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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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unself air road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is. from berlin tonight what motivated they would be suicide bomber who detonated an explosive in the heart of new york city police say the twenty seven
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year old suspect wore a homemade pipe bomb attached to his body when it detonated in one of the city's busiest transport hubs we'll go live to new york for the latest on the investigation also coming up. do want to donald trump did that was the message today from the israeli prime minister to the european union over jerusalem the response from brussels a unanimous thinks but no things plus mission accomplished russian president vladimir putin declares victory in syria and announces a partial withdrawal of russian troops and germany accuses china of using these social networking site linked into spying on thousands of german politicians and officials.
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i'm off it's good to have you with us a twenty seven year old man is in custody tonight after an explosion rocked new york's port authority terminal officials say that he was inspired by so-called islamic state and that he learned to make his crude pipe bomb on the internet new york city mayor bill de blasio today said authorities knew of no more credible or specific threat. it's to the city now take a look at this video it shows the moment that the explosion happened during the morning rush hour at the intersection of forty second street and eighth avenue that's not far from times square leaving the suspect as you see right here and three other people with injuries a major evacuation of the area by police and other first responders followed the blast and not long after that mayor de blasio commented on today's attack. and let's be clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not. result to make goals. thank god our first responders were
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there so quickly. well i'm joined now by journalist james rhino he is in midtown manhattan in new york city good afternoon to you james so several hours have passed since that attempted attack describe to us what you've been seeing there at the bus terminal where the explosion happened. yeah as you can see here around and made now manhattan the building that you can see across the street from a behind me there that's the cold and old below the building that you had to play for about seven when you know that. morning during the commuter rochelle obviously there's a lot of police that activity around here you really you have a crisp on the medic and ambulance crews they've been. brought in for an unknown who the police the behavior of a lot of crowd control of management one of the busiest. i think the five million.
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the building every year and the building is now open again and people are traveling about that coming and going but but the agent is not a. heavy police presence here police line of the way to do their best to get you out and james talk to us a little bit about the suspect this twenty seven year old man from brooklyn and what more do we know about him and do we know anything about his motive what motivated. yeah we've got a lot of information about it already given the short amount of time of the twenty seven years old and from brooklyn released that name that. he was in here in the. in the way. and he didn't custody and he can help but at the moment i'm really worried that he detonated a low explosive device and that indeed i'm helping or at the people i say twenty
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one hears about it at the immigrant. point when he were illegally he wasn't a refugee he had a green card and he had been working at the drive. motivated him that has been he was in connection with the islamic state group which is the on the back in iraq in syria and there's been one report that he was mostly they could. bring us palestinian in the gaza territory. which if that is the case a complete proved to be politically very explosive particularly there in the u.s. where you are let me ask you about the situation there in new york there was a truck terror attack back in october now in december we have this attempted attack how are new yorkers coping with this. yeah exactly as you say it was only weeks ago. back immigrant rented
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a truck drove it on the bike thought that was way down town in lower manhattan and he killed eight people. to some extent it seems that i feel like a risk. and extremist and terrorist activity in the city a city which knows terrorism well because of course the. nine eleven attack but it's not like the city has been completely quiet heroism in the intervening years there was the incident a week ago september twenty third cup of bomb attack landed on american immigrant. pressure cookers and you'll could you just don't forget that in two thousand and ten my that's when the time. played by flies the oceans that. in some ways you could be in. new york famously i'm glad. you like the citizens of it is like london the. people of london take these kind of things in their stride. all right journalist james russell there on the story for
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us in new york city james thank you very much. well as james was reporting there police are not confirming whether or not there was a connection in today's attempted attack with new violence between the palestinians and israeli troops but israel's prime minister he went to europe today and urged european governments to follow what the united states did last week and recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel benjamin netanyahu says that the move is simply a recognition of reality and as such a step towards peace with the palestinians but his words got a firm rebuff in brussels where he's been meeting with e.u. foreign ministers today. a rare ok's and that you mean it was the arrival in brussels the first visit in twenty two years by an israeli head of government. let me say of this quite a story but it's far too long for friends and partners so we are
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a big moment made even bigger by donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital just days ago what president trump has done is put facts clearly on the table peace is based on reality i believe that all or most of the rippin countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize truth when this is rose a couple but instead the reception in brussels was as frosty as the temperatures outside the council building protesters gathered to condemn mr netanyahu visit now they are inviting him so they will talk but there is nothing to talk about you don't do such things or what are you doing in israel. to the palestinians. the decision to move the capital needs to be discussed between both sides it also can't be up to europe or the united states to decide that. because you need to deceive the e.u. ministers also shook their heads at the move. we did not agree.
