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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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to create empathy in a medical context what i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you listen let's feelings on the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us you can possibly own the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin israel's prime minister holds tens talks with european leaders after calling them hypocrites for their response to
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a wave of unrest in the middle east french president among them across on urges benjamin netanyahu to negotiate with the palestinians after donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel we'll check in with our correspondent for the latest also coming up concubinage rights day we go to uganda to see how peace activists are helping victims of the devastating civil conflict there. and dortmund says goodbye to coach peter bosch replacing him after eighty one does leave a match as without a win and find out how they're hoping to turn their fortunes around. welcome to the program on mary in evanston it's good to have you with us. french president to mental micron has urged israel's prime minister to negotiate with the
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palestinians saying they must find a two state solution to their conflict benjamin netanyahu is in paris on his first trip to europe since u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital micron has condemned the firing of rockets against israel amid a wave of violence sparked by the u.s. president's controversial decision netanyahu had earlier accuse european leaders of hypocrisy for criticizing trump's move but not the attacks against israel for his part micron reaffirmed his disapproval of trump's move but netanyahu repeated his claim that jerusalem is israel's capital drucilla is the couple of years will it's been the capital of israel for three thousand years you can read it to move very far in book it's called the bible you can read it after the bible you can hear it in the history of jewish communities throughout. the
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next year in jerusalem where this is the capital of israel but in jerusalem for more we're joined now by our correspondent tanya kramer who's in jerusalem so tiny a in that same press conference with micron israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also said that the sooner the palestinians accepted that your islam was israel's capital the sooner there would be peace now how does natanya who intend to make that work. well that's exactly i mean that's absolutely a nonstarter for the palestinians and mr netanyahu was a bit in the same like what mr trump said when he recognized him as to capital of saying that they have to accept the realities would say was the reality is we are here as well and we want to see east jerusalem as to capital of a few to a palestinian state and i think also mr micromanaged quite was quite clear on that
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that from supposes the recognition by mr trump as a whole the city. is but he also urged again mr netanyahu to make steps towards to palestinians for example a freeze of settlements something of that sort so there was a very clear message from one of the european leaders and he was the first to meet mr netanyahu after the statement to push for peace but that they can't except that to some unknowns the capital of israel well yes this is and now his first trip to europe says trump's controversial announcement what do you think is natanya his mission on this trip. well you have to know this trip was planned some time ago actually before this diplomatic crisis erupted over this jerusalem issue so we expected mr netanyahu to come to paris and also to meet with the e.u.
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foreign ministers to talk about mainly iran the iranian presence also in syria because a lot of changes here in the region and to talk with them about the nuclear deal and now of course the focus here is on jerusalem and you could expect that the meeting with especially with the foreign ministers he's going to meet on monday he will have breakfast with them in brussels will be sort of tense because before mr netanyahu left for europe he said he actually accused the e.u. leaders to be hypocrites to have a double standard but just criticizing the recognition of to resign mr capital of israel and not criticizing rockets coming out of gaza so it will be interesting to say what the european leaders have to say to that and also to hear from them what kind of role are they going to take on in this whole process are id doubly is correspondent tanya kramer bringing us up to date from jerusalem many thanks indeed
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. now protests have taken place across the middle east since trump's announcement with several demonstrations focusing their anger on u.s. embassies things turned violent in the lebanese capital beirut where security forces fired tear gas and water cannons at protesters meanwhile tens of thousands of moroccans demonstrated in the capital robot. the winners of the twenty seventeen nobel peace prize have been presented with their award at a ceremony in austin the group i can was recognized for its work towards banning nuclear weapons the group's director of beatrice then issued a stark warning saying that a single moment of panic let me read death and destruction she also expressed concern over recent tensions on the korean peninsula. now today
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is human rights day a chance to look at both the progress and the challenges still facing much of the world our next report takes us to uganda to meet a group of rights activists there helping victims of the deadly conflict between the government and the lord's resistance army rebels see joseph's hospital in northern uganda here some two hundred patients are receiving treatment of the wounds they sustained during the lord's resistance army insurgency. millions were massacred mutilated tortured in sleeves and raped in the conflict between the l r a and government troops victor archon and his organization african should have network provide support for victims who until now have never seen a doctor. because i have no problem with forgiving those who injured me as long as i'm healed it depends on my ability to become normal again but defines whether or not i can forgive.
