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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 10:00am-10:15am CET

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next month's phone with d.h.l. get a replacement hoff way around the room within thirty six dollars a. runway was finished allowing climate change scientists. to continue fight to research the benefit to. the power. making it happen. this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin president putin says it's mission accomplished in syria a claim of victory and of
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a partial troop withdraw all troops in surprise visit to syria highlighting russia's expanded influence in the middle east. and the bonus league it is back leipzig is looking to keep up the chase at the top of the table while door clinton their new coach hope to turn their season the rough. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us russia's president vladimir putin declares victory in syria and announces a partial withdrawal of russian troops during a surprise visit to syria putin said the task of fighting what he called armed bandits was now mostly complete he said many russian troops could now return home. russian soldiers in seti are welcoming their commander in chief at the him in
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military base and on his first visit to the country vladimir putin announced that the bulk of troops stationed here can no go home. last week the russian military declared victory in syria over quote terrorist groups including the so-called islamic state and al qaeda for president putin it's now mission accomplished there where all of that unity with the terrorist threat in the whole world is still very high. however the task of fighting bandits here in syria a task that was essential to solve with the extensive use of force has for the most part been solved and it's been solved spectacularly. when. russia entered the syrian conflict in september twenty fifth it was moscow's biggest intervention in the middle east in decades since then russian forces have battled more moderate rebel groups opposed to the syrian president bashar assad
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russian airstrikes helped turn the tide in assad's favor. what about not only is president vladimir putin proud of you but i am also proud of you and i thank you. no sooner had putin had the tarmac and he was off again this time getting to grips with russian interests in egypt he put pen to paper on a deal to build a nuclear reactor there but he disappointed his hosts by delaying a plan to resume russian civilian flights to the country two years after a passenger plane was shot down. he still had a spring in his step by the time he reached his final destination getting together with chuckie's president brought the day's diplomacy fill suckle the pair hunkered down to discuss the sale of a russian missile defense system and of course their long running bed to broker a solution in the syrian war.
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let's bring in d.-w. is julia chapman in moscow so julia president putin on a whirlwind diplomatic tour there let's start with syria has russia really accomplished all it set out to achieve there. well when russia intervened in the syrian conflict in twenty fifteen it certainly changed the course of that conflict at the time president putin said that the stated aim of russian military intervention was to combat terror groups in the region as time went on as the two and a bit years went by it became increasingly clear that one of his other priorities was also to bolster his ally. the president of syria and he's certainly gone some way to accomplishing that there's been a market shift in the balance of power in syria since the russians got involved with air strikes which were intended to support the syrian ground troops as well as iranian backed shia militias there but there have been some progress on the
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terrorism front as well islamic state has lost a lot of the territory that it gained in syria in twenty fourteen including the strategic city of raka and putin said yesterday in his speech that if islamic state was to rear its head again russian troops would be ready to jump back in and it's not the first time that putin has made a withdrawal announcement there have been at least two similar ones neither of which resulted in any significant withdrawal of troops from the country but there is certainly enough evidence to suggest that there this time might be different because situations on the ground have changed so much for syria of putin's next stop on his trip as egypt its relations with moscow have been rocky in the past couple years is putin ready to patch things up. well it's certainly true that there's been a strain in relations between egypt and russia since the downing of a russian passenger plane over the sinai peninsula two years ago that resulted in
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the deaths of all two hundred twenty four people on board most of which were russian tourists on their way back to peaces burg from holidays in egypt egypt has historically been a very important tourist destination for russians they've been it's been very popular with them and therefore russian tourists have been very important to egypt's tourism economy so they're very keen to see the return of russian tourists to the region it's often said that. waitstaff in egypt speak better russian than they do english reflecting the picture of tourism there generally but yesterday's meeting between president putin and egyptian president. certainly suggested that improve improving relations was on the table there was a nuclear deal signed between them to the tune of twenty one billion u.s. dollars and they did discuss the resumption of commercial flights between the two countries which have been suspended since the incident over the sinai two years ago
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although no concrete date for the resumption of flights has been set yet thanks julia did always julia chapman there in moscow. well smaller stories making news around the world today in the u.s. a twenty seven year old man is in custody after an explosion in new york city's port authority bus terminal four people were hurt officials say the man was inspired by the so-called islamic state. french president obama will make calls will today kick off a summit aimed at showing the progress made towards the twenty fifteen paris climate accord ahead of the main talks mcallen awarded make our planet a great again grants to us scientists planning to relocate to france. and u.s. president trump is placing scrutiny once again over allegations of sexual misconduct three women who have accused of sexual harassment are calling for congress to investigate his behavior the white house says the claims are full studio.
