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tv   Founders Valley - Bali Scarce Water - Sacred Water  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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nancy and frank for there a little bit more conservative really a warning that would go on just within one day can go up forty percent but then you know can drop again so i don't really see this happening in the near future here in frankfurt briefly linda is this going to be a short lived obsession or is it the future well we seem think why it's been around since twenty eight and it has survived a crash in twenty thirteen and it's actually that's actually a fixed number of quite going on right now twenty one million so we have seen what with his history speaks for itself what goes up must come down and it quite has gone up too quick too fast in metal time and how well the car makes correction pen now it's likely to be what we have always seen before in many of the other share price this we have seen the full thank you for your analysis linda in singapore daniel in frankfurt the world trade organization is meeting in
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argentina at a time when global trade is in trouble while u.s. president donald trump threatens to slap tariffs on imports german experts sounding the alarm over hidden protectionism quotas paperwork subsidies the top five nations raising barriers to trade in the united states india russia saudi arabia and germany in the u.s. most of the policies came about before trump china the world's number two when global trade as you'll notice there is not in the list at all germany and the u.s. have been quietly going about making it harder to import goods from abroad well let's talk about this topic with the president of the german institute of global an area studies emerita now because he joins us. does it make sense to even be talking about free trade while u.s. president donald trump is still in office. great question there is a big summit going on right now
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a ministerial meeting in venice iris where people countries are getting together to talk precisely about free trade and yes it's a very important discussion to be having right now because president trump is taking us down the road of protectionism so are other countries some of whom you already mentioned and protect and while countries have to have the right to protect their people and their economies protectionism is not the way you will get to protect your country or your poorest consumers creature it is an extremely important way whereby we get past waste growth and that is why we need to be having the conversations that we're having right now briefly what about this hidden protectionism that i was mentioning quotas subsidies mountains of pain what paperwork how hurtful is that to the world economy. this is a huge problem and protectionism whether it takes form of tariff barriers or more
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subtle measures non-tariff barriers to trade. coal are causing a problem and we know that the u.s. is already becoming decreasingly liberal decreasingly open and its market and this is also a problem with china for example and in china too we have many other forms of protectionism for example it's very difficult to invest in the chinese market there are all kinds of technology transfer requirements and all these things for trade and when we went and every time we think that every time we say all these things hurt trade we have to remember this also hurts some of the poorest people in our economies in the developed world and also poor countries and we will have to leave it there thank you very much for joining us thank you. the basque country is one of spain's key industrial region's economy is picking up again following the financial crisis but because many young people left for work abroad local companies have had to launch a campaign to get them back to burnish reports. engineering company
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x. atar produces parts for the automotive industry and lists major car makers among its clients ninety five percent of its goods are exported prompting the company to embark on a recruitment drive for professionals with experience abroad including in germany. the german market is very important for us so we need people who have good german who understand the culture and can relate well to customers. exit or was among several companies which recently took part in the jobs fair in the german city of munich it had a specific target attracting skilled basque workers home the event was organized by an agency called b. sky a talent which helps companies recruit staff around the world. we're looking for people who have left the basque country for their careers but are familiar with our culture. we then connect them to companies which can tell them about the opportunities available. now
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with the spanish economy improving jobs are opening up earlier this year engineer who lay in a bus has left her job in hamburg and returned to her home the move was arranged by this guy a talent. back when i graduated the job prospects were very poor that applies to positions as well as pay. to have it done. now there are more and better pay jobs available. economy. companies say recruiting abroad also saves time. doing business and i'll be back with you throughout the day with more business news first to recap what we know about that breaking news story i mentioned for you before coming in from the u.s. injuries have been reported at new york's port authority transit station following a reported explosion new york police told d w a suspect is in custody the n.y.p.d.
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also said it had evacuated a number of subway line. instance an incident occurred at the intersection of forty second street and eighth avenue not far from times square a major evacuation of the area by police and other first responders is under way we will have more on this story as soon as details emerge. i was doing business with yossi again very soon here on the campus of i'm. going to.
