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it still rests and whoever can control the stealings has great power over us to. instill the feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on g.w. . this is due to every news coming to live from divisions over immigration and brock's that threaten the e.u. a show of unity leaders' meeting in brussels clash over my word of the meeting is overshadowed by the ongoing works of talks also coming up and australian inquiry
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into child abuse says catholic priests should no longer have to make a vow of celibacy australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull calling the report's findings of institutional sexual abuse a national tragedy. an end to net neutrality in the united states the government claims it's cutting red tape that throttles innovation but users say this could squabble their data speeds instead. was a special but complicated relationship as israel looks forward to its seventieth anniversary we'll look back at german israeli relations defined by the darkest chapter in germany as story. welcome to the show my name sarah harmon it's good to have you with us. elaters
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meeting in brussels are heading for a showdown over the issue of migration european council president donald tusk called a mandatory quota for refugees quote highly divisive and ineffective but your uncle americal who's just arrived has responded by saying member states can't just pick and choose when it comes to burden sharing and solidarity and the migration crisis is not the only controversial issue on the agenda another difficult topic. this was the happy moment at the summit leaders celebrated the start of closer defense cooperation which might lead to something that a few years ago it seemed unattainable a real defense union today this dream becomes a reality we are launching permanent structure of cooperation so-called. which is a practical expression of our will to build european defense but right after the
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happy moment the german chancellor seemed to have a word with two sgt nobody said what it was about but one thing seemed certain medical wasn't happy about comments on a mandatory refugee quota the council president had called the quota divisive and ineffective some agreed but the chancellor had a rather different view when said to him i made it very clear that i'm not happy about the simple statement that the regulations we have aren't working solidarity has more than an external dimension we also need it internally and that's where we have a lot of work left to do because the different positions have not changed. enough pictures like these from two thousand and fifteen are not per gotten migrants trying to make it to europe it's still the most contentious issue in the e.u. more trouble on other topics is looming. until now the twenty seven member states
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that will remain part of the e.u. displayed rock solid unity on the backs of the goshi asian front and it's virtually certain they will give the green light to start pace two of that process on friday it will be about discussing future relations with the united kingdom talking about the ambitious and deep and special partnership that i want to build with the european union for the future and on the security issue i'm very clear that although the british people took itself in decision to leave the e.u. that does not mean that we were going to be leading our responsibilities in terms of european security but those talks will mainly be about trade not security that's when national interests will come into play it might spell more trouble for the european union and fewer happy moments. of war i'm joined now by d.w. correspondent your nonsense in process here good morning our concerns about cracks
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at going to dampen the christmas spirit there in brussels. judging from personal experience years i have to say that christmas is also the time of the year when things get a little stressful shopping for gifts preparing dinner and i think we've seen quite a bit of that spirit too yesterday for instance over migration and we'll see a bit of that over the open and free debate over the eurozone with the visions for that eurozone quite clashing. back that is bit of a different story because as max hope funding his report put it there is a rock solid unity here when it comes to the u.k. and the e.u. saying clearly there will be no cherry picking because that would endanger the internal market that would endanger all the agreements we've made with other partners and amongst ourselves. until now it is now to present a fairly united front in dealing with the u.k. is that going to last as talks move on to trade. of course so far we've been
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talking about the brakes a bill extract ing as much money as possible from the u.k. was in the interest of twenty seven members the same goes for citizen rights and northern ireland everybody very much on the same page when it comes to the trade relationships you will see differences you're bound to see them because every single e.u. member state has a different relation to the u.k. have to front trade interests at stake for that future deal in the making but what will unite everyone is the fear that a special deal a special treatment cherrypicking could endanger the entire european project and nobody is prepared to have that. migration is also a huge topic of the summit where are the leaders heading on that. are the magic words here really is. a constant mechanism for the future and the
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obligatory mechanism to relocate refugees you you have a division here in europe between those countries who are unwilling to take in refugees to help to lift the burden for those countries who are mainly affected. italy and greece and those countries who would like to focus on the external strength of the extra little borders that is where pretty much everybody is on the same page but redistributing refugees across europe remains a contentious issue of scale of mantles for us in brussels thanks. a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world four children were killed and twenty other people injured some critically when a train hit a school bus at a rail crossing in southern france authorities are trying to determine what caused the accident investigators are looking into whether the crossing barrier was.
