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tv   Close up - Israel - Along the Green Line  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 2:15am-2:45am CET

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of. food. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. well previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise they failed to deliver today ah yeah. donald trump's decision up ended decades of u.s. diplomacy both israelis and palestinians lay claim to jerusalem and trumps criticizes did not want to place peace negotiations at risk. palestinians responded
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with anger. in the wake of the announcement palestinian protesters clashed with israeli security forces. the decision was welcomed by many israelis who've always regarded jerusalem as israel's attorney and undivided capital and the palestinians the move means giving up hope that east jerusalem would be the capital of a future palestinian state. the us appears to have extended formal recognition of israel's occupation of the west bank and it's an extension of east jerusalem which began more than fifty years ago. in one thousand nine hundred forty nine after the arab israeli war a line of demarcation was drawn in green ink under the armistice agreements the line divided the land and the city of jerusalem into east and west forming the de facto border of the new state of israel since its victory in the six day war of one
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nine hundred sixty seven israel has repeatedly redrawn this line mainly through the expansion of jewish settlements in the west bank. several times a week a yellow fact goes to the green line that's the border crossing situated between the palestinian town of janine and the israeli town of afula. a ghetto. do you hear me out yes i hear you we're almost there. a zero is a volunteer for an israeli n.g.o.s he brings palestinians who need medical treatment to hospitals in israel. someone hello how are you.
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i know which one of you is ahmad and what's your name i don't follow i've always heard that was it you i spoke to yesterday. evaleen slips in the west bank behind the green line his children are sick but can't get the help they need to. be able to go to. the making data for the former that well you know. why because they have a good feeling you know because it is everything. that no one most palestinians need a permit to enter israel from the west bank and they come take that comes. from god to how many are you ok good. why then one card in the ghetto and one for they're. going to say are. you going to bring five people to rob on hospital in haifa i almost all we need two cars today they'll go with me they have a special permit because they have to go to haifa every day for treatment i don't
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they drive there and back yeah every single day. they get up at three thirty every morning and wait an hour on the palestinian side cross the green line are checked on the israeli side and finally arrive here we have to hurry there's a storm coming in. those waiting at the border this morning are relatives of palestinians who are in prison in israel. did you see these buses are full of families who want to visit prisoners all across israel. to get a permit once a month. and they like me my son is in prison and hotter in. here the green line looks like a real borgia equipped with bob why and talent. but it's under the control of
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a single state of israel. but the whole on. israel handle security area a is in the interior and is formally under the control of the palestinian authority. but areas b. and c. belong to israel. it's not the same thing you know israel is a state and the palestinian authority is how should i put it. not a state you know. no no you know actually my palestine isn't an actual state. it wasn't always this way until gene nine hundred sixty seven the green line divided to actual states israel and jordan. it was a hard border and a hostile one which ran from galilei in the north to the judean desert in the south slicing through jerusalem. after the six day war everything changed with
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a clear memory do you hear there summoning to prayer a little akbar come to pray. there is no god but our law. yup will thank you but what happened in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the israeli army advanced in their armored tanks. i don't want to talk about who started it and who was responsible right now the fact is that the israeli army concords and janine and for exactly fifty years we've been occupying an area that belongs to another people for far too long. after the six day war israel began constructing jewish settlements in the west bank on the other side of the green line. today there are dozens of them. one is out of fame and nash about fifteen kilometers from television. sat a mccain les moved here in one thousand nine hundred four. when anyone who were you
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with we've met over there you can see tel aviv ramat gan. and the time you very clearly. phone even and shoot in the north. you can see how small our state really is. a comedy of all because i mean mash because this is there's no way to say exactly this is where the green line is i mean i see it as if you can trace it with your finger on a map and say this is the green line. i don't know any case where outside the green line here but inside the separation barrier. i think so. villa feet all real sharon incorporated out of fame in a shady inside the separation barrier and everyone agrees that the settlement belongs to the state of israel i mean it's fairly easily. cyrus handling the sale of several properties. even when even the seems to
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me much and look all the apartments have a terrorist with a wonderful view but i know for me i'm in. tel aviv the population is soaring and so are property prices more and more young families are looking for apartments across the green line. nice to meet you i'm sara let's go to the second floor this is a typical four room apartment here's the kitchen there's the bath that. right now the couple live in the tanya city on the coast a twenty minute drive away. i mean that poor. family prices here are much lower than in natanya. for what you pay here you'd only be able to afford a very small apartment in an older building there. you'll see. the husband is hesitant to him the green line is still aboard. i can look at that on your drive over here
