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without it that's about a lot of yeah. the pipes for me are going into the pipes one two three and. the problems they found to be delivering water to the hill why over there oh me me just going to go up or this is going to go or six hundred meters six hundred that's incredible yeah yeah that's how fast it really did from the six hundred meters. and nobody there have to go here in order to get in order to fix it i mean they thought on people a lot of we had to get water. and see people but it's really slippery i can tell you. dean is a good song as was depicted in the news all of us i can hear when amanda says all the modality of long the. contain all food and on them use.
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of force and all the darkness. on doesn't do all of it was on a fuse box and for any good bands if you decide to all falling for the fall and he doesn't is. on been a general thing to them before do they lied to d.d. . to mention simple and. so far i'm fucking in this towards india does nothing for him when he gets one of those mom on if you lot of imus is limited and you haven't film geared toward fun but since in the end this is toys guns and. schools are.
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what is it production capacity of this world you need somebody not a little bit of somebody who might see indeed that i'm on the ballot. but i'm somebody to get them up when you see i remember them from my side. then i see my leg at that or to see somebody might not those that are part of our race is water coming from. that water so if you need i believe that it's a saudi i am going to do less than that it will get i get out of that i that it up a lot of good number i know. that he would do good. on.
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your blog going to get but that is going that would have made me i had him in the millions i have it in when i. i'm not some play on the a lot of them but then that is a guy. i don't know but when you. see what how do you think the market selling what is going to develop in indonesia. but i knew. when he got. smoking. pot of the market. so what a good business to be in yes help us out on the other. and this is sort of. put
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up on my back if i could feel the need to say what i say to be simply. people to your woman on. the hill is hardly on the. t.v. . this year florida was on this could given me. so much i've had tea floors good. to call from some fresh shiny no direct dog for good would you want to dirty for the long. present you're going to vote. under the. total productive. the after food. and coffee. it's a basic human right to have access to water and what we're seeing with privatization
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of water resources is that we're losing that access to this basic human right and it's creating additional issues vishal stresses on the environment and on society. we see the effects of the system taking place it's just hold the system is designed today that. it's kind of optimizing for return on the best and not caring aboard substandard builtin all the things how could we actually. expect it to change without having the system to be changed i think like a reason we've. followed our path as is working with properties and the like we said before we can design systems into the properties so that they create a surplus and that surplus can be shared with the community so let's not just look at creating surpluses in the form of money let's look at creating surpluses in the form of water. and maybe you could also add on the local scale there needs to be
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more democracy which kind of close the loop and saying that we have a beautiful model in bali. where we have the traditional suburb where we have a traditional democracy. because the water irrigation systems that we have in bali that distributes water for the rice fields it's organized in a very democratic way that's connected through culture and religion into the villages. it was created about a thousand years ago and it is really the reason why bali has prospered and is what it is today. who'll. sit still and. in a way there needs to be a merging of the principles of socialism and principles of democracy. to
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maintain resources this is something for the people belonging to the people and the wealth created from those resources to be used for the people. i go to. africa all countries in the south pacific and i go through all three thailand for. china i think it's all together for people but i have thought. if we do our. own finding what learn to manage what. learned to protect. rebirth or
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learn how to recycle water probably any energy that we have any idea that we have in order to sell what we have there will be worthwhile project. this is the hydraulic ram farm to import and which is making this bomb working. which is here again with up and down and this. here the function of it is to create the water hammer so a flood of the water into the palm and then that would drag this. like this which is creating what we call the water hammer and the higher and higher then bringing the water into this one way valve and then.
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when the air is compress by the water and then the air is pushing it back in here but this while here will not allow it to go back so the only way of what award that the go is through this outlet and go up to the top. for music.