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to be done to see the picture of a. truce with this truce and. on another fundamental question the union cemented its position a commitment to a two state solution yet there are worries that the united states are no longer a credible mediator. we've been waiting already for several months for the american plan and if one is not forthcoming then the european union will have to take the initiative you know we've been in this incident but even if the e.u. stepped up its peace efforts the question remains if it has indeed the ability to really make a difference in this conflict. russia's president vladimir putin has declared victory in syria and announced a partial withdrawal of russian troops from the country during
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a surprise visit to syria today putin said the task of fighting what he called armed bandits is now mostly complete and he said a significant part of the russian forces will now return home and he praised the russian military for doing what he called quote a spectacular job. russian so just in syria welcoming the commander in chief at the him a military base and on his first visit to the country floody may have put in an ounce that the bulk of troops stationed here can now return home. last week the russian military declared victory in syria overbought it cold terrorist groups including islamic state and al-qaeda for president putin it's now mission accomplished. that unity with the terrorist threat in the whole world is still very high. however the task of fighting bandits here in syria. that was essential to solve with the extensive use of force has for the most part
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been solved and it's been solved spectacularly at least in that but. russia and its disappearing conflict in september twenty fifth teen it was moscow's biggest intervention in the middle east in decades since then russian forces also battled more moderate rebel groups opposed to syrian president bashar assad. russian asterix helped turns to tide in assaults favor something the syrian president own knows too well. what that not only is president vladimir putin proud of you but i'm also proud of you and i thank you. russia's military presence in syria is set to continue moscow says it plans to maintain paghman and basis and keep its forces there strike ready. for tonight china is denying reports here in germany that beijing used the social
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networking site linked in to gather personal information about german politicians or germany's domestic intelligence agency boss hans-georg mohsen says that more than ten thousand germans have been targeted by chinese spies posing as head hunters or researchers he says that their aim is to infiltrate the german government china says that there is no truth in the accusations which it is well all i can say is that the allegations from the german organization in question are baseless we hope the relevant german organizations particularly government departments can speak and act more responsibly and not do things that aren't beneficial to the development of bilateral relations. artless pulling our chief political correspondent melinda crane she's on the story for us tonight good evening to you melinda what more do we know about these accusations against china. well they're based on an investigation that was undertaken by germany's to mystic
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intelligence agency the b.f. of the over the course of the past nine months a very comprehensive investigation and the charges that were made yesterday by the head of the agency mr mas and were in fact quite scathing he took the unusual step for example of demonstrating of using examples of eight different fake profiles that he said had been established by chinese presumably by chinese intelligence organisation for the purposes of essentially conducting espionage here in germany so what they did is they set up profiles on linked in which is one of the few international social media that is also available in china profiles of people who purported to be head hunters or think tank workers and these people tried to make contact with up to ten thousand different germans seeking in the beginning to perhaps invite them to attend conferences in china or perhaps to contribute reports
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to publications all with the purpose of gaining information these targets were apparently often government officials but presumably also people working for german companies because there has been rising concern here in germany about chinese covert activities targeting german firms and what do what is the german government think that the chinese want to do with this information i mean what's the ultimate goal of this alleged spy. well classic spying trying to get information both on german government activities but as i said also very much in regard to two. industrial espionage concern about that has been rising throughout europe a concern that chinese investment projects may be used as a cover for stealing industrial secrets but also concern for example about cyber hacking mr mohsen talked about that as well yesterday saying that chinese agencies
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are also using cyber hacking to try to get industrial secrets and it's worth remembering that germany leads the world in applications for advanced manufacturing patents so there are a lot of secrets here to be stolen the german government has tried in the past to get a watertight agreement from china against such measures but it hasn't succeeded so far our chief political correspondent linda greene on the story for us tonight here in berlin thank you very much. you're watching news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the album with more world news followed by the day if you can join us there. germany is a strong country.


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