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or to computer in this case. if you listened let's feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to the possible don't go rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news coming to you live from but i'm in a setback the prime minister to resign may be. bottoming dinsmore a blow as she heads to a summit in brussels for briggs the talks but the solution could lie in norway
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could this king crab pot a fifth also coming up its candidate protein now that even food scene takes to the stage in his forty's and near marathon press conference days after saying he would run for president again. and in the industry gone on informed shako were determined to catapult themselves into second spot in the table by beating a solid outs but. i'm a bit touchy. britain's prime minister tourism a is heading to a summit in brussels today after a setback in parliament over bragg said she and other e.u. leaders are expected to endorse a first stage deed on the terms of bags that were still agreed on last week but may's defeated term could undermine
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a party in brussels m.p.'s voted that parliament druther than just a prime minister and a cabinet not have the final say on any breaks it agreement before the deadline in march two thousand and nineteen. there says the move to resume is way first said majority was exposed. the ice to the right three hundred nine the nose to the left three hundred five. eleven of whom m.p.'s rebelled against her to demand the british parliament gets a say in the final breaks if. this is the architect of her latest humiliation. this was a time is a time for everybody to stand up and be counted churchill said he's a good party man and he puts the party before him self and the country before we's party and that's what i intend to do. airily or theresa may try to stamp out the
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rebellion for though she may have been better turning to those seated behind her but what can i say to the honorable lady but she says that it should be parliament that makes the decision about membership of the single market actually this parliament case that decision about our membership of the european union to the people i think of this country to the moon and undiscovered pull to deliver for the big. three she says that may would rather not have parliament tying hundreds imitates negotiations with the european union contribution but any end to the rebels who are unmarried if that is your way the lobby. and to reason me was staring at her first major defeat over breaks it they are serving the eyes of it all off weekend she now heads for crunch talks to where else but brussels. of course watching those developments in london
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closely let's go to our correspondent jug matis in brussels to find out more guild this is being viewed as a major setback for prime minister to raise may will this in any way affect the game strategy in dealing with dregs it. i'd say i'm richard fuels the fear that stories amaze simply not strong enough to push through any form of deal that may be reached to avoid a cliff fetch to avoid the u.k. crashing out of the you without any deal which would cause mutual suffering on both sides something the europeans are very keen to avoid does it change the european strategy not at all the european strategy has always remained no cherry picking for the u.k. if they want access to the internal market they have to play by the rules and accept the strings that come attached pack and parcel thank you looking at different models which could have drags it to within the e.u. and that took you to norway to more about that. that's right i'm retired i mean
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we're now at it in a phase where we look into a future possible new relationship and there's a lot of models around us switzerland with bilateral deals you have a number of trade deals for instance canada and then there you have iceland liechtenstein and norway who hammered out their own short of approach where they have full access to the u.s. market but are not in the member state they can for instance bilaterally make their own trade deals without asking process for permission so my colleague last second i once do also know and here's our story. you don't have to travel around the globe for a solution to the brics a dilemma it can be found right at europe's store step. up on the plane to norway and you're in a country that has rejected your membership twice but together with states like iceland or liechtenstein they have negotiated an agreement with the european union that gives them full access to the single market and there you have it the
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norwegian model. but is no way to really be off the shelf solution that britain is looking for. we head out to the countryside to find out what drives this skinny billion powerhouse. spined who to self famous know we each making craps and just like the economy as a whole he relies heavily on the european union. more than eighty percent off and always exports are to e.u. member states and one of the key advantage just our shared standards. i don't need to spend a long time explaining to my european customers of open meaning because they are looking for exactly the same what i'm presenting if i go from their oath in the row third floor was the sort of there was there are from some other issue if the european market is a very important market for us because they're close and go to say. but there's a price point always access to the e.u.
