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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is due to the news coming to you live from divisions over immigration threaten the new show of unity leaders meeting in brussels clash over migrant quotas in the
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meeting is overshadowed by the ongoing roxette talks we'll take you live to brussels for more also coming up for children killed a nanny others injured after a passenger train heads a school bus in france the bus was split in two by the force of the clash. and fury in argentina protests against pension reform turned violent causing parliament to suspend the debate. also coming up in the next sixty minutes the woman who is single handedly taking on cobbles drug epidemic there's no support available for addicts in the afghan capital and soul leyla are you dari uses her own money to rescue and rebel let's say. and as israel looks forward to its seventieth anniversary of bolivia looking back at german israeli relations defined by the darkest chapter in german history.
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i'm sorry paul and welcome to the show it's good to have you with us. air leaders meeting in brussels are heading for a showdown over the issue of migration a mandatory quota for refugees has been described as quote highly divisive and ineffective but germany's angela merkel has responded by saying that member states can't just pick and choose when it comes to sharing and solidarity and the refugee crisis is not the only controversial issue on the agenda another difficult topic is going to be pranks. this was the happy moment at the summit leaders celebrated the start of closer defense cooperation which might lead to something that a few years ago it seemed unattainable a real defense union today this dream becomes a reality we are launching permanent structure of cooperation so-called.
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which is a practical expression of our will to build european defense but right after the happy moment the german chancellor seemed to have a word with two school nobody said what it was about but one thing seemed certain america wasn't happy about comments on a mandatory refugee quota. council president had called the quota divisive and ineffective some agreed but the chancellor had a rather different view. i made it very clear that i'm not happy about the simple statement that the regulations we have aren't working solidarity has more than an external dimension we also need it internally and that's where we have a lot of work left to do because the different positions have not changed. enough pictures like these from two thousand and fifteen are not forgotten migrants trying to make it to europe it's still the most contentious issue in the e.u.
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more trouble on other topics is looming though until now the twenty seven member states that will remain part of the e.u. displayed rock solid unity on the brics at negotiation front and it's virtually certain they will give the green light to start phase two of that process on friday it will be about discussing future relations with the united kingdom talking about the. deep and special partnership that i want to build with the european union for the future and on the security issue i'm very clear that although the british people took itself in decision to leave the e.u. that does not mean that we were going to be leaving all responsibilities in terms of european security but those talks will mainly be about trade not security that's when national interests will come into play that might spell more trouble for the european union and fewer happy moments. of war i'm joined now by
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correspondent. brussels good morning let's start with what they did manage to agree on closer cooperation when it comes to defense tell us more about. indeed twenty five countries signed a pact to integrate their military capacities the defense forces now for decades want to know almost say this was blocked by the u.k. over fears it might create a structure in in competition to nato for instance or even create the basis of a european army now that readers have ruled out but they do want to fund together they want to deploy together forces they want to cooperate more on the defensive in the defense of field for instance when it comes to buying military equipment which so far each european countries doing individually and in the future they could work together on that front save
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a lot of money and so the summit started with a show of unity here all right let's talk about the sticking points there's little agreement on migration what's going to happen there it's a very difficult field and so chancellor merkel just after midnight had had to say you know we have a lot of work to do in that field you basically have the former communist east countries in the east of europe who are refusing to take in refugees who are refusing to participate in that mechanism of relocation as it's called where you would take refugees from those countries who carry the strongest burden in the refugee crisis and still do with people coming in for instance it's only in greece you would take people and relocate them to other european countries they are resisting that idea even more so to find a permanent mechanism to do organize that in the future and so it may be that in the months and years to come we'll have to see
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a majority vote away where that decision is pushed through ok meanwhile britain's prime minister to resign may try to put on a confidential despite a setback in the british parliament let's have a listen. i'm disappointed with the amendment but actually the withdrawal bill is making good progress through the house of commons and we are on course to deliver on bret's it. remind us what was that disappointment and how might it affect these talks. a common slogan during the press referendum was taking back control in this case it was part of it's taking back control theresa may face a rebellion from within her own party where some of her party members backed a motion so that the poly and will have the final say on bret's it now. seeing that the european parliament for instance will also have a final say there's a number of institutions that will have a to give
