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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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we must overcome it india. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for mines. images from an isolated country images from north korea. and italians a target for captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. north korea diary starting december twenty. w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michel henery it's good of you to join us here in germany the days are getting shorter and to pass the time during these long
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wintry nights many people like to visit one of the many christmas markets that have popped up across the country some however answer them with a feeling of dread because it was one year ago that a major terrorist attack was carried out in a bustling christmas market in berlin a truck plowed into a crowd leaving twelve people dead and over seventy entered a year after that horrible incident the memory of that night remains fresh for many especially for those who lost loved ones while debate over how police and politicians handled the event continues to rage many of the victims' families feel abandoned by the system that was supposed to protect them polish citizen janina urban lost her son he was murdered by the assailant who hijacked his vehicle to carry out the atrocity. yanina orbán has brought fresh candles for her son's grave truck driver luca was the first to die last year in the
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terrorist attack on a berlin christmas market. visiting the graveyard in bunnie poland has become a sad ritual for her and her husband. a very we come here almost every other day we need to clean up because so many people come here from all over poland from all over europe it needs to be kept tidy. his mother does not want to speak on camera she's overcome with tears and bitterness especially now one year after the attack she blames the german authorities and the german chancellor in particular but she also believes the attack could have been prevented. the family feels abandoned they still hope to receive some personal token of sympathy a letter of condolence from chancellor angela merkel. she isn't the only one critical of how those left behind have been treated many of the christmas market around berlin's historic memorial church are also dissatisfied
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. inside pastor catalina holds a service one year ago she was in here with her confirmation pupils when a truck drove into the crowd outside. they were quick to make public statements and hold an official service but any personal address asking what do you need how can we help that came later. that's the main point the twelve victims' relatives harshly criticize aside from flowers words and reads nothing much has happened they feel abandoned by the government which has yet to respond to the accusations. what's more the past months have revealed a growing number of mistakes made during investigations which has further infuriated those left behind. the police had been shadowing the attacker on his armory for months and traced his movements across two federal states yet they still
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failed to arrest the radicalized islamist one year ago on december nineteenth pastor she said goodbye to her confirmation pupils after a nativity play just minutes after the christmas market had become a crime scene. the attack fundamentally changed the community. with the attack list church lost a bit of its symbolism of security and other worldliness we are powerless of the world with all of its horace. we are unprotected from them and must respond. pastor shtetl still feels like she's been left alone despite the countless police officers now patrolling the christmas market the authorities utter failure last year has broken lots of trust back then the community wanted to help the victims quickly it'll be thousand hits our letters were sent out far too late and that was
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partly because the government did little to assist. that also shows we did things too slowly and we weren't sure how to handle things. and has. after the attack mistakes in the investigation merely increased the suffering of the dems and relatives alike. cousin is also better. owns the company for which lucas drove to berlin for the last scrap from the truck used in the attack hangs in his office it's a valve cab the german police secured in the driver's cabin to date he's only been compensated for a fraction of his economic loss for the room in addition to the main loss that my cousin room has more i didn't mention at first but all the costs i had to cover due to the attack. he had to get a lawyer to assert his claims so far germany has given him ten thousand euros he
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says the losses he's suffered are ten times that but he's more concerned by the german authorities behavior. i hope the victims' families will finally be treated as they should a quick look a humane way of the. germany's government squandered a lot of its trust after the berlin attack and not only in poland perhaps the most bitter realisation is that it took a year to recognize that. the german government now has plans to set up a centralized information center which will offer support to relatives of survivors of terrorist attacks for the victims of the attack on poland's broadside plats this help us come a bit late it's estimated that turkey has taken in more than three million syrian refugees that's more than any other country and it's a huge challenge especially given that almost half of them are children however
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turkey is getting billions of euros from the european union to help care for the refugees including providing education but our reporter julia hahn has met one young girl in istanbul who's plight is typical for the many children who are being left out. the clattering of the sewing machines for our us it's long been part of everyday life. iris is eleven and this is ten bold dressmaking shop is where she works the women here so long as you're a and she feeds the machines with fabric cutting sorting stacking twelve hours a day monday to friday for that she earns fifty cents an hour. as the house and sure i draw the going to school but we have to pay so much rent food the water bill it's all expensive. so i have to work
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to help my family. our us is not the only child in the workshop child labor has long been a problem in turkey and with the arrival of so many refugees from syria it's become even bigger. from damascus is thirteen he went to school in syria then came the war and fleeing from it now he has little time to study. the youngest child here is only six years old the head of the sewing shop is turkish he allowed us to film here but we had to promise him that he wouldn't be in the report child labor is illegal in turkey he knows that but as he says without work families would be even worse off. we meet. a district mayor of istanbul he admits that child labor is a massive problem in turkey. our
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options are limited. trying to get the children into our schools to give them books pencils satchels of course we're trying to but we don't always reach the more. often more help is needed than we can give. after work takes us to our family she has two sisters her mother hasn't gone back to work since becoming pregnant her father does have a job but even combined with his income the family can hardly make ends meet they don't receive any financial support from the state so he could live. i was the only one to work in syria and my salary was enough for all of us. even for my parents but here it's different the rent the costs for the kids. i just can't do it alone.
