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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is from britain yes from brussels as the gives the green light for the next phase of. european leaders. on the britain and europe. to talking about their future relations with the focus. we've made quite significant progress case to. be realized that obviously this phase of negotiation is going to
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be even hotter. from brussels meanwhile how was britain's huge financial sector preparing for a future outside the e.u. and how much does it stand to lose goes in such a. political crisis the social democrats agreed to begin talks on forming a possible government. plus in the next sixty minutes the us scrap so-called net neutrality the government says it's. subbed uses fear that if he's no longer. the access to information will suffer. bring in the story of the german teenager reunited with her parents after running away to join the slavic states awaiting trial. child sex abuse on a stunning scale on australian. ari reveals institutional abuse over decades
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especially within the catholic church prime minister malcolm turnbull calls the findings a national tragedy. i feel gail welcome to the program. you leaders have made the decision that britain has been waiting for you council president donald tusk says bracks it talks have made sufficient progress to allowed negotiations to move to the second face talks will now focus on future relations between the two sides and most importantly for britain the issue of trade but e.u. leaders are already warning that the next phase is likely to be even tougher than the first this is what relief looks like on the faces of european council president and commission presidential claude younker the european union gives britain the go ahead for phase two of the brics in negotiations but it also warns that it will be
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dramatically difficult. for sure the. second phase. first phase without the british premier present the other member states signed off on the european commission's recommendation that london had given enough guarantees on the most important divorce issues germany's angela merkel and french president a man who i might call in a joint press conference emphasized the importance of putting on a united front lines i might seem we can only do well in these negotiations and build a strong relationship with great britain if we stand together as twenty seven if we start fighting over different interests it won't end well for anyone that is what unites us is at the line. the agreement to move talks on also came as a significant relief to british prime minister in may who responded from our home district in the south of england i'm pleased that it's been agreed we should make rapid progress on an internet taishan period which will give certainty to
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businesses and individuals there's still more to do but we're well on the road to delivering a brics it that. prosperous strong and secure while today's decision was pretty much a formality it is also an important milestone after moments where it looked as if negotiations between britain and the e.u. might collapse but now as many leaders today stressed comes the hard part face to of the negotiations will focus on the nitty gritty of the transition and future trade relations and it will be conducted largely on the terms of the european union . so where do we go from here is the berlin correspondent of britain's times newspaper he's also been the e.u. correspondent wrote the book or of why europe what if britain left the e.u. welcome to d.w. so basic first last night's. decision was taken today was a good talk as briefly through what britain and the e.u. have agreed rights where we've got to now and it has taken
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a long time so far to get through to this phase is that we have agreed to move on to the crucial second phase of talks on brics that by signing off on the withdrawal agreements that britain has to make to leave the european union this is quite important it was the nuts and bolts of what britain should pay to settle its debts how the e.u. citizens and british citizens will be dealt with in the future and how the the border britons only land border with the e.u. with with the republic of ireland will work generally speaking once britain leaves now we've achieved those that general agreements it's not done in detail but it's done generally britain and the e.u. can start talking seriously about their future relationship and a future trade agreements and everyone is willing donald taus going to merkel or us on that the next phase is going to be really difficult is it or is it going to be just more of the same wrangling why is it going to be so difficult it's going to be
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more difficult i think because we don't have clarity on either side about what they really want from this phase two from this final deal between britain and the e.u. there's no agreement back in britain in the ruling conservative party about exactly what the new relationship should be how deeply involved britain should be with the european union how it how many immigrants it should or migrants it should accept from the european union these are big questions of yet to be resolved in britain. but also we don't know exactly what the european union countries are going to expect from the new agreement and how much they are prepared to give in the way of open trade some countries might want to restrict britain's access especially in services i'm thinking of financial services where some of the some of the european countries notably france have been very critical of the way banks based in britain
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have behaved and the systems that they use and the and the services they offer around the e.u. this could be their chance to restrict access for british financial services ok so this is a little like trying to sign an agreement between two sides who aren't showing each other very their workings this is like we are this room where you are well by march we should have an agreement on the a use our it of what's their formal negotiating position is in fact where got how yet no not for the second phase because they say they are waiting to hear before march from britain what kind of deal they would like what kind of deal britain would like so it's extraordinary it is it is better i'll show you mine when you show me yours that is how they're proceeding next year with the next phase do just this just this idea that the britain wants to achieve what the irish prime minister called a full unfettered free access to the e.u.