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a green light if ever we will see a deal on the table will that change the european position dramatically the simple answer is no the european position has always been no cherry picking for the u.k. and that remains to be the case even after that defeats for two reason may. stay there for us in brussels for a second to come back here in a moment but with all this bracks at talk threatening to dominate the summit we need to talk about something else ministers are going to be making time for other things like crucial in finance reforms and for that i'm joined by our business anchor helena humphrey helena so what's going on here walk us through all right what essentially what happened was last week the e.u. commission president put forward a set of reforms to overhaul the euro zone to ward off financial crisis in the future these reforms were spearheaded by the french president. cheering his campaign essentially what they include is a euro zone finance minister for the nineteen member states which would probably be
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the head of the euro group wearing two hats a little bit confusing there and also a european monetary fund not currently the stability mechanism exists but countries must agree through a unanimous vote to release funds in the case of financial crisis in a member state this would be through a majority vote and then there's also the idea of a euro zone budget essentially raising the question of who would have a final say over an individual country's financial budgets you could see it as a lot to be talked about that today in brussels but let's take a closer look sara now at those euro zone reform proposals and some of the concerns . greek protesters calling for an end two years of a sterile sea thursday's twenty four hour strike was the laces show of opposition to cuts imposed largely as a condition of the country receiving loans from its european creditors the latest protests come at a time when the e.u. is contemplating its future especially with britain preparing to leave the bloc
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european commission presidential include young couple leaves the solution is closer integration his vision involves introducing a euro zone budget to forge closer ties between member states appointing a joint finance minister to monitor and coordinate income and expenditure and establishing a permanent european monetary fund for emergency to protect euro zone countries from crises but those plans have split countries and even germany the e.u.'s biggest economic power has voiced reservations the idea is to discuss a range of topics on friday with a further summit in june to table concrete decisions the european commission president will have his work cut out for him if he's to reawaken people's passion for europe are some big proposals on the table what's poland and brussels we've heard this before european budget office the finance minister that would be a huge step closer toward
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a unified european union but how realistic is this. don't expect any fireworks today from this meeting of the council president basically invited leaders to share their vision for the single currency for the euro zone and that is exactly what they will do there will be no council conclusions. any concrete decisions have been postponed to a summit in summer two thousand and nineteen there is a large consensus has said on the idea to make the eurozone more resilient to economic shocks there is large consensus to work on the banking union and creating a firewall for financial crisis and even there is a large consensus to create a european monetary fund but even these two are ideas for the future today
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will be an open discussion of what could be achieved in the near future discussion and indeed did point out that resistance to these ideas did represent a north south divide why would gemini be so strongly opposed to these ideas. exactly as you said this geographical simplification basically boils it down. to an old situation we have seen in the euro zone a number of times and that is that the rich countries in the north are reluctant to share risks in the eurozone budget for instance with the indebted countries in the south and that is basically the main reason why germany is resisting ideas a lot of money put together and then bail out or. be transferred to countries that have more debts it's the eurozone is not a transfer union that has been the argument from the german side all right this is
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having overtones of the grex thanks for walking us through what's old is new again in brussels thanks also to helen humphreys from our business desk for talking us through the european finance aspect of that story we're going to turn now to some of the other issues that are making news around the world now two nephews are going as well as first lady have been sentenced to eighteen years in prison a new york court found they had conspired to import cocaine into the u.s. enough use of syria flores venezuelan president nicolas maduro as wife tried to make twenty million dollars their drug trafficking to help keep their family in power. the head of the islamist militant group hamas has called for fresh global protest against donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital speaking in gaza city at an event commemorating the group's thirtieth anniversary ismail haniya manned it islamic world make every friday a day of anger. and somalia's capital mogadishu a suicide bomber disguised as