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in argentina protest against planned pension reforms have descended into violence why it was so severe it forced the congress and hours to suspend a debate over the reforms the government says these reforms are necessary to bring the country's deficit under control and to curb inflation but opponents fear it will leave millions of people worse off. two nephews of venezuela's first lady have been sentenced to eighteen years in prison in the united states new york court found they conspired to import cocaine into the us the nephews of syria flora's the wife of venezuelan president nicolas maduro trying to make twenty million dollars through drug trafficking to help keep their family in power. the head of the islamist militant group hamas has called for fresh global protests against recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital speaking in gaza city and event commemorating the group's thirtieth anniversary it's my all honey i demanded
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world make every friday a day of anger. a commission investigating child sexual abuse in australia has called on the catholic church to end the demand that clergy members remain celebrate celibate excuse me it also said that religious leaders should be prosecuted for failing to report child sexual abuse including priests who hear about crimes in confessionals the five year long profound that australian institutions including the church had seriously failed to protect children for tens of thousands abused over decades responding to the report prime minister malcolm turnbull thank those who have come forward to tell their stories he said their courage have led to a national tragedy expose all that work. for more knowledge across the city where journalist roger maynard is standing by for us roger this report was five years in the making what are the key findings here. sara this has been
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a long and exhaustive inquiry into a somebody that is both shocking and unpalatable and i reflects a dark chapter in modern australian history involving tens of thousands of children many of whom are now adults and indeed elderly people. commission the cutest the catholic church i found the catholic church as well the main offenders of catastrophic failures of leadership report says the abuses were not just a few rotten tomatoes in fact we will never ever know the full extent the true number set by the commission's chairman peter mcclelland described the abuse as a national tragedy to quote his words across many decades many institutions found children are charged with texan system let them down he said and just look at the figures ray briefly no fewer than sixty thousand survivors of sexual abuse will now
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be eligible for compensation more than forty thousand calls were made to the authorities no fewer than two thousand five hundred allegations have been referred to the police those of that there are already two hundred fifty prosecutions under way sarah the numbers are chilling and as you say we may never know the full extent of this but the report does make some recommendations they're recommending an end to celibacy amongst catholic priests and the mandatory reporting of sex abuse has the church sharon itself to be receptive to that. well that remains to be seen as you rightly say these recommendations are hoped to stop anything like this ever happening again there are one hundred eighty nine of them and as you rightly point out one of the most controversial issues urges the religious confessional to be put aside so that if a priest here admissions of guilt involving a sexual abuse they are obliged legally to report them to the police or to the authorities and in another significant a move it recommends the catholic church make celibacy voluntary for crace.
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suggesting that celibacy was a major contributory factor julie allegations of child sexual abuse over the years now whether the church and he has these recommendations remains to be see already today one senior cleric in australia has said that breaking the laws of the confessional and celibacy would effectively excommunicate him from the church and he was not prepared to disobey what he see is as god's law i that's journalist roger maynard walking us through the findings of this report in australia five years in the making roger thank you. you're watching d.w. news solar come on our program a relationship born of tragedy as israel books for the seventieth anniversary of its foundation we've examined the history that has defined its times with germany.