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. this is what the leader of record says britain wants it it's hard to see how that particular circle can be squared given that britain said we will that what we do we don't actually want to be in the club it's impossible to square that circle to have total unfettered access because we're leaving we have total unfettered access now but britain votes it's by a small mean majority to leave the european union so it could get could control. to its own trade deals with other countries around the world and run its own immigration system without having to follow the e.u. rules of free movement of people but we actually don't know what new system the british want yet. i think that's clear. thank you so much and wanting his cake and eating it and the european union say we might have cake we might not britain's impending divorce from the a you got nerve jangling especially in the u.k.
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financial sector road to break the series is looking at the challenges posed by britain leaving the today we're asking the big question will they strike a deal on trade the w.'s go get mass report now from the city of london where banks and traders desperately wants a deal so they can continue to trade across the whole of the block but they are working on a plan b. every morning it's rush hour in london bridge the gateway into the financial district the city of london the city provides over one million jobs it's at the heart of the u.k. economy we want to find out how much two people in london's financial hub fira heartbreaks it and how are they preparing for it financial services are particularly vulnerable to bressant roughly a third of all violence or transactions here in the city of london and also clients in the e.u. that's why companies already prepare for every possible scenario lloyds of london
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the global insurance company have had their offices in the city for almost three hundred thirty years but now they are preparing to move more staff to the continent . below its chief executive has been preparing for the worst which would be no trade deal about four billion euros of business is written by the lloyd's market here in london at the moment across the country so that is a significant amount of business that we've run the risk of losing lloyd's already have a presence on the continent now they are increasing it by about one hundred staff mainly in a new office in brussels it's been estimated that tens or even hundreds of thousands of finance jobs might be lost in london it's not yet happening on a big scale but it is on people's minds i think it's a terrible decision i think it's going to just be a lot of pain over the next two years it will still be right in the end there just be a lot of uncertainty until it gets sorted out in terms or tried in terms of ideas i
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think now we're going to be much worse off for it yeah that's why industry leaders a lot being hard for a trade deal with the e.u. a lot of people in the city of london that not vote for brics it but now the time and to limit the damage too much is at stake for the u.k.'s most profitable industry. charles bauman is the political representative of the financial services industry he regularly meets with to reason may end a government and desperately wants to press home his message so we want a transition arrangement as soon as possible on the proof provides for certainty for business beyond march two thousand and nine nineteen we're looking for. access to talent and thirdly is in relation to a trade deal a comprehensive free trade ambitious free trade agreement the fear is that emotional arguments made when the bricks of negotiations that economic needs like
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those self the city of london might be ignored as they were in the vote for brics it itself. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world to judges that the international criminal court awarded ten million dollars compensation to child soldiers recruited by congolese warlord thomas lubanga the court said he was liable to pay the full amount but i notice that he could not afford it aid agencies estimate that more than five million people died as a result of war in the democratic republic of congo between one hundred ninety eight and two thousand and seven. zimbabwe's ruling zanu p.f. party has officially endorsed its central committee's decision to replace robert mugabe with emerson. ganga as its leader he replaced president mugabe last month after the military put the ninety three year old at the house arrest the party also endorsed the new president as its candidate for next year's elections. dutch
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military police have shot amount at. the ship all airports after he threatened to use a knife the incident prompted authorities to launch a partial evacuation a police spokesman said it was not being treated as a terror attack officers shot the man in the leg and detained him before transporting him to hospital. britain's prince harry and his american feels a mecca and mark the world mary on the nineteenth of may next year kensington palace and i was the date and confirm the ceremony will take place and george's chapel windsor castle the couple announced their engagement last month for the last sixteen months right. here in germany the head of the social democrats martin schultz says his party has agreed to exploratory talks with a view to forming a coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives the s.p.d. has been under pressure to reconsider joining a new grand coalition government after chancellor merkel's failure to launch a separate three way coalition speaking to reporters mr schultz stressed that the
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s.p.d. is still undecided about whether and how they might support the chancellor's conservatives . it's an open question whether these talks will lead to forming a new coalition we must repeat this again in all seriousness the fact that we are having exploratory talks doesn't mean we have committed to any particular coalition for all of them do we get all these belong to toff. let's get more from g.w. political correspondent simon young in berlin and kate brady of the very conservative party conference in europe welcome both simon we'll start with you martin schulz looks intent on driving a hard bargain what do the social democrats want. you know phil all the martin schulz is saying that these talks are going to begin without preconditions without any presumption that they will lead to a new edition of the ground coalition with angle america's conservatives he seems to have some fairly clear ideas of what he wants he says there should be a new political culture in germany and more dialogue between the government in the