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we have to send our ass to work there's no other way every morning she cries and says i want to go to school and it breaks my heart i know that she is too young and many people want to care for her job because she is still a child. but i know the owner of the sewing shop he said he wanted to help us. because she has to work during the week can only go to school on weekends and their neighborhood syrian teachers offer lessons turkish arabic math the basics at least but to really help the children the families have to get out of poverty says the teacher. if the turkish state wants to help the refugees it should provide financial support for families who send their children. school with rent subsidies or social assistance. i don't think anyone would let
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their kids work in that case. with husbandmen to see not. only a few hours of lessons on weekends for our us these are the best moments of the week when the sewing machines are no longer rattling and she's allowed to just be a child. the turkish government has announced that by two thousand and twenty it will guarantee every syrian with e.g. child a place in school. let's turn our attention now to spain where the government has called for elections in catalonia ever since separatists held a referendum in october declared illegal by madrid catalonia has been in a state of emergency and the country deeply divided our reporter traveled through this part of northeast spain to gauge the mood. a sea of spanish and catalan flags you see a bull is coming here on spain's constitution day to express his support for
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national unity and oppose the catalan separatists who held an illegal independence referendum in october the crowd wants them jailed u.c.i. is glad to be with like minded protesters back in his home town vic such a protest would be unthinkable the town is fiercely in favor of catalan independence. for things a different that it's the the birthplace of the independence movement so. the mood in vic is staunchly pro independence along the market square posters call for the release of political prisoners. and locals still consider colors puts them on who fled to belgium to be their president one of them is raymone casals he wants independence from spain many like him have been notes calling for secession to this wishing tree. was the best i've spotted many notes that are concerned with the country's future when the people want independence and a free democratic country where they will get up and go raymone think spain is undemocratic he works for me i'm
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a cultural organization that promotes the catalan language and catalan independence because cells co organized vic solidarity jail citizens let themselves get locked up on vic's market square for two hours to express solidarity with incarcerated separatists. more than five hundred citizens have already participated and there's a long waiting list with the catalan regional elections nearing they want to mobilize pro independence voters. we will organize more events to achieve a great election result so that our independence movement can grow even larger than it is now. you see a coffee entrepreneur thinks this is unlikely since opposition to catalan independence is becoming increasingly vocal. some are even speaking out in the pro independence bastion of vick like these farmers they explain how the conflict has divided their family. the owner going to remember we had
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a family party on november first fifteen people sat at this table with after dinner the two of us were the only ones still sitting here the others were over there talking politics without us. there. catalonia has changed over the past months you see a says the political climate has become tense. i stopped going to a bar for a coffee or a beer half a year ago we can vote for the left the center or the right all that matters is that the party supports the constitution. better but the of course people who are not the. cells meanwhile wants to mobilize as many voters as possible because the separatist fervor after october's referendum has waned. it was thirty years later i'm hoping for a catalan republic that would be my ideal of course but it's very unlikely. so no matter who wins the upcoming regional elections catalan society remains
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deeply divided. sometimes it's just the brave actions of a single individual that can benefit so many enslaved archaea roma people faced segregation large scale unemployment and discrimination by police despite being the second largest ethnic group in the country they live in the margins of society with little chance of integrating but ever since being elected mayor of a small village in eastern slovakia vladimir ledecky decided to change things. let it ski is the hands on type of mayor he's making a lot of changes in his village spin off big changes. but. after my election as mayor i quickly realized that you have to tackle the problems in the image it was clear that something had to change that we have to get the roma into.