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more business news now with helena and in the us the future of the internet looks to be about to change a century what we're talking about sarah is a total about turn in fact that's off the u.s. federal communications commission reversed net neutrality rules championed by former president barack obama they both provide blocking all slowing access to content or charging consume a small well many of us positive u.s. president donald trump's push to scale back regulation in many economic sectors. net neutrality rules banned internet providers from giving preferential treatment to certain websites after the f.c.c. vote that seems to be a thing of the past. the ending of net neutrality has been met with fury by millions of internet users both online through social media. and offline at this protest outside the f.c.c. headquarters they say consumers will be forced to stump up the costs of say paying
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for faster access to their favorite sites or even paying to access certain websites and all. say it will saddle content platforms with costs that they will be forced to pass on to their consumers the chairman of the f.c.c. saying it's not the role of the regulator to dictate to business models to the market it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy we should have a level playing field and let consumers decide who prevails action but for democrat commission a minion cliburn it signals a dereliction of duty to the public can plainly see that a soon to be toothless of c.c. is handing the keys to the internet the internet one of the most remarkable empowering enabling inventions of our lifetime over to a handful of multi-billion dollar corporations the companies argue they need the
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money internet users are demanding faster connections for ever more devices and that infrastructure will add to billions in costs to their balance sheets that has already been legal opposition to the ruling but for now it's a victory of light touch regulation over big government of corporate america over the average internet user. will not point corporate america over the average internet user let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel cole in frankfurt now daniel wall without net neutrality might benefit large corporations putting smaller companies at a disadvantage as the market reacting to this. well i was talking little bit earlier to a senior trader here on the trading floor head and he was telling me that investors and also traders are not in favor of this at all of course traders they want to make the most money possible but they're also telling me that there are four four
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open markets for a fair trade and they're really thinking that most of the smaller companies will really a suffer because of this also very interesting you might think that those big companies such as facebook or of google that they would be in favor of this well they're actually not they were also saying before that they don't like this but of course they're now going to be the first ones to pay and when the first one space all the next ones will follow stay with us don you will be coming back to you in just a moment but first u.s. carrier delta airlines has just put it a walking order worth over twelve billion euros one hundred need range planes from european to make an address with the deal comes with an option to be double should delta want another one hundred aircraft u.s. carriers latest purchase is a major blow for us competitive boeing and delta's choice to go with us comes off the boeing challenge the u.s. carriers would have planes from tannadice da boeing says the sale price was ought
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to officially end amounted to dumping. back over to daniel in frankfurt then. he's doing well apparently breaking in new deals at the same time we're getting word that the c.e.o. will be stepping down what was behind that. they had an exactly a very successful company in general now also coming closer to their biggest rival boeing but there has been in the side of the company for a long time already an internal dispute this is all about money laundering cases that are actually already a some years ago but that have been keeping the company very busy and mostly c o n does is announcing that he is going to be stepping down in two thousand and nineteen he is not the only person that is going to resign also the number two in the company but he's been a g.e.
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and other another very important he's the see all of us also announcing that this that he is going to resign and it's really going to be interesting on which a future adverse now is going also when you talk about the problem kid off the company of the airbus a three eighty this. bus that has been really giving the company lately headache abas just announce also this year that they will be reducing the production of this advice a financial correspondent daniel cope thank you now u.s. president donald trump may have pulled america out of the paris climate a coup but that doesn't mean that people living there on taking action to stop the march of climate change one neighborhood in brooklyn is producing its own clean energy using solar power so far sixty households have formed a micro grade and they're working on their own marketplace using the block chain technology yes the same tech behind. a brooklyn neighborhood is testing one of the
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first micro grids in america lawrence orsini founder of l o three energy has watched it come to life the brooklyn micro-grid is our first project transactive energy project here in brooklyn so the idea is that as a person or someone who has generation on your roof whatever you produce and the excess goes back on to the utility grid so instead of pretending that the utility grabs a battery and buying it back later you actually sell it when you make it to somebody else in the community gary golden is one of the sixty prosumer in brooklyn who feed energy into the micro-grid two years ago he had solar panels installed on his roof . we. talked through a lot of tradeoffs but came to the conclusion that we expect energy prices from a traditional utility model to increase in the years ahead and that this investment
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in a solar rooftop system would be the the right economic decision as well as for the environment. to keep track of the energy that gary and his neighbors produce and consume l o three has built special smart meters using blotching technology these devices collect and process data then they tally energy use on a mobile app block chain is best known for its role in crypto currency is only in this case the peer to peer transactions involve energy instead of bitcoins the technology is key to making the brooklyn micro-grid operate efficiently there's a shift that's happening now driven by technology where. generation is moving from the great center from big power plants that live right grid centered to the edge to roof tops your house commercial buildings around you in your neighborhood aside from the positive effects the micro-grid can have on the local economy it also
