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it's hughes and i think he's right he may not see them in the same light as we do but he's right so two aspects that i'd like to pick up on taking the latter one first come the trump administration doesn't fact say that its decision doesn't necessarily predetermine jerusalem's final borders or its status could the eastern part of the study city still indeed become the capital of a palestinian state or would you say that that is at least in reality no longer to refuse the the problem is that east jerusalem is being strangled by israel this entire time is being strangled off with settlements it is being encircled east jerusalem residents are being kicked out they are not being allowed into their home so troublous a.o.l. some point on the future maybe a palestinian state if you want to do something sort of equal handily he could have said west jerusalem is a couple of israel and east jerusalem be the conference of the future palestinian
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state then i would have said oh you know what that's an interesting thing that's acceptable but this whole thing of reality this whole canard the fact is that might does not make right and kuwait is not the nineteenth province of either and we went to war for that if you can let me pick up on that that was the first point that alan made and that's essentially this long long argument about facts on the ground versus law so susan how did herself a moment ago allow myself to i studied law and my first legal essay for the international law journal at harvard university was on the status of jerusalem because it had just been annexed officially by israel so i say this with some pain that susan. the fact is international law is often recognized more in the breach than anywhere else so does it matter yeah it does matter because.
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lucilla is the most symbolic piece of the conflict and. my i got a lot of lawyers in my family too i didn't become one but i had they were good lawyers and so i respect in fact my uncle was professor video a law at harvard so i respect you know very much the things that international lawyers can do i understand. that it's fairly little but what we have now is. no functioning international law my own preference would be that jerusalem be an international city is of great holy significance to three different religions that would be where i would go for how one ever gets to that is another problem that i don't want to discuss but it makes a gigantic symbolic difference as i said if he had said to capital for two peoples i've been oh who would have agreed although it's not my absolutely preferred
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situation but he did not do that we have just a few minutes remaining so let me ask all of you to address the two state solution we heard the chief negotiator for the palestinians saying after this decision this is the death knell for the two state solution it's never going to happen do you think that's true alan posner the europeans say that still their preferred path forward are they clinging to an illusion. no. the two state solution has to happen because it's the only solution which gives the palestinians at least part of what they want. and gives unable to israel to remain as the jewish and democratic state. in the sense that it's the home of the jewish people know the sense that it's a religious state not unlike iran which is an islamic state so and it's interesting to talk about iran that the one state which refuses the two state solution is iran itself because iran thinks if we had one state palestine the jews would be
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marginalized they'd be a minority they'd be swamped then and we'd have a situation like in lebanon or in syria and so on that's what they want so it's obvious the two state solution has to happen and that this this this fact remains whether mr trump says that jerusalem. is the capital of recognizes the jerusalem as the capital of israel or not whether anyone recognizes it or not this has to happen and will happen but it won't happen tomorrow it won't happen in a year and it won't happen in five years is a palestinian state really still feasible given that patchwork that has been created by the settlements or with the palestinians be better off at this point simply saying we want equal rights within one state i personally believe that israel has very much succeeded and killing the two state solution there is no more land any more and i personally for one truly believe in the one state solution because i believe in democracy i believe in a modern western liberal democracy work countries for its citizens whether you be
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jew muslim christian or atheist or there was one man and one vote and if israel claims to be a democracy than it should say we want the settlements on the side like i say fine let everybody live where they want to live so that we can all over the land we can all share would make one hell of a country together but israel doesn't want that israel doesn't want it doesn't what it says it wants a two state solution yet it builds settlements everywhere and precludes it says i can only agree with. my friends who are on the ground there in. israel and palestine and actively working. you know to have the same view i mean actively working for a just peace in an end to the occupation. you know i think there's no rest left on which to build what would you know be a cohen have and decent independent state. but i agree and question the also with i
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don't just see that the state of israel is moving in any direction that would help that thank you very much to all of you for being with us today here thanks to you out there for tuning in things to. alex you have a few few. the be . the best. the be
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french authorities have mobilized emergency response personnel after a train crashed into a school bus near the country's border with spain the interior ministry says at least four teenagers were killed after the train hit the boss splitting and two and out the seven people were seriously injured. leaders are gathering in brussels for that latest summit the twenty eight nations are being asked to reach consensus
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on the difficult topics of migration and breck sense that expected to approve an agreement to move back for talks on to the second phase of future trade relationship. russian president vladimir putin has accused opponents of his u.s. counterpart donald trump of harming the u.s. by inventing stories about contacts with russia putin was speaking at his i knew all the press conference his first major public appearance when he was announcing he's seeking reelection in twenty eighteen. three remember six months after the grand fell tower fire shocked the world and killed seventy one people britain held a memorial service at some poles cathedral survivors politicians and members of the royal family with that to honor the victims the disaster has become a symbol of the city's neglect of its low income residents.
