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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2017 9:00pm-9:29pm CET

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pupils from thirteen different countries. get the underlying idea is that they'll start out in a preparatory class until they've learned enough german to join the regular class and i'm going to think of him. over time as have him past my girlfriend is definitely very reserved and shy for seven of those who i think she's still trying to adjust you i'm so happy. i have to have god i know for example i just had a situation in which she came up to me with an assignment she had done and offcuts a matter of fact i had to come and at the same time a boy from pakistan approached me and she immediately took three steps back and let him go ahead of her up with even though she was there first and i thought ok that's deeply ingrained in her and probably got a few for me at about. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero. zero.
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zero zero s. . from. much like. oh. oh. that's. so cool the turkish girls and also the arab girls wear make up here. because it's. one of the posts. so explain the m one. i think that even the syrian girls change. from those will make it.
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you know what. i was going to head for the only time i can think in peace is when i'm paintings are the only well. you know. this is my grandmother's house. we had a huge green garden. we planted it all ourselves. now it's just a wasteland. my aunt was like a second mother to me. and my mother got mad she protected me. my grandmother loves her very much i helped her write a lot. so
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. i hope i can go back home. wow. now everyone tells me all change is the lawyer school asked me how long i'd been here in germany and i said for months. and he said wait another two month and you'll be a different person and that's but i'm not going to change them what was it and went
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on but when i had lain. i thought that if that. was who was. who. was the fish in the ditch this lenten is for you john this this is how you turn it on and off. who gave this harmony that mother that was and i call my mom i told you so i know
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mama why are you. oh i was so there was no. it.
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oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh yes
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somebody points are you calling and buying yeah the day before yesterday the police when the immigration authorities too much they wanted to deport us back to macedonia but i was lucky i wasn't at home by night and i went with my aunt to a birthday party. now i'm hiding. oh i don't know what to do now janet is crying a lot stronger and he wants to go to school or. i see yes. you are smart i don't know what to do. i don't know what you should do either. janet. janet wants to go to school but i'm afraid to leave the house because of the police. john i was crying all the time and dreaming about school. yeah i would be just the ones to speak to you. oh oh oh oh
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oh hello janet how are you. not. good yes i've heard that's terrible. is it true you want to come to school. yes. what do you do all day. we stay at home. the whole day. good. something i wasn't going to school why did i go and love you.
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the whole die is home what can i do it nothing. all i can do or told me is watch t.v. nothing else this. i only ever go out to the playground. when i come home i'm afraid i'm going to know. how do you. price your mom for john how does anyone know where john it was on thursday and friday i didn't know either so i called his mother on friday afternoon. and she told me that they have to go back to mr donia. work worse than the. union but of course they don't want to. so again avoid they feel a lot better here so they've gone into hiding.
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perhaps a human. could be enough of a relationship has been established so that i can say oh that was a kid who's been threatened with deportation i'm officials and i would chance does he hurt you feel for him and start thinking about his plight was one of the mothers in the tree or on the other hand if i'm honest he's a very difficult pupil who needs a lot of attention and takes up a lot of my thoughts. and energy on you. immediate. kill by telling john i feels the same way we do sad that he can't be with us right now and that we can't see him. if a mess so i think he probably misses as friends. you.
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know. oh. yes this is where the socks go and my style here how can i get my hands. look. these things on my arms and these are my clothes i have to fold them correctly my. thing. in.
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my you want to is kind of my mother has been very sad since the police came and i don't know what's going to happen he was supposed to get. he didn't get so much no i think that when i'm at school the police will come and get me in the home i would run away if. he could not. go to sleep. you know good note. i'm a real nice girl must. be . good. all right.
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and i gain. more than i have. thoughts are just how. i have lived. here a blooming leaf.
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they haven't retired. hello i'm looking for an apartment in hamburg. i've got a large family six people. six people meaning two adults and four children. four children my wife and me big family. this big family. and you want to know what the chances are of getting an apartment . for six people it's never easy in hamburg because more and more people are moving here a large apartments are getting increasingly harder to find. and you'll have to be patient. yes of course things. but i need an apartment in hamburg. for five rooms bedrooms and
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a living room. that's going to be tough but if we don't have an apartment for you we can always put you on a waiting list. because you're there to excuse me something could come up later but that may take some time. he how long. it always depends on whether someone else moves out that could take years under one. oh ok ok you need patience and a bit of luck. was the. result somebody. else wanted to try the will i've been looking for an apartment every day for six months to live as my hopefully i'll get lucky today.
