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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:18pm CET

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the to. the childhood lost. us works twelve allison de. jesus syrian refugees in turkey. instead of going to school she goes to work in a textile factory. the family claims there's no alternative.
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but is that true. thirty minutes d.w. . beat the germans move and surprisingly aspects of the mines and culture in germany. us american keep music takes a look at germany and the synchronicities of their traditions everyday lives and language can just come out of the highlights. so i'm cool i'm good for him. like a fish big guy i want to be w. dot com the germans. your homeland because of persecution the city. starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country. five people who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories. books and music they've built bridges to the
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past and the future. after the escaping starting to simmer seventeen t.w. . images from an isolated country. images from north korea any telling photographer captured fascinating shots of every day life in a regimented society. an exclusive peek behind one of the last iron curtain it's. a north korean diary starting december twenty eighth on t w. yeah. and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war but it is little solution and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child should not the only friend their homeland if the enemy invades. no one wants russia here don't need to nuke which is the.
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rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. this is going to lead to britain finally gets a yes from brussels as the e.u. gives the green light for the next phase of negotiations european leaders say major hurdles have been overcome on that britain and europe. to talking about the future of relationship with a focus on trade we've made quite significant progress face to begin but we
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realised that obviously this phase of negotiation is going to be even hotter i'll bring you the latest from brussels also on the program. is an end to germany's political crisis inside the social democrats agreed to begin talks on forming a possible government but conservatives. on the german teenager reunited with her parents after running away to join the islamic states but now awaiting trial in iraq. plus an end to so-called net neutrality in the united states the government says. some users fear that if web traffic is no longer their access to information. i'm filled welcome to the program. day two of the e.u.
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summit in brussels has brought the progress britain has been waiting for a youth council president. leaders have agreed that sufficient progress has not been made to allow a uni. go stations to move to the second phase of talks about britain's departure from the bloc it's a big boost for british prime minister theresa may who even received a round of applause last night. to cross over to brussels in just a moment first let's hear what the prime minister herself had to say i'm pleased that it's been agreed we should make rapid progress on an implementation period which will give certainty to businesses and individuals the still more to do but we're well on the road to delivering a bricks it that will make britain prosperous strong and secure. to brussels where we find a w correspondent to charlotte chelsea will welcome charlotte so talk us through this big win for both sides impress what's been agreed. yes a big win indeed is not very often in this break that process this reason may and
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e.u. leaders get to celebrate something but that is exactly what has happened today the e.u. twenty seven heads of states have decided that they can rubber stamp a deal that was struck between negotiators what that basically says is that there's been sufficient progress on three key issues three issues that need to be decided in the so-called phase one of tools and those things are the divorce bill as it's called how much money the u.k. the e.u. on citizens rights isn't she what happens to u.k. citizens living in europe in european citizens citizens living in the u.k. and on the northern ireland border what's going to happen often breaks it between a northern island and its neighbor island which is still going to be in the in the e.u. so very complex issues it's been a very difficult road several attempts to reach an agreement on this failed in fact they were meant to reach an agreement here at the last summit in october and failed so big sighs of relief here today that finally they've done it ok they've dug out
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what happens next. well that's quite right with america pointed out in a press conference not say long ago that was all well and good very good that we've got this in the bag but phase two the next round is going to be even more difficult now the e.u. today has published some guidelines on what it wants to see happen next it's that the next focus is on the so-called transition period that's what happens after march twenty nine thousand when the u.k. leaves the e.u. we're expecting two years where weeks you can sort of phase out essentially what happens after the u.k. is membership in the e.u. and we also know that that is. and to be something that is extremely difficult to agree then beyond that we're going to start looking at trade talks and the u.k.'s future relationship with the let's not forget as well that even issuing a deal is struck between the u.k. and the e.u. theresa may now need to then take that deal back her name and get approval at home
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parliamentarians have now decided they want a vote on any final deal that there is an awful lot that can still go wrong over the next couple of months solid sales and fill in brussels thank you. dutch military police have shot a man. ship all airports after he made threats with a knife the incident prompted authorities to launch a partial evacuation of the airport which is one of europe's busiest police say the situation down to control and the man has been detained and no reports of other injuries. that are some of the other stories making news around the world a russian court has sentenced former economy minister aleksei kieth to eight years in jail in the two million dollars bribes from an oil boss close to president putin a sentence much harsher than many people had expected the case has ignited speculation back to early months of falling victim to a kremlin power play. israeli forces
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a shot dead two palestinians in clashes along the israeli grass a border dozens of others were wounded during rallies in gaza city in the west bank thousands took to the streets to protest against u.s. president on trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. britain's prince harry and his american fiance make a mark or will marry on the nineteenth of may of next year kensington palace and i was the dates and confirm the ceremony will take place in some george's chapel at windsor castle the couple announced their engagement last month following the sixteen month records. here in germany they had of the social democrats martin schultz says his party has agreed to exploratory talks with a view to forming a coalition government. with chancellor merkel's conservatives the s.p.d. has been under pressure to reconsider joining a new grand coalition government after chancellor merkel's failure to launch a separate three way coalition speaking to reporters mr shultz stressed that the s.p.d. was still undecided about whether and how they might support the chancellor's conservatives