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market with. britain might be unwilling to pay the free movement of labor norway's government however sees it as a huge benefit. actually noways one of the countries having in the largest portion of foreign labor from the countries in the way and we depend upon. the workers a labor force from from other european countries so this is actually important for us and there are other potential perks with its arrangement norway is not part of the customs union that means it can unlike member states strike its own trade deals something that breaks the tears argued is one of the biggest benefits of brics it but the agreement costs norway a lot of money three hundred ninety one million euros go to the new each year that is almost as much as great britain has today only the u.k. gets full membership in return britain in the e.u. is currently a law maker norway is
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a lot take. a lot taker that receives on average five new directives per day which must be implemented no question going inside research given time keeps a folder of all the legal director from brussels he calls it the e.u. buyable. we have implemented more than ten thousand rules and regulations from. said voter i would like my prime minister mari minister of transport whatever to sit in brussels together with all the others and decide my future we have given it all away that's why britain could never join such an agreement as we have. despite the downsides a large majority of norwegians love the deal and at least for the transition period after breaks that no way might be the right blueprint for great britain. not just bought by a correspondent motus in brussels along with last shot to sic turning onto london
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a memorial service has been held honoring the victims of the tower fire which took place six months ago the ceremony was in simple as cathedral survivors of the file when attendance along with senior politicians and members of the royal family at least seventy one people were killed in the town fire that broke out in the early morning of june the fourteenth the beers quickly spread out the trendy four story building trapping dozens inside the disaster shocked the nation from many of the charred ruins as a symbol of the city's disregard for its low income residents. six months off the firemen have to survive with a still unhappy with the local authorities dealt with the situation did on news london correspondent biggest mosque was at the grenfell ptolemy moreas service and she explains why survivors have been really putting on the blame on the council and i think it's due to the fact that many people had before the fire broke out warned
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that there is a danger that this is a building that's not safe and then the fire broke out of course it's something that still looms over the area even now six months after i spoke to a friend who lives in the area recently and she still had tears in her eyes because she needs to walk across the street and see the building and when she talks about it she's still really moved and then imagine how this must be for people who are much more closely attached to. survivors so they are blaming the council mostly kensington and chelsea council but they don't feel that they've been treated adequately many people are still in a coma dacian that they don't find us appropriate they also talking about not having the the help that they want from the council changing offices changing people to deal with them and that i find it very difficult to be how. big it must
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reporting from outside simples cathedral in london this article look at some other stories making news around the tanzania has had to send money to on zero fourteen if it's un peacekeepers killed in the democratic republic of congo last week it was the deadliest attack on the blue helmets in almost quarter of a century one soldier remains missing and another forty four did. israel has closed its gaza border crossings in response to rockets fired from the palace in an enclave over the past week the israeli military has also launched air strikes in the gaza strip killing two hamas gunmen the cross border fire has come off to u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. doctors without borders say at least six thousand seven hundred muslims were killed in the first month an army crackdown on events in in ma that began in august the aid group calls that number a conservative estimate and says at least seven hundred and thirty children under
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the age of five among the dead. know you're watching the news coming up ahead it's candidate protean now russia's president vladimir putin takes the stage for his annual marathon press conference days of the saying you'd run for office again we'll tell you what he said. helena joins me now and little by little the era of cheap money is coming to an end in the u.s. certainly in the united states policy that may be implemented from the european central bank here as well but not right away we're going to find out in the coming hours that is the european central bank holds its last final big meeting of the year but in the united states the fed pushed the benchmark rate to between one point two five to one point five percent now it's the third rise in interest rates this year from fed chair janet yellen and the move is being seen as a vote of confidence that the country's economy is on solid ground more than eight
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years on from the global financial crisis now and eyes of the global recession the fed has held rates at zero it started to raise rates again for the first time in twenty fifty and since then they've been gentle lifts to ease the economy back into rates striven monetary policy the central bank says it expects the job markets in the economy to strengthen further and predicts three more rate rises to come next year oh you can speak to a financial correspondent on your port in frankfurt now daniel you're going to be tracking that e.c.b. meeting for us what are investors that telling you telling you they expect any remarkable shifts in policy. your first investors are really waiting for this press conference to start at two thirty pm german local time and throughout the day investors here are also very hesitant when it comes to new investment the blue chip index stacks at this moment it's down with about half