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and the fact the listing said it had four rooms but there are no pictures of the interior. the remote location is great. is that we should take it. from one of. its. one of its. many of them are feeling about the people you can never get back to you
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or they turn you down because they don't want the refugees. cause we never want more than three or four people. with us so it's difficult it's very difficult and i have often enough i love my sense so many e-mails to real estate agents and housing exchanges essentially committed no i'm not the problem is that i can't communicate very well with a landlord who just doesn't know what i did you must ha and then. my german model isn't good enough that he should fill in a mystery come on top of a fish way a lot of this is of on with us is of us on the chateau not nec. let's see that was ninety percent of the landlords reject us how to load and i mean same believe in utah because the unemployment office pays a ransom the full. one little wish i was on in atlanta but i'll manage it so the machine i must are going to somehow will manage. hyson but your name shall i say you say. i'm not the high some do not miss the
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monarch the high school. this. morning i am sorry to have. to see. you so. this is yusef get off it's time for school this year is over. to have me. and dutch this is in german this is arabic. again no hold every wednesday we have a german course and do activities like singing in german in
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a choir. in hula in ne in east. east. evening. in giving you gave. me. i. live in saudi. where planning a big concept. is but that means we only have
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a limited number of rehearsals. i want everyone to feel proud when we perform i did it. for us. i want to see happy life and children giving it their best. and you all can do that you know. off. the muffin you. don't really want to do this. it doesn't feel normal to me. i don't understand a word of what i'm singing. the teacher said just follow the others. i never in my life imagined i'd sing in front of other people you know or. a father . close your eyes.
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that is ok john that is everything ok janet. was that i looking forward to school yap yap. yap yap i think the other kids will be glad to see you and that they don't know that you'll be returning to school today conditional accost and. much of the strength of luck and janet every fall in his sleeve and there is still a way could. he leave me as
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a man and that asked out of the family now lives at the other end of the city and in the long run it's not really practical for him to make the trip to school by himself or have his mother bring times i like that. but we'd all like to see john there rejoin the class he wants to in the other kids do two things earlier parents decided we would take turns picking him up and taking him back home so that he can rejoin the class them a janitor and have his. more of a normal life it's an excess of the income and some position. and i don't. know what's inside it such as that's and i was in the short time since we last saw each other a lot has happened. i filed an application for your children with the federal office unfortunately it was very quickly rejected because the phone for months if an application is rejected it doesn't have the effect of pushing back the deadlines
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she. just i'm in good mood it means is the immigration authority is allowed to deport people before the court even decides on their appeals could lift will help. to prevent that we had to apply for an injunction and. we wrote that the children would be in grave danger if they were deported. no we can only hope someone reads our appeal at least. once a month i druther move back to where we used to live in the us in the district the school is so far away over an hour janet doesn't want to change schools. i can understand that he needs to build a t. he wants to know that he'll be able to see his friends and not be taken somewhere else next month. that's terrible for a child of course and he. was
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. going to. most stuff does this have to be college into the lingo just this one. you don't have to call it that one. and this says the chair their school. their them. are.
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a godsend. to name. a.
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little slower to more tries. to. use to use a fortune. oh. and . just because it's. out of that look at.
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that oil that runs. on. a very nice. shore. the tell us on the same or maybe you'll get lucky even though a lot of other people also has the. say . on a. little. bit
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it's going to own it because you could grow a lot of plants here. our house in syria was nice a bit different. but this apartment is nice let's move to hopefully we'll get it. oh you want to stay here always rather go back to syria zero back or just to visit i can stay on. to my number seven go front of my life. the shaking hands oh my yes i was. going. to have yes until i go quiet or please. you. here is mine. mine since my room. my and some
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not is my room is dog race issues today i like to play martin it my desk mind douche. my chair is fun fun fun to toss to catch my in my sister and i like to swim. with you have to be strong and speak your mind to make it here i love the german watch dog which is like is to i use it all the time was. was. was. was. she was was was
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. you. know. that. well.