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public but he also was talking today about investing more in education in care for the aged. doing more to promote affordable housing on ing out to imbalances in germany's health insurance system and a number of other things you also say is a restart for the european union's importance so he's course of pretty cold creature ideas he's going to want to see some of that in any coalition agreement that he might ultimately sawing. to simon i would liming what the s.p.d. wants what as far as the conservative coalition are going to be the main sticking points. well one of the main points actually that merkel drew out stay she addressed the c.s.u. here in europe that was actually the proposal from the social democrats for a public health insurance system in germany which she said simply wouldn't work and
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so that's something that's obviously going to be quite a large sticking point should these exploratory talks eventually develop into any every ill coalition talks and of course there are other points in which you can be quite contentious between that many on the conservatives and the s.p.d. including tax kurtz's simon mentioned the e.u. as well the conservatives here are very reluctant to accept any of the proposals at the moment put forward by the french president a man mano a mano micron which of course includes a joint finance minister and also a joint financial budget in the eurozone so there's going to be a lot of sticking points to overcome and there's a big. and so people outside observers are to remember that when we talk about the conservatives we're talking about two parties who are who have joined together how how united are they going into these talks. where the fact that anglo-american actually turned up at this party conference today showed that that at the two
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conservative parties here have come a long ways this two years ago because remember merkel actually didn't even come last year to the party conference and that was due to the somewhat humiliating speech given by a horse a horse for the leader of the c.s.u. in two thousand and fifty when he criticized merkel for her opens on refugee policy and merkel really drove home that message of unity and the importance of unity between the c.s.u. and the c.d.u. today journo's heat and that was really warmly welcomed by the c.s.u. as well with a three minute standing ovation because we'll have to see how unified the two parties really are going into these talks that were also plus cards following merkel into the conference center today saying a coalition but not at any price so this unity could still be tested in the coming weeks but a word from you simon young when is germany likely to see a new government or might we see a new election. we're not there yet phil martin short says
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that these serious exploratory talks to see if there really is a basis to form a new coalition will begin immediately in the new year he thinks that not only take a couple of weeks but then he's going to go back to his party membership to get the go ahead the green light for full coalition talks and those are expected to take several weeks most analysts here in berlin think it's unlikely to be a new government in place before march and it could be even later than that if the talks prove difficult and we certainly do expect them to prove difficult and briefly where the german people are on this to the are they at all bothered about the fact the germany doesn't have a proper government at the moment. well the the caretaker government of a grand coalition as it's been for the last four years continues to manage the country's business on a day to day basis
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a majority of germans tell pollsters they would like to see a new grand coalition so for all the opposition to that that there is within the social democrat party and on the conservative side i think it may well happen eventually but we've just got to be a bit patient simon young in berlin kate brady in your book. business actress of kobo is here with more reactions to the decision to abandon net neutrality in the united states and this decision has been met with overwhelming feeling this may it fill democrats say the republicans are handing the keys to the internet to a handful of multibillion dollar corporations now the u.s. communications regulator has ditched the long time principle that all web traffic must be treated equally on the internet superhighway small websites haven't had to compete with the likes of facebook you tube or netflix until now everyone's been treated the same but the net neutrality overhaul means providers could begin to
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charge in websites and online services for their data volumes which could lead to provincial treatment meaning a fast lane and a slow lane for internet traffic new startups without the resources of bigger companies would feel the pain and be knocked out of the race that would result in fewer choices for customers and the major corporations could simply pass on the added cost to consumers in other words streaming music or movies could be set to get more expensive now the move is part of u.s. president donald trump's push to undo barack obama's work and scale back regulation in several economic sectors. net neutrality rules banned internet providers from giving preferential treatment to certain websites after the f.c.c. vote that seems to be a thing of the ponced. the ending of net neutrality has been met with fury by millions of internet uses both online through social media. and offline at
