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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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the line find out what you can do today at regional airlines. this is due to the news coming to law and from berlin an attempted terror attack in the heart of new york city authorities say a twenty seven year old suspect strapped
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a bomb to his body no one was killed and the suspect is now in custody let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god it perpetrator did not. result in a gold will go along to our correspondent in the u.s. for the latest also coming up. a cool reception for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as he tells foreign ministers their nations should recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and russian president vladimir putin is on a tour of the middle east he announces a job well done in syria and looks to repair times with egypt so is this an opportunity for moscow to extend its influence amid anger at the u.s. . also coming up in the next sixty minutes and winter hits europe with a vengeance heavy snowfall across the continent creates a win. sure wonderland for some but travel chaos for others.
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welcome to the show my name sarah harmon it's good to have you with us. a twenty seven year old man is in custody after an explosion rocked new york's port authority terminal police say this incident was terror related but new york city mayor bill de blasio said authorities knew of no more credible or specific threats in the city this video shows the moment the explosion happened during morning rush hour at the intersection of forty second street and eighth avenue not far from times square for people suffered minor injuries police quickly evacuated the area following the blast. and not long after mayor de blasio commented on the incident. and let's be clear this was tempted terrorism. thank god the
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perpetrator did not. result in the goals. thank god or responders were there so quickly. journalist james ryan is in midtown new york he joins us now james several hours have passed since the attack describe what you're seeing now near the bus terminal where the explosion took place. hi there i'm as you can see i'm. coming over here in midtown manhattan that's where the attack took place at around seven this morning all but there's a lot of activity here including on police out in the three and i'm dealing with you've been involved in taking the four injured people to hospital managing the crowd the coast an extremely busy station busiest in the well bahamas about sixty five million people every year i don't think you have been investigating the attack the subway station that's right next to me the engine that it closed all guarded by
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police with the police tape across that. activity is sort of a pick up there the bus that started running running again as you can see the traffic is moving along i have a new in front of us now james we know that police say they've arrested the suspect what do we know about him right now you know there's a lot of information about this attack has come out already even though it's any of that of paul we know that the suspect name is a lot he's a twenty seven year old we understand that he was wounded when the attack took place when he detonated what police of called a low tech explosive device and then under fall below us here about seven thirty in the morning and he's twenty seven years old he's injured he's in custody bangladeshi origin an immigrant who was here illegally on a green called a was a permanent resident living in brooklyn he'd been in the u.s. in twenty eleven and had a couple of jobs one of them was a taxi driver. so new yorkers are notoriously hard to ruffle james but it's plus in
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two months and eight people dying in a truck attack downtown how are people there coping with what seems to be a return to care to the city. i mean yeah of course what you say is true and new yorkers are famously unflappable and hard no but it is early. the following attack what an immigrant drove a truck onto a thoughtful pause in downtown manhattan and the obvious they recounted the memories of you know nine eleven in the war against terror that this country has been quite thing for the last couple of decades because new york hasn't been totally immune in the interim period don't forget that in twenty six days september there were a few quite bomb attack plan a pan american immigrant and then there was the famous two thousand and ten attack in my time web life why is that which is that it's not like the city has had no efforts that the pair and the interim period and as you say new york has in many
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ways able to take these kind of attacks in the throw it in much the same way as the european counterpart to when that it's just london berlin a dreadful state similar attack. this was in many ways a good outcome for a terror attack four people injured none of them seriously we can imagine many new yorkers would be breathing a sigh of relief james how much of that has to do with the emergency responders and how much of it is just luck that this thing didn't go off or. well we don't have a full account from the officials about what happened but there's suggestion that the that the attack was a botched attack that. may have been a pipe bomb only destinated partially not fully and perhaps it's not entirely clear yet what. the individuals intentions but as a child but it wasn't meant to be a death and i think at that particular location so perhaps it is one of those cases
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where because of the low quality of the attack the lack of organized asian between for example which you have a group possibly i fired that pack their ability to transmit information to an individual who's capable of building a bomb correctly and i think detonating at the right location. perhaps with the nature of these impact becoming the organization becoming quickly under pressure the chances of them cry because many lives it's up to tackle once it becomes more to crisis sounds like still some open questions there that's journalist james reynolds fanning in front of the port authority in new york thanks very much for your reporting well israel's prime minister has or hear a pin governments to follow the united states is recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel benjamin netanyahu says the move is simply a recognition of reality and as such a step towards peace with the palestinians but his words earned him a firm rebuff in brussels where he's been meeting with
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a new foreign ministers. a rare ok's and that you mean a tenuous arrival in brussels marked the first visit in twenty two years by an israeli government. let me say of this quite historic opportunity it's far too long for friends and partners and we are a big moment made even bigger by donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital just days ago what president trump has done is put facts squarely on the table peace is based on reality i believe that all or most of the rippin countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize truth when this israel's couple but instead the reception in brussels was as frosty as the temperatures outside the council building protesters gathered to condemn mr netanyahu visit now they are inviting him so they will talk but there is nothing to talk about you don't do such things or what are you doing in israel. to the
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palestinians. the decision to move the capital needs to be discussed between both sides it also can't be up to europe or the united states to decide that. because you need to defeat the e.u. ministers also shook their heads at the move. we did not agree. to be done to see the picture of. society in the streets. on another fundamental question the union cemented its position a commitment to a two state solution yet there are worries that the united states are no longer a credible mediator. we've been waiting already for several months for the american plan and if one is not forthcoming then the european union will have to take the initiative you know i've been in this incident but even if the e.u.