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a police officer was blown himself up inside a police academy at least eighteen people were killed and twenty wounded bomber targeted officers gathering for morning exercises a terrorist group al-shabaab says it carried out this attack. at least four children have been killed in southern france after a train collided with a school bus the force of the impact splitting that bus into it was carrying around twenty students for a secondary school no one on the train was hurt but passengers and crew are being offered psychological care on their way home from school secondary students on this bus ripped in half by a train on a level crossing dozens of emergency rescue workers were deployed the french prime minister also rushed to the scene. where christos i feel
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a deep sense of sadness as well and it's something that's shared by everybody who's been directly or indirectly affected by this accident. the accident occurred late thursday afternoon in the small village of me yes close to france's border with spain the bus was taking around twenty students home off to school when the regional train smashed into it on this crossing at a speed of around eighty kilometers per hour french president emmanuel mccann tweeted his condolences my thoughts are with the victims and families of these terrible school bus accident risk youth services have been fully mobilized to help . investigations are underway to work out exactly how the crash happened it was france's third fatal rail incident in the past four years . of one joined now by correspondent jake second narrow he's with us from paris to
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ask you the question i think many parents are asking themselves this morning how could this happen. certainly you know it's a nightmare and specially this time of year during the holidays so near to the winter holidays details of the cause of the crash are still unclear and authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what happened the bus was to dive in pieces as you saw completely sliced into by this rain and local officials say the regional train was traveling at a normal speed of eighty kilometers per hour and level crossings in good working condition and then it had even recently been updated our descent is a collision has been occurring in france for the past ten years or so despite routes to rowing crossings in twenty four thousand nine hundred twenty one crashes were registered killing twenty five people so there's clearly something wrong here the investigators are trying to find clearly something is wrong we know that four people were killed others were injured how are they doing so well so yes at least twenty other people were injured at ten of those are said to be in critical
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condition ten people in critical condition and how are people there in france responding to the news of this crash as they wake up. well it's a tragedy here everyone is obviously responding with great sadness and as you know the prime minister the transport minister both with directly to the scene and the transport minister called it a terrible accident present a manual now who has tweeted his support for the victims and their families and investigations have been opened by police transport henri's and which is the state owned row a company also a grief counseling center has been opened in the local community for children and victim's families to talk about their grief by lots of arcs here that's jake's second air reporting for us from paris thank you you're welcome. you're watching the news live from berlin still to come on our program angry argentineans have been lying about the planned pension reforms demanding that
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lawmakers for geoff their government's austerity push. it's time now for some business news with helena and in the u.s. the future of the internet could be about to change we're talking about a total turnaround from what we've come to understand sara in the united states that's off the u.s. federal communications commission reversed net neutrality rules these were championed by the former president barack obama and they barred providers from blocking or slowing access to content or charging consumers more the move is part of u.s. president donald trump's move to scale back regulation in many economic sectors net neutrality rules banned internet providers from giving preferential treatment to certain websites after the f.c.c. vote that seems to be a thing of the past. the ending of net neutrality has been met with fury by
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millions of internet users both online through social media. and offline at this protest outside the f.c.c. headquarters they say consumers will be forced to stump up the costs of say paying for faster access to their favorite sites or even paying to access certain websites and all. web firms say it will saddle content platforms with costs that they will be forced to pass on to their consumers the chairman of the f.c.c. saying it's not the role of the regulator to dictate to business models to the market it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy we should have a level playing field and let consumers decide who prevails action but for democrat commissioner minion cliburn it signals a dereliction of duty to the public can plainly see that a soon to be toothless of c.c.
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is handing the keys to the internet the internet one of the most remarkable empowering enabling inventions of our lifetime over to a handful of multi-billion dollar corporations the companies argue they need the money internet users are demanding faster connections for ever more devices and that infrastructure will add to billions in costs to their balance sheets that has already been legal opposition to the ruling but for now it's a victory of light touch regulation over big government of corporate america over the average internet user. so watching movies on the web may become more difficult in the united states soon in the meantime entertainment giant disney is harping up its online business disney announced that it was spending fifty two billion dollars to buy a big chunk of twenty first century fox the recent disney takeover it's film and t.v. studios as well as cable and international t.v.