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well how many problems are keeping european union leaders awake at night while the top three are top of the agenda as e.u. leaders meet in brussels for a final face to face for two thousand and seventeen tonight it's brags that borders and bombs go off in berlin this is the day. i. actually be a withdrawal bayless making good progress through the house of commons and we have long cool did it on the back six of the every out this. would be the second phase of the but should. we should not put these british citizens because they decided to leave european union but we should not punish also the other countries because when these believe me i welcome the initiative to strengthen you to pin the fence i believe it will be good for the union for europe on for the illegal migration
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that we have to solve this problem bring this on have it be put the euro promising them the the future which you know that. also coming up putin faces the media the russian president's one man show you here is views on trump ukraine and his political opponents. the government has never been and still isn't afraid of anyone. or we begin the day as the next chapter in a tell of two unions is about to be written tonight leaders of the european union are meeting in brussels for their final summit of the year all those leaders include theresa may prime minister of the united kingdom and there we have two unions the european and the british and their divorce britain's exit from the e.u. known as breck's it will be the headline of this summit the e.u. is expected to give the green light for talks to move forward to that very critical
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area of trade also on the agenda this progress in a common e.u. defense pact and the lack of progress in dealing with migration unity and the lack thereof ahead of this summit here's how european council president put it today the divide to. the geographical simplification. between. when it comes to migration. between east and with. these divisions on the emotions. we each make it through to find even the calm on the language russian argument for the day and this is why we should. even more intensively and more effectively than before the emotions and using common sense are brussels bureau chief max hoffman is covering
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the summit for words tonight you can even do you max so when we look at everything that the e.u. is dealing with right now what would you say how would you describe the state of the european union tonight how much unity is there. tonight we had a happy moment and quite some unity to tell you the truth brant more than we usually see because the leaders celebrated the start of tesco the permanent structure of cooperation in defense matters maybe you didn't leading to a real defense union that something that federica more to really the chief diplomat of the european union didn't think possible only three years ago that's what she told us but now it has become a reality in some dream of a european army so there is unity there there is progress there and it's also you know it's been propelled by the realization that the u.s. might not be a reliable partner not even a military partner in the future and then there was also unity apparently on the
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topic of sanctions against russia because of ukraine and heads of state government agreed to extend those sanctions another six months until july two thousand and eighteen so there is some unity but as you know in other matters like migration there is not yet i mean migration really is the issue that is causing a major fault line in europe isn't it. you know and it's been like that for years it's sort of been under the carpet you know hasn't been talked about that much in the last months you could say because also of bragg's it because brags it all matters brags that the the other twenty seven you member states had a surprising show of unity so you could be fooled into thinking that this was a new reality for all topics but it is not as we clearly saw today the vision that sees the eastern european states still very much opposed to migration quota or refugee quota meaning that you have something where the refugees would be
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automatically distributed among that you member states countries like germany like italy like greece are very much in favor of that and don't notice the council president put some fuel in the flames by saying that this migration quota was ineffective and highly divisive. it seems like that you commission and the germans all that gave them well some flak for that they were not informed about that by the council president and they didn't like it and last but certainly not least we've got brags that the first chapter is about to be closed the next about to begin isn't it. seems like a no brainer that the leaders will decide on friday to go ahead with phase two of the negotiation something that the brits wanted for a long time face to would be talking about a future relationship between the united kingdom and the european union that will be mainly about trade so that's not contentious it will most likely happen
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something that's recent may really want it but the trouble starts then because then national interests within the european union will come into play when it comes to trade every country wants a little something different from the united kingdom for example the germans manufacturing the spain will have to deal with gibraltar so then they really have to show that they're united on that front and some sources we're talking to him brussels think that might be hard. in two thousand and eighteen will certainly not be easier than two thousand and seventeen in terms of brics it makes off another story for us tonight at that e.u. summit in brussels max thank you very much. hers is not a role to envy the british prime minister to resign may she is at the e.u. summit to talk about leaving the e.u. knowing that her authority to do anything more than talk about it has been severely curtailed by our own parliaments. charlotte tells until has more on
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a week that has not turned out the way may had hoped. sufficient progress sufficient progress and sufficient progress the months hearing those words had been top of negotiators christmas lists the e.u. had refused to phase two of talks until they had been sufficient progress in phase one then after a last minute scramble and a dash in the dead of night by to reason made to brussels finally a break three negotiators have reached a deal on three key issues citizens' rights the deal we've struck will guarantee the rights of more than three million e.u. citizens living in the u.k. of a million u.k. citizens living in the e.u. on how much money the u.k. owes the e.u. after some tough conversations we've now agreed a settlement that is fair to the british taxpayer some forty.


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