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stepped up its peace efforts the question remains if it has indeed the ability to really make a difference in this conflict. mansur's i'm joined now by our brussels correspondent barbara vessel barbara we just heard the question posed there can you really make a difference in this conflict what's your sense there in brussels are they even want to. they have the feeling that they more and more do have to reengage because we do have to remember in the past when they where in gauged in the peace process and they've tried for years and years and then finally particularly through the obama years they sort of said ok we can probably outsource this the american government is going to take this over and sort of move this forward and then nothing at all happened the whole thing came to a complete standstill in sound of the depression no rises on the european to reengage was the conflict because it simply will not be what all the european governments here are completely one of piƱon on is that the way that donald
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trump does it is not the way to go you can just unilaterally put something on the table and then this and then say now this is reality you have to swallow it and let's move on this is not going to work europeans know that and they are under pressure to to really do something the french president in modern the crown his first step he met yesterday in paris and he said you know let's try go go again for peace but they don't have a plan ready and so they really have to sort of sit down and reconsider they not only don't have a plan ready that you failed to even issue a joint statement on trump's decision was blocked by hungary what does that tell us about the unity of the e.u. on this issue. now we have two countries so made months sometimes even three who really will go against. a uni the union of the e.u. and one of them is hungry but even the czech foreign minister when they were walking
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into this meeting in the morning said that the initiative is not helpful and that not to mis understand his country they wouldn't really move their embassy to jerusalem of course not and so hungry they're trying to really talk tall they they're trying to sort of play a role and block things just by being contrary it doesn't really mean very much because the vast majority of your states really of one mind on this and they really have to reengage briefly are any other e.u. countries going to move their embassies to jerusalem is that even on the cards. it's not really going to happen the swedish a foreign minister marvell's from said after the meeting that she doesn't see this at all nobody in new in europe really wants to sort of set that precedent and sort of really impede the stalled peace
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process further everybody knows four years in use what was on the table is the status of jerusalem is the last thing to be decided in peace negotiations and the european union wants to stay was that right that's part of it is a force in brussels thank you so what are palestinians think about all this earlier i spoke to mark frings in ramallah he's in the conrad adenauer foundation that's a think tank that's linked to angela merkel's conservatives and i asked if palestinians believe that the e.u. could be a mediator in a possible peace process. if you please yes we asked earlier this year also last year who should be the most important mediator order to bring peace between israelis and palestinians the majority among palestinians told us that the you should play a bigger war and this is also got to be a what the people all by say in the upcoming hours and days they don't understand why the u.s. kind of keeps a monopoly on peace talks between israelis and palestinians they would refer to the
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success story comes with a five plus one talks the peace talks on the nuclear deal with the iran they would also refer to the might of natural dimension the manager of forum that was introduced by the french peace initiative earlier this year so there are very concrete ideas and i think the u.n. doesn't have to reinvent the wheel there is a very concrete initiative on the table it's the arab peace initiative initiative from two thousand and two which is ill balanced that asked israel to withdraw from the i tell you stories and in return for that the arab league and which means all arab states would recognize israel and in the borders of one thousand and sixty seven that's more friends in ramallah. well the german government has called the burning of israeli flags in berlin this weekend shameful german chancellor angela merkel said she rejected any kind of anti-semitism and seen a fabia and her government fight such incidents with full force three israeli flags
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were burned when thousands of propellants any of protesters took to the streets of the german capital. burning israeli flags in berlin have sparked outrage from the german government prompted by u.s. president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize theresa limits israel's capital thousands of party palestine demonstrators gathered in berlin over the weekend. we unanimously condemn these violations of constitutional principles we oppose all forms of semitism on a phobia this was. more than one thousand people gathered at berlin's iconic brandenburg gate near the u.s. embassy on friday where around two semitic slogans were heard from some protesters ten people were arrested with charges including assault violation of the law of assembly. at a second demonstration on sunday tune a half thousand demonstrators march through berlin's noyon district flags bearing