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operations disney is hoping that the addition of fox is assets could help promote its streaming services as and stay. meant companies struggle to compete with online services before the buyout fox will separate its broadcasting network and stations into a new listed company that will be spun off to shareholders. and u.s. president donald trump may have pulled america out of the paris climate of cool but that doesn't mean that people living there aren't taking action to stop the march of climate change one neighborhood in brooklyn is producing its own clean energy using solar power so far sixty households have formed a micro grid and they're working on their own marketplace using the block chain technology the same tech behind bitcoin a brooklyn neighborhood is testing one of the first micro grids in america lawrence orsini founder of l o three energy has watched it come to life the brooklyn micro-grid is our first project transactive energy project here brooklyn so the idea is that as
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a person or someone who has generation on your roof what every you produce an excess goes back on to the utility grid so instead of pretending that the utility grids a battery and buying it back later you actually sell it when you make it to somebody else in the community gary golden is one of the sixty prosumer in brooklyn who feed energy into the micro-grid two years ago he had solar panels installed on his roof . we. talked through a lot of the tradeoffs but came to the conclusion that we expect energy prices from a traditional utility model to increase in the years ahead and that this investment in a solar rooftop system would be the the right economic decision as well as for the environment. to keep track of the energy that gary and his neighbors produce and consume l o three has built special smart meters using block chain technology these devices
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collect unprocessed data then they tally energy use on a mobile app. block chain is best known for its role in crypto currency is only in this case the peer to peer transactions involve energy instead of bit callings the technology is key to making the brooklyn micro-grid operate efficiently there's a shift that's happening now driven by technology where generation is moving from the grid center from big power plants that live right grid center to the edge to roof tops your house commercial buildings around you in your neighborhood aside from the positive effects the micro-grid can have on the local economy it also provides additional security during storms and hurricanes this year alone america has been devastated by ten hurricanes each followed by extensive power outages so if another super storm comes through like sandy this section of the grid can
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actually separate and run under its own power so. if the grid goes down you have a place in the community where you actually have electricity people can go where they can charge their phones that have communication so they can get a hot meal the brooklyn micro-grid should only run autonomous lee in an emergency for now it runs on the city's infrastructure while completing final testing but lauren so seaney and his prosumer has a working hard for a brighter future for energy. i thought sara now an austerity drive in argentina stocking outrage outrage is putting it pretty mildly in fact there's been violent clashes between protesters and police over the government's planned overhaul of pensions in argentina the riding was so severe it forced the congress and one is ours to suspend abate over the reforms president maurice machree says they're necessary to bring the country's deficit under control and crippling inflation but his opponents say this austerity drive is going to leave millions of
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people worse off. shiri in bonus ariz protesters demand the government keep its hands off their benefits trade unionists took de coles to the streets of argentina's capital bought them march descended into violence on wrist fueled by unpopular reforms i'm cutting the country's high deficit and reviving its economy the ontario demanded under the previous government we received two pension increases that helped us keep our dignity i mean. the former government gave to the farmers to the minorities they gave to everyone but the new president is taking from the poorest and giving to the richest. the on rest outside spilling inside to forcing argentina's congress to suspended a bank over the reforms president machree has been on something of an austerity
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drive in his two years in the job aside from tax and labor of forms makar he's also trying to change how pension payments are calculated something expected to save billions but the opposition and labor unions say millions of retirees and people on benefits will end up with less money and unpopular over a hole that people here will hit aaj in tina's most vulnerable. well the international olympic committee banned russia from competing as a country at the twenty eight hundred winter games in south korea last week now president vladimir putin has made some strong counter-accusations expressing his opinions about why the country has been penalized. let a mere putin has stood his ground continuing to deny there was any state sponsored doping this by the latest ruling from the i.o.c.
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the russian president even suggested some sort of smear campaign is underway it's obvious that this scandal is happening at the moment because of the upcoming elections and i don't care what people say because i'm convinced this is the case. when you go hootin very question the credibility of the former head of russia's sports laboratory grigori roche a cough who is under witness protection after fleeing to the united states. grigori wrote a check because he's working under the control of the american special services what are they doing to him what kind of substances is he being given so that he says what they want him to say it's ridiculous. despite booty call they need fake news the testimony of rod shake off was reason enough to keep russian flags out of the winter olympics. the first parallel giant slalom
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a vent kicked off the alpine snowboard world cup season and cut is a little way on thursday with perfectly groomed slopes and excellent weather under a self love of russia put on a gutsy performance to beat out switzerland's neven gal marini come away the winner in the answer vent in the women's reigning world champion esther they deca of the czech republic so often germany has run long enough off my stuff to claim victory on the day. you're watching news live from berlin still to come on our program the woman who is single handedly taking on cobbles drug epidemic with no support available for addicts in the afghan capital she's using her own money. to spend. because it's in to sleep in the bundesliga. is business student effect
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goodman beat ninety three the team's first win in what seemed like forever. to buy a new unit extended their lead should only be preparing for the second division. in sixty minutes d.w. . losing your home. because of persecution the city finds people build a new home in a foreign land with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past. and the future. after these. started december seventeenth d.w. . germany state by state. the most colorful. the most tradition.