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yeah why not. with the you not me though we didn't get that apartment either. they said they were sorry but our family is just to be in and so honest in this the twentieth rejection i had to be i swear the apartment was huge. i was going to them no wonder they always say no i know if we had i don't know why they won't take us that way and i'm not if i have to keep looking for them the how are they looking looking lovely what a model. you
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. would you know. are you afraid. they're not coming for us or did you see police somewhere. they're not coming. is almost lost. the counsellors at the center will help us. but they wanted to help before the police came anyway. so no answer is now the office of juvenile affairs is helping us.
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find the top forty five thousand psi thema gratian office i don't want my kids to know it came to. him i just tell them all's well. you know. you. said the alessio no we haven't completely right i'm really settled here. we've lost everything we can't go back to.
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the city but we need to have a home or get out about it she. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh but in the books of no. moving away i mean i'm not
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nervous anymore. so tonight it's no big deal if i make a mistake this someone will help me. i'm just going to say. as a mom this mom to them. was. was was it. was was was was. was. was was was was was was was.
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was .
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this is g.w. news my vote from berlin the british prime minister theresa may suffer as a blow to her breaks it bill a group of rebel lawmakers from within her party sway a key vote now parliament has the final say on any exit agreement with the european union what does this mean for moving forward and from a future we'll ask our london correspondent also coming up leaders of islamic countries and meet in turkey and declare east jerusalem the capital of palestine
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turkey's president urges the rest of the world to do the say will go live to its temple and jerusalem for reactions plus a stunning victory for u.s. democrats doug jones claims victory in alabama's u.s. senate race a major setback for the republican party that could alter the balance of power in the u.s. congress. i'm bringing off it's good to have you with us tonight shock result from britain's house of commons members of parliament gift giving themselves the authority to veto the government's final breck's it deal in a defeat for prime minister to resign may about ten members of her conservative party who sided with opposition lawmakers to pass an amendment that may's government had opposed now this amendment gives the house final say on whether or
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not they can approve the e.u. with withdrawal bill that converts thousands of e.u. laws into british law on the day that the u.k. leaves europe in march twenty ninth. for more on this now we want to go to london our correspondent is on the story for us good evening to you begin so walk us through the vote that just took place. well it was something that was highly contested and there was debate about it for days probably even weeks and the government really tried until the last moment to persuade their own m.p.'s of their own good intentions the e.u. withdrawal that as you said it's all about transferring e.u. law into british law and how is the government going to go about it parliament is saying we want to have a say we don't want the government to have too much power we want to have a say in how bracks it basically is shaped and how the whole process
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a said it was all about taking back control this was the slogan of the breaks it is so we want to have that control we don't want this just to be decided by parliament the government tried to get their way they tried to persuade people from their own parties m.p.'s from their own parties to go with them but they did not succeed and this amendment got through where basically parliamentarians are saying we have to show the way not just the government and so what does this mean then for going forward with bricks or. well first of all it's something that's internal it doesn't mean anything for example for the council that is happening tomorrow and friday in brussels but of course it's symbolic it's political it's something that's an internal u.k. process but the e.u. has a strong interest in having a strong british government they want to negotiate with the british government that is stable and that gets there everything that they promise that gets it through so
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it makes everything more tricky then again to resign may only has a very very thin majority in parliament she has she has the support of the north northern irish unionists but it shows that the majority is so thin so if some rebels go with the opposition she is on thin ice yeah and what does this mean for her and her government moving forward it's a show you situation at best it's a tricky situation at best and the reason may and that was also showed in the run up to this crucial vote really try to get her people on board because she knows that she is vulnerable and that she doesn't have the support of several members also of her party there are quite a few rebels in the conservative party that don't want to go ahead with a hard brick said with leaving the single market leaving the customs union and
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they're really trying to influence everything that is done in brussels and they do everything they can and this just shows that reason may is vulnerable and that her bricks of the cause for the bricks that she has set is not just determined by her is determined by the cabinet but also by the members of parliament or corresponded bigamous on the story for us tonight with that breaking news from london because thank you very much. well more than fifty muslim countries have agreed to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of palestine now it came during an emergency summit of the organization of islamic cooperation convened in stamboul by turkey's president. he has urged the rest of the world to follow suit he says that u.s. president donald trump's decision last week to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is a quote red line for muslims. the aim to
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present a united front against the decision that's roiled muslims worldwide herron a stumble donald trump's move to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has been condemned turkish president retch up tie up at one host at the summit. as islamic countries we will never give up on our demand of a sovereign and independent palestine with jerusalem as its capital. jerusalem status is at the core of the decades long as really palestinian conflict israel sees the eastern half of the city in the one nine hundred sixty seven war it controls the city's west before the palestinians hope east jerusalem will be the capital of their future state now the summit has backed best chance donald trump pair on a visit to the city in may has been seen as siding with israelis and the conflict through his recognition of jerusalem as that capital palestinian president mahmoud