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did you feel like you were crossing a border. we drove through arab villages saw there donkeys. the feeling on the drive over here i can't take it and you know i took my i'm not afraid something could happen to you anywhere in a fame and or and not and yeah that's how i see it she just wants to live near her sister. for the young woman's father the green line doesn't figure in the decision a tool. i don't know if things ever change maybe it will always be this way i believe the settlement will continue to expand. the arabs they want everything all of israel and not just the land behind the green line if we gave them that land they demand our entire state they'd be no end to it . today some half a million israelis live in the west bank east of the green line. and some one and a half million palestinians live inside israel proper. israeli arabs like me
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and his family. everything you see here all these houses belong to a single extended family. yeah but this is my father and the oldest man of the entire family who is the first born the head of the family rule he will be for nine hundred forty eight there was no state of israel and of course no border either no i mean. yes let's go on the roof from there you can see the entire region that isn't that. nice i mean the green line separates habeas name his family from the in-laws in count. the palestinian city is just a kilometer away on the other side of the highway that connects israel's north and south. after they've built the wall a border post was set up there it's back there by all fame and. behind that hill we
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have family in qalqilya. and when we talk to them on the phone because and when we want to visit and they're not they need to make a huge detour. they are permitted to visit us so we are very close to them. because you're. here the family has been split into. namea and his family are glad they live on this side of the green line. the construction company benefits from israel's affluence and unlike the west bank palestinians their israeli citizens. the palestinians don't even have ten percent of the freedom we have. they have all sorts of restrictions over there they need a permit for everything i record for every little thing i do. i'm free i own a company and i can work where i want. to. in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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many hoped the oslo accords would pave the way for a future palestinian state within the green line but those hopes did not come to be . the crossing near the west bank town of need and is among the busiest. long before dawn these palestinian workers are making the trek to israel. to stop the wave of violence during the second intifada after two thousand and three israel began to erect barriers on a near the green line for tens of thousands of palestinians crossing the barrier is part of their daily routine. trade as sell goods near the beria. they can work this is the start of the week so it's very busy and the controls are very strict and some people even sleep here so they can be among the first to cross
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the border in the morning with. the workers slowly advanced to the checkpoint it's a tedious but unavoidable routine. you know what we have to work in israel. we have no choice. and. there are no jobs in the palestinian territories and it's not a question of money for me i know right now i earn fifty euros a day if i found a job in ramallah for twenty five years a day i take it. it would be better for me. of course i'm not happy with this it feels like i'm travelling between countries not enjoying cities alone i'd rather work in ramallah in my own country and everyone will tell you the same thing though you probably want to hug. from go how do i feel about this but my own country is off limits for me how can i be happy about. one. night janine this
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crossing point can only be traversed on front. oh. no. on the other side were picked up in cars funds and buses owned by jewish or arab companies. most of the workers aren't. don't launch construction sites. isn't among them he refuses to cross the green line for work. or do. this here is not a border. all of palestine is our soil. the land of nine hundred forty eight and the areas that were conquered in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven it all belongs to us there is no border because a border separates two states this here is palestinian and there is only one country. back there is a barrier not
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a border and that barrier exists only to humiliate us palestinians. such refusal to recognize the green line as a border is one of the reasons that previous peace initiatives failed. so many palestinians this division is a betrayal. i want to have i mean. that's what i believe and all palestinians believe almost. all those guys sit around in negotiate raking in so much money all the while that they're happy for it to go on. forever. the palestinian economy is dependent on israel not just for jobs but also for goods . you know. this juice comes from israel and so does the soft drink. what all the other products are arab we should know they force us to buy israeli products. so let us
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know everything we consume in palestinian homes comes from israel they charge tariffs and they still expect us to be grateful for the full of what with well we have no choice i don't want to say that god commands us to live with them side by side but what should we do. we have no aircraft no harbor no access to the ocean it all belongs to israel to people is living side by side in a small corner of land many jews now live in the west bank and arabs in israel linked by close economic times. the green line cuts through this complex region and through the city of jerusalem. until nine hundred sixty seven the green line divided the city into two. israel controlled west jerusalem jordan the east. the border running right down this road in the neighborhood right in front of him he just sees him as. they had. it didn't look the way it does today had no one
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was allowed to come here but israeli soldiers kept guard. they shot your grandfather while i was out harvesting grapes everything was sealed off you understand no one lived here our house was the only one. horny. in. the neighborhood was the scene of battles between israeli and jordanian soldier . the green line was impossible sometimes jews and arabs spoke to each other separated by barbed wire. we used to big bread and it smelled wonderful i remember rachel a jewish woman who was pregnant whenever she loved the fragrance and sometimes they threw her some bread over the fence not the. one june seventh nine hundred sixty seven the third day of the six day war the israeli army annex jerusalem israel has since trying to raise every trace of the green line officially jerusalem is