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the star of david. for historical reasons germany is always particularly vigilant when there are protests against israel it is are also never far away the time to semitism could fuel violence. all along we're seeing a lot of condemnation of flag burning at least ministrations from the social media just now i've got frederica bongo fredricka we heard from merkel give us another idea about the other german reactions to this well sorry i've seen a number of german lawmakers condemning the flag burning we've seen the german foreign minister. tweeted while criticism of the u.s. is jerusalem decision is understandable there is no excuse to burn these rail the flag our justice system must not and will not tolerate this we've also seen the justice minister. he has accused the flag burners of the semitism and he is saying here and any kind of gun to semitism is an attack on everyone and
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to semitism must never be allowed to have a place in society again and we also saw the interior minister tell us him as yeah he told interview he has strongly lashed out at the flag burners saying we do not accept jews or the state of israel being insulted in this shameful way. of course we are seeing the jewish community in germany they've been. demming the incident also the muslim community we've seen for instance the chairman of the central council of muslims in germany i'm on my sick. sorry and he said those who protest for the rights and justice of the people and at the same time call for violence against jews must be condemned they have forfeited their rights to demonstrate and they act contrary to the law is anti-racist ok we know this is a super controversial thing here in germany given the country's history but give us some context how widespread is something like flag burning at these rallies well in
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this case the majority of demonstrators where there are protests to to voice peacefully their support for palestinians but there were a number of incidents that raised questions of semitism not only the flag burning we've also seen these videos circulating and these. protests can be heard singing at chanting arabic which translates into english as jews remember the battle of hide but the army of mohammed is returning and that chant is referring to referring to a battle that took place in the year six hundred twenty eight which jews were massacred and expelled from a town called high bad which is now part of saudi arabia and this too many are going to say she is a clear stand to semitic stance and of course semitism is a very sensitive issue here in germany as you mentioned and these incidents also
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coming at a time where in the jewish the jewish community is voicing fears of a surgeon and to semitic sentiments here so of course these incidents are raising a lot of times like separate from our social media does thanks for your sites. let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world right now security was tight as the trial began of dozens of suspects in a deadly nightclub bombing thirty nine people died in the attack last new year's eve so-called islamic state claimed responsibility prosecutors are seeking multiple life sentences. india's main opposition congress party has selected gandhi as party president he succeeds mother sonia gandhi he faces the tough task now of rebuilding a party that governed india for decades before prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist government swept to power in two thousand and fourteen. coming soon to
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a theater near you in saudi arabia the country is set to end its thirty five year ban on sentiment the first one will open early next year move is part of a raft of changes being introduced in the conservative country by mohamed bin selman the powerful crown prince. news live from berlin still to come on the show winter are rhymes in europe bringing travel chaos to the roads railways and airports but not everyone is cursing the heavy snow fall. time now for the business christoper and the big coin boom continues it does indeed sarabeth going futures are now traded on the world's largest options exchange in chicago you can bet on what the price is going to be in one two or three months from now will investors going for the one month future thinking they can go to wrong it opened at fifteen thousand eight hundred fifty dollars and hit as high as
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eighteen thousand eight hundred and fifty now the group the currency has been constantly setting records in the first half of the year it was trading around two and a half thousand of the biggest surge between november december from under seven thousand to over fifteen thousand cells and that's sixteen hundred percent rise on the year now there have been big falls but no huge correction which is why some say a bubble could burst and a fair amount of skepticism prevails among many here in europe when it comes to bitcoin earlier we asked our wall street correspondent what people in the united states made of the cryptocurrency. well overall i would say it towards certain degree not just because it's but cryptocurrency itself and specially the underlying to good knowledge the block chain to get all the g. it is pretty much established but when we talk about the prizes off bitcoin what is just what is justified is the thousand dollars is it fifty thousand dollars one
