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it's. short. change stuff. this is deja vu news not live from berlin britain finally gets a yes from brussels as the e.u. gives the green light for the next phase of negotiations european leaders say major hurdles have been overcome britain and europe can now move on to talking about their future relations with the focus on the trade. also coming up couldn't end to
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germany's political crisis be in sight the social democrats agreed to begin talks on forming a possible government with chancellor merkel's conservatives. plus the us scraps net neutrality the government says it is cutting red tape but some users fear that if web traffic is no longer treated equally their access to information will suffer . and the german teenager reunited with her parents after running away to join islamic state now i'm awaiting trial in iraq. i'm sunni so much gonna thank you for joining us european union leaders have made the decision britain has been waiting for you council president on all says break the talks have made enough progress to move to the second phase of negotiations
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that you sides will now focus on their future relationship and the issue of trade but e.u. leaders are already warning the next face is likely to be even tougher than the first. this is what relief looks like on the faces of european council president and commission presidential include the european union gives britain the go ahead for phase two of the brics in negotiations but it also warns that it will be dramatically difficult. for sure the. second phase. challenging the first phase. without the british premier present the other member states signed off on the european commission's recommendation that london had given enough guarantees on the most important divorce issues germany's angela merkel and french president in monterrey mark hall in a joint press conference emphasized the importance of putting on a united front of the minds that might seem we can only do well in these negotiations and build a strong relationship with great britain if we stand together as twenty seven if we
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start fighting over different interests it won't end well for anyone that is what unites us and. the agreement to move talks on also came as a significant relief to british prime minister may who responded from our home district in the south of england i'm pleased that it's been agreed we should make rapid progress on an internet period which will give certainty to businesses and individuals there's still more to do but we're well on the road to delivering a brics it. prosperous strong. well today's decision was pretty much a formality it is also an important milestone after moments where it looked as if negotiations between britain and the e.u. might collapse but now as many leaders today stressed comes the hard part faced two of the negotiations will focus on the nitty gritty of the transition and future trade relations and it will be conducted largely on the terms of the european union
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. david charter joins us here in the studio he is the berlin correspondent of the british newspaper the times has written two books on brags that david thank you for being with us so we're hearing enough progress and move to the next stage tell us more about what that next stage will look like we're hearing it's going to be even tougher than the first the e.u. is saying that it will be tougher than the first because well for two reasons really both sides the british side and the european union side have yet to agree on what they would like to achieve in this next round and the european union side is saying first of all we want to hear from you britain where you would like to go what relationship you want with us that's going to be agreed in the early in the first months of next year but there are some very hard bricks that is within the ruling british conservative party who would like to have as much as possible. in a trade relationship that means not just goods but also services on the e.u.
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side there are those who say hold on a minute you can't have all the benefits that you once had because you're leaving and that means yes we would like to trade in goods as well as we can but services financial services well perhaps we don't want to have banks that are based in britain and financial companies based in britain having such the access that they had before so trade is going to be a key issue in this next phase what are the other sticking points going to be moving forward rice well britain would like to have access for its airlines to fly around the european union just as it does now but i think there's pressure from some of the your big european airlines such as germany's lufthansa but also air france that they perhaps would like to get their hands on some of those landing and taking off slots that are enjoyed by british airlines so that is not a given that is something that's going to have to be negotiated on the airline
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front and on. the migration and immigration from britain does not set out what the future access will be for e.u. citizens coming to travel and look for work in great britain we need to the european side needs to know how open will great britain be to workers from the european union will they need visas for example and then it will respond with its with its with its own system will british people need visas to go to the e.u. so that that to be a contentious issue and this is all coming against the backdrop of theresa may suffering a defeat at home members of her own party backing a move that would allow parliament to vote on any bragg's the deal how is that going to play out for her this was to reason is first defeat as prime minister in the house of commons and it was really. a threat to her or thora to see over her own party with eleven rebels you know joining the other side and being accused of