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at any time. check with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d. w. dot com. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. are going to go and there is a. good show now with our innovations magazine for. every week and looking to the future. science and research for. welcome back you're launching news our top story at least four children have been killed in southern france after a train collided with a school bus the force of the impacts with the boss into about twenty students from
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a local secondary school were on board that box. divisions over migration are overshadowing a meeting in leaders in brussels european council president calling mandatory quotas highly divisive and ineffective leaders are also expected to agree to start the next phase of rocks at negotiations later today. speaking of brecht's at let's go to the u.k. now where nerves are jangling over britain's impending divorce from the european union our road to breakfast series looks the pressure points of that process and today we're asking the big question will they strike a deal on trade or will they. report now from the city of london where banks and traders desperately want to deal so they can continue to trade across the whole of europe but they are working on a plan b. just in case. every morning it's rush hour in london bridge the gateway into the
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financial district the city of london the city provides over one million jobs it's at the heart of the u.k. economy we want to find out how much two people in london's financial hub fira heartbreaks it and how are they preparing for it financial services are particularly vulnerable to bracks and roughly a third of all financial transactions here in the city of london and those clients in the e.u. that's why companies already prepare for every possible scenario lloyds of london the global insurance company have had their offices in the city for almost three hundred thirty years but now they are preparing to move more stuff to the continent . or below its chief executive has been preparing for the worst which would be no trade deal about four billion euros of business is written by the lloyd's market here in london at the moment across the country so that is
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a significant amount of business that we've run the risk of losing lloyd's already have a presence on the continent now they are increasing it by about one hundred staff mainly in a new office in brussels it's been estimated that tens or even hundreds of thousands of finance jobs might be lost in london it's not yet happening on a big scale but it is on people's minds i think it's a terrible decision i think it's going to just be a lot of pain over the next two years it will still be around the end or just be a lot of uncertainty until a source now in terms are tried in terms of ideas i think now we're going to be much worse off for it yeah that's why industry leaders a lot being hard for a trade deal with the e.u. a lot of people in the city of london that not vote for brics it but now the time and to limit the damage too much is at stake for the u.k.'s most profitable industry. giles bauman is the political representative of the financial services
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industry he regularly meets with to reason me into government and desperately wants to press home his message so we want a transition arrangement as soon as possible when the proof provides for certainty for business beyond march two thousand and nine nineteen looking for. access to talent and thirdly is in motion to a trade deal a comprehensive free trade ambitious free trade agreement the fear is that emotional arguments might win the bricks in the go see a sense that economic needs like those of the city of london might be ignored as they were in the vote for bricks it itself. are plenty to dig into here for more i'm joined by helena humphrey from our business desk again and also by carsten pusch asking he's the chief economist at the direct bank i am gene he's joining us this morning from the frankfurt stock
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exchange carson want to start with you we heard in that report there are fears that tens or even hundreds of thousands of finance jobs might be lost in london what are you hearing about jobs i mean like you heard in the report where they say see it what one third of all it's a services are jobs for day to foreign service is also linked to passport and as it's called i think this is this is the proxy that we know doesn't mean that they're all at risk no no they're not but i think what we do know is that businesses are going to make their plans for two thousand nine hundred very soon and i think it's the first two quarters of two thousand and eighteen will be extremely important if they don't get any guidance from the bricks of negotiations for how to trade could look like i think they will make their their emergency plans which would be the heartbreaks it. brags they don't come back to that nevertheless there's a lot of uncertainty that costs and that's just one way that the british financial market is being already but m.