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hundred thousand dollars twelve thousand dollars that really nobody knows so that's why it is risky it is the big unknown but so far a lot of investors fear to miss out the rally and that's why people keep jumping on this trip the currency in the quarter reporting from the new york stock exchange germany's biggest tech probe siemens slashing jobs it's a big employer not just here in germany but around the world which is why management has been called into the economy ministry for talks in berlin. making noise to make sure their voices are heard german tech giant siemens is planning to slash six thousand nine hundred jobs worldwide around half of them in germany the company says the move towards renewables has put pressure on its turbine division eastern germany will be hit hardest with sites in the cities of light seeking gurlitz to be shut down completely. protesters accuse even c.e.o. joke asia of leaving them in the lurch. so this isn't necessary
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that's why we're so enraged joe casey himself said after the last election that the rise of the if he can be seen as a failure of the elitist class well he belongs to the elites and if he continues what he's doing in eastern germany the populous message will resonate all the more populist and german economics minister will get to two places to hold meetings with the local representatives as well as the mismanagement in berlin. and this most international we have to recognize an industry in germany is in the process of restructuring which. on the other hand siemens has received one point five billion euros in public subsidies in the last twenty years in the form of guarantees so there's a certain obligation in my mind to say hey let's take a more consensual approach. meanwhile siemens has signed contracts to build two gas powered electricity plants in libya but management says such a move does not alter plans to cut jobs in its turbine division.
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the news agency associated press says it has evidence that the armed forces of myanmar are systematically using rape as a tool of terror against their hinges a.p. reporters interviewed twenty nine women and girls from different places in myanmar and the news agency says their accounts are all very similar it says the evidence supports the united nations' claim that the myanmar military is using systematic rape as a weapon. she say that devastated. rania but i can't bear this pain anymore i'm unable to take my pain to the doctor i'm disturbed in my mind i cried all night last night no one knows that except allah so i can't even bend to pray that's what's really troubling me. this woman is one of those who've spoken out about what men in myanmar have been doing. she's
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also one of many who have ended up pregnant a baby is all she has. left of the little bit with that when the baby was conceived i knew i wasn't going to get rid of it because i don't have anyone in this world no mother no father no brother no sister only. others fear they'll lose what they do have. being civilized i was very worried crying a lot and my husband said he had to abandon me a non muslim right she he said. those trying to help say they're seeing the tip of an iceberg of pain and shame the stories that they're telling us and that not only the victims themselves but that other people are telling us about witnessing acts of sexual violence in myanmar make us feel that we're only capturing a very small proportion of the victims but there have been that fifty people from the military. fifty men came into the village surrounded it and stood in front of
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people's doors in groups of three. then they entered into the homes and started pulling out young girls from their homes and they began raping them and some came towards me and started beating me up they attack me with knives covered my mouth and my eyes and then pin me down and raped me and i thought i had died and. i didn't think i would live in this world for another day. for now the world is here a tent in a refugee camp there will be many more women behind these makeshift walls under these temporary roofs who also have such terrible stories to tell. or a major flare up in southern california as largest wildfire has triggered new evacuations the blaze has been moving closer to the city of santa barbara fires in the area have already for some two hundred thousand people to flee their homes and it's
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destroyed hundreds of houses. here in the city of carpentaria the air is choked with smoke and ash. with the flames edging closer firefighters are working around the clock to contain the inferno the so-called thomas fire is one of the biggest wildfires ever seen in the u.s. it's already burned hundreds of structures to the ground and scorched an area larger than new york city now it's threatening communities near california's scenic coastline after impacting santa paula and ventura the flames are now menacing santa barbara home to some of the state's wealthiest residents the locals hope the firefighters can get control of the blaze before it's too late was to become burned right there before another one right here you know. i think. there's enough manpower there to do what they have to do lighter than expected winds have
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helped firefighters shield some communities from the worst of the blaze moved down into this community of shepherd mesa which you see behind you is really unfortunate but if you turn around and see what these guys saved last night what they did last night was amazing they saved this entire community but authorities have warned the danger will persist thousands remain under evacuation orders the blaze is only partially contained and is likely to grow further in the coming days. you're watching the news still to come on our program winter rhymes in europe bringing travel chaos to the roads railways and airports but not everyone is cursing this heavy snow. that's stories coming out. of. jerusalem is israel's capital has u.s. president donald trump crossed the line this time. by recognizing jerusalem as