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a percent even though investors kind of already know what's going to happen we are not expecting any higher interest rates to be announced also we are not thinking that there is going to be another reduction off the purchasing program remember that during the last e.c.b. meet meeting those but this one purchasing program was reduced from sixty billion euros a month to just thirty billion euros a month but at the same time it was extended so no real big surprises that's what we're waiting for elena now in the past daniel mario draghi has signaled that he will have to wrap up his loose monetary policy at some point in minutes of men said that he seems every tool available to him to drive growth has it worked well yes it has worked i mean all this this project about sticking with his interest rates at the zero percent level and also this borne purchasing program
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this was all started during the financial crisis that we have seen about seven or eight years ago and guess that has worked also when you look at the blue chip index stocks this year shares in the blue chip index stocks went up in total by about thirteen percent but in total investors are saying that the economy is healthy enough so those programs are not anymore need it. at the frankfurt stock exchange for us thank you. the austrian ally nicky is insolvent and flights will cease today as the subsidiary of the bankrupt german carrying linen it was set to be sold off to live tonnes a bit the german airline has withdrawn its speed off the e.u. competition authorities cited cartel concerns around one thousand employees are expected to news that jobs and thousands of passengers might find themselves strong that. here a table airport chaos was expected but it didn't materialize passengers had clearly heard the news and change their plans so this morning's two canceled flights were
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not a problem. but eight hundred thousand tickets for flights over the coming weeks and months and now worthless many customers can only turn to social media to vent their frustration. janish down says goodbye to her flight back to germany manual of a shooter has been dealt a double whammy she booked both her christmas holiday and a january flight to gran canaria with nicky. germany's biggest airline looked tenser had been in the offing to buy up the air berlin subsidiary and its twenty one aircraft to appease the skeptical european competition also overseas lufthansa offered to forego some of the valuable takeoff and landing slots but also richie's remained unconvinced so on wednesday the aviation giant announced it was retracting its one hundred ninety two million euro offer that left nicky with no alternative but to declare insolvency and the german government with problems. there are two
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issues firstly what will now happen to the government's loan to the company will it be possible to get the one hundred fifty million euros loan back and secondly a thousand jobs which looked handsome would have secured and now at risk on the german government offered air berlin and mickey the funds as a bridging loan to ensure a smooth takeover at the time chancellor angela merkel promised there would be no cost to taxpayers now though the focus is on damage limitation. when moscow's most closely watched press conference of the year is currently underway and i'm retrying the stand it's a rather long one it's a marathon press conference highly anticipated helena the russian president vladimir putin is in is holding what as he learned describe a marathon and your press conference of this yr. it comes just a week after putting announce that he would stand in the presidential elections next year now the event has in the past lasted for up to what was five thousand
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this year it's being attended by more than one thousand six hundred journalists but one u.s. journalist asked a question about the allegations of collusion between the tramp campaign and russia and here's what he said you know all of this has been invented made up by people who are in opposition to president trump with a view to. sharing a negative light on what president trump is doing and for me it is very bizarre as if they were doing that without understanding one simple facts by doing that the people who are responsible for dealing a blow to the internal political environment of the country and the they restrict the m.p.'s what president trump is doing that means they do not respect
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those who voted for mr trump. moscow bureau chief you dish it is closely monitoring that press conference and joins me now you do we had a lot of reporting talk about trump what else has a russian president been talking about there. one interesting point was certainly putin's answer on russia's doping scandal he admitted to partially the fact that russian athletes have used to drugs but he also linked this doping scandal to an alleged attempt to discredit to russia as a country and him personally internationally from putin's point of view accusations on russia's doping system and meddling or worrying meddling in russia's domestic policy by tickler and really now ahead of the presidential election and he ironically assumed that the main informant in this scandal mr auction cough was as he called it but only left by u.s. secret services so this is but also presumably stuffed with the same box which he
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gave russian athletes when he used to be they had of moscow's docking laboratory russia. stage managed is this event do journos have to send their questions ahead of time and have them approved well no nobody checked the questions in advance in that way we can call this show quite free of any censorship but of course let me putin is using today's television appearance for presenting himself as a human point of presidential candidate and in this way this kind of be our event obviously but once again unlike his other t.v. show in the spring for example when he when ordinary people and not a journalist ask him in these show today he doesn't know the questions in advance for example he was asked a very critical of by a crane and journalist journalist on russia donbass policy. and they have been some questions about voting sponsible opponents in the upcoming presidential elections let's listen to what office on says first. when we talk about the opposition it
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can't just be about politicians who make a lot of noise about an anti democratic regime. the opposition has to come up with something concrete proposals on how to make our lives better. of course people are dissatisfied with a lot of things and indeed it is justified because we could have done better but when we look at the leaders of the opposition especially the non-system opposition we have our dogs as to whether they offer a concrete alternative. so if you do what do you make of what have done to me putting said that and other like to be any action members of the opposition in the audience at the press conference well for the first time on rate that we have a female candidate here in russia a female candidate for the next president see her name is ksenia sobchak and she is indeed right now joining this press conference as a reporter not as a candidate i reporter of the independent channel doest senior sub chuck seems to be opposing that in the putin as she's got absolutely identical values to another