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is not good news for competitors for example where you were sitting on the continent there in frankfurt it's partly good news but i think i think what it would europe still doesn't know is not really aware of that we don't see is a single center emerging from brights it and we don't see in a single the new financial center emerging from brics good what is happening in europe right now is the typical reflects off europe we see many small centers emerging it's paris it's frankfurt it's dublin it's a bit of em said them and i'm not sure whether this kind of completely frank meant to new financial service sector in europe is the best thing because then you going to do synergy effects so in the in the it's in the interest of the e.u. it would be if there would be in the other single turn to financial center after breakfast but this is not what we're going to see right now you're saying things are going to be fragmented meanwhile british lawmakers have demanded that they're
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going to have the last say on the terms of rocks at how is that going to affect things. so create more uncertainty i think that's obvious i think uncertain is in the beak that's a word for the entire branch of negotiations who are only moving into phase number number two right now we're at we're almost at the one year down in the brics of negotiations normally trade negotiations take up to five or ten years so it's very obvious that they will have to agree on a transition period anyway and i think it's extremely challenging to come up with some kind of a trade agreement within the next twelve fifteen months so which means uncertainty will prevail all over and uncertainty is very bad thing for financial markets but also for businesses which have to do their planning for the next years ahead well five or ten years as you say that cost it would be a very long time to have prolonged uncertainty now over all the british economy is already starting to feel the pain all of the breaks. what's your assessment going
7:38 am
forward i think what we do see that this pain of the brics and vote is a gradual pain i think part of the pain were were compensated by a week of pound sterling which was good for british exports so this is this is kind of. brought a bit of relief to the pain but the pain is a gradual one and will continue and that think that the biggest pain will come in the coming months if businesses really start to reorient themselves away from the island towards continental europe and this is where uncertainty and the negotiations on the few in the future of trade agreement between the u.k. and the e.u. are so extremely important all right let's get personal for a second harvest off rocks at what scenario is i n g d but preparing for. well what we do i think it's still soft threats and i think we are still seeing that in the interest of both the e.u. and the u.k. to have a very clean clear soft brakes which means a transition period and
7:39 am
a very clear agreement on how trade will look like after breakfast right that's carson the she is the chief economist of the direct bank i enjoy thanks for joining us this morning from frank for also thank you to helena humphrey from our business desk always a pleasure to have you over at the banks and turning to some world news now in afghanistan more than three million people in the country are addicted to drugs that's nearly one in ten afghans and many of these addicts a living in kabul in dire circumstances there's almost no support or treatment available for them but up next we're going to meet a woman who's using her own money to rescue and rehabilitate song. twice a week lima hidari goes down under this bridge in kabul a grim sight awaits her this is by far the most horrific spot in the afghan capital the city's drug addicts are holed up here thousands of them just trying to survive
7:40 am
this dark hell the stench of excrement urine and vomit is unbearable rats scurry along the walls every morning between five and ten dead bodies are carried out. haidari is the angel of kabul's drug afflicted. shallow if one of you wants to come with me you should stand up. a voice from the group shouts everyone here wants to go with you that it was. good and what do you really want to come say it. the drug addicts are irritable and aggressive we are only able to film because we came with laila the local police haven't dared to set foot under the bridge for ages. twelve men respond to linus' offer this morning the last one deciding at the last minute. lie low puts the men and the bus she had arranged ahead of time. they are driven to
7:41 am
a house at the edge of the city. i. married but others will publish why do i do this my brother was a drug addict i had to watch and slowly lose everything first his job then his family in the end he gave up and died. for me than. for those who arrive here the first step is to scrub the dirt from their bodies then everyone's head gets shaved those who decide to leave behind the hell under the bridge should mark a new beginning also physically lyla often lends a hand she is forty two years old and an unusually strong willed independent woman in this deeply conservative country. laila owns a restaurant not far from the city center it's popular with couples upper middle class the money she earns here pays for the drug addicts rehabilitation program. a
7:42 am
place to stay meals a few medical tests lightless therapy program does have a limit. i have not forced any of you to come here you're all here of your own free will i don't care if you speak pashto or dari and to whom you pray you can stay for one month after five days you will begin to do some light exercise then you'll be given a few tasks for seven years laila has been trying to help men like these get off drugs without any medication she tells them to drink as much water as possible and that should be enough to. pray to allah or a thousand times to show me the path away from drugs to give me another chance perhaps it will happen today. just a few streets away along has come out from under the bridge he's been digging searching through garbage and when necessary also stealing needs money for drugs a bag of heroin costs around two euros it doesn't sound like much but by afghan