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the possibility of finding a job so we set up a company for roma who otherwise would not have had a chance on the free labor market. with. the roma were initially has a tent then more and more gradually joined the scheme and took up jobs earning a wage gave them money which they used to build new houses. even catch up also recently moved into his new home with his wife and four children it has gas a sewer system and running water it was a big change. and. we used to carry the water into the house and buckets now all the apartments have their own water closet you don't have to walk around the yard at minus twenty degrees celsius in winter that's good for the children alone even shows his children videos on the internet telling how the roma in their village used to live
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and how most of them in slovakia still do he wants them to learn from them. my children are shocked by it just one example i have a wooden crate for our firewood other roma actually live in a crate like that of. his wife is very happy that the family is doing better now. martina cutover also works for the community. people who have work feel better they can create something they can build something for their children. thanks to a joint initiative by the mayor and the school director things have also been changing for the roma children. there will be more so much from both groups the roma and the other children from the village must feel that they are equal and equally welcome after two or three years it's borne fruit we're on the right track . the neighboring village of but it is
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a good example of how the roma usually live in the country around one third of its two thousand two hundred inhabitants are roma they live in a simple settlement of huts on the edge of the village most of them don't have a job and don't have any chance to work they say they feel excluded. we mustn't leave the weakest behind it's about cohesion and there's no such a thing if we fail to take part of our society into account we must give the roma a chance at long last. year more and more but the benefit is that if they appear. to have shows that roma in slovakia don't have to live on the fringes of society but can thrive right at its heart for a life without poverty for life with a future even catch and his family. i can remember when i thought that twenty eight was old and now i think that sixty
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is rather young wouldn't it be great to find a way to bridge the gap between old and young to alter the perception that young people are entitled and spoiled and that the older generation is stuck in their ways this would likely lead to more compassion understanding and friendship between the generations in another limbs such an initiative is already underway it involves allowing dutch students living rent free in retirement homes. i give the go student sorest doman moved into his new home. it's not the typical kind of student accommodation one would imagine. the hi marty marty voice link is ninety two martin stories have become good friends they both live in a nursing home marty moved in ten years ago she loves old dogs and appreciates her
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young housemate saurus. yeah sure this year i've adopted saurus as my grandson. yes we get along just fine. that's very good. physically and mentally marty's in great shape she loves restoring historical dolls and her housemates so risk shows her how to photograph and document her work with an i pad when sawyer is moved in with the senior citizens. but that's completely changed in part because of marty but how do you do on this i don't view our friendship differently. we get along really well because we treat each other with respect makes a lot of things easier marty inspires me. she wants to keep learning and make the
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best out of her life despite her old age that's brilliant and. today another student is moving in the funder vols she's one of six students living alongside one hundred sixty senior citizens aged between seventy and one hundred and for. first i thought this is crazy all my neighbors are seniors but i think it could get really sociable. you leaker can't afford a four hundred you're a room in student accommodation or a furnished room in this nursing home is free on one condition you leka like all the students here spend thirty hours a month at the scene as. you leka doesn't have much time to settle in it's time for seniors and students to come together for dinner you lekas eager to get socializing but first she needs to learn
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a few things. that would only allow me to help in that for you. oh i didn't know. they said they can do that themselves their eyes are close i don't have to do that for them. to do as they're like. yeah. it's not easy for unicode to know exactly how to treat the seniors sorries has been living here for a year now he's more experienced and knows what interests the seniors most. as i can imagine they're very interested in our love lives and our sex lives student life and. the ducks city of defense on the ice a river has a hundred thousand inhabitants twenty six thousand of them students the town city center makes clear that society just like other societies it's growing
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progressively older the dutch called this trend the gray squeeze new approaches are needed. making retirement more enjoyable and life in nursing homes in particular that is missing home director because gold it was her idea to get students to move in she hopes it will bring together the young and the elderly our children have been a bit brought up like prince and princess since they are not so what enough to take care of the elderly we need to. emancipate the way we look at the elderly that they are of use and they care have their own meaningful relationships we show it every day. you leak a fund that falls is living the dream many in her generation harbor she studies at the academy of music in neighboring on them she dreams of a career on stage. you know
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a little better. but when classes are over she experiences something new with the nursing home what it means to live among people in need of cash she has become particularly close with one resident every be very seventy three and she's still mentally very fit but her legs gave out a while ago. but you leka has managed to break through her reserve recently the old lady even went with her to a student party. that we were playing the drinking games beer pong belly stood at one end of the table and a student stood at the other and then she had to throw balls into the cups yeah you're really good at that wintery. yeah i knew cut yeah i was good it had in a cup in white and the student standing there had to drink it up each time. you don't get a jam it was just some snaps but he didn't want to drink any more. he'd apparently
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had too much already. yeah. that was nice wasn't it yes. one i knew a highlight for all residents is the orania orange crest on. it was the students idea to throw a party at the nursing home they wanted to create a more comfy unlikely atmosphere like in fetching communities and they want to stir things up a bit. all the way i see older people as changed a lot of. i used to think mostly about their limitations but now i see their possibilities and the things they can indeed do. you leka has been living in the nursing home first few weeks now she and her housemates know sometimes it's the small ideas that make the biggest changes.
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i hope projects like this pop up in more places check our facebook page news stories if you like to find out more about any today's cases or better yet send me a tweet until next time goodbye.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful two months ago motos most famous investigative journalist staff make our on the guy lead syria was assassinated in a car bomb a few years she talks politicians and business leaders is my guest here in valetta
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is the deputy prime minister chris as these governments allow be a muddle said the mafia eva folks in thirty minutes w. bush to the. awesomest if you. just think. with the senses. recognize. and experience the inexpressible. the cultural magazine. twenty one on d w. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news. for a couple people and projects that are changing our farm and for the better it's up
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to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. the committee for the environment magazine the first. long d.w. . they know me like. they know what police think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece of salt with. a virtual person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. the fuel isn't let's say feelings on the instruments that
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steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us even possible the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. e t. please. this is d w news coming to you live from but a setback the prime minister to resign may say. a blow as she heads to a summit in brussels.


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