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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 4:02am-4:15am CET

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here the three accusers made their appeal to lawmakers at a joint news conference on monday the white house press secretary said trunk denies the allegations some of which date back to the one nine hundred eighty s. . unfocused unfair and ineffective the u.s. representative scolds the world trade organization at the bodies meeting in argentina in return to your leaders lashed out at washington's tax plans also on the program bitcoin futures begin trading in chicago bullets stabilize the price of the cryptocurrency or burst the bubble and sick babies contaminated milk and a sales ban the world's largest food producer is facing a salmonella crisis. this is a business i'm christopher will welcome and we start the program with the turmoil
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at the world trade organization of the bodies by annual meeting and as iris the u.s. representative said the w t o has lost its focus and was going to easy on wealthier developing countries like china the e.u.'s top five economy back saying donald trump's tax cut plans may distort international trade. protests are a common sight at these conferences but they're not the only ones upset with the w t o the united states was once a big proponent now under president donald trump it is more of a skeptic well all members agree that the w t o needs improving the u.s. is threatening to pull out altogether a sentiment made clear by u.s. trade representative robert slight ties a who presented a veiled critique of china in particular. we cannot sustain a situation in which new rules can only apply to
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a few and that others will be given a pass in the name of self proclaimed development status far from the usual trade wrangling with china this was an attack on the w t o itself with the e.u. seeking to strike a more conciliatory note. so we need to have a clear objective in mind for the european union this is clear to preserve and to strengthen the rules based multilateral trading system and for its to thrive it has to develop it is not perfect but it's the best we have and we have achieved great things together and we can't the w t o may be weakened by skepticism from within but there's still room for progress in. that as of monday you can bet on the future price of a bit current on regulated markets which is lending the cryptocurrency credibility investors are going for the safest options the one month future gesta made
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a twenty one percent gain on the value of bitcoin this year the cryptocurrency has set records it is currently trading one thousand six hundred percent on the year now some analysts are concerned that a bubble may be in the making. now for some more insight let's cross over to our markets men gents korda in new york yes you've got years of financial reporting under your belt how do you evaluate the surge. it is certainly the talk of the town right now everybody talks about it let it be kept driver's kids and interest in that correctly so one of the platforms where you can trade bitcoins is one of the most downloaded apps here in the united states or to a certain degree of reminds me a little bit of the of the time of the dot com furia you had back then companies who scribbled ideas on a napkin and then they brought those companies public and the stock price has exploded so well i mean there is certainly some risk to it and it's not that i
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haven't seen anything like it before but it is certainly a frenzy but also big then in the year two thousand when the dot com bubble burst some companies died but also some wife that are quite lucrative today now let's look at bit more closely here is the absence of regulators like central banks for example actually attracting investors it might trick some people using it and if you look at transaction costs that you're quite often have banks or so those can be avoided if you use bitcoins or old saw the underlying block chain to good knowledge what the step means and now you have futures trading well nothing that changes at this point and vote won't be more regulated it just means that some investors have the possibility to bet on falling bitcoin prices that wasn't really possible that much before and now that this is possible you will
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have some bigger institutional investors who now will be allowed to head sure might have pension funds for example as it managers who can participate in this game you can make some money but you certainly also can lose some money like always future will tell you and scored in new york thank you. apple has confirmed plans to buy app maker for a reported four hundred million dollars the company develop software that identifies songs using your smartphone after richard forward suit with a song on your favorite music service analysts say apple wants to use the acquisition to bring more users through its own music offering and away from competitors like spotify. germany's biggest tech group slashing jobs around the world and in germany now that's infuriated employees and politicians as humans posted record earnings late now the company's management has been called
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into the economy ministry in berlin for talks. making noise to make sure their voices are heard german tech giant siemens is planning to slash six thousand nine hundred jobs worldwide around half of them in germany the company says the move towards renewables has put pressure on its turbine division eastern germany will be hit hardest with sites in the cities of light seeking gurlitz to be shut down completely. protesters accuse even c.e.o. joke of leaving them in the lurch. so this isn't necessary that's why we're so enraged joe casey himself said after the last election that the rise of the if he can be seen as a failure of the elitist class well he belongs to the elites and if he continues what he's doing in eastern germany the populist message will resonate all the more . german economics minister will get to two places to hold meetings with the local representatives as well as management in berlin. we have to recognize that
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industry in germany is in the process of restructuring. of the on the other hand siemens has received one point five billion euros in public subsidies in the last twenty years in the form of guarantees so there's a certain obligation in my mind to say hey let's take a more consensual approach. meanwhile siemens has signed contracts to build two gas powered electricity plants in libya but management says such a move does not alter plans to cut jobs in its turbine division. germany to spain the basque country is a key industrial region of spain the economy is picking up again following the financial crisis but because many left for work abroad local companies are now campaigning to get them back. engineering company x. atar produces parts for the automotive industry and lists major car makers among its clients ninety five percent of its goods are exported prompting the company to
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embark on a recruitment drive for professionals with experience abroad including in germany. the german market is very important for us so we need people who have good german who understand the culture and can relate well to customers. exit or was among several companies which recently took part in the jobs fair in the german city of munich it had a specific target attracting skilled basque workers home the event was organized by an agency called b. sky a talent which helps companies recruit staff around the world and we're looking for people who have left the basque country for their careers but are familiar with our culture and. we then connect them to companies which can tell them about the opportunities available. now with the spanish economy improving jobs are opening up earlier this year engineer who lay in a bus has left her job in hamburg and returned to her home the move was arranged by
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this guy a talent. back when i graduated the job prospects were very poor that applies to positions as well as pay. to have it done. now there are more and better paid jobs available and the economy coming to dynasty. companies say recruiting abroad also saves time. since the people have been abroad specifically in germany they understand both cultures that's a big advantage compared to people who've on. we studied here and have to pick it all up on the side as a company we want to take advantage of this that is have enough. talent scout in your peers to be working the companies have been able to pique the interest of many professionals ready to return home. gather enough experience abroad and i wanted to go return to my friends and family
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. that was the most important thing for me. but on the boat i mean. thousands of spaniards have already returned home bringing with them valuable skills. a major case of salmonella contamination is hitting dairy giant french authorities say more than two dozen infants have become sick since the beginning of the month due to contaminated milk now has to halt the sale and export of several of its baby food products. it's a parent's worst nightmare contaminated baby food although his child wasn't affected this father is planning to take action against the food produced elect alice together with other parents. of pill i suppose we are afraid and we are thinking about what to do we are wondering whether we should go to the hospital immediately about any disease that could lead to a committed he said was only. products made since mid february and now being taken
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off shelves as part of a precautionary measure that could make it one of europe's largest food recalls this year and it is already affecting stories. this morning for example i had a parent who returned the beast to you tens of. millions of customers in other countries will be returning like tell us products the recall includes brits and moral pakistan and china among others but that may do little to quell the fears of parents. thanks for watching c of march.
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