7:43 am
standards it's a lot still there are more than three million drug addicts in afghanistan around ten percent of the population yet for all you know there. were people just hang around without any prospects that's why people in afghanistan turn to heroin i managed to get clean once for more than a year but then i started again for. this hill is another gathering spot for campbell's drug addicts they consume drugs here in the open. they are young and old some are even children the afghan police gave up a long time ago some cash in on the problem rummy's ahmed is a plainclothes narcotics agent. we haven't been able to do anything about addiction for a long time the only thing we still tries to go after the drug dealers but the shop they always find other ways. the afflicted are on their own with their addiction
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and the dealers brutality the afghan government has no money to fund rehab programs and the number of addicts is expected to grow afghanistan is flooded with drugs production has increased by forty percent in recent years this hill is a place of desolation afghanistan the world's biggest producer of drugs is now suffering from the drugs curse within its own borders. the second. i've been attacked and beaten twice i drug dealers who were afraid they would lose customers because of me that's absurd there are thousands of addicts in kabul alone and the dealers don't frighten me. but there is a bright spot in the story mohammed ali zonda also lived under the bridge for many years but he's been drunk free for two years now he's stayed with laila and helps out with a new arrivals learn to make rugs these are then sold to support the program.
7:45 am
i used to be a policeman during my shift i often came across alcohol and drugs based around i took heroin on a regular basis. me in. and what would have happened if he hadn't escaped from under the bridge. i'd be dead today. the men have started singing love songs again for laila that's a good sign the withdrawal process is extremely difficult of all of them and laila takes in only around a quarter of them manage it and stay clean her dream is to have a proper clinic with experienced doctors so she can rescue many more drug addicts from the hell beneath the bridge. talk say well german
7:46 am
president frank potter style our will today be attending the launch of celebrations as israel prepares to mark its seventieth anniversary next year here's a look back at german israeli relations defined by the darkest chapter in german history. the holocaust the murder of around six million jews under the nazis has always been the defining feature of german israeli relations that crime against humanity links the two countries in a special relationship the criminals and the victims. after the end of the second world war and of the show on there was a drive to form an independent jewish nation. in may of one thousand nine hundred eight in tel aviv david ben-gurion proclaimed the state of israel. in one thousand nine hundred fifty one for the first time west german chancellor out and how i describe the holocaust as an unspeakable crime against jews he promised moral and
7:47 am
material reparations in the years that followed economically thriving germany supported still poor israel not only with money but with arms. but the past had yet to be resolved there were angry protests on the streets of israel when west germany sent its first ambassador there in one nine hundred sixty five it took a while for him to be accepted our relations were only gradually normalized. then in september of one thousand nine hundred two the massacre at the munich olympics palestinian terrorists took the lead an israeli athletes hostage all were killed in the catastrophe and the mourning for the victims brought the two countries closer together. political relations were also normalized in march of two thousand and eight german chancellor angela merkel spoke to the israeli parliament and offered assurances of lasting support either going with with you every german government on
7:48 am
the front of every chancellor before me has been committed to germany's special historical responsibility for israel's security that today mutual criticism and clear expressions of opinion are just as much a part of relations as mutual respect both sides accept that german israeli relations will always remain very special. very special indeed but with me in the studio now is our political correspondent charlotte spot charlotte potts excuse me charlotte a very special relationship that's fundamentally defined by the horrors of the past what's defining german israeli relations nowadays you mention the horror of the past i think at the beginning many question what kind of relationship germany and israel even could have or if any relationship and over the years over the decades we have to say diplomatic relation close there are many exchange programs on the
7:49 am
cultural side at this point germany is funding scientific programs in israel they are funding submarines in the military this lot of money flowing by letter of trade is huge so on that level there is a lot of exchange going on also thirty three thirty three thousand israelis became germans in the past decade or so so these are all positive developments and also politically a lot of things have happened has pushed always for a very close relationship with israel she was the first one actually ten years ago the first politician to hold a speech in front of the israeli parliament for the founding of israel for those sixty years and in verse three so politically very close relationships but also a lot of criticism in the past years or so because of israel's settlement programs and also because of the critical crackdown on n.g.o.s in the beginning of the year
