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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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does the machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context would i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you listen to it's a feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to. the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin and it is a high stakes election in the deep south of the us that could have a far reaching implications for. the democrats doug jones is looking to pull off an
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upset in the republican heartland of alabama his rival roy moore who rode into the polling station alabama style has seen his support wane amid sex allegations and president former advisor steve bannon picks a fight with the devil you knew you and all the mainstream media are part of the opposition party you have an agenda you have a global suggest you try to ram down stories and try to ram down their buildings down down down down the u.s. to even get credit about it no no no i say from day one. was the world is losing the battle against climate change that's the message from french president manuel microland at a summit in paris he calls for more action and more money. it's
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good to have you with us double drums presidency faces a major test tonight as voters in alabama elect a new u.s. senator it is being billed as a battle of political cultures and one that could have a big impact in washington maybe beyond president trump has angered the conservative establishment by endorsing republican candidate roy you move or a former state judge whose campaign has been clouded by allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls a mystery more denies any wrongdoing he and his wife rode up to the polling station today on horseback to cast their ballots more is stirring controversy before he's done this before with his brand of religious activism but the latest accusations against him have divided the republican party which only has a slim majority in the u.s. senate. these scandals surrounding moore has also thrown the race why do have been
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for his democrat opponent doug jones the former u.s. attorney is now hoping for an upset victory in what has been a deeply conservative state no democrat has held a u.s. senate seat from alabama in more than twenty years. our washington correspondent carolina jim moret is on the story for us tonight she gave us an update on the state of the race in alabama. it is a very tight race brand and it is one of the most unpredictable elections in alabama ever the last time a democrat was elected in this state was take ages ago as you already mentioned so if this happens today it would be definitely historic some polls see a republican candidate throwing more ahead but only with two or three point advantage for others predict democrat doug jones as the winner of today's election in alabama so as i already mentioned it is and i'm usually unpredictable race in this state the man who helped win the white health steve benen he is also
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stumping in alabama what has he been saying. well steve is still working on his big project to change the political landscape here in the united states and for this he is fighting not only against the democrats but also against the establishment of the republican party and of course against the mainstream media in the united states but also against international press our reporter. caught up with c.-span and alabama let's hear brant what ben had to say. the media is they're just another advocacy group in fact fake news is the least bad thing and call them i comb the opposition party while i'm in leon and that's absolutely not true but information today is part of political warfare just because it will kind of answer is that i'm not a politician that means you're not the political process you in all the mainstream media are part of the opposition party you have an agenda you have a global such and you try to ram down stories and try to ram down there is
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a chance that not down down down down you have to you know you try to buy that no no no no i say from day one right partly we are strongly partisan ok we're strongly partisan but we say upfront we're part of a news organization ok it doesn't mean we're not fair we think we treat people very fair but there's a definite angle attack that we don't make any pretense like you and the rest of the mainstream media and you make this pretense of this false objectivity it's total nonsense every understands as total nonsense and you get in and out every day ok then steve bamby lots of holes in his argument and i have to defend our colleague alexander phenomenon when she said we're not politicians we aren't politicians she did not say we're not part of the political process we are we're part of getting information out to the public so with that out there stated does it have any appeal to us voters i mean they've heard this time and time again ever since the truck campaign. absolutely brant i just came back from to make
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a report about orders and supporters here in the united states and it was pretty clear to me that people here are fed up with a bully titian's in general with the establishment with washington with the leaves and of course with the media they do things that the mainstream media reports say can use and the term supporters not only support trump but the people around him even more than they did before the presidential election last year they believe that their views and their interests are not being represented in this elites of establishment and they actually celebrate the lack of political correctness of donald trump because they say he dares to speak out the truth and in a simple way so that really everyone can understand him origin or correspondence carlia turmoil the story for us with the latest on that recent alabama and those accusations of steve benen against g.w. news in the mainstream media earlier thank you. here is some of the other stories
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now that are making headlines around the world nato has reappointed against bolton bag secretary general until the year twenty twenty a former norwegian prime minister has held the post since two thousand and fourteen a term marked by security challenges including increasing tensions with russia terrorist attacks and foreign fighters returning from the middle east the german president from father steinmeier is in ghana as part of a four day trip to west africa to visit aimed at strengthening economic ties in tackling the causes of migration to europe the german government has pledged one hundred million extra euros to boost renewable energy and vocational training in ghana. the global climate summit in paris has drawn to a close with pledges of over one billion dollars in investments to make it easier for countries and industries to give up oil and coal a two years after the historic paris climate agreement the target of curbing global warming to one point five degrees above pre-industrial levels seems as far away as