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and this is a miss in this from. the designer who given the past. couple of. days of. this. year so i mentioned the guns toy guns first in the end and last moments are hard taking one hundred. or so on but the finding soon is as. i'm for the take this thing is good. but as it all comes out for tyler has been lost to put the inverter going to door for say about that by the . on ice is. not so innocent and if you got. into this business and did a google. we're. learning
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the words in the boat in bali and this is a co-working space it's one of its values first corkins but it's also the biggest court in space and probably one of the most well known co-working spaces in the world because all you got started here is what we are actually. basically went through our breakout stage here for a week before we had an office and we only had an idea of this is one of the places where we need to work right here you know right here this table what are you getting is it is it hard to start a start up here in indonesia very. the legal framework for startups here doesn't really exist it's very difficult to get through the legal requirements to set up
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a company in indonesia. as a foreigner the only way to do it is as a big f.b.i. company a big foreign direct investment company and you require a large start up capital and you've got to show that to the government and we've gone through the legal notions of setting up a limited and you know having an accounting system and doing all that ministration doing everything by an asian law. and for us being a start up company here that already have gone through the first steps it's a great go to place where we can meet again with people and also find new inspiring ideas and also talent that can help us you know get to the next stage is. everything is water. the world is water food systems water. there is no life without water. so it matters to all of us.
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i think our overall ignorance is. the core of the problem. raising awareness and starting to work towards solutions and start investing our time to take care of water is a resources where the solution. we're not going to solve the world's water problem but we've chosen our battle here in bali we we know what the problem is and and we're working on it you know every day . maki omes different school. team your own business so mom i'm sleeping on a den visor and i'm calling on the government i'm flying study so i'm going to seed . this is the case in front of us of all knots of doing the frenzy
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odds and best of dos being to gossip up all night school. then by saphir. to alice on the list is. your daughter would have fought. and desist i had to be here comes home for three but as and when. a super com in target. makes it all.
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and. i want my mom. before. i'm not to be doing them out of.
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is big news coming to you live from but in an explosion in the center of new york police evacuated one of the city's busiest commuter homs near times square one suspect is in custody we go live to our correspondent in the u.s. . also from shaam just rules no one can do it doesn't. that makes peace possible because recognizing reality is the substance of pre-schools israel's prime minister tells e.u. foreign ministers the nations like the u.s. should recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the german government course the bulleting of israeli flags in berlin shameful it says it will not tolerate anti semitism as thousands demonstrate in the german capital against president trumps jerusalem decision. in the next sixty minutes or winter kids europe with a vengeance heavy snow for brings to travel chaos but it's a winter wonderland kasam. and the bundesliga
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a blizzard of goals in blizzard conditions in cologne but the team's former coach was filling the void. the admiral said dog month after getting a surprise spoon corn. hello and welcome on a pleasure to have your company we have breaking news coming in from the united states at least one man is reported injured at new york's port authority transit station following a reported explosion new york police told a suspect is it constantly the n.y.p.d. also said it had evacuated a number of subway lines the incident took place at the intersection of forty second street and eighth avenue not far from times square a major evacuation of the area by police and other first responders is on the way.
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let's not go live to our u.s. correspondent kasten for naaman who is following that incident closely and joins us now alison what more do we know about this explosion. well apparently this explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device one law enforcement officer called it a pipe bomb which would indicate that this was a bomb or explosive devices made from a material that you can get in regular store so no where prince great a profession the explosives used in that device this to some confusion about where exactly the explosion took place as you mentioned it was definitely at or close to the port authority bus terminal but it's not quite clear whether it was near a platform or in one of the many tunnels in the area this bus terminal is one of
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the most important public transport hubs in new york it's actually the busiest bus terminal in the world more than seven thousand buses go there every day more than two hundred thousand people go there or leave from that terminal also a number of the metro subway stations crossing that area and so this is a major soft target as major disruption know obviously as people are trying to get to work and descant because everything is blocked off and there could have been many more victims so far it seems that there was only one person injured which seems to be a man taken into custody by the police and the n.y.p.d. has confronted you damn that one person is in custody as you mentioned just now do we know what more do we know about this person. we don't know much but apparently it's seems to be the suspected perpetrator we hear also the
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man is the live opus the as is being questioned and that is because the explosive device obviously didn't go off as planned on malfunctions much more information about this we don't have we don't know who the man is and what motivated him so far dawson phenomenon very much for that live update. and of course the big thing on the story for you now to israel's prime minister who has been governs to fun of the united states in recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel been in line need to dallas says the move is simply a recognition of reality as such and a step towards peace with the palestinians but in his van scott a firm rebuff in brussels where he's been meeting with the e.u. foreign minister as most european governments believe the move by the u.s. president is
