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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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same stuff. this is d.w. news live from berlin a school bus and the train have collided in southern france at least four children are dead several others are injured the cause of the crash is not known also coming up the leaders of the european union's twenty eight nations are meeting in a final summit for two thousand and seventeen european council president warns them
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to prepare for a bruising battle plus. britain holds a memorial service at st paul's cathedral for the victims of one of the country's worst peace time tragedies at least seventy people were killed in the grenfell tower fire in central london six months ago. and ending net neutrality in the united states internet providers there will now be able to throttle speeds to individual websites critics say it's a death sentence for a free and open internet. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us we begin with a fatal accident in the south of france where a train has collided with
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a school bus the interior ministry says at least four teenagers were killed after the train hit the bus splitting it into the crash occurred in the village of me last. some fifteen kilometers west of peping young of the french prime minister we understand is now at the crash site. we want to go now to corresponded to on elizabeth smart a she joins us from paris on elizabeth what are the latest numbers of casualties and the conditions of those injured do we know. we still do a fall off a town to four teenagers who died in the crash and about two dozen adolescents who were. injured and have been on a spread among the various hospitals in the area and the house situation is bad enough that the the local cafe of the dictum all declared the day
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a day of medical emergency so that they can find hospital beds in the right operating theatre there is that tins of that crash and what do we know so far about how this accident happened. what we know is the bus was all a double crossing on the end of the train came across it and even though the train had been able to to slow down it wasn't good enough and it literally sliced the bus and you know most level crossings in france have disappeared exactly for fear of that kind of accidents we had my the tunnels all bridges but this one remained and it is believed that the bus crossed and then stalled in the middle and could not move we don't know why. that's usually what happens when you go accidents eleven crossings otherwise when the train is announced in seventy there are barriers that prevent going on but if you you are all dead before the train guns and then suddenly you got moved that's the kind of night masochism scenario
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a nightmare indeed and especially when we're talking about school children at the end of the school day how are people and how is the government there in france responding to this news. the government is responding very fast the president immediately tweeted the prime minister said he would go again he is all old all the place now does that every. priority education minister has said that he will be tomorrow morning first thing with the school and the school community of people who being hit by by this tragedy in one single. the health minister to sell has also reacted to this you can tell that the this government is a government that has realised that the. reaction to know expected from people they do this at a time when other governments and the boss didn't. corresponded on elizabeth on the
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story for us in paris tonight with the latest on that tragic accident in the south of france involving a train and a school bus i'm elizabeth thank you very much. leaders of the european union are meeting in brussels and they are headed for a certain down over the issue of migration of the e.u. council president has angered some nations by describing a mandatory quota for refugees as highly divisive and ineffective germany's uncle americal has responded by saying that member states cannot pick and choose and the refugee crisis is not the only controversial issue on the agenda over the next few days another difficult topic will be no surprise breaks despite a friendly gesture to kick off the summit many see the european council president as a divider rather than a unifier that's because donald too is going to get rid of mandatory refugee quota it's his suggestion that e.u.