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this protest outside the f.c.c. headquarters they say consumers will be forced to stump up the costs of say paying for faster access to their favorite sites or even paying to access certain websites that all. say it will saddle content platforms with costs that they will be forced to pass on to their consumers the chairman of the f.c.c. saying it's not the role of the regulator to dictate to business models to the market it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy we should have a level playing field and let consumers decide who prevails action but for democrat commission a minion cliburn it signals a dereliction of duty to the public can plainly see that a soon to be toothless of c.c. is handing the keys to the internet the internet one of the most remarkable empowering enabling inventions of our lifetime over to
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a handful of multi-billion dollar corporations the companies argue they need the money internet users are demanding faster connections for ever more devices and that infrastructure will add to billions in costs to their balance sheets that has already been legal opposition to the ruling but for now it's a victory of light touch regulation of a big government of corporate america over the average internet user. now the debate over net neutrality continues to rage online for more i'm joined by federico. from our social media desk federica tell us more about some of the reactions so chris of the debate is simply huge online as well and net neutrality defenders are clearly not willing to give up on this and that's not just companies but also lawmakers we're we're actually hard pressed to find supporters of the move we have one here though. it's a republican politician ted cruz he posted
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a rather sarcastic message saying oh my god net neutrality the internet is gone adding basically what he's trying to say there is that until two thousand and fifteen the internet was growing up wonderfully without government regulation so this is just going back to the status quo ante but far many more lawmakers are opposing the amendment and we're seeing here democratic senator ed markey he announced plans to introduce legislation to reverse the f.c.c. is this edition which he calls a historic mistake adding the fight is far from over and then the debate is also revolving a lot around democracy and how this move could affect it a lot of people are afraid that this could further deepen the divide between rich and poor and we have a rather strong message here by a you tube star appears she says i can't even begin to explain how devastated i
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am by the loss of net neutrality today the internet is the only bridge that successfully connects people of low income to those of high income with the tremendous opportunity to have near equally weighted forces so there are fears that this decision by the f.c.c. could have far reaching representations absolutely there's that and there's another issue as we saw in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election here as well it seems like there were attempts to influence the f.c.c. is decision from the outside and that's both by supporters and opposers of the move and in fact before the decision was made the f.c.c. created a website to chart public opinion on this matter and it's a regular americans could go to that website in just post their opinion but several think think tanks have been looking into those responses into those messages and found that hundreds of thousands of them were actually not posted by real people but by bots so they were. automated messages. to make this clear let me show you
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a couple of examples of that we have a comment here that's the that's a website and we have a common here which was allegedly posted by a man called jason says it expressing support for repealing that neutrality but the actual jason up and says he later tweeted this saying he never sent that e-mail and we have another example it's the exact same message same wording allegedly sent by a woman called monica chin but real money kitchen who is a tech journalist later wrote an entire article about how she never sent that email and there's more studies also show that a lot of those fake messages were sent by russian an e-mail addresses so once more an example of technology being misused to try and influence political decision making and russia allegedly getting involved federico bodger from our social media
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desk thank you so much. their members and father steinmeier has been attending celebrations at the israeli embassy in berlin phil has the story of christoph yes they celebrations were for how to count the jewish festival of lights israelis also beginning bunch of celebrations to mull the anniversary of his foundation in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the festivities come days after out of protest a shock to germany by chanting anti-semitic slogans a burning israeli flags in ballin. two countries standing united not only during hanukkah israel and germany. the countries are kicking off celebrations for the seventieth anniversary of israel and the german president doesn't shy away from the topic of the week anti israeli demonstrations in germany . that cities those who burn the israeli flag in germany are not only showing an unacceptable hatred of israel if they also do not understand or respect what it
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means to be german. but this has been. from. leaves no doubt about a non-negotiable german principle. keinon loughton. in germany we do not condone any anti-semitism whether it be loud quiet old or new anti-semitism it will not be accepted at all in this republic and these are the public. the israeli ambassador to germany praises the current german israeli relationship and reminds of the past. while the memory of the posco notes and should not be forgotten will define a future i believe that the relationship between israel and germany has been transformed into a forward looking dynamic and vibrant relationship. a relationship that's resilient enough to bounce back after a few political blows. this is they don't need us live from still to come the
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german runaway a reunited with her parents after two years but you could face the death penalty in iraq for joining the islamic state group. new dortmund coach passes to do it again since taking over a few days ago he does link it to pass a bill to one game winning streak a look at tomorrow's effort to make it to. just about. stores close at him and i don't suppose. this time it's. german so. that's.