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abbas has vowed to take the matter to the u.n. council to try and block washington's decision. but israeli leaders believe they too have international backing. all of these declarations do not impress us. in the end the truth will prevail and many countries will recognize drusilla as the capital of israel and move their embassies there too. meanwhile violent clashes continued between palestinians and israeli troops and the west bank protests that the second week with no end in sight. our correspondent dorian jones has been covering the summit for worse he joins me along with our jerusalem correspondent tanya kramer she is monitoring developments from there to both of you good evening to you let me begin with you why hasn't
9:49 pm
israel reacted more strongly to this declaration. that the statement of the summit would really shake up israeli politics over here we just heard the statement by this very prime minister netanyahu saying that the statements they don't to really impress israel and i think israeli officials from their point of view they're not seeing the our. as so united as you could say from that statement all the arab states to have their own strategic interests and also there are a lot of other problems here in the region so i think dave all the take here in israel the attitude of wait and see and see how this will unfold in the next coming days and weeks and dorian how our muslim leaders how are they planning to turn their words today into actions in the future. well i think we will see
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a question if it has diplomatic offensive to achieve these goals it will be confined to the muslim world but also beyond that particularly europe is seen as a key target and one can imagine that the turkish president will be playing a very much leading role in this and they feel very much. infused them boys by the fact that they see trump very isolated over his move ever jerusalem even from his key allies and they believe that the reason momentum that that can sustain and help to achieve these goals of securing the recognition of east jerusalem for the palestinians and mahmoud abbas the palestinian leader also went further he's looking for possible economic sanctions against israel. more impetus to the boy called to be israel they very much believe that there is momentum now following the controversial move by trump and how or has today's summit has it done anything to bridge the divisions in the muslim world that you know that tanya was talking about
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. well very much not the fact the the heads of state from saudi arabia and egypt did not attend ball seen as a major snow up to this summit there is this growing feeling that and you hear this increasingly from turkish officials. saudi arabia impossibly. tacit approval to trump's move over jerusalem there is this belief that saudi arabia and egypt all forming some kind of access with these rail and the united states against they're wrong and the latest actions by these countries what many took four minutes to describe is a week voices from source in arab countries referring to saudi arabia is further evidence in the belief and fear is that this will further of polarize the region already deeply divided between the blocs back in saudi arabia and those backing iran and this present a controversy will only fuel and further deepen the divide within the region and
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this declaration that we saw today is it going to be enough for palestinian leaders . well i think it's what dorian said i mean that is just momentum and i think it was very important for a palestinian leader mahmoud abbas there but the question is we don't know what will follow out of all of this and you have to know that president abbas is very much under domestic pressure as well to find an answer to deliver something i mean i've been talking to palestinian officials in the past days a lot of meetings going on there and a lot of ideas floating and beyond you know more king away from the u.s. as the main sponsor for peace talks they're talking about maybe joining more international organizations rethinking the role of the post you know authority a calling again on the u.n. but the question is will this be enough for the palestinian people and when you talk to people here they're saying you know enough of all those meetings enough of all those statements and red lines being crossed you want to see what kind of response are you going to have but they're also quite realistic they know that the
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decision taken by the trumpet ministration will not be reversed anytime soon. our correspondents tanya kramer on the story in jerusalem and dorian jones reporting tonight from istanbul to both of you you thank. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a head on collision inside switzerland road tunnel forced authorities to close the seventeen kilometer alpine link earlier today two people were killed and several injured after a truck collided with a car authorities have since reopened the tunnel after clearing wreckage and checking the tunnels structural condition in france will completely ban smartphones from public schools beginning next september the education minister today said an existing ban on the devices during classes will be expanded to include the school's . parent groups have boy skepticism saying that the ban will be impossible to
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enforce. firefighters have contained only twenty percent of a massive blaze that has reached california santa barbara county the wildfire has been raging across the los angeles region for two weeks burning down more than nine hundred homes and other buildings tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. staying in the u.s. in what's being seen as a major setback for u.s. president donald trump the democratic candidate doug jones won a u.s. senate seat in the deeply conservative republican state of alabama the result has a significant knock on effect in washington shrinking the republican senate majority from two votes to just one. of all the states in which the democratic fight should take shape alabama was an unlikely starting point the poxy has not won a senate seat here in a quarter of
9:55 pm
a century. rehab just around the state of alabama though we have shown the country the way their real of was and the celebrations here on much to the control they say surrounding his opponent barely or in the day the republican crusader roy moore had hoped his horse named sassy would carry him to victory. it was the final bed to cast him as a thorough bred conservative in a campaign marred by multiple allegations from women claiming he had molested them decades ago when they were teenagers even for high ranking republicans moore's actions and policies were beyond the pale he believes homosexuality should be illegal and that moved them shouldn't serve in congress.
