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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still black you're sore from. germany starting december tenth. this is the day of the news live from an emergency meeting in cairo after donald trump's decisions are recognized as the capital of israel arab league members are
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trying to come up with a unified response to the move which has drawn worldwide condemnation of sparking violent protests from palestinians in the west bank and gaza also coming up. a hundred sendoff for the singer known as the french elvis presley pays an emotional farewell to johnny hallyday the man who tossed the country to rock. the dark swedish comedy the square is the big winner at the european film awards in the bring you the highlights from europe's answer to the oscars. thanks for joining us of the arab league is holding an emergency session on donald trump's controversial decision to recognize your roots in the capital of israel the foreign ministers of twenty two arab countries are meeting in cairo to try and come
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up with a unified response to going to use by the u.s. president the palestinian delegation is calling on the organization to take urgent action after trumps policy shifts. it has drawn global condemnation and sparked violent protests among palestinians in gaza the west bank funerals has been held for two hamas militants killed in the unrest. the. grief is rarely privates in the middle east. militia men with masks and guns patrolled through crowds in cars the city an angry funeral parade. the dead were killed in asterix by israeli planes retaliation for rockets being fired towards israel from the gaza strip. two others died during clashes with israeli forces. get the file it's remained relatively muted the real echo has been on the international diplomatic front. all along color come on let me look across on this
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decision is entirely provocation let me speak clearly we will never give our consent to this decision that tramples muslim and christian rights on jerusalem will bizarre turn. the united nations security council also stood against trumps move. these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region a name that i know all of us in this council remain committed to this was welcomed by palestinian groups. it's very positive that many countries of the world came out to say that what america has done is not in the interests of the palestinians know the palestinian cause and not in the interests of the middle east in general. you know them but anger at donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital has gone global demonstrations in london athens tunis
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and rome. scenes from around the world echoing the cold of those living at the center of the tensions in jerusalem it sounds. as go live to jerusalem on our correspondent tanya kramer right now and there have been clashes on the streets of jerusalem throughout the day but they were thankfully not as violent as feared what is the situation in the city right now where i'm standing here in is through some it's relatively quiet now i mean you see the streets almost empty it's also rather code so people are probably staying at home but the scene here protests today especially here in this main shopping street today and also there were protests as you seen in the reports in the occupied west bank and also in the gaza strip more intense of that also dozens of people injured
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so people here are saying you know we have two ways of dealing with this is either going out on the streets but they're also hoping that their political leadership will basically come up with some kind of plan and some kind of response to this decision by mr trump and one of the responses of course is the arab league meeting which is taking place right now in cairo what exactly are palestinians hoping for. well we heard officials in ramallah saying today and also the foreign policy and foreign minister saying that they are hoping for a very strong word just a statement of condemnation by the arab league they are hoping also and i think this is what you have to look at that this some kind of maybe action plan i mean the arab league is not really known for going much further than the statements but i think what the palestinians are hoping for is that they have finding some kind of common response with other countries what to do next and to decide on the next
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steps and they hope of course i mean they see that the u.s. isolated itself with this decision they hope also to make some impact for example when it comes to decisions on the u.n. security council. that was tanya kramer speaking to us there in jerusalem thank you for that. hundreds of prominent artists have called on the turkish government to free imprisoned german journalist and as you chat popstars bano and staying and several nobel prize winning author is are among those who've signed a letter calling on her to free dennis each is a writer for a german newspaper de velde sunday will mark his three hundredth day in prison and the turkish government accuses him of being a spy and a terrorist he was jailed after of course on corruption in the government there it's still unclear when he'll face trial. and some of the other stories making headlines this hour. iraqi prime minister buddy has declared victory
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over the so-called islamic state he says the army has driven the final remnants of i-s. from iraqi soil ending more than three years of conflict the islamist militants once controlled a third of iraq including its second largest city mosul. huge wildfires raging through southern california have killed at least one person and forced around two hundred thousand people to flee their homes authorities are calling for new evacuations as winds are set to intensify that could cause the fires to spread further officials say more than one parent homes and other buildings have been destroyed. a german village has been sold for one hundred forty thousand euros an auction of the ng is a small community with fifteen and however since it's located his side of the brain and in the former east germany and has seen tough times since reunification an
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anonymous buyer purchased the village they were the only that or. another woman has come forward to accuse oscar winning actor dustin hoffman of sexual harassment and actor claims how fun groped her regularly while they were both appearing in a play in the one nine hundred eighty s. this is the second complaint against hall fun he apologized after an author accused him of sexual misconduct a month ago. we've gone to paris now where the city is saying goodbye to the cigarette known as the french elvis presley rock legend johnny hallyday died of lung cancer on wednesday at the age of seventy four tens of thousands of people turn days to see him off ahead of his funeral. tens of thousands lined paris streets to say farewell to the man the french call the king of rock.