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a blow to the peace process. or ok asian but you mean it was a rival in brussels marked the first visit in twenty two years by an israeli head of government. let me say of this quite a story but it's far too long for friends and partners since we are a big moment made even bigger by donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital just days ago what president trump has done is put facts clearly on the table peace is based on reality i believe that all or most of the rippin countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize truth when this israel's a couple but instead the reception in brussels was as frosty as the temperatures outside the council building protesters gathered to condemn mr netanyahu visit now they are inviting him so they will talk but there is nothing to talk about you don't do such things but what he's doing in israel. to the palestinians. the
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decision to move the capital needs to be discussed between both sides it also can't be up to europe or the united states to decide that. it doesn't need to deceive the e.u. ministers also shook their heads at the move. we do not agree with the announcement . that the would be the final status issues and in particular of course tourism is divided between east west and east jerusalem. on another fundamental question the union cemented its position a commitment to a two state solution yet there are worries that the united states are no longer a credible mediator there's an ulcer we've been waiting already for several months for the american plan and if one is not forthcoming then the european union will have to take the initiative you know i've been playing this incident but even if
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the e.u. stepped up its peace efforts the question remains if it has indeed the ability to really make a difference in this conflict. joining me now is mark things from the konrad adenauer foundation which is going to chancellor methods conservative see you party welcome are you into my learn palestinian turkey remorseless are running high what a palestinian thing to you well on the one hand they're not really surprised they're not surprised because there were no clear hope in the you know the new u.s. administration trumpeted very clear during the campaign already where he stands but we got to this really honest and in conflict but at the same time we saw some demonstrations most of them very peaceful of course as the rockets are fired from gaza but the general atmosphere is rather calm because people have a very realistic understanding of the situation and the israeli prime minister wants here countries to move the embassy to jerusalem from the television do you
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see germany take not such a step nor this will not happen i cannot speak on behalf of the german government but i think all statements coming from president and gotten there are very clear of international consensus as it was a consensus on wednesday you will remain sane both parties israel and the palestinians have to negotiate on the planet structures and jerusalem is one of the final status issues so i think i'm very much convinced that jim uble stick to this position and like netanyahu said recognizing reality is the substance of peace and i'm quoting him now isn't recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital just acknowledging reality which could put negotiations with the palestinians on a more realistic footing. no christine perspective here's a different one president trump recognized one reality which was this really reality while ignoring the palestinian perspective on the city there is also
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history and their emotions their religions all of this also brings the palestinians very close to the city where three hundred thousand palestinians live i rather see the opposite happening now because he's not also challenging the palestinian strategy to his peace that israel if you say has not synchronized its today's realities that also the palestinians could do the same job arguing that the chances for a viable state solution is no longer given and for that i'm a bit afraid that no new strategy or at least new discussions with the rocks here in the palestinian territories arguing that one state maybe war two that is might be now better strategy to the beleaguered moderates will definitely weakened president abbas who so far did not express a clear message to his own people and i think we are on this level as the west will lose our very important partners you know mark things from the cloud right out in our foundation in thank you very much for that assessment. too much on
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scene in germany lawmakers have condemned the burning of israeli flags in berlin at the weekend matter search of rejected any kind of anti semitism and xenophobia and that a government would fight such incidents the forty fourth three flags the burnt when thousands of pope allison protest as to the streets of the german capital. burning israeli flags in the german capital prompted by u.s. president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital thousands of propellants demonstrators gathered in berlin over the weekend prompt an outrage from the german government. we unanimously condemned these violations of constitutional principles we oppose all forms of anti-semitism and xenophobia this was the last more than one thousand people gathered at berlin's iconic brandenburg gate near the u.s. embassy on friday where anti semitic slogans were heard from some protesters ten
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people were arrested with charges including assault in violation of the law of assembly. at a second demonstration on sunday tune a half thousand demonstrators marched through berlin's nikon district one hundred eight flags bearing the star of david weber and. for historical reasons germany is always particularly vigilant when there are protests against israel fears are also never far away the time to semitism could fuel violence. online we see lots of condemnation of flag burning on demonstrations joining me now from the media this is for you welcome to the ministers if you can of a strong line as well as the government what have they been saying online about these flag burning incidents yeah i'm retired we've seen a number of german strongly condemning the flag burning the german foreign minister for instance. tweeted while criticism of the us is german
