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tv   Doc Film - The Other Jerusalem  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2017 8:15am-9:00am CET

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i'm a bit dull in the book. but the made up folk. will be able to come a bit the body beckett little bit the enter the room come in that the crew was a pretty good if they. know that.
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that's. what. i really believe that the my mission is not just for the jews is the mission for the will because i want to get to is them safe and to people who receive them united. i'm driving that's open. you know to. be out there all the time. picturing the one of them. getting
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a free one of them. from school to crawl around. what's. through the neighborhoods i want to think why wouldn't i would honestly. be there without the demolished you see the shelter was a legal al shouted out of until. the caravan.
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under which property. and we have it although fiction to this one and to this one there in the middle of the war they all go after the militia for their out of the morning i prefer not to demolish i prefer to move in and just to leave your national guard. if you can and that they have their picture although again. i've competed for them by the way. but we don't kill it belong to us. just because we felt like we were on a hunting trip. how did we end up here. are taking a jewish settler claims that he is showing us something that no one else has seen but not even a knesset member he says. jerusalem
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means city of peace we learned that thirty five years ago when we first came to this strange place. it's located between the mediterranean and the dead sea surrounded by valleys and dry river beds the city rises up to the temple mount. it is a home for all of the three major religions of the world judaism islam and christianity . was. carried jesus entered jerusalem as king to shouts of his santa here jesus healed the blind and it was here he was crucified. jerusalem houses two of the holiest small asks for the muslims al aksa mosque and
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the dome of the rock where mohammad ascended to heaven on his white horse. and it is here or judaism originate it here lies its holiest site the western wall on the site of the first temple built by king solomon. it's all here. life should be pleasant here one dares to imagine. but the pleasure is deceptive. jerusalem is a city of war and destruction. jerusalem has been a contested city throughout history and still today. the city is
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a political powder keg. for israel jerusalem is its historic capital while for the palestinians it is their future capital. the situation has been rapidly deteriorating we have felt it ourselves during the last two years. many books have been written about this strange place. dr mer margolese historian author and politician has devoted his life to this divided city he is worried about the legacy of the jewish state. and playing good to several and the especially. upset him oh look for me joe patient this is the completion of the church in an operation. in the program is that the need in the ward a new term new concept to define what is going on in this.
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sooner or later. exploit. that's why i cannot see if you see that much you cannot sleep yes exactly. honestly honestly as a war you i have a grandchild. each city which country and i am. preparing for it. i am not presume east but i am sam north loco survivor maybe that from the south it comes i don't know why. nobody in the governmental into me to really realize. the deep feeling of mediation. the
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palestinians in the field should stick to the the role of the dignity in the palestinians for them is just a matter of balance and criminals that's the reason why the police took control of the city immediately it was controlling give the keys of the city to the police he gives them to seek mismanagement by the police. yeah. you're. close to damascus gate we need counselors ziad al homily. many people have told us he is the last hope for many palestinians in jerusalem.
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in the in this part of war. and they don't give up all their personal. shit and as a self the stuff of the of it bothers us so. yeah . yeah. but at the ground i have. it with your. good. masculinist of it no less to live here resident this is about the mistress of the field of the chief. interest and it's
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a. lot for the big one that america you have a deal about the most get it. because she had it i said the system over the heads of us i haven't yet had the pleasure to develop of it yet i'll send it said another to hold up the other little hip so dismaying menace would have yet to feed us the other about the boy well of the drug problem that's come out of the seven million with a man i'll call up whenever the other element of. truth comes. out of. mission in. the woods no. you. see a sweet odes and i'm certainly. is in the shade. and if there should be that me most rich. man of.
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insurance. who can get the message. it will take. when ziad is not in his office he is on call twenty four seven for every new trauma. you have this is god also an alpha course that is the father. ziad organization the jerusalem center for social and economic rights provides reports for the e.u. and the other international bodies on the situation in east jerusalem and. every
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assyrian family has own story. exhibition is closing and. we are decrying we are shouting we are doing it within to let all the world of the stand that we don't want that you fiction we don't want that you think should we want to end the confusion. in one nine hundred sixty seven israel. war with its arab neighbors on the seventh of june israel seized control over the entire west bank including east jerusalem and the old city. for me sixty seven was one of the most powerful years fees trees
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a self generated were started we would get. real information from israel and then we discover that for for us it was a miracle that the david and the goalie it east really beats the happens again and and did for as it was a. deplorable that. yes you are a strong country strong people and that all of us. was . created through speak to. wonder who were
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so naive to seeing so that the territories where hamdi that no arabs here that the we never ask ourselves what to put relation that lives in these territories are thinking about us ok phil barone we know that broadens spart of our east but there are palestinians living to do we never ask over say what they think about. it was one of the seven or all of the success of them. was an early warning of course we have that the war started if. you get a number. although in. any. of those it. just was the god of me and my mother my
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father was in the city. there was because of course no into the city of there was what he said this week from the soldiers assuming of course you know he's over there will kill us. i left the house and i came here no. down there i found some thanks mute danks without any signs on it then i tried to say hi for the thanks them one of the soldiers who saw me i thought relieved that it's arabic. rocky or whatever but suddenly this guy who saw me then he shoot at me and i went back home to the garage all the families and all the neighbors. i think if he didn't
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want to kill me. he shortly. course most. everybody was thinking it's there and the thought of some modest recognition room and nobody thought that the thing that you. east jerusalem used to be under jordanian rule. israel's capture of east jerusalem in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven removed the green line that had separated the city since one nine hundred forty eight the year that israel was founded. later on israel made a highly controversial move and annexed east jerusalem it was done against international law. and it changed the course of history.