7:50 am
are canceled government consultations in israel so there are a few downsides showing at the moment in the israeli general relationship and trumps decision to acknowledge that jerusalem is the capital of israel triggered worldwide outrage what's the german position on this strongly condemned decision she thought it was unnecessary and stirring to. that was that was that was unnecessary so germany's position is that. should be pursuing a two states resolution and that within those negotiations the status of jerusalem as a capital should be discussed germany has always been pushing for that and has seen itself in a way as a mediator in those diplomatic negotiations for a two state solution germany and europe have seen themselves in this role but they've also said and especially and america has stressed that germany has to can
7:51 am
take up the full role of the negotiator if it needs the u.s. to pursue that as well the two state solution and at the moment you see a lot of disappointment in the decision also because right now there is no trust whatsoever that the united states could push for that. a couple of days ago we saw protesters here in berlin burning israeli flag and overall the number of anti-semitic incidents in germany has risen this year how concerned are israeli diplomats and also juror jewish groups here in germany yeah they have very concerned you are further into the incidences over the weekend protesters were rallying in the streets here for lin really unseen pictures so far and very odd burning those israeli flags. has also condemned those protests said they'd be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law they are proceedings against those protesters in place at the israeli flags and jewish leaders they've voiced concerns
7:52 am
they said whoever burns flags loses decency and tolerance and there has been a lot of concern voiced that anti-semitism in germany is on the rise and that is nothing new nothing from this past weekend we've seen that over the past year or so also with the entrance of these you know phobic and nationalist alternative for germany entering the polman they have a very different stance on on israel they are saying maybe it's not in the german national interest that we that we can although the existence of israel maybe we should not atone for our past anymore for the nazi past and for our role in the holocaust maybe we should move on so there are a lot of concerns from jewish leaders that this fight against anti-semitism does not play a big role in german life anymore chancellor merkel once described israel's security as quote germany's national interest how do ordinary germans or the jewish state i
7:53 am
think it's a very complex sentiment there it's not as close as it used to be that relationship german see it so there was a big survey two years ago and two thirds of german said we should leave the past behind sixty six percent said expressed actually anger that germans are still blamed for crimes against jews so many germans hold a negative view on israel these days and that special unique relationship that germany had with east over the past decades is put in question and charlotte ponce our political correspondent thanks for walking us through this. to france now and a new market for old architecture historical fittings doors floors you name it they are all in demand by wealthy buyers who want them to feature in their brand new buildings some villages in the country interior design can also be a destructive force that gets their community up its cultural heritage the first
7:54 am
time but draw olivier came to this house or rather what's left of it his heart sank the matter of his one violin france's champagne province has been battling for years against sentries old buildings in his town being sold off. the fireplaces the floors and the wood paneling have all been ripped out. there's nothing left of everything that was worth anything has been taken out to be sold to foreign investors. much of genre's housing stock is for sale renovation is often too expensive so dealers buy up old houses that bargain prices and then strip out the contents there's a global boom in antique building materials for new houses show until town council has taken up preferential buying rights on several old properties the mess says this historic legacy must be protected from exploitation. the aim is to
7:55 am
revitalize our town center we want the buildings to go to ethical buyers. we'll help them to renovate the houses so they can live in them. that's what our town needs. to feel sells on the houses it acquires at the low prices. and it gives the new owners grants to refurbish them that's good news for him a caller. opening a cafe and cake shop in this derelict building. and none of this would have been possible with that to support of the town hall you have to cover huge costs trundle has limited means and can't prevent every decaying building from being sold off but the town is determined to fend off a trade which reduces historic buildings to piles of rubble and hollow shoals.
7:56 am
and finally as people around the world gear up for christmas the london zoo is getting into the festive spirit to santa brought the zoo's furry and feathered residents and early treats wrapped in these festive stockings and gift boxes only have you know these cute little pictures from berlin thanks for joining us facias him.
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because it's usually in the food industry. is still in effect
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