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jerusalem decision is understandable there is no excuse to burn the israeli flag our justice system must not and will not tolerate this the justice minister has even accusing the flag burners of and to semitism and he says any kind of and to semitism is an attack on everyone i meet is a must not must never be allowed to have a place in society again and we've also seen the interior minister thomas him as if he's been lashing out strongly at the flag burners saying we do not accept jews or distaste of israel being insulted in this shameful way of course we've seen the jewish community condemning the incident but also the muslim community we have for instance a tweet by the chairman of the central council of muslims in germany i'm an messianic he treated those who protest for the rights and justice of the people and at the same time call for violence against jews must be condemned they have forfeited
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their right to demonstrate and act contrary to the law islam is anti-racist focus of widespread condemnation from all sides but how frequent will these incidents like flag burning at these demonstrations were took place over the weekend well the majority i think it's important to stress the majority of them strangers taking part in the protests were there to voice their support for palestinians and to criticize the u.s. of the situation but peace. early however a number of incidents raise questions of the semitism and not only the flag burning this has also emerged now these videos show several protesters can be heard singing a chant in arabic which translates into english as jews remembered the battle of the army of mohammad is returning and that chant is referring to the battle of a bar as it says in the year six hundred twenty eight in which jews wear massacred
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and expelled from a town which is now in saudi arabia and we're seeing we're seeing reports of the same chance of being also at other pro palestinian protests around europe in london in vienna and to many jewish organisations is clearly an end to semitic attitude now does incidents also come at a time in germany where the jewish community is voicing fears of a surge in un to cement sentiments on this is there a leap to muslims but also to right wing extremism. you from a social media just thank you very much to some of these very disturbing incidents the thank you let me not drawing up political correspondent linda creedence also tracking this story linda firstly what is the situation the legal situation on flag burning in gym in some countries it's against the law. here in germany it's not against the law per se in fact it is viewed as a form of freedom of speech that is tolerated rated by the law but there are
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a couple of exceptions to that and in fact we called the berlin police to get a clearer view of how those exceptions work exactly one of those exceptions is the burning of flags that have been removed from embassies for example that would clearly be illegal it would also be theft for that matter secondly if the police in the course of approving a particular demonstration say well yes this demonstration can go forward but we will not allow flags to be burned at this demonstration then the police absolutely may arrest protesters who do in fact burn flags against that particular rule and that was the case here at the demonstrations in question the police had made such a condition and it was not respected by the protesters so that that is the general picture but very important to remember germany's constitution enshrines is the very heart of the legal system here that human dignity is inviolable and that means that any protest where flags are burned if that shades into defamation of minorities if
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that shades into any kind of incitement to violence then that is absolutely illegal and unconstitutional and as as we go to these really jewish aspect of these protests is particularly sensitive in a country like germany isn't it well absolutely germany since the second world war has been very very sensitive to any hint of anti-semitism here and in fact if i can just just quote the justice minister we saw that tweet from him a bit earlier sorry it's the spokesman of the chancellor herself he said one has to be ashamed when hatred of jews is put on display so openly on the streets of any german city and that is a visit sentiment that has been widely voiced by a number of members of the chancers party also by the fore. a minister who is a social democrat is an absolutely consensus here in germany that germany because
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of its perpetration of the holocaust absolutely must remain a key partner to israel even if it is critical of some of the acts that israel takes melinda craned chief political correspondent for detail to thank you very much for that. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world russia's president vladimir putin has declared victory in syria and ordered to partially be drawn to russian troops he made the announcement on a surprise visit to an ad base in syria where he met president bashar assad russia has been the syrian government's main backer in the country's six civil. saudi arabia is to end its twenty five year ban on cinemas the first one will open early next year with the spot of changes being introduced in the conservative country by muhammad been set him on the powerful crown prince. e.u. member states have overwhelming the agreed to formally why didn't defense
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cooperation the move is the foundation for a proposed european defense union the goal is to make europe less dependent on the u.s. its defense. he watching the news coming up ahead winter arrives in europe bringing travel chaos to the ruins of the railways an airport but not everyone is against the heavy still for the. ben joins me now on the buzzword in recent weeks has been descriptive currency bitcoin which is entering a new era it seems bad and it continues this week and reader a major bourses now trading bitcoin futures the chicago board options exchange virtual money has value surging to well over eight hundred thousand dollars today some reckon the derivatives will help stabilize the extreme price volatility of the past weeks and ensure big coins place in the financial mainstream i talked to our financial correspondents about that starting with linda hong in singapore i asked
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who is investing.


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