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ever so today france's president led the charge of bringing together business and political leaders from all over the world. it's a goal that and then well mccrone is taking very personally the paris the cold was the pride of friends two years ago but the french president is taking pains to place himself with the avalanche guyand to reinvigorate the spirit of that deal after all he's well aware of the criticism that progress is fun too slow. if we are not fast enough and that's what's dramatic we are not going fast enough if we carry on the slowly towards our goal an average of one point five degrees there will actually end up it too will three degrees that's no wendy our original commitment and when i say that we are losing the battle today i want you to realize that there are heads of state and governments here who agree. it's hardly the first time he's presented himself as the leader in the fight against climate change mccrone has
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taken it upon himself to directly intervene in the u.s. pulling out from the cold back in july treating trump to a fancy meal in the eiffel tower itself wooing him into seeing the french point of view on the environment at this week's summit it's clear microphones hopes line not just in big governments but in the finance and science sectors he spoke to engineers scientists and entrepreneurs developing innovations to improve energy efficiency france has pledged to spend millions of euros to support the work of eighteen scientists most of them from the us on the condition that they work in france in the future of roof to ship it but i want you to figure out what is the most radical innovation fundamental research applied research all the projects that you are pushing a technological research that will allow us to win the battle against climate change. or for now
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though micron summit is using star power to raise the profile of the climate goals once more underlining their importance to the younger generation. and he wants company heads involved two firms will need to raise the bulk of one hundred billion dollars annually from twenty twenty for climate protection and adapting the planet to climate change even with the powerful on the chrome side slow progress and an uncooperative u.s. president means achieving the climate goals will be anything but smooth sailing. here in berlin that germany's parliament has approved extending its came out with very missions around the world they include the use of surveillance jets against islamic state training deployments in afghanistan and a peacekeeping mission in moscow. as is customary in the run up to christmas german chancellor angela merkel matched with the families of german soldiers deployed in
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missions abroad meanwhile the german parliament was deciding on the future of the five largest and most dangerous german army operations german troops are involved in missions in mali in the mediterranean syria iraq and afghanistan the continuation of all five operations was approved with a large majority that was and we want our soldiers to have legal certainty in their respective dangerous region we also want our partners and allies to know that germany is reliable and committed to its responsibilities with germany still struggling to form a government the mandate was only extended by three months to allow a new coalition room for maneuver one reason for the far left party the link it to vote against the foreign army operations. what will happen if we still don't have a government in three months time extend the mission is for a further three months that would be absurd and it's not fair to the soldiers we're sending on these missions. and that chicken the far right if he supports only the mediterranean sea operations which focus on preventing people trafficking and
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weapons smuggling but they want the german army to take on further tasks in the region he'd. like all of the german army or the libyan coast guard to bring migrants back to africa to bring every political party is calling for the three month extension to be used as a time to reflect on the future of the missions abroad and if necessary to make changes to them. to be going on around the world following the u.s. decision last week to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital or germany's past means that the debate here has taken on particular significance last week and protestors in berlin burned israeli flags in public and that shocked many people it was sharply by the government here where now germany's jewish community is calling for tougher laws and the controversy shows no sign of it.
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but there were new protests in berlin on tuesday. many here can't understand why donald trump has chosen to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the palestinians claim east jerusalem as the capital of a future palestinian state and they wonder why there has been such outrage at the burning of israeli flags. germany it's just about to fly a simple flag what about the people who are born in a refugee camp were born stateless what about them. and that doesn't serve our cause and we are against anti-semitism and we strongly condemn it we are also semites. that on tuesday is also the first day of hanukkah. the jewish festival of lights at the brandenburg gate a huge menorah has been installed. as the holiday has been overshadowed by what he called the dramatic anti-semitic scenes of the past weekend. exactly here we
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witnessed a horrible and uncomfortable scene demonstrators chanted israel kills children and burned israeli flags we must not tolerate this. the controversial protests include the burning of israeli flanks german law bans the destruction of flags serving as official symbols like in front of embassies and government buildings but there's no ban for example on protesters burning flags they bring with them germany's central council of jews is demanding tougher laws against demonstrations but some lawmakers are skeptical. because it's i don't think louis can solve conflicts what's unfolding here on the street is in fact a very real conflict israel's actions on the ground as well as its settlements policy exacerbate this conflict. these are one off events but at the moment it doesn't look like that's the case and
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that can't continue therefore we'll do everything possible to prevent it. despite being supportive of citizens' rights to protest germany remains particularly vigilant when it comes to making sure that legitimate israeli protests don't spill over into anti-semitism. story we're following for you the u.s. state of alabama is voting in senate republican. is up against the democrats . if the democrats win. republican majority in the u.s. senate. you're watching live from berlin for all of us here thanks for the company . at the top of the. program guide.


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