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canada is a local hero in so long. he had quite a turbulent year and today's still a rabble well that's it. he dares to stand up and defy the authorities but it is not that he has nothing to lose he has to fight for his property family and for his livelihood every single day. he had upset at. this man had this country of alaska that got to learn to save in a. village he went out going in the. images and for the rest of it i was a cunt at all thought if we look at that eventuality. then to say i feel a bit less than. i thought of it if i let that at the heels of about that. but over got a movie called you a liberal on it that you know political ticker. with
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a check and i'll be off. that everybody in for the. fall of the russia do you know what either well or what the other had given the way it was either so that i could . tell that the albums that when it does not. the first time for led house was demolished was in two thousand and thirteen. the authorities destroyed it as it was built after nine hundred sixty seven. we did not realize at the time that this was just one of the pretexts that would be used against him. demolition orders are hanging over him like a sword of damocles. of them a little. bit of the if this good.
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you'll be able to have a new head of it but at the he's out on the air but i'm sick of all the shit out of these. other germans this method i'll swap of going to heaven had to have a little boy and have it does apply never saw an oven my thought no doubt that father brought him into that us little. how this would be almost old when. it looked up on a. workman that is just like. that is that. every time we go to see how he has a new project going he refuses to sit down and rest he's always on the move. with. siwon is khaled's birthplace southeast of the old city walls and in the
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shadow of the al aqsa mosque. this is a palestinian neighborhood a place of densely packed houses mostly built without agreement. all the components of the bitter struggle between israelis and arabs are condensed within so long. today it feels like the core of the volcano. one kilometer east of highlands land is the israeli settlement mali has i.d.m. . here lives are eking. down over but over the name of the state would not have been given all that much of what the what should become a would be a movement for walsh on a. more limited because it. ari is
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a passionate settler and a politician whose family moved to israel from england in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven his family first lived in a gaza settlement but later on he moved to east jerusalem. his mission is to claim land in a city that holds deep historical significance to all religious jews. we are the more than five hundred families here where we stand again in the air with you on the temple mount and all the old city. unique sport with a unique view no doubt that in under the earth there would be tens of thousand of the jews there. and believe we will buy more and more in situ on properties from our roots and they would fail because they want to sell to chew with and more jews would move the why would they want to sell because they want money. they simple. white people are sitting in stock or more in line
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or floor in the london or in paris because they want money and they want might be to improve the quality of life filled in the city here on the move to somewhere else or they move or together from the area. i live i'm not found his land. he never carried out the mission as he was ordered to do. instead the municipality took care of that kind of sixpence in november two thousand and fourteen after the thirty day warning expired. or look up the bill goes up and some office. want to go to the board i do have this board is who is living a good one or how the whole. thing
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was. that. i live in an occupied city live in a city that forty percent of its residents don't have equal rights are not citizens i have to do something about it especially because i have a huge amount of privilege i come from the oppressing side of things i benefit from their question and i think i have a moral responsibility that begins. the work. i did all it was able. to hire a body is an israeli activist and she pays the price for it. she
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is one of the very few who chooses to move between the two societies she even goes to so was. one of the main issues and one is an archeological site called the city of david that is a governmental archeological site the government should be running it and yet they let the private n.g.o.s. settler organization that publicly says that their purpose is to judea is the surest and that's what the leaders have been saying they let them run that argument site and it's the only are killers for sale in the country this depravity that is run by the state.