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forty five minutes. migration and asylum seekers remain hot topics in europe. but european politicians struggled to provide ounces while those who fled wait for what might come in family members i feel very shame because i am german to save europe and the refugee crisis incites outlook's phantoms of the. sweet m d w. they look like. they know what we think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions.
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so hopefully i can be helpful pieces so. the virtual person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t w. this is the news live from. the top story this hour a you they dismissed it brussels have agreed to move to the second phase of talks of britain's departure from the block the decision is a major boost for british prime minister tourism make the case council president has warned that the new things would be even more challenging. and an end to
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germany's political crisis could be in sight of the social democrats have agreed to begin talks with chancellor merkel's conservatives unfolding a new. government earlier talks with two smaller parties collapsed last month germany currently has only a caretaker. german teenagers awaiting trial in baghdad after being captured in a stronghold of so-called islamic state linda w. traveled to iraq after converting to islam there she matters and i asked fighter who was later killed now she says she wants to come home but even if she makes it back to germany the future is uncertain it was a cautious reunion with a family who traveled from germany to baghdad to see the seventeen year old who's in custody awaiting trial. pictures of her arrest in mosul in july were beamed around the world. identified only as linda w. she left her home in eastern germany to join the so-called islamic state now she
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regrets it has its reasons i don't i don't know how i came up with such a dumb idea i've completely ruined my life yet. linda says she didn't take part in any fighting she says after the death of the i.a.s. member she married she stayed in various women's shelters and almost never stepped outside hundreds of women have left europe to join i.a.s. many of them are now in custody in iraq according to research by german media at least seven germans are among them until now german women who were not in combat but married to i.a.s. militants were rarely prosecuted back home now a different legal approach is likely. where of the opinion that these women are guilty of membership of a foreign terrorist organization because they helped to strengthen the internal structure of the so-called islamic state but this question will ultimately have to be clarified by germany it's a federal court of justice. but. it's not clear whether linda
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w. would be prosecuted if and when she returns an investigation is underway but there's no warrant for her arrest in germany. a commission investigating child sexual abuse in australia has called on the catholic church to end the requirement that clergy members be celibate it also calls on religious leaders to be cross a q tip for failing to report child sexual abuse including priests who hear about crimes in confessionals the five year inquiry found that australian institutions including the church had failed to protect children with tens of thousands abused over decades responding to the report prime minister malcolm turnbull found people who have come forward to tell their stories saying that courage that helps uncover a national tragedy. this report looks at a range of australians to institutions the catholic church was singled out for particular criticism the religious affairs correspondent is most welcome thank you
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mustn't so compulsory celibacy is a thing in the catholic church as the report says get rid of it. because of a contributor to child sex abuse what is the link between the two there is a superstition that very repressive sexual environment produces sort of escape so to say that sort of you know producing this kind of abuse specially because children in the context of church institutions tend to be in very precarious situations so they are really at the mercy of that however it should be pointed out that you know sexual abuse against children something that happens across the board . members of the church they pointed out in celibacy that's not seemed to be in any particular way they're regulated so this clearly something that will be contested it seems an odd thing to say that. if you if you put men in a situation without sex then they just call control themselves very much so i think that there is something quite break you your i mean they're the sort of the
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underlying accusation of course that you know men in the situation of celibacy essentially cannot or ultimately in case as many cases evidently will not be able to control themselves the response of the church is this is not normally not the case but we have cases of sexual abuse across the board so you know this institution in many cases the institution that is actually central to the vote. to the votes of the priesthood so it's very unlikely that this will have any effect on the church the reports also looking also recommending that the church will be full of the priests can report child abuse disclosed during a confession on the church is also against that even the protection of abuses there are two arguments against the proposition of course a proposition is understandable in the sense that priests who actually do commit abuse at least some cases are reporting it to their confessors during confession the brome however is that this is actually protective much in the way that the
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relation between a physician and he's patient or the relation between an authority and his client or her client is protected the problem is that if you actually do open this and you make it sort of liable to justice or the state looking into it genesis are that there will be no people left reporting in confession what they have done and the reason why they are reporting in this kind of context is very likely because the speech is actually protected so it cuts both ways and it's really quite clear that this would come and asians have been. much more than grandstanding in some sense. thank you a pleasure. this is daily news live from berlin still to come after the escape has a new culture's new multimedia project selling the stories of six artists forced to flee their home countries and settle in strange lands initiator of the project.