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treachery and being traitors however despite all the pressure they did photo with the other size and what analysts say that gives them a taste for rebellion which doesn't bode well for future votes and there are a lot of of votes are going to be necessary to get bricks through the house of commons one of those what's next week this was to decide on the actual date for brags that a march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen is that said to be another challenge for theresa may yes but it looks like there may be a solution because the conservative party does not want to suffer another internal rebellion as it had last week and even now the government whips are trying to work out of a form of words that will satisfy these rebels and so that we don't have the spectacle of to reason a losing another vote authority being sacked even at this stage they will try and find a way of keeping the dates in the legislation but giving some flexibility given all
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. that you know looking at this in the big picture how much pressure is theresa may under here and how much is this next stage really going to challenge her authority she has such lee improved her position with today's agreement and last night's agreement in brussels she's on slightly firmer ground she is seen by the european union side as a prime minister who can steer through this very complicated and turn inching situation having said that there are a large number of much harder bricks of tears if you like in the her own party who would like to see her have a prime minister in place who is perhaps even tougher than her so she has still to steer a very difficult course to keep her job for the next year coming up writer david schardt of the berlin correspondent of the times thank you very much for joining us here in studio. now to some other stories making news around the world
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lawmakers in peru have presented a motion to impeach president pedro public which in scale for undisclosed payments from brazilian construction company autographed his consulting firm received nearly eight hundred thousand dollars from out of breath more than a decade ago on thursday the president said he would not resign and denied any wrongdoing. judges at the international criminal court have awarded ten million dollars compensation to child soldiers recruited by congolese warlord thomas lubanga the court said he was liable to pay the full amount but acknowledged she couldn't afford it aid agencies estimate that over five million people died as a result of the war in the democratic republic of congo between one nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand and seven. britain's prince harry and his american fiance meghan markle will marry on may nineteenth of next year kensington palace announced the date and confirmed the ceremony will take place in st george's chapel at windsor castle the couple announced their engagement last month following
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a sixteen month romance. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson a step back from his offer earlier this week of unconditional talks with north korea tillerson has just told a meeting of the u.n. security council that a sustained cessation of north korea's threatening behavior is needed before talks can start between washington and pyongyang north korea must earn its way back to the table the pressure kerry campaign must and will continue until the nuclearization is achieved we will in the meantime keep our channels of communication open. now to a hugely controversial decision in the us and chris that this could influence the way that we use the internet going forward as writes to me a decision met with overwhelming dismay democrats say the republicans are handing the keys to the internet to a handful of multibillion dollar corporations the us coming occasions regulator has
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ditched the longtime principle that all web traffic must be treated equally on the internet superhighway small websites haven't had to compete with the likes of facebook you tube or netflix until now everyone's been through the same but the net neutrality overhaul means providers could begin charging websites and online services for their data volumes which could lead to preferential treatment meaning a fast lane and a slow lane for internet traffic new startups without the resources of bigger companies would feel the pain and be knocked out of the race that the result in fewer choices for consumers and the major corporations could simply pass on the added cost to consumers in other words streaming movies or music could be set to get more expenses now the move is part of u.s. president donald trump's push to undo barack obama's work and scale back regulation in several economic sectors. net neutrality rules banned internet providers from
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giving preferential treatment to certain websites after the f.c.c. vote that seems to be a thing of the past. the ending of net neutrality has been met with fury by millions of internet uses both online through social media and offline at this protest outside the f.c.c. headquarters they say consumers will be forced to stump up the costs of say paying for faster access to their favorite sites or even paying to access certain websites at all. say it will saddle content platforms with costs that they will be forced to pass on to their consumers the chairman of the f.c.c. saying it's not the role of the regulator to dictate to business models to the market it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy we should have a level playing field and let consumers decide who prevails action but for democrat
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commission a minion cliburn it signals a dereliction of duty. the public can plainly see that a soon to be toothless c.c. is handing the keys to the internet the internet one of the most remarkable empowering enabling inventions of our lifetime over to a handful of multi-billion dollar corporations the companies argue they need the money internet users are demanding faster connections for ever more devices and that infrastructure will add to billions in costs to their balance sheets that has already been legal opposition to the ruling but for now it's a victory of light touch regulation of a big government of corporate america over the average internet user. now the debate over net neutrality continues to rage online for more i'm joined by federal. from our social media desk federica tell us more about some of the