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provides additional security during storms and hurricanes this year alone america has been devastated by ten hurricanes each followed by extensive power outages. so if another super storm comes through like sandy this section of the grid could actually separate and run under its own power so. if the grid goes down you have a place in the community where you actually have electricity people can go they can charge their phones like i have communications they can get a hot meal the brooklyn micro-grid should only run autonomous lee in an emergency for now it runs on the city's infrastructure while completing final testing but lawrence all seanie and his prosumer has a working hard for a brighter future for energy. chairman president frank meyer will today be attending the launch of celebrations as israel prepares to mark its seventieth anniversary next year here's a look back at german israeli relations defined by the darkest chapter in german
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history. the holocaust the murder of around six million jews under the nazis has always been the defining feature of german israeli relations that crime against humanity links the two countries in a special relationship the criminals and the victims. after the end of the second world war and of the show on there was a drive to form an independent jewish nation. in may of one nine hundred forty eight in tel aviv david ben-gurion proclaimed the state of israel. in one thousand nine hundred fifty one for the first time west german chancellor and now i describe the holocaust as an unspeakable crime against jews he promised moral and material reparations in the years that followed economically thriving germany supported still poor israel not only with money but with arms. but the past had yet to be
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resolved their working group protests on the streets of israel when west germany. sent its first ambassador there in one nine hundred sixty five it took a while for him to be accepted relations were only gradually normalized. then in september of one thousand nine hundred two the massacre at the munich olympics palestinian terrorists took eleven israeli athletes hostage all were killed in the catastrophe and the mourning for the victims brought the two countries closer together. political relations were also normalized in march of two thousand and eight german chancellor angela merkel spoke to the israeli parliament and offered assurances of lasting support either going to sleep every german government on the front of every chancellor before me has been committed to germany's special historical responsibility for israel's security that today mutual criticism
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and clear expressions of opinion are just as much a part of relations as mutual respect both sides accept that german israeli relations will always remain very special. with me in the studio now is our political correspondent charlotte potts show it welcome a very special relationship one that's fundamentally defined by the horrors of the past what is the defining german israeli relationship nowadays is you mentioned the horrors of the past i mean we're talking about the holocaust horrific events and many question in the beginning what if any relationship could have with germany and that changed over the last decades israeli german relations became very very close especially on an exchange side there lots of cultural exchanges germany's funding scientific research in israel is funding submarines for the military is having huge
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by literal trade with east so a lot of relations on those sides but also politically germany has always backed rail has always been behind israel and as we just saw she was the first german politician to speak in front of the israeli parliament nearly ten years ago that was something very special but in the past years there has also been quite some criticism towards israel from germany because of the settlement program and because of its critical crackdown on and geos this is something that the german government sees very critical and actually in the beginning of the year and. cancel of government consultations in israel so relations are not at its best at the moment and of course trumps decision to acknowledge jerusalem as israel's capital sparked worldwide outrage and protest what's the german stance on that well i mean first of all the chancellor is strongly condemned the move she said it was something that
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was unnecessary and just protests around the world germany stance is that the should be a two state solution israel and palestine and that within those negotiations for a two state solution one should talk about the status of jerusalem as a capital. who had belongs to germany has always seen itself as a mediator in the process the european union as well but the chancellor has also stressed that germany cannot be the main negotiator that the us has to be there as a neutral negotiator so to say and at the moment there is a lot of well frustration on this side because they know that trumps decision now let's to a two state solution really not being any being there any time soon a couple days ago these images of arab protesters burning in israeli flag here in berlin went viral these images shocked a lot of people. how concerned are israeli diplomats and jewish groups in germany
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about rising levels of anti-semitism right they have a lot of concern and rightfully so i mean those were images that were seen so far in germany mostly palestinians burning israeli flags. has said there should be a very harsh crackdown on those protests to the flags israeli diplomats and. and jewish leaders are very concerned not only because of that but also because of the rise of anti-semitism we've seen the nationalists you know phobic alternative for germany coming into probably amend and they've questioned the existence of israel if that was in the german national interest if germany should atone for its past so these are things that jewish leaders are very concerned about a lot to be concerned about that charlotte ponce our political correspondent thank you thanks for having me. you're watching t.v. news coming to live from berlin our coverage continues the top of the hour in the meantime you can find the latest around the clock on our web site that address for
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your is d w dot com i'm sarah harman from the whole team thanks for watching. one tree guy international talk show journalists discuss the topic of the week is donald trump's decision to recognize as israel's capital a diplomatic disaster or could it chill the long dormant peace process back alive
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that's our topic on this week. next. we found out two years ago that she has a heart condition and musician it has got worse in the last few months i can look and she only has a year to live there's only one hospital in africa where the surgery is conducted free of charge. i am afraid of me. open. in forty five minutes on t w. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word emerged in the. nico is in germany to learn german why not learn to spell simple online on your mobile and free themselves from. learning course nico speak
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