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which will join us shortly with the details. crystal cove is back with another wreck or day for a bit coy still seventeen thousand seven hundred fifty two dollars that's the fresh record i for one bitcoin reached on friday and as the value of bitcoin increases so does the number of experts warning that the crypto currency is a highly speculative investment yet people in there as well who are facing galloping inflation of more than thirteen hundred percent would rather park the little money they have in the virtual world it's difficult to overstate the depth of venezuela's economic crisis every day hundreds of families cross into neighboring brazil in the hope of escaping the misery daily food and medicine shortages have left them with little option but to leave elsewhere at the border some try to trade their worthless wads of bolivar are illegally inflation in venezuela is projected to surpass two thousand percent next year that fact has
7:38 pm
prompted many of those still in the country to convert their rapidly depreciation all of our into crypto currencies software engineer john mcguire the large recently bought medicine and even booked a holiday using bitcoin. a travel agency they told me i won't say which travel agency it is because i don't want to get them into trouble but they told me it's either dollars or dollars i said look i'm a venezuelan like any other i can't be more homegrown going white from iran and here i don't have foreign bank accounts nothing like what i do have to pay for this ticket today is pointless. they accepted us. but bitcoin is not the cryptic currency of choice for embattled venezuelan president nicolas maduro earlier this month he announced the launch of an alternative digital currency that petro he says will be backed by the country's oil
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reserves. but venezuelans don't appear to view the prospect of the petro too favorably those who have set their sights on cryptic currencies tend to favor big coin itself of course notoriously volatile and for now you'll still need hard cash to buy food on the street. irish budget carrier ryanair says it's prepared to recognize pilots' unions for the first time in the airline's thirty two year history to avoid a strike this holiday season chief executive michael o'leary once famously said that he'd rather caught up his own hands then side a deal with the union to bring wages up to industry standards now in a major u.-turn he is to invite pilot representatives for talks for years ryanair pilots in several countries have been demanding recognition of their unions to france now and new market for old architecture still. historical fittings doles
7:40 pm
floors you name it there's a huge demand for them from wealthy buyers in france who want to vintage features in their brand new buildings but for some villages in the countryside interior design can be a destructive force that gets communities of their cultural heritage the first time but draw olivier came to this house or rather what's left of it his heart sank the matter of his one violin france's champagne province has been battling for years against sentries old buildings in his town being sold off. it is wrong the fireplace is the floors and the word paneling have all been ripped out. there's nothing left of everything that was worth anything has been taken out to be sold to foreign investors. much of genre's housing stock is for sale renovation is often too expensive so dealers buy up old
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houses at bargain prices and then strip out the contents there's a global boom in antique building materials for new houses to unveil town council has taken up preferential buying rights on several old properties the mayor says this historic legacy must be protected from exploitation. the aim is to revitalize our town center we want the buildings to go to ethical buyers. we'll help them to renovate the houses so they can live in them. that's what our town needs. to feel sells on the houses it acquires at the low prices and it gives the new owners grants to refurbish them that's good news for him a call or. opening a cafe and cake shop in this derelict building. and none of this would have been possible without the support of the town hall you have to
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cover huge costs. trundle has limited means and can't prevent every decaying building from being sold off but the town is determined to fend off the trade which reduces historic buildings to piles of rubble and hollow shell. now it's the last match they weekend for those they go to for the winter break on while much towers above the others problem for us from supporters talk about the much of the week don't want or think often a welcome i feel exactly that is one of the big matches this weekend about the top notch and it's because everybody is looking at who is going to be that second place team in the bonus league of course at the top there they're nine points clear but there is about four teams in the race and to them of course are hoffenheim dortmund i think it's going to be a very exciting clash indeed all right well let's let's take a look what happened types. found the solution to endorsements both in this league
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a free fall just two days after taking the helm the former cologne coach led the black and yellows to victory at mines but this weekend he faces a test in front of the club's home supporters. as i'm really looking forward to the home game there's no doubt about it it was very important for us to go into this match in the back of a win i'm feeling positive and playing at home with a sense of achievement a criminal. has been working hard with his players over the past few days the austrian coach sees himself as something of a psychologist he'll go head to head with you on saturday night off and boss watch dortmund's last game from the stands fuelling rumors that he's being lined up to become dortmund's new coach this summer. than i was a chance to spend half a year here is so huge and so great that's how i see this opportunity because the topic of nigel's man doesn't concern me but i will say that he's