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biggest question and i mean it's an open question whether these talks will lead to forming a new coalition you know we must repeat this again in all seriousness the fact that we are having exploratory talks doesn't mean we have committed to any particular coalition forum do we get all these belong to cough and that's got more from germany political correspondent simon young welcome simon tell us more about what martin short has been saying today you know phil schultz says that he's canceled the christmas holidays for himself and twelve senior s.p.d. politicians who are going to take part in these exploratory talks which he says can begin just after the beginning of the new year and he rather optimistically suggested they may only take a couple of weeks through to the middle of january at any rate there's going to be another meeting of the s.p.d. party membership to decide then whether to move to a full coalition talks with angela merkel and her conservatives so another meeting
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of the s.p.d. i don't get the feeling of deja vu way that we have the social democrats and conservatives meeting with the president about a month ago they bang their heads together they agreed to talk and s.p.d. party conference indorse that decision and then there were talks two nights ago now martin shields is talking about going back to his party why. well you're right phil is confusing all these meetings and decisions but you have to see that there's huge opposition within the social democrat party against the idea of a new edition of the grand coalition government of s.p.d. and conservatives and a lot of people would rather have some much looser kind of arrangement with the conservatives or indeed go into opposition which is what martin short initially said he was going to do after the election and so the these various votes are designed to if you like take the party membership along with every single stage as
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the leadership moves towards joining a government and to provide some kind of insurance if things go wrong simon young thank you a german teenager is awaiting trial in baghdad after being captured in a stronghold of so-called islamic states linda w. traveled to iraq after converting to islam there she married an i asked fighter who was later killed now she says she wants to come home but even if she makes it back to germany her future is uncertain it was a cautious we union with a family who traveled from germany to baghdad to see the seventeen year old who's in custody awaiting trial. pictures of her arrest in mosul in july were beamed around the world. identified only as linda w. she left her home in eastern germany to join the so-called islamic state now she regrets has its reasons i have to leave to conclude i don't know how i came up with such a dumb idea i've completely ruined my life yet. linda says she didn't take part in
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any fighting she says after the death of the i.a.s. member she married she stayed in various women's shelters and almost never stepped outside hundreds of women have left europe to join i.a.s. many of them are now in custody in iraq according to research by german media at least seven germans are among them until now german women who were not in combat but married to i.a.s. militants were rarely prosecuted back home now a different legal approach is likely. where of the opinion that these women are guilty of membership of a foreign terrorist organization because they helped to strengthen the internal structure of the so-called islamic state but this question will ultimately have to be clarified by germany its federal court of justice. but. it's not clear whether linda w. would be prosecuted if and when she returns an investigation is underway but
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there's no warrant for her arrest in germany. a german president. has been attending celebrations at the israeli embassy for the jewish festival of lights israel's also beginning months of celebrations to mark the anniversary of its foundation in nineteen forty eight the festivities come days after protestors shocked. by chanting anti-semitic slogans and burning israeli flags in. israel and germany stand united and not just during hanukkah that's the message from the german president as the two countries begin preparations to mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the state of israel next year it's a loaded occasion given recent anti israel demonstrations in germany. those who burn the israeli flag in germany are not only showing an unacceptable hatred of israel they also do not understand or respect what it means to be german.
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but this has deutsche. bank is clear about a non-negotiable german principle germany always stands behind israel kind and loughton. in germany and we do not condone any anti-semitism whether it be loud or quiet old or new anti-semitism it will not be accepted at all in this republic and does that public the israeli ambassador to germany says while the past cannot be ignored he praises the current german israel relationship. while the memory of the past cannot and should not be forgotten or define a future i believe that the relationship between israel and germany has been transformed into a forward looking dynamic and vibrant relationship. all in all a relationship resilient enough to balance back after a few political booms. and sports young dormant stock christiane is it she has
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been named u.s. male player of the year the youngest to when he's nineteen years old to the staggering ninety four percent of the folks from national team players countries ex players and the media two years younger than the previous youngest winner at everton forward landon donovan. in alpine skiing germany's won its first men's super g. world cup race in almost twenty seven years the competition favorites were surprised by josefa festool who went down the course early in a fog interrupted event at italy's val gardena is early late held up by just two one hundred seventy second of austrian max france champion the tiresome mile took third fastball describe his win it's unbelievable now to india where the zoo in delhi is celebrating the birthday of its oldest resident rita the chimpanzee turned fifty seven today cause for huge celebration amongst the staff and visitors well there is a self seemed less taken with all the excitement. it's her fifty seventh birthday
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but read it doesn't feel like a plane. that hasn't stopped the schoolchildren at india's delhi zoo from celebrating for her. i mean i was born in amsterdam in one thousand nine hundred sixty and was brought to india at the age of four days a very special. to the oldest member of and i can say that you know listen bones in our country chimpanzees survive longer in captivity than in the wild where they live for an average of forty five years it's a thrilling day outside the classroom for the school children seen here celebrating the start of the day's fifty eight year. cardboard cut out gets cake rita has received lots of treats and visitors hopefully their enthusiasm managed to reach her behind bars. this is data i will use i from that still to come the u.s. government rolls back and next neutrality rules it says to cut that type others say
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and that uses access to information will suffer more coming up in just a moment. and i thought both you at the top of the hour call twice bots as always the websites of course that stayed up you don't come out of the day. time.


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