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for donald trump the only thing that mattered was moore's loyalty to his vision the president has congratulated doug jones on a hard fought victory but said votes cast for a third candidate harmed the right ten vote played a very big factor he tweeted bought a win is a win not so. he has refused to concede. but the votes are still coming in and we're looking at then by god bless you as you go along may give the safe journey and thank you for coming tonight we are not over it's going to take some time i'm. but it is democrats who are smiling having narrowed the republicans majority in the senate to just one day say as they say a sign of success is to come in crucial elections next year. that is the hope let's go now to washington our correspondent course in phenomenas on
9:57 pm
the story force good evening to you carson so we've got the day after the election are we looking at a new political reality for u.s. president donald trump. so this election in a bamma has definitely tanishq donald trump's image as someone who knows his base better than anyone and as someone who can deliver wins for the republican party clearly that will make republicans in the country starts to think whether they need an endorsement from donald trump if it will help them or if they can't distance themselves from him to some extent at least of course donald trump remains very popular among the republican base and so therefore. he has a lot of power over the republican party and its representatives in congress but
9:58 pm
clearly the all of invincibility has goal and the democrats have smelled blood and they would be on the attack from now on and how much of a blow is this then for the republican party particularly when we're looking at the legislation that they planned and that they would like to see passed. it will get more complicated for them they can only lose one votes now even on those issues where they need only a simple majority and in many cases they can't even agree among themselves what they want plus there are a number of senators that have been deeply alienated by it on the trump people like bob corker john mccain jeff flake susan collins and they might vote against donald trump gender at any given time and do this all over the question here are democrats celebrating their comeback did they win this election or did the republicans choose
9:59 pm
a flawed candidate i think it's mostly due to roy moore who has very extreme political views even for alabama standards and clearly the republican establishment in washington didn't want him in the first place he was forced on them by the populist nationalist wing of the party and has been this civil war within the republican party going on and that continues to weaken the republican party and what about this victory for the democrats me what does it mean and i'm thinking about you know next year's congressional midterm elections. it clearly the democrats have some reason for hope now because their base not only was energized but it actually turned out to vote even many independents voted for the democratic party in alabama so they have hope now that they can actually win
10:00 pm
both chambers of congress next year having said that for that they still have to work oh it's their own issues there's also a battle within the democratic party for the right way forward and they need a positive message just saying we are against trump will not be enough or at a corresponding course in phenomenon the story for us tonight in washington carson thank you very much. you're watching t.w. news coming up he's a british cycling icon and he failed a drug test there he is we'll talk about what this could mean for chris from. the bike and now onto the road to money the federal reserve has raised interest rates for a third time this year crystal that's right brant and it is a vote of confidence that the u.s. economy remains on solid footing more than eight years after the great recession the fed pushed the benchmark rate to between one point two five and one and
10:01 pm
a half percent that is the third time that the fed raises interest rates this year now after years of holding rates near zero to combat the effects of the financial crisis the fed raised rates for the first time in twenty fifteen and since then they have been gentle lifts to ease the economy back into rates driven monetary policy the central bank said it expects the job market and the economy to strengthen further and predicts three more rate rises next year not despite the increase in the cost of borrowing firms seem confident a strong economy will make up for that for more let's bring in our wall street correspondent sophie she a month ski so if the u.s. economy seems to be in robust shape does the federal reserve see any risks to this economic upswing. well i think it's safe to say that there is just not that much downside that the federal reserve bank is seeing em and they were pretty happy with the development in the labor market they were pretty happy with g.d.p.