7:44 pm
a good man and always does a great job. well i have no desire to play games with the media not man's focus is firmly on remaining above dortmund in the standings after this weekend's clash. doesn't know if we need to be prepared even though there are a large number of dortmund players i'd enjoy it even with their missing players they still have a top quality squad but so do we and we feel good going into the match twelve hard fought battle is in store but dortmund are hopeful another win can mark the end of the wildly volatile part of their season. well it was quite remarkable about that is and i think that really kind of stands out in the report is that sugar has loads of very nice things to say and in fact he said something really nice about dortmund former boss boss she said that he was you know he basically done all the proprietary work for that win against minds during the week which is quite an odd thing to hear from a manager other those who have spread the love of and really bring the club that challenges every year for the bundesliga title well dormant are one of those big
7:45 pm
teams in germany and in the beginning of the season we saw them look incredibly powerful they've got an incredible attacking line up and we sold them we've seen them throughout the season they have not a problem scoring goals that's for sure the thing about dortmund is that they just sort of lost their way and confidence sort of plays a big role in this when you have a new manager often what happens is and this is what appears to have done as he gives this sort of like a new level of confidence to the team which which is what we saw against mines what we have to wait and see is how they get on this weekend against a big team like hoffenheim who are in the race like i was mentioning before to be just behind bars in munich they want to they want to keep the pressure on the current champions and they have some big players i mean we've got emerick obama a young fella who will more than likely be in the squad but they are missing plenty of players this weekend but like we heard in the report the hoffenheim coach is still going to be very concerned about what dortmund can do particularly in front of a home crowd what about america's top and policing. policy was first he's
7:46 pm
a nineteen year old player he was voted the us male player of the year is of course from the united states and was quite remarkable about this is that he received ninety four percent of the vote basically rocky everyone voted for i voted for you . but it was voted for by national team players coaches x. players and members of the media and this is a player who has proven himself to be part of like i was mentioned before this dortmund front line he's an incredibly strong attacking player dortmund seems to find these players with. another thing is how long they'll be able to hold on to him because obviously this is a young he's nineteen in the beginning of his career and a lot of big clubs will be coming knocking on doors in stores looking for paula sick so be interesting to see what the future holds for policy. which of the matches should be watching out for this week well the big team that has been looking at this season is shell shell after several rather lackluster
7:47 pm
seasons seem to be back with a bang and they're doing incredibly well they're on beaten in ten bundesliga matches they're flying high and second behind bar in munich nine points ahead of course of them but they're facing frankfurt who are one of those teams that every team seems to have one where they always seem to cause problems for shell particularly when they're playing them at home in fact frankfurt our own beaten in six games at home against chelsea. and the interesting fact about. frankfurt excuse me is that they are also the one this league is the best team on the road but they've picked up just seven points from seven home games this season so sort of two contradictory things there i'm saying they're incredibly go to get shot at home but then they've they're not great in general at home this season i think we're going to be in for a very very feisty affair this weekend and i think it's going to be definite the match to watch where we will love a feisty if. thanks will.
7:48 pm
getting away just a little bit too much there in alpine skiing in germany has won its first manned super g. world cup race in almost twenty seven years the competition favorites were surprised by year's affectional who flew down the course in a fog interrupted event in val ga danna is a early lead held up by just two hundredth of a second of austria next france let me jump in the tires maya took third fettle described his win as an unbelievable. to india now where the zoo in delhi is celebrating its the birth of its oldest resident rita the chimpanzee turned fifty seven today who are huge celebrations among staff and visitors self seemed less than taken by all the excitement. it's thirty seventh birthday but read it doesn't feel like playing. and that hasn't stopped these school children at
7:49 pm
india's delhi zoo from celebrating for her. read i was born in amsterdam in one thousand nine hundred sixty and was brought to india at the age of four days a very special. and i can say that you know listen bones in our country chimpanzees survive longer in captivity than in the wild where they live for an average of forty five years it's a thrilling day outside the classroom for the schoolchildren seen here celebrating the start of readers fifty eight year. only her cardboard cutout gets katie reader has received lots of treats and visitors hopefully their enthusiasm managed to reach her behind bars. after the escape data be cultures new multimedia project to tell the stories of six ounces enough to flee their home countries trying find new and strange lands.