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israel's capital and risk fueling further unrest in the region. two peoples separated by a border in a down red 1940's. israel along the green line. close up in forty five minutes on d w. your homeland because of persecution and city five people found a new home in a foreign land with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past. and the future. after the scare starting december seventeenth on d w and the first w. because of me speak your language being done. for content in dari pashto and for good prospects for returning our web special refugee journeys life in germany
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and the prospects for those returning home. to join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d w maybe four miles. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word i looked in the nico he's in germany to learn german. business just. why not give. it simple point on your mobile or a. soft. d w z u learning course closely. maybe see. welcome back you're watching t.v. news our top stories four people have been heartening attempted terror attack one
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of new york city's busiest transit stations the police say a twenty seven year old man detonated the device strapped to his body he was among the injured and has now been taken into custody. and e.u. foreign ministers temper both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his request that they recognized or worse look as israel's capital they said the u.s. decision to do so last week threaten the peace process with palestinians. russia's president vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of russian troops from syria president putin made that announcement on a surprise visit to an airbase in syria where he met with the syrian leader bashar al assad it was putin's first trip to syria or russia launched an air campaign in two thousand and fifteen. so that your body the military was tossed out fighting militia groups here in syria that you're toxic that was supposed to be solved using lots of military force was in general achieved. it was achieved brilliantly.
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but i congratulate you and putin later traveled on to egypt for talks their words michaelson is on the story for us from cairo good to see you before we talk about egypt let's go back to syria for a second what if we see in syria today was this putin's mission accomplished moment . well we saw it could invade paid a visit to that base in syria as he mentioned to be met by syrian president bashar al assad and they said he does look quite something all of a victory lap for putin he made quite a similar announcement about troop withdrawal to the one he made today a year ago so he actually made a similar announcement before that russian military operations in syria continued to his previous announcement that we needed a is something of a different situation in that intervening year we've seen the full of the so-called islamic state that controlled large parts of syria that it's been driven back from
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made a major city and roc-a and we've also seen large parts of syria that are now back within syrian regime trouble so really the timing of this announcements at least suggests that this is his victory lap has his mission accomplished moment specially given the putin announced less than a week ago that he will be running for reelection next year there's a lot of anger in the region over the u.s. secularization that jerusalem is israel's capital worth do you think that opens the door to more influence now from russia. potentially yes i mean what we saw in the statement from the egyptian president c. today in a joint statement with russia we saw a little consensus between the two countries a real focus on how much they agree including a statement about the actions taken jerusalem and the statement said that the both countries of the importance of not taking any decision that complicates the
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situation in the middle east and you could read this as saying that perhaps the u.s. is an unpredictable part of the countries in the region and countries like egypt are looking elsewhere we've seen that the trumpet ministration has strong relations with countries like saudi arabia and the u.a.e. you solace in particular when visited saudi arabia earlier this year but trying to ease this unpredictable car and you know it was same time as he made that declaration about to receive them he also made the announcement imploring the saudis to end at look aid to yemen which is likely to make them rather angry and so when countries such as saudi arabia or egypt see things that they dislike in the trumpet ministration they tend to look elsewhere and that does mean countries like russia ok let's talk about egypt specifically for a second putin's talks with president abdel fattah el-sisi began today and we saw putin agreed to resume civilian flights to egypt they were halted two years ago
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after militants downed a russian passenger plane over sinai and the leaders also signed an eighteen billion euro deal to build egypt's first nuclear power plant is this a sign of deepening times between cairo and the kremlin. well kyra it was very keen to have ties with the kremlin in part to show countries like united states that they're not entirely dependent on this is really the latest stage of deepening ties between cairo the kremlin when sisi visited russia in twenty four that the two countries signed. which will russia provide egypt with an estimated three point five billion dollars dollars in weapons and include fighter jets and that today is really the extension of that kind of friendship that we've seen between these two partners. michael some reporting for us from cairo thanks very much