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reactions so chris of the debate is simply huge online as well and net neutrality defenders are clearly not willing to give up on this and that's not just companies but also lawmakers we're we're actually hard pressed to find supporters of the move we have one here though it's a republican politician ted cruz he posted a rather sarcastic message saying oh my god net neutrality the internet is gone adding basically what he's trying to say there is that until two thousand and fifteen the internet was growing up. wonderfully without government regulation so this is just going back to the status quo ante but far many more lawmakers are opposing the amendment and we're seeing here democratic senator ed markey he announced plans to introduce legislation to reverse the f.c.c. is this edition which he calls a historic mistake adding the fight is far from over and then the debate is also
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revolving a lot around democracy and how this move could affect it a lot of people are afraid that this could further deepen the divide between rich and poor and we have a rather strong message here by a you tube star pierce she says i can't even begin to explain how devastated i am by the loss of net neutrality today the internet is the only bridge that successfully connects people of low income to those of high income with the tremendous opportunity to have near equally weighted forces so there are fears that this decision by the f.c.c. could have far reaching representations absolutely there's that and there's another issue as we saw in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election here as well it seems like there were attempts to influence the f.c.c. decision from the outside and that's both by supporters and opposers of the move and in fact before the decision was made the f.c.c. created a website to chart public opinion on this matter so i'm
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a regular americans could go to that website in just post their opinion but several think think tanks have been looking into those responses into those messages and found that hundreds of thousands of them were actually not posted by real people but by bots so they were automated messages. to make this clear let me show you a couple of examples of that we have a comment here that's the that's a web site and we have a common here which was allegedly posted by a man called jason says it. pressing support for repealing that neutrality but the actual jason of that says he later tweeted this saying he never sent that e-mail and we have another example it's the exact same message same wording allegedly sent by a woman called monica chin but real money kitchen who is a tech journalist later wrote an entire article about how she never sent that e-mail and there's more studies also show that
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a lot of those fake messages where sent by russian and e-mail addresses so once more an example of technology being used to try and influence political decision making and russia allegedly getting bold federico bodger from our social media desk thank you so much. and now to an issue that remains to be a great source of pain for people here in berlin it was meant to be the capital star infrastructure project but it's still yet to take off and won't for some time the be our airport has a new official opening date of october twenty twenty that is a delayed of eight yes eight years from the original opening time the causes technical problems planning errors and botched building works the plan includes the complete renovation of the airport and to test operations by august next year the costs have a locket from two billion to six and a half billion euros. here
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in germany the head of the social democrats martin chill says his party has agreed to exploratory talks on possibly forming a coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives of the two sides have governed germany together for the last four years the s.p.d. has been under pressure to reconsider joining another coalition and end the country's political deadlock well speaking to reporters szell stressed that his party is still undecided about whether and how they might support merkel's conservative. biggest question and it's an open question whether these talks will lead to forming a new coalition at all we must repeat this again in all seriousness the fact that we are having exploratory talks doesn't mean we have committed to any particular coalition or to. be longer coughing let's get more from our political correspondents covering the story simon young of berlin and kate brady who is at the very end the conservative party conference and nuremberg good to see both simon
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at let's start with you martin short sounds like he is driving a pretty hard bargain what exactly do the social democrats want. marty childes is it pains to keep stressing that these talks are beginning without any presumption that they will lead to a grand coalition with angle americans conservatives he says you know there could be in the minority government a that could be new elections who knows at this stage but he calls them pretty clear ideas of what he would want to see in a coalition agreement he was talking today about a new political culture in germany with dialogue between politicians and the general public he was also saying that germany needs a new dispensation a new new investment for in education care for seniors affordable housing and many other sort of specific policy ideas he's also said that the european union needs to be relaunched so you know he's got some fairly clear
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things on his agenda that he would want to see in any coalition agreement that he might ultimately side. kate listening to that you know chancellor merkel she's been speaking to conservatives where you are what does she have to say and how united does her block of going into his tux. well syria the unity between the two conservative parties was really the core message of course is a at the very end see as he passed the party conference here in bavaria and even the fact that she actually came here for the first time in two years shows how far the two conservative parties have come but there are still divisions she did however receive a lot of applause and support today from the bavarian conservatives after actually mention in the social democrats praising them and saying that she respected the decision and the path that they've taken since the elections but at the same time