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omar james will walk again victor uses these success stories to convince the un and the european union to fund his project. make peace tangible to people and justice and that's why we say he'll people physically. elop them here it will hop into space for his twenty. minute painful stories. in february two thousand and four troops stormed the victors hometown and massacred hundreds of people many were abducted including victor's older brother omar jeffrey. here at the memorial site the people of commemorate those who were lost.
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the contrast lost just to much the debris debated in the country needs. a prospect for a national solution. twenty fifteen victor was nominated for the nobel peace prize since then he's turned down prestigious job offers abroad because he knows that you gun those wounds are still a long way from being healed. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least one person has died trying to escape huge wildfires raging through southern california around two hundred thousand people have been forced to flee their homes firefighters have gained some ground battling the flames but are bracing for the return of strong winds. police say three people have been arrested in connection with an attempted arson attack on a synagogue in sweden's second largest city gothenburg no one was injured the
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incident took place after a protest in stockholm and mamo against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. celebrities from galaxies near and far hit the red carpet in los angeles on saturday for the world premiere of the latest star wars movie the last jet i opens in u.s. theaters on friday no formal reviews have been released yet but lucky ticket holders say the film more than lives up to the hype. and the dark swedish comedy has scooped the biggest prizes at the european film awards the square is a searing satire of contemporary society and already won the top prize at the cannes film festival and has been nominated for an academy award on last night's glittering ceremony here in berlin put it one step closer to winning that oscar. it can become a we could become a bit too repetitive here the square. swedish comedy vásquez sweeps for night
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scooping six prizes including the most prestigious view was the best film the cast and crew chose to skip fair thank you speech and express their joy in a different way to get to know we have to do is pretty good right. so let's do the countdown happy scream three a one. i. wonder if a square is a lighthearted look at the hypocrisy of modern society his sentence of a trials and tribulations of christie and for curator of an art museum in stockholm . kristin drives an electric car and say's all the right things about poverty and world peace invest film his high minded idea was a put to the test and have sex like. how often rich. women they don't know very well and have sex with them. you know their names.
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yeah yeah. always oh yeah yeah so when i make. things go from bad to worse in another on forgettable scene a performance artist goes a that's a posh fund raising dinner. the best film of the european film awards often goes on to win the academy awards and in fact tradition holds up direct to rebrand could be picking up another prize for the oscar for best foreign language film. and sports news now in bonus league
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a club dortmund has fired their coach and hired a former cologne coach peter sterger now he replaces paid to bosch whose dortmund side haven't won a bonus league a match in the last eight tries last season helped cologne to a hugely successful season saw the club rise in the standings to fifth place but just last week he was fired as cologne could not fight its way out of the last place in the league. joining us for more on the dortmund coaching changes for its corresponding yannick spades diana good to see you all right before i ask about sterger tommy was firing pager bush the right decision based on the results it's hard to argue otherwise i mean they didn't win in the last eight games though knocked out of the champions league and i think the writing was on the wall a few weeks back when they blew a full goal laid against tribe shaka and then the last straw of course is this last brain and the players have to take some of the blame as well they weren't up to the
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standard it especially against bregman it was a woeful performance but in the end blushes the coach and he has to take ultimate responsibility he failed to get the team playing to his tactics right he neglected the defense it was vulnerable all season yes they've had injuries but the performances weren't good enough but jordan's problems go beyond this coaching coaching change i think the c.e.o. plans yohimbe what's got has to take some responsibility as well transfer dealings have been good enough in the past few seasons he sucked the previous coach thomas to cool and he brought in boston he has to take responsibility for that as well all right so now let's talk about the new coach peter sterger he only picked up three points with cologne this season before getting fired himself is he really the right man to turn things around it sounds strange to say so given his season status season with cologne but this is the best option could hope for you don't become a bad coach of a notch did fantastically well with cologne he brought in from the second vision finishing fifth last season and i think he is the man to bring him back up to the
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top four spots i think if you saw his previous club cologne just last for three after having a three goal late tonight against probable so i think if he can sort out all this defense we can bring them back so we wish him and darkman to the best of luck many thanks to an expanded from sports department office nice to talk to you. a quick reminder now of our top story french president a monologue crawlin has urged israel prime minister to negotiate with the palestinians saying they must find a two state solution and tanya who is on his first trip to europe since donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. you're up to date on the w. thanks for watching. me. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed its forms.


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