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countries be allowed to set their own refugee quotas voluntarily faces strong criticism. i don't believe in selective solidarity among european member states and the countries are fly on the e.u. border have a great responsibility and that's why we also need e.u. wide solutions. yes to solidarity no to quotas that's the message from some eastern european countries they would rather pay to protect their borders to the tune of thirty five million euros that's solidarity according to hungary and prime minister viktor orban we've got four countries are ready to contribute. a considerable sum of money to help to defend the border of the outside world of european union and to contribute to the actions of european union initiated in the territory of libya austria's leader says countries buying their way out of bothersome e.u. resolutions should not be tolerated kunitz and as you may know it's unacceptable
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that someone bows out when they disagree with the union european cooperation doesn't work like that the. british prime minister to reason may knows all too well what bowing out feels like she's hoping for brussels to greenlight talks on a future trade deal with the u.k. it's still unclear what this would look like. but one thing's for certain the u.k. wants to stay aligned with the e.u. on security issues. though the british people took a sovereign decision to leave the you that does not mean that we are going to be leaving our responsibilities in terms of european security. the remaining eight you member states also want to bolster security at least here e.u. leaders to the same line. we want to pull in our brussels bureau chief now max hoffman he is covering that summit for us tonight good evening to you max so let's talk about what the members of the e.u. can agree on and that is defense right. it is defense indeed brant it's
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the permanent structure of cooperation on defense what might in the end lead to a real defense union so that was the happy moment today here when all the heads of state governments celebrated that decision something that by the way the chief diplomat of the european union federica margaret he said she couldn't have imagined three years ago but the european union at least in this matter has come a long way it's true and like i said it might lead to real defense union and even in the end some dream about a european are a european army but some people also dream about consensus on what to do about migration migration of course being one of the biggest fault lines right. biggest fault lines and that most likely would will remain a dream for now at least because you know what we just heard in that report about mandatory refugee quotas redistributing migrants refugees within the european union
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that has been the hot topic now for years and there is still no agreement especially between the eastern european countries also known as the visa grad states in countries like germany italy and also greece that take in most of those refugees it's not about to change even with what donor council president did said that he. he called those highly divisive and also ineffective such a migrant quota will bet that is such a contentious issue that it's really not clear how they're going to resolve this even after all this time having discussed it now the plan is to have a plan by next june and discuss the topic even more it helps to have a plan that's for sure let's talk about brakes and that of course is the big headline coming from this summit britain's prime minister she's trying to put on a competent show despite what happened last night in the parliament in london let's take a listen. the last time that took place in the house of commons i'm disappointed
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with the amendment but it's not actually the will because it's making good progress through the house of commons and we have on cool to deliver on track. i that's what you call spinning it in a positive light there maybe you could remind is what happened last night in parliament to theresa may. well the parliament basically fought for the right to have a say over the final bragg's a deal it will have that say we're not entirely sure if it will be a simple yea or nay vote but it probably at least that's what people here in brussels thinking won't have that much effect because you would need a majority of parliamentarians to disagree with that final bragg's a deal for now we don't see that happening it might change until then but you have to remember the alternative to any bragg's a deal when it stands in the end would be a hard bragg's it and that might be a lot worse than any deal that is the go she added in the next year all right next
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off and on the story for us tonight at that e.u. summit in brussels max thank you very much. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the head of the islamist militant group hamas has called for fresh global protests against donald trump's controversial recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital speaking in gaza city at an event commemorating the group's thirtieth anniversary is why i. demanded that the islamic world make every friday a day of anger. police in germany have launched raids on properties linked to suspected members of so-called islamic state officers searched multiple locations here in berlin and other parts of eastern germany the raids targeted four individuals three of whom are believed to still be in i as held territory. in somalia's capital mogadishu a suicide bomber disguised as a police officer has blown himself up inside a police academy at least eighteen people were killed twenty wounded the bomber
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targeted officers gathering for morning exercises in the terrorist group al-shabaab says it carried out the attack. well it has been six months since seventy one people were killed in a fire in a high rise apartment block in central london or today members of britain's royal family and government attended a memorial service at st paul's cathedral for the victims of the grenfell fire but in the aftermath of a tragedy that has become a byword for social inequality in the u.k. survivors are still complaining of being neglected by the government. and mournful chuen played on that in a traditional instrument of the middle east and north africa when many cranfield residents had ties. emotions will grow as survivors and
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families mourn the seventy one people killed in the fire. the multi-faith memorial reflected the diversity of the grunfeld community. they were joined by politicians and members of the royal family. while the service was an opportunity for quiet reflection anger still simmering the disaster highlighted the divide between rich and poor in britain. today we remember with sorow with grief with tears. and we pledge that those we have lost will not be forgotten. today we are asked why warnings were not heeded. why a community was left feeling neglected and cared for not listening to. the