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opposition politician like scene of ali who is undoubtedly opposing putin but isn't allowed to participate in the election and subtext beston was one of the highlights in this show the. problem is no sputum personally from the old times her father was putin's boss and petersburg and she said she wouldn't do anything against him that's unlike now vali who has pledged that he would prosecute mr putin but he is not there he is not at the press conference as he isn't a journalist so that's a situation. you know to set in moscow thank you very much. mexican mexican born actress salma hayek has joined the ranks of hollywood women accusing movie producer harvey weinstein of sexual misbehavior in an opinion piece highest court in a month accusing him of sexual harassment and threatening to kill her more than
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fifty women claim weinstein has sexually harris to assaulted them with the past three decades weinstein denies all allegations of nonconsensual thick it's. turning now to sports and been to sleep a soccer shocker at home and girls in kitchen range into their match against looking for a victory which would push them into second place in the standings but far from easy prey these days let's see how it all panned out. the felton's are rayno was rocking as shaka hosted their last bundesliga game of twenty seven tane an early christmas present of second place was on offer shaka should have taken an early lead after good work from. cuts west and mccann he couldn't produce the finish. the youngster just inches away from a maiden bundesliga goal. shall cause dominance eventual paid off though it's fancy footwork found frank de santo. in tinian
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showing off his own smooth moves. and with good reason it was a clusty finish. a short break and then shall go a back at it in the forty seventh minute burke style reacted quickest to notice header. sunil to the home side. but after a defensive showing auk's book woke up. cut you'd be rising high for his fourth goal of the season two one. and outs book one a penalty ten minutes from time. corage stepping up. to two. but shell code words abate annoyed her it during
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a fella from marvin hits. daniele caligiuri doing the rest. three to the final score shell can now guarantee to go into the winter break with their best points tally in six a sense. i mean not going to see get nannied is by need it were licking their lips at the prospect of winless cologne coming to time last night but the business side put up more. a fight that even the own fans might have thought possible for a school is opening hof cologne started on the offensive off the bricks and good to have taken the lead had lucas could not lost his cool have a buy and eleven deaths of course kept his one nil the final score in munich and still no win for sixteen matches into the season so the trial of three for my south american fee for officials accused of bribery is drawing to a close with the prosecution giving their closing statements as
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a court in new york the ex presidents of the nashton sucka federation and visited peru have denied taking millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for trading lucrative commercial flights to the fifo was a cop and the tournament's this transponder for wide investigation into freefall which has resulted in charges against more than forty individuals. you're watching news here's a recap of our top stories. britain's prime minister to resign me is heading to a summit in brussels reeling from defeat in a key vote at home bottom and says it will have the final say over any future brics it did not just me and the cabinet. and russia's president vladimir putin has been answering questions in his annual marathon press conference days after he says he will run for office again is
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attended by one thousand six hundred journalists a highly anticipated event where journalists from all over. questions to present. don't forget you can always get your news on the gorgeous done up from google play all from the apple store give you access to all the latest news from around the. as well as push for any breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. and also remember we have lots more on our website which you can check out anytime anyplace that's dot com you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook i'm under such enough for me the news team thank you very much for your company i'll see you again at the top of the hour the photo of.
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the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful two months ago motos most famous investigative journalist southmead car on the gun leads he was assassinated
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in a car bomb and for years she talking to top politicians and business leaders is my guest here in valetta is the deputy prime minister chris as he's government allow be a budget so the mafia eva the folks next fall the beatles cool and move to the. common area to life's more demanding talents prepared by high value. he's shot at the satellite the oldest luxury hotel in london. he's helped restore the restaurant status as a landmark of fine dining we take a peek into his pots to see what's coming. up. in sixty minutes on d w. on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history and talent but so poor in education opportunity
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and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independence. i see many of the younger and promising. now making names for themselves all over the world. song by the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom. is like the fear of death you can visit but your car come back on. line in your fish food and i work at. just two months ago motos most famous investigative journalist daphne carolina was assassinated in a car bombing she had no shortage of enemies for years she targeted top politicians and business leaders most recently those named in the so-called panama papers my
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guest here in valetta.


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