7:50 pm
initiating the project to satisfy. welcome to the studio so it was a bigger idea of this project yes well the bigger idea was that we wanted to portray artists who had to flee their home countries and had to start a new and a new country because. it was very interesting that people we found all worked all all worked on this topic that they had to start anew a new country wrote all sing about exile and the experiences they had when they when they came from syria to all the other way around from had to flee germany and had to go somewhere else because germany too had been a country where people had to flee from and history so. and it was so stunning that these people who seem to have a very poor start as a refugee and a country where they didn't speak the language became famous artists and so we
7:51 pm
wanted to find out how did they do that well let's take a little look. a concert in castle with a special pianist a refugee from the war in syria with a song about returning home. fled from the bombs the terror and the hunger he wrote a book about his experiences the title and the will sing it begins with a sheltered childhood in peace time syria then comes the uprising the war and the perilous journey to germany where he tries to make a new home. in this refugee story music plays a special role you tube videos of playing in the ruins of a syrian town went viral making him known worldwide as the syrian piano man.
7:52 pm
we have. to get here and all. the trauma that remains is always present in his new home. judith karr had to leave her homeland more than eighty years ago she was just turning ten when the nazis seized power in germany in one thousand nine hundred thirty three. her family was jewish her father alford carr was a famous theater critic and an opponent of the nazis cars on a c. across europe ended in england. told her family's story in the illustrated book when hitler stole pink rabbit. jew defend her brother were initially resented
7:53 pm
as germans in england but they became more and more rooted in british culture. of the war it was clear to me that this was my home. not for our parents. they did not belong anywhere. that. after the stories of people who arrived in a new country but only sometimes find a new home. tell us about the lessons you perhaps learned while you were working on this project as well we see these two examples like you came to syria right now and he who really suffered a lot because he had to leave at first you had to leave his family his wife and children home and on the other hand we see into this car who came to england when she was a child and i was really so surprised that it was so easy for children to adapt
7:54 pm
because you might think children are small and weak but they are the stronger ones when the about adaptation to new circumstances to learning a new language to to adapting to a new country and that was really a huge lesson i've learned while working on the documentary. and so there are six artists in there so with we're seeing two of them talked about some of them yes well the other protagonists are for example antonio scarlett day is coming he was coming from tilly in one nine hundred seventy four and that was after the pinochet puts and chile and he was the writer there and he came to berlin and stayed here in berlin for sixteen years and exile and then went back to chile after the dictatorship ended and the other protagonist is. such a stand is it he came in nine hundred ninety two when there was war and bosnia he's from bosnia and he came as a fourteen year old and he didn't speak any german he knew two words and that was
7:55 pm
a lot of matteo's and soccer. and now he is writing in german he's a german writer and price winning writer and we've got another very lovely protagonist that a snake and she's coming from nigeria she's a singer and she sing in hip hop and so and i know we brought some music from her and well listen to. so this looks really interesting how can viewers find the project well the project . the documentary which will be broadcast all over the world but we've also got
7:56 pm
a website on our culture website it's t w dot com slash culture where we've got the media special with a lot of extra so we've got an extra online protagonist and a we've got a lot of interactive things to do so well i would invite everybody to join us on. culture this isn't struck a match. i fax it your up to date i will have a bowl for you at the top of the big banks have yourself you could tax you if you. feel. you can get. sued.
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we've. got you. stores close to kim and because house of. this time it's eighty's since pop superstar michiel. german so pop singer leslie
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let's. see. fifteen minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language and the first word i looked in the nikko he's in germany to lunch room and. was assessed why not listen to. it simple online on your own mile and touring. south. d.w. zealand in course because big german made easy. beats about the moments that. it's all about the stories in songs. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different
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perspectives. join us in the inspired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. story the topic each week on instagram to check in. fasten your seat belts. her. to go. look at this. chick in. the travel guide to w. images from an isolated country. to jews from north korea a. newtonian photographer captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. an exclusive peek behind one of the last armored
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curtains. a north korean dog starting december twenty eighth on t w. this is due to be induced to live from berlin britain finally gets a gas from brussels as the e.u. gets the green light for the next phase of negotiations european leaders say major hurdles house been overcome that britain and europe can now move on to talking about their future relations with the focus on trade we've made quite clear.


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