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was first mentioned next march russians will vote for a new president and lot of whom is seeking reelection victory seems all but certain problems most visible adversary is alexina valma he's declared his intention to run but a criminal conviction could actually prevent him from doing so it's a conviction a supporter say is politically motivated putin's other opponent is a notable newcomer it's t.v. host kissing at sub check she's the daughter of the late anatoly sobchak and he was the mayor of st petersburg back in the ninety's and putin's mentor some see it as saying yes as a spoiler to an of all news campaign to yourself signs of the opposition saying for example that crimea is ukrainian w. hit the campaign trail with some check to find out if she had problems to urge or crusading outside her. sonia's sub jack is doing the rounds in rostov on don here in this part of russia south life is very different to that of subjects'
7:37 pm
home city of moscow the economy is sluggish poverty is rife subjects' says she wants to change that i want to see innovative russia full of yarnell businessman who are really create industries in russia because for all those years with the best oil prices we couldn't grade one single industry which would be the best in the world nothing i'm not proud of that i want another kind of russia sub jacques is well known in russia having spent many years as a socialite and reality t.v. star now she has reinvented herself as a serious political journalist her candidacy in next year's presidential elections has shocked many subjects as she's standing to challenge president putin. but i see that you have to be brave to get involved in politics in russia and i am i want to see changes in this country if i'm scared of anything it's not about
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losing my life i fear for my son's future she's growing up here. subject has made multiple t.v. appearances on russian channels she's raised to boost subjects on state television like russia's illegal an accession of crimea such freedom of speech is rare in russia until now sending a sub jack had only experienced something similar when working for an independent t.v. channel as a presenter there she interviewed alexei navalny the prominent opposition politician is also running against putin in the presidential elections. critics accuse sub jack of trying to weaken around the and the russian opposition as a whole she refutes that claim saying she shares nouvelle needs values. i don't see a lot i know but that the authorities want to muzzle novell me they'll do anything
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to prevent him appearing as a politician but he's there and he's working hard to spread his ideas their ideas that i support. yet many suspect that subjects' candidacy was approved by the kremlin she knows putin personally and their families are friends critics say that's what's allowed her to ask uncomfortable questions both as a reporter and as a potential presidential candidate subject insists she's working independently she says she knows she has no chance against putin but that it's important to stand against him. roughly this silly of rice in the last ten years russia's entire political landscape has been leveled . and we need to build it up again you always. send your subjects' says she wants a new and different russia but does russia want her and who will benefit most from
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her involvement in this campaign. you're watching live from berlin still to come on our show the new star wars movie hits cinemas this week last july is the eight film in the franchise culture vulture robin meryl will give us the lowdown later in the show. but first christoph is back and a controversy brewing over the waters of the nile that is right sara it's a fight over a precious resource sensation ancient times the lion has been egypt's lifeline thin but crucial now authorities fear that the country's already fragile water supply will come under even more pressure because further upstream ethiopia is finalizing construction of the ground it's your peon run the saul's dam and its gigantic reservoir is said to be the largest hydroelectric dam in africa and is the open sea a big opportunity to lift them out of poverty. with their last bit of strength she struggles to complete the journey. for many people the sacred source
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of the nile is the last hope of being healed. the rivers so powerful that it inspires people to believe in miracles. the blue nile falls so the second largest in africa that in itself is almost a miracle ethiopia's otherwise known for hunger and famine. the mighty nile will soon provide the entire country with electricity a dam and a power plant are being built here. it's africa's largest construction site ten thousand laborers are working around the clock. the grand ethiopian renaissance dam was meant to be finished this year but work is running behind schedule. ethiopia wants to use the power of the nile to liberate themselves from developmentally.
7:42 pm
africans can make it if. africa has. to develop so that. if we think that way then we continue i think it is open to. the. they can see a huge lake with a surface area of over eight hundred square kilometers about the size of lake ontario will form behind this wall the power plant there will generate more than forty five thousand megawatts of electricity and now for all of ethiopia and there will still be enough left over for export project manager says many of the cayless is the dam will sue the soul of the nation which has been underestimated by the rest of the world. we know as a country. we don't want anyone to tell us we know that.