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the indian capital delhi has been shocked recently by reports of how more than ten sanitation workers have died it's thrown the spotlight on something called manual scavenging that's the practice of cleaning human waste by local communities it's banned by law in india but it's still rampant our india correspondent sunny fall census this report from delhi. every morning shows up for the few anyway i would want to do. as a manual scavenging he cleans block drains and got in didn't. see me has been doing this to six he owns anywhere between four hundred to eight hundred rupees a day that's about five to ten euros. and. i almost threw up the first day here until then i have never cleaned the toilet in my own home the stench was disgusting i nearly quit. but i had to feed
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my two children since i'd lost another job so i carried on in the middle of. the work is extremely dangerous there's no machinery or safety. sometimes has to undress and squeeze into the sewers and cocked up. he says he's developed skin attitudes his eyes burn from the toxic gases. the laborers belong to the balmiki community. that sits at the bottom of india's class system their work opens them to prejudice and discrimination which. some people treat us as if we're not human and we're human too now you're sitting here it's very dirty but people cover their noses when they walk past white on three were cleaners none had safety equipment and one of them was nanny and. his wife is still waiting for compensation from the
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company. my children don't understand that their father is not coming back our world has come crashing down i've had to borrow a lot of money since i lost my husband and i don't know how i'm going to pay it back. the issue has sparked an outcry reports in the indian media say more than ten switch workers have died in delhi alone in recent months the city government has since banned its agencies from outsourcing sanitation work to contractors who hire manual scavengers. who. a spokesman for the delhi government says manual scavenging has no place in modern india but he admits the rot runs much deeper it's absolutely inhuman it's me do you will there is a problem of lack of awareness this problem of insensitivity and just callous
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attitude on the part of not just the police but i am afraid of large sections of our society because they don't see it as a as wrong as as a moral wrong as a legal wrong that means little to suniel and his friends. they finished here. they are already off to the next job. regardless of the more they will always be enough demand for cheap labor to do the city's dirty work. leipzig involves sport face off and bonus later tonight for sport the hosts are only three points clear of relegation while leipsic need a victory to catch table leaders by admitting. the wolves have only lost one since martin schmidt took over in mid september their last outing at home was a convincing three nil victory over gladbach stopping their momentum in its tracks
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but a league high of nine draws had their main table purgatory currently eleventh and closer to relegation than they'd like to be the head coach addressed the drawing issues in the press conference ahead of the match close to us but obviously in the nets and in the last five or six games i think we're closer to getting away from that statistic that being the king of draws after a long time doesn't take you anywhere you know so our goal is to turn that around and also to change our mentality moving forward go. on to a button that it wasn't going to be i've despite being second on the table rb life sick last to leave last time out against monks the bulls were even gifted a questionable penalty in the match that ultimately ended even. well more on the midweek bonus league action i'm joined here in the studio by a lima hotel key from d.w. sports. leipsic could narrow by on munich's lead at the top of the table five
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points if they managed to beat both borg and tonight's early game is it too late for them to make a serious challenge for the title and it's not even about life it's acknowledging a serious challenge of course they do i think most. it's in the d.n.a. to want to dethrone by and munich they've had a monopoly for the past five seasons and when they when they don't just when they have a tendency to really run away with the title yes partly because you know they are a really good team that's just too good there's a reason people call them a super cop they would dominate most leaks but for the first time this season back in september it looked like this could be the year when the season when by and nick might fall flat on their face and what happens is comes in coaching change by and get their mojo back and so i'm calling it out right now the title is a foregone conclusion ok. well later tonight we've got another important game dortmund face mines on the road what do you think of the prospect of dortmund
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getting back on track now that they've hired peter as their new coach tricky but very doable and i think we saw that come when a guy has quality at his service there's a lot that can happen and i see a lot of good things can happen and unfortunately this season at coach had a long list of injuries he no longer had the service of anthony my desk but that won't be the case at dortmund because he will have all my eye on him we have and have plenty of other quality and creative players so i think it's it's curious to see exactly the sort of football that will produce with such a different set of playoffs alina thanks so much to the tukey from v.w. sports. ever forward go just reminder the top story we're following for you today russia's president vladimir putin has declared victory in syria and announced a partial withdrawal of russian troops. at the task of fighting what he called armed bandits was now mostly complete. and that's your news for
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now. will be with you at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin thanks for watching. it's all happening. during leaked news from africa and the world.


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