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reunified and abu toure is also no longer divided into two. there was nine hundred sixty seven the israeli army entered our neighborhood and arrested all the men here's a picture in the newspaper was with a woman at first it was very difficult but then we felt we'd been freed no one was afraid anymore. or not us and not them we weren't even afraid of the israeli army everything was normal i had make. the green line that ran through the middle of abu tool with the armistice line joining green ink on a military map after the arab israeli war of nine hundred forty eight. knows the history of his neighborhood well. if you don't move. to everywhere in the world borders have some sort of logic to them they reflect geographic factors of the population. a border can't just run through a courtyard or
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a neighborhood but that's impossible. why is the green line not a viable borders because it's not a proper border it only marks the spot where on a particular day the fighting stops. it could just as easily have been somewhere else take abouta or today both jews and arabs live there. where would we put up a border that would be tel arabs in the upper district to move down there and build a wall between the houses. what's the logic in that. it could be what a border like that be viable of course not it's impossible. with him for half a century arabs and jews have left his side by side in abu to one of jerusalem's few mixed neighborhoods but even here arabs and jews tend not to mingle in his grandsons prefer to play soccer with arab children. oh i'm so funny they created a team with arabs and jews so that we would mix. and we played together wearing
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jerseys in the same colors yes we practiced together and we played in concert on the march and even in turkey of all time on. west london but since we want to get along with them as long as they don't hit us or do anything about to us soon it will hit land but i want them to leave our country this country used to belong only to us a hand gun that will bust is so small. that i'm not saying i don't want to play with them. i meant that we enjoy it it was like give you what they took our homes away from us and that hurts has allowed me east jerusalem is now home to as many israelis and palestinians. thing county that every day especially in the old city home to the temple mount which arab school here am al-sharif on the western
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wall. every monday on thursday roy gives tours of the western wall to families from across israel. this israeli family from tel aviv all celebrating their son's bar mitzvah at thirteen he's attained really just maturity. as i have called this channel man a update jerusalem is our holy city our temple was here this is working david was crowned and his son built the temple and all of our roots are here was to jerusalem belongs to the people of israel. to the jewish people the city. and the western wall is part of the temple. that's wild. come here there is nothing more impressive . nothing more profound. here and that is that see i guess.
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whatever that political conviction religious observance will place of residence israelis feel an emotional time to jerusalem for nineteen years from nine hundred forty eight thousand nine hundred sixty seven the green line prevented jews from visiting the holiest site in judaism. that's not a should receive a bit from life until nine hundred sixty seven jews didn't have access to the western wall back then we could only go there by risking great danger and discipline. but thank god after nine hundred sixty seven the access road was opened with those of us in the area in front of the western wall was expanded and the people of israel were permitted to visit it in large numbers and legally that makes us very happy so much of my grandfather and my grandfather's grandfather would never have dared to dream this well they dreamt it but they never believed it we have the great fortune to live here and we should cherish and above all defend that
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position all of you go there every year the jewish israelis celebrate jerusalem day a national holiday commemorating the real unification of the city in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. i know i. have tens of thousands of mainly traditionally observant jews crossed the green line in catherine east jerusalem. that. for many arab residents the gathering is a provocation the security forces separate the two groups. play only hammoudi is too young to remember arab east jerusalem and barely knows where the green line once ran but she has seen how more and more arabs are being displaced. from israel's all the recommendations in less than we're not here to demonstrate but. defend our presence in jerusalem. that they call the three unified
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jerusalem but you're a slim is an arab city. jerusalem is palestinian the number and they're trying to make the city only jewish. cannot know they're even preventing us from entering the city in one if they are not. alone time of the year to have a daemon anyone who lives outside the city is no longer allowed to visit any of india's but some of her just here to defend our basic rights etc they use their religion to claim special rights and privileges. but in my confusion charity we could make their part of a zionist movement and how come we should be there when they believe their religion gives them the right to conquer jerusalem that we've developed but these are good if you didn't mean it was a different that's why they won't let us pass the clubs who have never held aside their argument. is that their domination is growing the what's in it and say treat us like second class citizens we're slowly losing our city. and all stray stray.
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too many israelis the green line are really great states especially in jerusalem. in one nine hundred eighty israel's parliament the knesset declared the city israel's eternal and indivisible capital more than fifty years after the six day war israel appears to have won another victory the facial recognition of jerusalem as the capital by the us i. what will this mean for a few chip peace negotiations. can a peaceful agreement still be reached. israelis are chairing the what about the palestinians. jerusalem december twenty seventeen is this the quiet before the storm. east jerusalem and the west bank are boarded up the palestinians called a general strike in protest the tree myth that
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a new state seems more distant than ever before. is the two state solution now out of reach. once again images of violence and hatred are making headlines jerusalem the eternal and indivisible city is still struggling to find peace. code.
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