7:43 pm
it is an extremely ambitious project for a poor country like ethiopia the ethiopian government intends to fund the entire cost of the dam by itself to achieve this it is issued a bond targeted at ethiopians in the country and abroad. but the dam is also the source of regional controversy for the downstream in sudan and egypt there are serious concerns that there will be less water for those countries below the dam many of the caylee refuse. these worries. that he's a project and that's the will benefit that sea quality as it's really been if you teach up there and we know this is a historic and everybody who have this strong relationship to that down is ten countries out of brothers that allows the steps of constructing this
7:44 pm
project aimed at responsible and professional managers. for many ethiopians the dam is not only a symbol of rebirth. it will be nothing less than a new wonder of the modern world. a major case of salmonella contamination is in francis hitting one of the world's biggest food producers french authorities say more than two dozen infants have become sick since the beginning of the month due to contaminated milk not french dairy giant lacked a list has been ordered to halt the sale and export of several of its baby food products. it's a parent's worst nightmare contaminated baby food although his child wasn't affected this father is planning to take action against the food produced aleck tellus together with other parents. purely so we are afraid and we're thinking about what to do we are wondering whether we should go to the hospital immediately
7:45 pm
about any disease that could lead to. products made since mid february and now being taken off shelves as part of a precautionary measure that could make it one of europe's largest food recalls this year and it is already affecting stories. this morning for example i had a parent who returned the beast retains his milk with the. millions of customers in other countries will be returning like teles products the recall includes britain morocco pakistan and china among others but that may do little to quell the fears of parents. the world is waiting for us to act those were the words of german chancellor angela merkel today and she urged quick progress on talks aimed at forming a new coalition government europe's largest economy has been in political deadlock ever since inconclusive elections back in september americal is now hoping that
7:46 pm
talks the central of social democrats on wednesday will lead to a rerun of a grand coalition between germany's two biggest party. the c.d.u. would like to avoid new elections so the goal is clear to figure out if another grand coalition is feasible. our standard must be what does our country need my take on is this of course we have different positions from the social democrats but i also see a whole range of issues where there's room for agreement schmidt's mencken the chancellor wants talks to proceed quickly but thoroughly and for now at least she rejects a key s.p. demand to replace germany's dual system of public and private health insurance with a single public citizens insurance for all. to see do you are not in favor of the proposed citizens insurance because we do not believe that eliminating competition would improve the system as a whole the many up soft at their party conference the s.p.d.
7:47 pm
decided to take an open approach to the possibility of working together with the c.d.u. but the new general secretary has named conditions of essential and we believe that aliens of euros must be invested in education we want large scale restructuring in the health and nursing sectors with more staff and more money and europe as a central priority we need to help move europe forward we'll see whether the c.d.u. as ready to talk about these issues and so both sweden wednesday's opening round will provide a first indication of whether the c.d.u. and s.p.d. are ready to renew their sometimes an easy partnership. a large parts of europe have just been covered in a blanket of snow you're seeing some drone footage here from the netherlands and the reality for travelers around europe was somewhat less tranquil there was chaos on the roads in britain after the heaviest snowfall in four years germany also got its first heavy dusting of the year here too there were just russians but for many
7:48 pm
it was an opportunity to have some fun. that day of going nowhere fast however intrepid. this the sight for thousands of passengers at germany's frankfurt airport snowplows and the ice is unable to stop the cancellation of more than three hundred flights there on sunday. widespread destruction across britain to tens of thousands of passengers left without flights at europe's busiest airport london heathrow while police advised those attempting road journeys to stay home unless travel was critical the heaviest snowfall in four years created treacherous conditions. going to pieces are you ready that is just horrible to be stuck like this is that you freeze that very. hard scary very yeah and. northern europe has been covered with snow with temperatures
7:49 pm
dropping well below zero. the cold front brought with it high winds this passenger ferry was stranded for several hours after running aground near the french port of cali weather warnings are in place across much of the country. but for those who didn't have somewhere to be the freeze provided ample entertainment. purposes it's great for the children finally we have snow. it will be as why does this come christmas. there's often all too often so if they're going to take full advantage everywhere you go to people across the continent able to simply enjoy the snow the full cost is good move wintry weather is expected over the coming days.
