me. what is your concerts to the oscars the european film awards and this year's ceremony is underway here in berlin stars hit the red carpet earlier this evening for the thirtieth annual awards ceremony the festival favorites and oscar hopefuls in the running for the top prizes and while you might have heard of many of tonight's nominees they could be the next big thing the winner of the best film prize often goes on to scoop the oscar for the best foreign language film. culture correspondent scott prosper is here in studio to tell us more about i said scott the award is turning thirty this year what is so special about it this time around this time is interesting because usually with european film awards have won big front runner last year jump on twenty at mun swept five awards was very successful this year there's no clear front runner i mean its
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diversity seems to be the order that a. this time around the end you can really see from some of the films i've actually already won because the awards emmys going on right now i just picked up before coming in here look at who had won the square which nominee for five awards just won for best screenplay it's a really interesting film i saw in cannes it's a satire set in the swedish world it's. really really funny and really really smart it's it's interesting pokes at the pretensions and they have pockets the sort of the liberal elite a lot of the same type of people who are voting today tonight for the european film awards and on the opposite side of the scale you have a film that just won for best animated feature called loving vincent it's a biopic of vincent van gogh the painter but was really really interesting about this film is that it's completely hand painted it took seven years to complete the director's got the each frame individually hand painted to sort of make the
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paintings of come alive it's really like unlike anything i've ever seen and that's really what's interesting special of as the european film awards is that they offer incredible diversity of styles of filmmaking of of sort of storytelling and i think the awards will show that there's not a lot of work went into that for sure enough this year there's not a thing go german film nominated for the top honor what about in the other categories did you have any chance yeah i think it's going to it's looking bad for the germans tonight there's one chance maybe and that's in the best actress category young actress is nominated she is nominee for performance in period drama she's really an incredible actress she's just twenty two which is the same but she's really at the top of her game. the director falls holes all of this film as compared her to the late great world we schneider she's really an amazing actress but in this category best actor she's got a lot of competition isabelle one of my favorite actresses is nominated i think is
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going to be a tough call. but maybe just maybe she'll pull it off there are a lot of people that actually go on to win the european film award they are then making their way to the oscar night so i guess that they will be watching tonight then yeah definitely i mean there's been a lot to pick the best film they often go on to win the best foreign language film so our people will be looking at films like the square which has got a lot of nominations but also a film i think is very interesting of the french films nominated for best picture b.p.m. beats per minute a lot of people in l.a. looking at it because they think that it's the nominations outside before like which category at the oscars it's a drama set in the early one nine hundred ninety s. and it's about act up the activist group that called for more aids research and was very aggressive about it the director of the film actually was a part of act up in paris in the early ninety's and he drew his own experiences for this felt very powerful book i saw it in cannes where premier and it really looks
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at the complexities of the boot of movements political movements i think get a lot of attention that wins big tonight maybe i'll go on to really help it's oscar campaign scott ross for thank you very much for joining us in studio. moving on to sports news now and in saturday's bonus they get action there was another defeat for beleaguered brucia dortmund they lost two one at home tuesday that are brave man that's eight games with a away in the league for dortmund and the pressure is very much on coach bosh it is by and leaders by and rather one trying for his every live sake where has to to by mind hamburg drew with evolves on a friday then neighborhoods and learn to deal. freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended and new. all over the
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world arch of freedom freedom of art.


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