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fire that broke out in the middle of the night on june fourteenth quickly and golf the twenty four story building it was home to a multi-ethnic community living in a poor area within one of london's richest barra's police are investigating the fire and say charges may be brought against individuals or organizations a separate public inquiry is under way on what caused the fire and how authorities responded six months on the people affected by the fire and not only grieving. we see is that what we see is striking to. see that even in the schools. when i get my permanent move in straight away and get back to my normal life despite promises by prime minister theresa may that survivors but receive new homes within weeks the majority of families needing re housing a stone living and imagine see accommodation you're watching t w news still to come
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in midweek this legal action shall go we're hoping to take second place where they entertain al gore but the visitors came to town ready to play we're going to have all the highlights coming up. and else something that really has shocked a lot of people that u.s. regulators have ditched rules that up until now were granting a free and open internet kristoff a big story a big shock to some people that's right brand the us federal communications commission f.c.c. has decided to do away with net neutrality rules this landmark legislation was put in place in twenty fifteen under former president barack obama it barred providers from blocking or slowing access to content or charging consumers more now the f.c.c. has moved as part of u.s. president donald trump's push to scale back regulation in many economic sectors. every day hundreds of millions of people browse countless numbers of websites the
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principle of net neutrality means that operators cannot give preferential treatment to the speed at which certain websites lloyd advocates say it's a democratic system but net neutrality could soon be a thing of the past in the us the head of the u.s. communications regulator wants to turn the internet economy into a free market by allowing internet service providers like eighteen t. and verizon to charge websites for their data to be transported at a greater speed critics say that would create a two class internet a faster one and the slower one we could find first part of next year that there are substantial harm to the economy based upon internet transactions if you can't complete them when you thought you could or if they are smaller or let's use the example of netflix if you're unable to download and watch a movie that you thought you were going to be able to stream simply because it's not available during that time because you're i.s.p. doesn't allow it websites that want to be accessed quickly could be forced to pay
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to get on a fast internet highway some say higher costs could lead to less investment in innovation but it's more likely that the companies costs could be passed on to ordinary users. for some more analysis let's bring in double your correspondent carlo carli not your ma in washington economy now some call this the end of the free internet what specifically does the f.c.c. want to do now. hi chris of well this isn't has being made today as it said in the f.c.c. and i just want to. tell you also that the white house has said that it supports this incision to repeal net neutrality rules in the united states now this means that the f.c.c. will pull out the legal groaning queues to enforce rules like no blocking and no paid fast lanes this means for example the telecom company eight hundred eighty
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could slow down internet traffic for radios and ask netflix or netflix users to pay more money if they want the service to run at a usable speeds or the telecom company could start offering an owner video slowing that sleek stone or even blocking it for users the ones that would profit from this repeal. are the big telecom companies actually. t.v. hates net neutrality because it regulates its power you know these are highly controversial of topic what opposition is there against. it while there are other start ups and the companies in silicon valley and they argue that and doing the net neutrality could harm innovation because not everyone would have the same access to high speed internet or to the content they they could choose and of course the consumer groups they're also against it they say and doing these rules will make government lose control on internet providers who act against
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consumer interests and in favor of their own interests and their business that's what they say so at the end consumers might end up paying a lot of money to have access to the size they are really interested in. in washington thank you so much. now watching movies on the web may become more difficult in the united states soon meantime entertainment giant disney is propping up its online presence earlier today disney announced that it was bending fifty two billion dollars to buy a big chunk of twenty first century fox the deal seen disney take over film and t.v. studios as well as cable and international t.v. operations there's news hoping the addition of fox's assets could help promote its streaming services as entertainment companies struggle to compete with online services before the buyout fox will separate its broadcasting network and stations into a new listed company that will be spun off to shareholders. no more in frankfurt
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the european central bank has left its benchmark rephrase financing rate at an historic low of zero percent that's despite policymakers demanding the bank's president mario draghi increase rates to mash an ongoing recovery in the euro zone . europe's biggest economy germany is set to grow around two and a half percent next year according to leading economists the euro area as a whole is also up but that's just not enough you know druggy he is once again defying critics once again he's holding rates low and continuing the asset purchasing program that's because well druggy credits the e.c.b. with keeping the eurozone on the right economic course there's still plenty of work to be done. our monetary policy decisions have preserved the very favorable for the shoes that are still needed for steam to return of inflation rates towards
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levels that are below but close to two percent. the incoming information including our stuff projections or new stuff projections indicates a strong greece of economic expansion and a significant improvement in the growth outlook. as inflation continues to tick high up the pressure is mounting on the e.c.b. president to raise rates next time around russian president vladimir putin as how does adding all marathon press conference and brant has paid attention to what i was watching that like a lot of the world today the russian president used the event to reinforce his reputation as the country's guarantor of stability he accused the opposition in russia of wanting to drive the country into chaos saying only he could prevent that from happening and also had some advice for people in the united states.