7:50 pm
straight. does. yes it is here the latest installment of the star wars franchise has the sentiment this week just in time for president's last july is the eighth film in the franchise and robert merrill is here from our culture desk robert a lot of people wait a long time for this a star studded for mayor in los angeles as always as always the most on one of the most anticipated films of every year because since disney took over the franchise there milking it for all it's worth there's a film practically every year this is the second in the trilogy anyway and all the stars on the red carpet in the last night including non-human styles like this one this is a.t.m. six also the main role in the movie is ray played by daisy ridley in a fishing secret there's john boy
7:51 pm
a guy who nearly didn't make it was he was snowbound in the lantern but he did manage to get on a plane and get crimea as lupita nyong'o oh and mark hamill who plays luke skywalker will it be the last one for him spoiler alert and a following of stormtroopers a c three piano is there a cold and that's baby eight and by the way there's an evil version called b b nine ease standing for evil indeed and talking of evil out of the dr a is back is the bad the carlow ren. oh out select four and two and then the story just continues yeah i mean i won't try to tell you the plot but it does that she's go on from the force awakens which wasn't the last film it was the film before that because that's the first one in the trilogy they're doing one every of the trilogy they're doing one every two is so complicated but harrison ford is in there that would be a spoiler alert if you haven't seen the last films he got killed in the last film
7:52 pm
but the mantle is continued now loose guy walker is passing over the mantle to ray daisy ridley each she the last is she indeed a jedi i who knows perhaps will fired his ball. three times cite me his complete. and. in this phrase. star wars is back with ray firmly at the center of things it's. time for. something completely. mark hamill as luke skywalker is still hanging in there from the original trilogy helping ray develop her newly discovered abilities. the feelings are familiar the age old battle between light. and
7:53 pm
darkness as the resistance prepares to do battle with the first order. the latest installment of the successful franchise was both written and directed by star wars' newcomer ryan johnson. ryan has written a story that unexpected but right. some of the stuff that happens they were going to go. through. the late carrie fisher makes an appearance as general layout the actress died in december twenty sixth scene shortly after completing her work on the film. she gives a beautiful performance in this film and it's
7:54 pm
a very i don't know it's any obviously we didn't know it was going to be her last performance while she was giving it a read in tailor it to be a farewell to her but that having been said the character a think and i think. some moments at that hopefully will will really mean a lot. and with carrie gone a new generation of strong women pick up the torch should i say might see. all of us this is carrie fisher's last movie. in a very sad because she will be forever associates who would stop was i mean she featured in the three star wars movies as princes those wonderful wonderful hairstyle that we all know well you know she the death star was destroyed because of what she falls in love with. she revealed. she didn't she had an affair with and for all those years ago she's also the twin sister of luke skywalker.
7:55 pm
huge in total part of the star wars franchise and then of course she returned in twenty fifteen in the first of the strategy and as i said she managed to. it was her last week she filmed very shortly afterwards she was on a plane to new york had a heart attack and died a few days i was sad sad sad but it is nice to see her again one last year on the silver screen when do we mortals get to see it now but he's ok i mean it's the markets for these sort of things is most probably as much as the film called so you will know when it comes out. if it is coming out this way you could drive is coming out on friday in america to get the weekend of course the critics are saying it's really really good the critics as so far are saying it's very very good all right robin i'll meet you at the cinema you bring the popcorn sound like a plan a reminder of the top stories we are following for you here on d.w.
7:56 pm
four people have been hurt in an attempted terror attack and one of new york's busiest transit stations twenty seven year old man detonated a device strapped to his body authorities say he was inspired by the so-called islamic state and learned to make the bomb online. news you're up to date more coming at the top of the hour with brand golf don't forget you can always find the latest news around the clock on our web site that address for you is for you dot com for the whole team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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from. jerusalem is israel's capital as u.s. president crossed the line this time around. by recognizing jerusalem as israel's
7:58 pm
comfortable in risk fueling further unrest in the region. peoples separated by a morning down random team from. israel. along the green line. close up in fifteen minutes on t.w. . the fast pace of life in the digital world such shift as the lowdown on the web it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing. presents the reason is finds. and looks over the shoulders of makers and users. shift in forty five minutes don't. they know you like. they know what to say. and soon they'll even know how we
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feel. i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. hopefully i can be a helpful pieces so with. the virtual person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t w. frank food. international gateway to the best connection self and road and rail.
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located in the heart of europe you are connected to the who will. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trialling services. biala gassed at frankfurt. managed by for. this is d. w. newsline from berlin tonight what motivated they would be suicide bomber who detonated an explosive in the heart of new york city.


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