10:02 pm
growth so definitely two important factors that also have a big impact on monetary policy so i think there's one point that the fed is probably going to monitor closely as a potential risk and it's inflation because it's still not the at the two percent level where the federal reserve bank wants it to see it and let me say one more thing techs reform of course is going to have a huge impact on the american economy that's on the monetary policy though so this is probably going to be another factor that they're going to monitor really closely and sophie janet yellen stir missouri said the chairwoman will come to close next year there won't be another as by decree of donald trump how do people in the financial world look back at her time in office. well given was never really popular on wall street but i think you can say that she was always
10:03 pm
respected and of course many people accused her of being too darvish of not moving or not moving quickly enough in terms of monetary policy but i think her record speaks for itself and everyone here has knowledge this at the same time she was the first one to raise interest rates in a decade after the financial crisis and we just talked about the low unemployment rate we talked about strong g.d.p. growth of course these are all things that people consider as a success for yellen as well and on top of that the fact that trump nominated someone who's pretty much in line with the monetary policy approach that yellen always had drawn power as told also that it's been considered as a successful way of kind of interaction between the markets and the fed. so few months giving us the view from wall street sophie thank you so much and there's a trade war brewing between the united states and canada they are reports canada's
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dropped plans to buy eight hundred fighter jets from boeing over disputes with the neighbor in the south now the deal would have been worth well over five billion dollars and was part of an upgrade of the entire canadian fleet but it collapsed after the u.s. imposed duties of three hundred percent on c. series jets made by canada's biggest plane maker bot earlier this year the company accused of dumping airliners on the american market both countries are locked in increasingly difficult talks over the north american free trade agreement. germany's chancellor is launching a second attempt to form a new government following september's elections brant has the story that's right christoph previous bid collapsed after the free democrats pulled out of talks with the conservatives and the green party a social democrat conference recently gave party leaders the go ahead to begin coalition talks with americans conservatives initial discussions are taking place
10:05 pm
this evening but the social democrats they have not yet committed to reviving what's called the grand coalition that coalition has governed germany during the last parliament and the social democrats they served as the junior partner our let's get more on this now from our chief political correspondent melinda greene she is on the story for us here in berlin good evening to you melinda will we know more this evening about whether germany's heading towards another edition of that grand coalition. no we definitely won't these are very preliminary exploratory talks the parties have not scheduled a press conference and in fact they've been very mum about the whole thing they didn't even announce where this meeting would be held the reason for that is quite simple the chancellor engaged in other preliminary round of exploratory talks with two of germany's smaller parties earlier in the fall following the election those talks failed not least because of
10:06 pm
a lot of leaks that's what the parties want to avoid at this time around. so what are they going to be talking about in this first meeting. well according to the chancellor broad signposts that's was how she put it she said they should be talking about things like a big question what does germany need going forward the reason that she wants to keep it on that broad level again is because of those failed exploratory talks that i just mentioned with the other parties they failed in part because the parties got bogged down in details so where might the s.p.d. and the c.d.u. agree on broad signposts perhaps the area of schools and education that something both parties do is very important also possibly how to make germany fit for digitalisation so those are topics where they could find some agreement and one of the areas where they could run is a major differences of opinion. there are quite a few on that list immigration is one that was one of the reasons that both parties
10:07 pm
saw a drop in support during september's election and that could prove very very hard to find common ground on then there's the matter of policy toward europe both parties are saying germany needs to get a capable government up and running so that it can provide real leadership on europe not least in response to the various proposals that have been made by french president but there is a lot of disagreement between these two parties on whether europe's future should be something like united states of europe. the s.p.d. leader has called for or whether in fact power needs to stay in nation states hands more than the green on the story for us here in berlin melinda thank you. chris froome has recorded an abnormal drug test result. in september samples showed an overly high level of the drug.
10:08 pm
who has asthma said in a statement that his symptoms got worse during the race. believing he stayed within the guidelines cycling authorities are investigating the thirty two year old is only the third. the. tour de france in the same year. here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you british lawmakers have delivered a key defeat. plans a group of. house of commons vote giving parliament the final say on any agreement. to take you through the day.
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entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful two months ago says governments allow be a muddle said the mafia eva. in sixty minutes on d w two the.


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