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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2017 1:02am-1:31am CET

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the sobriety of the new objectivity movement the exhibition at munich's house affords a broader perspective on her life and work than just her more famous blue writer period it runs through april twenty. fifth in the field but was determined to make strides in another genre d'anna vision is a world class ballerina but his second passion is modern dumbs for you is she's been trying to boost the popularity of this style in her native russia and she's having success even organizing an entire festival to promote classical ballet as contemporary cousin. in a vocative production by the parent but they feature unlike western europe russia a bastion of classicism has been slow to embrace modern dance now provincial ensembles are making the leap.
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star dancer giana fish nova is spearheading a drive to cultivate contemporary dance in her native russia. since adjusting to today it's the regional companies that are yielding exciting new choreographies from places like him you could have even would. have been the skylights over who no one could hold of the forty one year old ballerina feels as much at home in classical ballet as contemporary dance a celebrated principal dancer at the marine ski in st petersburg she also held that position at the american ballet theatre for twelve years this nova launched the context festival in moscow to promote modern dance and young choreographers but plenty more needs to be done before contemporary dance acquires the same prestige as classical ballet and that's probably a muscle but why do we have a problem with education that has fields but there are no places to learn the techniques of modern dance unlike in the west where dances learn many techniques with a priority has traditionally been classical ballet and that's where most of the money
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goes but of course things are happening there are talented people lots of enthusiasm people are starting from scratch and that's very exciting as. this no this context festival was originally planned as a one off event but it was so successful that the fifth edition just took place in november. with a quote update on the last album some we've developed into a significant event that the audience eagerly anticipated and follows below the line abilify the story from the first festival on. it was clear that there was a wave of interest in mud and. which has been growing. now if you need some inspiration for christmas presents we've got just the thing
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for you in today's episode of d.i.y. sorry hans and we'll show you how to make a stylish storage option in the form of a rather unique newspaper rack so save yourself some shopping by making this as a gift after all a homemade present comes from the hot. time my name is today it's got for us now as a newspaper ad made up. it's very easy to make. you need pipes in three different sizes to forty three said to me to pipes for thirty five centimeter pipes and to twenty three said to be to pipes these are all available at any hardware store. eight copper elbows with a ninety degree angle. fabric or a table runner this table runner is by
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a hundred and fifty centimeters. needles for fastening and i am. hemming tape and says. and a hacksaw first saw the copper pipes to the right length. fold your fabric over so that both ends are in the center facing up this side will later be the reverse side start with one wing measure the opening for the pipe and mock it with the pan leave this gap open because it's where the couple pipes will have to be pulled through later do the same on both sides next place down the hemming tape and trim it to size use the pins to fasten the hemming tape around the entire fabric but remember to leave the space open for the pipes now lay the fabric so that the markings for the openings are exactly over each other and boston both sides with panes repeat on the other side. over not the ends of the fabric in the middle one after another i am both ends down on to the fabric ironed out all of the pinned
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edges and then remove the pins. next assemble the rack using the copper pipes for each side you'll need one twenty three centimeters pipe to thirty five centimeter pipes and four copper elbows. start with the smallest pipe and stick both sides into the copper elbow then take the medium sized pipes and plug them into the other ends of the copper elbows now grab the last two copper elbows the opening should face upwards repeat on the other side . finally insert the long pipe into the openings of the copper elbows pull the fabric over the pipes and touch the opposite end. and there you have it a snazzy magazine rack just turn it over and fill it with your favorite glossies.
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to make sure of the newspaper read. remember to choose colors and separate pens that match your interior. interior design at its best check out how you choose channel d. w. interior design something design ideas spectacular buildings i want you to aerials on home decoration will take you inside the most beautiful european home to show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out on you tube. well there are plenty more present ideas on the you tube channel that's all we have time for today but of course we'll be back again tomorrow so do make sure to stop by to see them. next time on your own max. where does santa claus really live is it the north pole
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or could it be near rough and yemeni and finnish lapland. well you can certainly expect a warm welcome from father christmas if you pay a visit to santa claus village in the arctic circle seeking santa next time on your own next.
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good because it's this news in the been dismissed so is this the effect for the minds of the freaks to the first win in what seemed like forever the out the by nuke extended should be preparing for the second division the first six in
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thirty minutes followed. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word published in the. is in germany to. help the simple online on your mobile and half forms learning course because the german. images from an isolated country. images from north korea. any telling photographer captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. an exclusive peek behind one of the last iron curtain it's. a north korean dial starting december twenty eighth on d w. he tells us stirring stories.
