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new to create empathy and a medical context what i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. a few days and lets her feelings on the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to. algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t.w. . business did every news coming to live from berlin don't hold strong position to recognize two words the world as israel's capital must be reversed that's the message coming
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out of an emergency meeting of the arab league whose members warn of more days of rage in the region we'll take you to jerusalem at the latest also coming up. they call themselves human rights defenders but who is defending them on human rights day we'll be taking a look at the difficult situation that advocacy groups around the world things. the best film europe has to offer this year you can become a bit repetitive there at the square. a dark swedish comedy blues gig at the european film awards will bring you all the highlights from not sound so to the oscars. and sarah harmon welcome to the show it's good to have you with us. arab league foreign ministers have demanded the u.s.
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reverse president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital meeting in cairo this something would also call on the united nations to condemn the decision trump said he was only recognizing reality despite warnings the move could jeopardize the middle east peace process the decision was met with days of violent protests. israeli police patrol over streets taking no chances hundreds of protesters turned out on this certain day of rage but numbers were said to be down on previous days. the focus is now shifting to the diplomatic stage the leaders from the region headed to cairo for an emergency summit of the arab league delegates there called the u.s. move a dangerous violation of international law. but in the selim we call on all of the world's peace loving nations to raise their voices
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clearly and to reject the u.s. president's illegal decision. we call on the world to recognize the state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital shockley. andra president decision has already gone global hey a demonstration outside the u.s. embassy in indonesia who was most populous muslim nation most european countries have also condemned the move angering israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. while i respect here i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president shrub's historic statement but i have not heard condemnations of the rockets fired at israel or the terrible incitement against it. you manage them. netanyahu made various remarks before boarding a plane for a two day trip to paris and brussels for warts are expected to be tense talks.
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let's bring in our correspondent my fader in jerusalem why are we just saw netanyahu leaving for paris there what is he hoping to achieve. well in brussels he is going to not be met with a very friendly room we've seen a lot of these foreign leaders come out and condemn this move by the trump administration something that netanyahu very much supports netanyahu has never had much of a friendly reception in europe considering that most of these leaders very much favor a two state solution which is something that the netanyahu administration has always been sort of tepid on willing to back away from it has always seemed and really he's coming in and he sees himself as the crusader for the israeli cause the recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital is something that he's fought for for a long time and something that he's been hoping for despite the peace negotiations
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that have always said drusilla was going to be divided between israel and a future palestinian state so what he's hopefully going what he's going to want to do is convince some european leaders over to his side to see this as a good thing although whether or not he's going to be able to do that remains doubtful well the arab league has called on the u.s. president to reverse his jerusalem move is that going to have any impact. what we've seen from the arab league is really a fall back on their old position the thing about the palestinian causes that used to be the uniting cause for the arab world the establishment of a palestinian state and the problem here is the palestinians feel like in the process of these decades of negotiations they've given up a lot in the exchange for the promise of that they would have east jerusalem as their capital now of course they've been basically denied that and there are no peace negotiations happening right now so the arab league of course doesn't really
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know how to proceed at this point with no future peace negotiations on the table at this moment and them simply saying this is not good we can't have this and calling for the international community to recognize a palestinian state will have to see if that has any effect but right now it simply seems that all the old players are just falling back on their old positions for lack of really any playbook at this point what about the security situation in israel on the palestinian territories what can we expect today. what we do know that the ruling party in the palestinian territories under president mahmoud abbas has called for more protests this coming friday as well as we might see more protests on the israeli side on saturday of these two sides sort of tag teaming each other on this issue the issue here for the palestinian president is if he does call for more outrage that could also hinder his affective miss we have
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a lot of smoldering tensions here that's basically every day life in jerusalem it in the west bank and if those fans are if those flames are fanned higher it could also affect the palestinian president because that's my shrader in jerusalem thank you. today marks the three hundredth day in a turkish prison for the turkish german journalist denis udall and on this occasion hundreds of artists have been calling for his release pop stars bono and staying and several nobel prize winning authors are among those who signed a letter calling to free dennis udall has been held in turkey since february he's accused of terrorist propaganda but the german government says you jill has been detained on political grounds and he's not the only one several german citizens are behind bars in turkey human rights activists peter storrie has recently been returned from istanbul after he was detained there for weeks to w.