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fans young and old saying keisha tell him how much i love you johnny hallyday is a beloved figure to generations of french ruckus. he was known as a bike and so hundreds joined holiday's funeral procession. it was an unprecedented display of grief because for many french people how the day was more than just a star. city. he was life life at its most powerful brought in generous. and he was a part of ourselves our part of france. his funeral was a smudge a concert as a church service. delegates wife and his children consoled by mona's including three french presidents.
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and of course his spent force there too giving and on call performance for their leader. but hell it is funeral wasn't just an event for francis great and good night it was an event that united much of the country in mourning for a man they called the french elvis. a dark swedish comedy has the biggest prize at the european fela awards in berlin the square which is a searing satire of contemporary society took five awards in all including the best and better actor. winner of the best of the european film award often goes on to win the. ask her for the best foreign language film. you have now did you know that is called your correspondence course roxboro is here to tell you more about the awards costs the prizes have been given
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a telly by the winner yeah the square it's great i mean this was my picks was going to put some money on it because i want it came out in one basically everything best director best actor for clay spawning the danish star of the film best screenplay it's a satire set in the the fine art world in in sweden and the lead character. he is the curator of the museum and the film also has some some bigger names dominic west who people know from the wire the british actor and lisbeth moss american actress have small roles in the film it is a satire about the art world but it really is also got some very serious subjects it talks about it's basically about how to live an ethical life in a rich well to do country in which most countries in europe are so it's very serious but it's also very very funny i mean i was surprised a bit that one really swept the awards this year because often the european film
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awards like to give prizes to more serious movies this is really laugh out loud funny and i really think it'll scott now pretty good chance to maybe go on and maybe go to l.a. maybe maybe do some do some work at the oscars in a couple of months excellent square but what about some of the other highlights yeah i mean the europeans awards are always really political and this year was no exception and for me the most impressive moment was in bed there's a german director who's also president of the european film academy he gave a really passionate speech against nationalism which as you know is rising across europe and he decried nationalism scolding the old sickness of europe and he called the people in the crowd which are all filmmakers to stand up against that and said what you're what we need is more europe and more diversity and that's definitely. on display tonight because unlike maybe some of the other film awards out there the european film awards are all about diversity you have this incredible range of filmmakers and and film styles across the entire with stephanie not if there's
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a good overture is now what about do you reckon they're watching tonight yeah definitely i mean as i mentioned the square it's already sweden's contender for the best foreign language film for the oscars i think this gives another push up and maybe even beyond that maybe it could get some nominations outside the foreign language category another person people maybe of noticed from hollywood from tonight was the best actress winner alexander belly she's an actress she was in on body and soul and she plays a autistic woman who somehow finds love in an avatar of all places a very very funny film as well she's incredibly touching in this in a performance and was really a discovery for me i've never seen her in a film before she really blew me away obviously did for the european film academy as well and who knows she might be getting getting a call from hollywood anytime soon fantastic so it's got rocks for thank you very much for joining us and. moving on to some sports news and
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in saturday's bundesliga action there was another to fees for beleaguered dortmund they are too worn at home to strugglers braman that's eight games with a win in the league for dortmund and the pressure is very much on bosch then buy it one one nil at frankfurt's leipzig were held to two by minds got back drew one one with. brick drew with volves burke and on friday then laver couzin one two now . and said to call on sunday bottom cologne take on fire and hand over host hoffenheim. but it's have a look and see what that is the table following saturday's games. have an eight point eight five six day second despite their draw also failed to win dortmund are now way down and seventh turning then to the bottom and braman are in the relegation playoff spot just a point behind haubrich. just
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a reminder of the top story that we're following for you palestinian protesters have been clashing with israeli security forces for a third day after u.s. presidents donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital the arab league is holding an emergency session to try and come up with a unified response to the deeply controversial and. that's it for me for now you are watching news more coming up at the top of the hour so stay with us if you can . make your smart t.v. smarter w. bush more. what you want.


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