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it makes us less focus and try to play trimble and smile. magical images and emotions that the fledging know the legacy to every gent d.w. so. they know. they know what police think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. i'm not a real person i'm still just a. scientist around the world working to measure we're emotion. filled. with. a virtual person as a therapist a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does the machine need to do to
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create empathy and a medical context what i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you feeling so the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to the bottom of. the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. french authorities have mobilized emergency response personnel after a train crashed into a school bus in the country's border with. the interior ministry says at least four teenagers were killed after the train hit the bus splitting it into another seven people was seriously injured. edu leaders are gathering in brussels for the
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latest summit the twenty eight nations are being asked to reach consensus on the difficult topics of migration and bricks and direct spec to to or prevent agreement to move back for talks on to the second phase of future trade relationship. russian president vladimir putin has accused opponents of his u.s. counterpart donald trump of harming the u.s. by inventing stories about contacts with russia putin was speaking at his i mean hold a press conference his first major public appearance in what he's announcing he's seeking reelection in twenty eighteen. we remember six months after the grand felt shocked the world and killed seventy one people britain held a memorial service at some poles cathedral survivors politicians and members of the royal family were there to honor the victims the disaster has become a symbol of the city's neglect of its low income residents.
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ending net neutrality in the united states internet providers their role now be able to throttle speeds to individual websites critics say it's a death sentence for a free and open internet also on the program beefing up against the competition online entertainment giant disney takes over large parts of twenty first century fox the price tag a cold fifty two billion dollars and on hold the e.c.b. leaves its key interest rates unchanged while the u.s. economy looks good the fed raises interest rates for the first time to see year. this is the dog of business i'm christopher kober welcome the u.s. federal communications commission f.c.c. has decided to do away with net neutrality rules the landmark decision was put in place and twenty fifteen under former president barack obama it barred providers
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from blocking or slowing access to content or charging consumers more now that's about to change the f.c.c. is moving as part of u.s. president dollar trumps push to scale back regulation in many economic sectors net neutrality rules banned internet providers from giving preferential treatment to certain websites after the f.c.c. vote that seems to be a thing of the ponced. the ending of net neutrality has been met with fury by millions of internet uses both online through social media. and offline at this protest outside the f.c.c. headquarters they say consumers will be forced to stump up the costs of say paying for faster access to their favorite sites or even paying to access certain websites and all. web firms say it will saddle content platforms with costs that they will be forced to pass on to their consumers the chairman of the f.c.c.
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saying it's not the role of the regulator to dictate to business models to the market it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy we should have a level playing field and let consumers decide who prevails actually but for democrat commissioner minion cliburn it signals a dereliction of duty at the public can plainly see that a soon to be toothless of c.c. is handing the keys to the internet the internet one of the most remarkable empowering enabling inventions of our lifetime over to a handful of multi-billion dollar corporations the companies argue they need the money internet users are demanding faster connections for ever more devices and that infrastructure will add to billions in costs to their balance sheets that has already been legal opposition to the ruling but for now it's a victory of light touch regulation over big government of corporate america over
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the average internet user. for more let's bring in d.-w. a correspondent carolyn assure moira washington carly now we've seen the protests there what other reactions have there been. hi christopher the white house just reacted some minutes ago press officer sarah sanders said that the white house supports the decision to repeal the net neutrality rules and this is not a surprise because as he said president donald trump he is the one who initiated the repeal of that mentality by naming mr perry to lead the a c c also telecom companies like verizon and they are of course pretty happy about today's f.c.c. decision because they are the ones who would profit from the repeal of net neutrality actually this company's hate and entirely because it limits their power to decide about who gets high speed internet and who doesn't and not only for users
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but also for online companies that that led to fix or facebook or of the examples you just brought up in that piece now it is a controversial decision what will it take to put it into law judicial pressure definitely and there is already judicial pressure on today's decision some say to turn this general are already threatening to file a lawsuit against today's f.c.c. is decision to repeal that natori the rules for example new york's attorney general who said he leads a multi-state lawsuit to stop this decision also the washington state attorney general has plans to sue over net neutrality in the next days and this would be another lawsuit of the washingtonian attorney general against a decision supported by donald trump since he has sued over terms of migration politics too but also the american people chris on this important and the general public they can make additional pressure they are making actually traditional
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pressure on defending a fair and open internet by putting pressure on their members of congress they're actually some republicans who are against this repeal so there is also a chance to make this work in a different way and. the f.c.c. does away from washington after all it is olds carolyn a few more in washington thank you so much thank you so watching certain movies on the web may become more difficult in the united states soon in the meantime entertainment giant disney is propping.


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