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meet young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges in our series founders rally. in this office saying there's. a fresh water supply is running low it's a basic human right of access for feed you know if needs people looking on sustainable transit use is a set of solutions to tackle those structural allocator massive founder's valley. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn english helmet simple online on your mobile and free stuff from d w z e learning course mikal
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speak german made easy. to learn german with d w any time any place. whether with joe joe and your friends. it's the stuff to do. with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go and. learn german for free with d w. b to germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american keep music takes a look at trying to distinguish things at their traditions everyday lives and language i can just come out of my lungs and so i'm ok i'm good shit. like a fish prick i am going to t.w.
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dot com beat the germans. the most out of it even on a walk the dog eat it it's a con it's the pub or the. building and it's only
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a man. who wanted you to allow such a new kind of. stepped it up. when you talk to san jose when i went in and i'm going to go whenever i want to learn a new book now. are
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eco montrose an environmental consulting company that focuses on the tourism industry we focus on efficiency and we help our clients reduce their environmental footprint through finding financially feasible solutions to increase efficiency and decrease consumption of energy water and decrease the amount of waste in. the target is to keep as much water as possible on the property and to have it infiltrate right here so to not lose it to the river and then not to lose it to the ocean. because there's a shortage of sweet water we need to keep that within our system we need to keep it on the island we need to retain it push it into the ground and use it here where we need it the most and right here where you can see is that there's a lot of water coming down from the slide to push the people that are coming down in the tubes down the slide with a lot of velocity and obviously that means that
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a lot of water has to come in to this polling here and as that water filled it up continuously it goes into these drain pipes and this drains into a catchment and so what we we're doing is we're directing that overflow. into another nearby system which you can see over there we're going to have to do some demolition but it's going to save quite a bit of water every month and that's one of the examples you implement here correct so that's going to save about two hundred seventy thousand liters every month while. we're. we're.
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both passionate about the environment we grew up in bali we love bali we've always wanted to come back all we knew was we wanted to do something good with the environment and became very evident that the three biggest issues revolved around energy water and waste at least on the environmental side and on the side that we could actively tackle so we came up with this eco talk because a set of solutions for hotels resorts players in the tourism industry to tackle those challenges we were running around studying properties and talking to people and continue to looking at the problem and we had this moment where that oh this makes complete sense so we're saving the money and then they're paying us for the savings would you really suggest minbari is comparable to all the dismissals in the world well certainly i mean if we start looking at tourism destinations in asia or all over the world and i mean we can talk about florida we can talk about california we can talk about thailand bangkok all of these cities and destinations
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where tourism goes. they have a lot of people consuming a finite resource and the biggest problem is that there's not enough water to feed all these people and so what we see in these big cities is there's water shortages there's land substance and salt water intrusion that's what we have in many coastal cities in bali all of our tourist destination coastal towns are suffering serious salt water intrusion. we believe. this what the. how or.
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what they say ever to bring the power of the god to ourself. what they slice. missing in here if it. has a meaning to clean your mind your body and your soul for sure for our life what they said where we lived. in the implementation of the culture and tradition what the we used to have three single ceremony or offering. even in our life life will be began by what that and ending by what seven other things what the is very important for us because bali originally is the agriculture place.
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see a long time ago like i recall joe very developing badly so we need two minutes the what. we do not use what that the. we only use what they asked what we need but what they have to be fair to everyone. and so. those moments. all of us are folks in the me. me and. the bankers i'm concerned. burn me all. i think it's we showed. you in the film the men and. then beyond you in the lead off ball.
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and remember my grandma was coming from the mountain to get the water from the valley to bring it up and it's very hot dog and when i went to new zealand in nineteen sixty nine everything was just saw like heaven it turned out that it got hot water not a tap cold water is beautiful and. everything was kind of right and still good so i thought well why couldn't i improve the situation the way he so i do that. and i think i succeeded. but i'm going to be that according to you because. that's good that's very good roast. ok but like a. quality. as
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good as i know. i. know about those that can put it down. without it that's about a lot of. parts for me are going into three five three five one two three and. the problems bombs are going to be delivering water up the hill wife over they're all going to me just going to go up or this is going to fall six hundred meters six hundred yes that's incredible yeah yeah that's how fast the village to from here six hundred meters. and nobody there to go here in order to get hold of six i mean they thought on the people a lot of we had to get water.


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