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charlotte parts much joy or in his home here in berlin. now on his way to germany to reunite with his family after spending nearly four months in a turkish prison and a week since his return he's been trying to readjust its continuing in doing my relaxation exercises which i did before going into prison during prison them doing it still it's a lot of talking with friends with colleagues it's also just getting back into normal rhythms like taking care of the children etc they cumin rights activist was teaching a seminar in istanbul when he was unexpectedly detained by turkish authorities during his time in prison he learned to come to terms with the rules for the tree confinement is maybe the strictest one they had for several days but also their. i was treated mainly was respect for the work guards i had great great inmates in a way. who were passing through similar situations like i did and for
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me it was very important to feel the solidarity from the outside as well from the fellow prisoners activists and both germany and turkey demanded his release now despite not being back in germany the trial against him in turkey is continuing in his absence he's charged with having supported an armed terrorist organization many others are still imprisoned in turkey looking into the judicial system and the judicial procedures see that for a lot of the political detainees that the situation is rather unfair there the trials are postponed there are sometimes not even until now there's a lot of solidarity from my side towards sam and i hope that i can say the same that i would love to say the same that as you just said a few days before my release like you're going to be out now soon. now i recently received a peace prize for his work as a human rights activist. from one joined now by andrew anderson who's the executive
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director at frontline defenders a dublin based human rights organization anders thanks for being with us peter starter is back here in germany but he's still one trial in turkey in absentia many of his colleagues are still detained in turkey why is it so difficult to get them out of jail. well we go unfortunately in the context of an authoritarian government which is being cracking down on human rights defenders and civil society activists with the excuse of the attempt to cover oppression they're engaged and i was actually at the trial of peter. temple ten and the week before last together with some of the other human rights defenders who were released on bail and a ton of the chair of a most international in turkey remains in prison and testified in court video from as prison cell in izmir today's human rights day which marks the adoption of the
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un's universal declaration of human rights on the tenth of december back in one thousand nine hundred forty eight what's your sense how far have we come well i think on the whole the situation is positive i mean we are very good at talking about all the bad things that are happening in the world but we have a hugely grueling human rights movement we have people octave promoting and defending human rights you know countries in the war oh that's not something we could have said ten or fifteen years ago the spray of the human rights movement and the dances in human rights are quite remarkable nevertheless we facing an unprecedented bought clash against those human rights activists around the world is partly a consequence of the success of those people in advancing human rights and holding the powerful motor that there has been against them and to the e.u.
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has singled out china for having a deeply troubled human rights record would you agree with that assessment. well it's certainly the case that there are very serious human rights problems in china and we've seen. a huge crowd particularly against human rights lawyers in the last couple of years so the even those who are trying to defend those in a coup or be prosecuted for their human rights activism are themselves then finding themselves detained for long periods of time without any judicial process and they often sentenced long prison terms that's interesting anderson thank you so much for being with us here on d.w. news i'm afraid we're going to have to leave it there and thanks for speaking to us from frontline defenders thank you. well turn something a bit lighter now a swedish comedy has scooped the biggest prize at the european film awards the square is a searing satire of contemporary society and already won the top prize the confound
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festival and it's been nominated for an oscar onsides glittering ceremony here in berlin puts it one step closer to winning the prize. it can become a if we can become a bit too repetitive here the square. swedish comedy eva square sweeps for night scooping six prizes including the most prestigious you watch the best film the cast and crew chose to skip fair thank you speech and express their joy in a different way to get to know we have to do is pretty good right. so let's do the countdown happy scream three a one. i. wonder if a square is a light hearted look at the hypocrisy of modern society has sent us on the trials and tribulations of christy and for curator of an art museum in stockholm. kristin
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drives an electric car and say's all the right things about poverty and world peace invest film his high minded idea was a put to the test and have sex like. how often rich people women they don't know very well and have sex with them. you know their names. yeah yeah. always oh yeah yeah so when i make. things go from bad to worse in another on forgettable scene a performance artist goes a that's a posh fund raising dinner. the best film of the european film awards often goes on to win the academy awards and
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in fact addition holds up direct to rebrand aslan's could be picking up another prize. for best foreign language film. hopefully coming soon to a theater near you as your news wraps here on d.w. the bundesliga show is up next with all the goals from germany's top flight on saturday including dortmund coach peter boss as desperate effort to break his club out of an awful slump this side we're up against braman in the outcome surprised many that herman will be along next with the highlights and the analysis in just a moment. that's the news i'm sarah harman sits in. your sport t.v. smarter with the d. w. bush want to.


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