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she did shoot down any of the party proposals particularly about the proposed public health service and she said that that just simply wouldn't work in germany and that some that she got a lot of support from from the c.s.u. today said they are going into these exploratory talks on a really united front but that obviously will be put to the test when they really do get to that table with the s.p.d. all right simon just briefly if you can when could we see a new government in germany will soon be there are talks the exploratory talks are due to start right in the new year and most insurance thinks they might only take a couple of weeks if they get the go ahead from the s.p.d. membership they could move to full coalition talks probably take another few weeks after that no one here in berlin is expecting a new government to be in place before more and if the talks are really tough and difficult as we expect them to be it might even drag all longer than there are at
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our political correspondent simon young and kate brady thank you both. now a german teenager is awaiting trial in baghdad after being captured in a stronghold of the so-called islamic state linda traveled to iraq after converting to islam there she married and i as fighter who was later killed now she says she wants to come home but even if she makes it back to germany her future is uncertain it was a cautious reunion with a family who traveled from germany to baghdad to see the seventeen year old who's in custody awaiting trial pictures of her arrest in mosul in july were beamed around the world. identified only as she left her home in eastern germany to join the so-called islamic state now she regrets. i don't know how i came up with such a dumb idea i've completely ruined my life yet linda says she didn't take part in
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any fighting she says after the death of the i.a.s. member she married she stayed in various women's shelters and almost never stepped outside hundreds of women have left europe to join i.a.s. many of them are now in custody in iraq according to research by german media at least seven germans are among them until now german women who were not in combat but married to i.a.s. militants were rarely prosecuted back home now a different legal approach is likely. where of the opinion that these women have membership of a foreign terrorist organization because they hope to strengthen the internal structure of the so-called islamic state but this question will ultimately have to be clarified by germany its federal court of justice. but. it's not clear whether linda w. would be prosecuted if and when she returns an investigation is underway but there's no warrant for her arrest in germany. journalist on the air with our we
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have met linda wu for an interview in iraq and he's with us here in our studio i mean thank you so much for joining us tell us when and where you met linda happy you. the last because i met her once before three months for the last time i met her in baghdad in the office of the judge. in central vacs and to within have a mother and sister they want to visit their laws to be with. linda was different from the last visit i saw her somehow stable more stable than before she got medical treatment and she looks stable she understood what she's going to face what she did and what's happened for her. it was not clear for me the last time i mean months before for the first time that mentos who was in the stable she was naif could not understood what she what she what she did what she what's going
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to whiten her so what changed in that time for her i think the prison tom and also the thinking of or grief thinking about what happened why she did follow is that mixtape i think it's make clear that this is a huge problem for this is the most mistake that happened in her life and she told us i destroyed my my my lives my my potations no one is going to give me any tries to to war or to study i think. really that this situation is so very very tough for her and she's going to face a very difficult trial in iraq why did she decide to make this move what did she say to you about her motivation this is the most important question that i want myself to understand why she made that but from her mother for the first time that
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he's. sure. after two years she told her mother why you came here because because of you i left home she had very problem with her family inside the family she was fifteen years old the mother she felt that the mother cannot here. understand or or take care of take care of her and also she could follow she could full of their rights but she followed the state so what happens now is that she is in iraq what kind of sentence can she expect there according to the judge that we talk with him that he told us that execution shoes not going to face but i think she's going to face two two important things first illegal crossing the borders and also a membership of islamic state then which is it would be declared into the iraqi law
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maybe between three and five years old. by this woman so very serious punishment just briefly if she were to return to germany what could she face here according to the now situation she will not be. put in the prison or she will be free but i think the situation could change in the next months because the german government or german authorities thinking in a different way of the legal way how they are trying how they are going to. dealing with that women coming back to germany for a journalist i mean with sally thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us thank you. you're watching did have you from berlin and we'll have more at the top of the hour stay with us.
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childhood lost. us works twelve allies in day. she's a syrian refugee in turkey. instead of going to school she goes to work in
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know the magazine to every gent on t w c. the next step for brags that after months of stalling and wrangling negotiations on britain leaving the european union are moving on to the second stage their past the divorce bill now what will the relationship look like after the split i'm sumi so
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much going to in berlin this is the day.


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