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the russian president's new show begins at its marathon news conference in front of over a thousand local and foreign reporters flooding me a putin touched on topics ranging from north korea to the olympics and as many expect it on allegations of russia's intervention in donald trump's presidential campaign put in rejected to claim what she said was fabricated by terms opponents in this regard for the political process. it's all invented by those opposed to trump to make his work seem legitimate. it seems strange to me that the people who are doing this don't seem to realize that they are damaging the international political climate in the country. one of the most dramatic moments during the exchange presidential hopeful senator asking putin about next year's election that t.v. personality is challenging the sixty five year old who's standing for a fourth term. and response to her question about opposition suppression putin
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stressed his role in stabilizing russia he reminded listen this that he put an end to tubman's following the breakup of the soviet union. do you want to bring it on but i am sure that the prevailing majority of russian citizens do not want that and would not allow that to happen which. in moscow there are mixed opinions on whether it's good for putin to remain in power. president as fine by me i think he's doing very well and we don't need any opposition. the current government doesn't let those capable of opposition won in the elections i don't understand why he's doing this there should always be competition competition drives progress the current government needs to let the opposition participate in the elections but it's. putin has been in palace since one thousand nine hundred nine s. either president prime minister if he wins the next election it will extend his
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tenure by six more years ard football news now but as legal leaders byron munich were licking their lips at the prospect of winless cologne coming to tell last night but the basement side put up more of a fire than even their own fans expected after a scoreless opening half colonus started on the offensive after the break and could have taken the lead had lucas not lost his cool however byron's robert blake the dolls kept is one nil the final score in munich and still no win for go wrong sixteen matches into the season. shako went into their match against looking for a big three which would push them up to second place in the standings but are far from easy prey these days let's see how it panned out. the felton's are a no was rocking is shaka hosted their last bundesliga game of twenty seven tane an early christmas present of second place was on offer shaka should have taken an
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early lead after good work from. butts western mckenney couldn't produce the finish. the youngster just inches away from a maiden bundesliga goal. shall cause dominance eventual paid off though i mean how it's fancy footwork found frank de santo. the engine tinian showing off his own smooth moves. and with good reason it was a cool us the finish. a short break and then shall go back at it in the forty seventh minute stella reacted quickest to notice header. sunil to the home side. but after a defensive showing auk's book woke up. cut you'd be
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rising high for his fourth goal of the season two one. and book one a penalty ten minutes from time. corage stepping up. to two. but shell code words of a tonight her it during a fell from marvin hits. daniele caligiuri doing the rest. three to the final score shell can now guarantee to go into the winter break with their best points tally in six a zens. all right no that's not how i look on christmas morning as many offices and schools hold their christmas parties the london zoo is also getting into the festive spirit. santa brought the zoo's some early treats infested stockings and gift wrapped boxes look at the stock is there after a bit of confusion the squirrel monkeys asiatic lions and other inhabitants managed
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to suss it all out and get to the goodies and enjoy the early. celebrations to see. is a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you in southern france a train has collided with a school bus killing four teenagers another seven people were seriously injured the french prime minister is at the crash site. to take you through the day stick around for that.
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week because donald trump decision to recognize to resume is israel's capital a diplomatic disaster or could it tilt the long dormant peace process back alive
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that's our topic on this week's federal get. quadriga in sixty minutes on d.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. nico is in germany to learn german why not learn them simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from d w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. crime fighters the new season of radio crime thrillers begins. to show domestic violence cyber crime and human trafficking for investigative cases that will keep you on your toes great fighters series at the base idea on issues that i've been going there you know may show you. now with us our innovations magazine for. the
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every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com science and research for asia. well how many problems are keeping european union leaders awake at night while the top three are top of the agenda as e.u. leaders meet in brussels for a final face to face for two thousand and seventeen tonight it's brags that.


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