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good. guy really. was. the. one you're the one in the phone just to know what they're going to try to on the what the that he think they're going to down there and what that even weeks came back with the station to even though if you're one of the best places to explain it it's the end of an education it's a school it's called the conduit for sunday with education and for the kind of the range it is to live through a sudden resolve and this time the city of david. so jerusalem a city of david we see surrounding surrounded with mountain the contorting the city . we have never seen we are here is that it is this jew the turn to feel very evil
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to jerusalem. the city of david is a popular tourist spot in jerusalem. the united nations and the international community consider this site to be a settlement as it is built on land occupied by israel in one nine hundred sixty seven. everything you're standing in is coming through this is maybe somewhere around three thousand years ago. from somewhere in your king the things you were standing in the foundation for the name sounds good and you don't say this and you know it's valid. at the moment we have. zero. here he was. looking right. and posting the first thing you. write. when we stand here i'm missing just one thing i see the temple. because the
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knowing and believing that if we will abbeville the temple built i'm sure would like exactly like doing the time of the first temple the second temple. it's a ring and real peace. and peace to the city and peace between the people and peace to the whole legion. see the flags will do and this is like the flag waving flag it's my house i live in and when i sounds good it's new and it's new it's a new neighborhood. now most of the few jews living in the. south part the city. but we are working real working in all the to make all of this is one nice united. tourist area where you can feel comfortable to leave feel david
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and to go into the streets it's a nice. plan is to extend the city of david. through. k.-k. k.-k. . through an hour. archaeology and green politics are central to the israeli occupation of east jerusalem. we need she lives in the quarter of so why on her house is marked for demolition. of our man woman who. we are going to someone too far. he means you have to my means which you need be to make money and what looks good on this everything in this city is not just adults it was part. of the mother farm and this
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may be. we haven't been sucking the banks it's more to be united but it doesn't look good but i. can tell you you cannot put this man him in the motor city son of sr so you come here then we adequately. have you not our common. problem becomes. the consul. says and no is a big deal made that we had to open our coffee on a how to care don't miss it but almost all of us are for you or you. we have a good number which is amazing his feet planted close to the mission board it
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seems that there is no limit of. collective punishment from. his. obvious to those ghosts to the same old to the city this is the i did not shake. you know it's he says he didn't have choices i don't believe the shit you did. two months later we are back in so long and tension is rising. a little. so hard already is really at least he's here to attend a palestinian public prayer and show solidarity with the protesters. the
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gathering is a protest against the constant house demolitions and new israeli settlements in so one of. every kind but this organizing a bunch of people standing together will bring police. at this time they've been excited to actually do it. and. it's usually helpful that they see that there is very faces that they can rent kind of like in any kind of monday morning what situation is it's kind of feeling that i'm watching but you never know. ziad is here as well to check and to report about the tense situation and the protests are planned for every friday a machine. an order of the community to take a look at border police wasn't here there will be no one throwing stones or you know i'm a criminal matter from a normal hamas. the palestinian mayor of so on is very upset during the prayers
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a new house demolition order was delivered. at about thirty two people was leaving here on this house i'm talking whole families. when did the morning before a week ago. what does that mean that's bad. today where we was praying praying for a shot there and give it to him about this. yeah if you will dawn this story. we're gonna come and destroy you go ahead we're going to be on the back of my room i want to. be going to. plan. b. if you want the bill you have to be roughly between forty and fifty thousand dollars for just the license and sometimes we never get this license. the demolition
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in the name don't. they add something without the license from town but i mean. you'll find one or more of their income from coming here but here but do you. live in a little. bit like. this in happily about fifty people from their houses and taking over the houses it also comes in a wider political context if there is a strong enough jewish presence in these neighborhoods then there is no separation jerusalem palestinians will never agree to a separation address them without access to the old city so if you take over the region around the old city that's it game over there is no division of jerusalem there is no two state solution there is no state of pounds. the.
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in nine hundred sixty eight israel declared a national holiday to celebrate victory in a six day war jerusalem day. when we were here thirty years ago this was a small thing. today it's much more political and some thirty thousand demonstrators are marching. up. the at the. that thirty rock that they're going to have. when a was. very small and. these activist informed to me one thousand and nine thousand of right wingers in this boat is a saloon that was coursing for him and now
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a new all with that knowledge and the family and warst feel it's history of these. was the. guy was that. the world is missing one thing. and this is a house forgot. it's written that big in the batey bit. and the whole army of god told us. it did between like only little i mean. and the end of god was upon the properties each year and he brought him from babylon to jerusalem and placed him on a high. day he was shown a vision of the future temple that will bring peace and harmony to the world. in
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the vision and angel spoke to easy kill and sit son of man pay attention to all the time about to show you in. each to the house of israel the angel took easy kill through the entire ten measures its chambers and called shots its walls and its games. the mosque that they built on the dome of the rock would be to take down nobody would notice you moved it twenty meters north nobody would notice and where i am looking forward to see. the temple. you must miss yanni or something crazy because they believe that the reason why they must see us doesn't guns is because the church temple it's not there where they don't have their old ways you know there are two must see to come they should
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it collapse did almost iraq and then they cheered stanbury we got from haven directly to this didn't map or always did it yeah it's in described exactly which would be what decides if. it works. the high pick would be a mistake is it's not that we would be sites written it's very thick and have been started from a new. people all over the planet. with the touch with the planning. the planning it's talking about. it's not the never say.
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thing about the said. let's look. at the have a look at it i'm so pissed. at the. place there's. just. nothing left but. what would you want me to say that's all this whole episode. i don't. understand an astronaut who. love their fine enough to to think. that it's not all i'm. about to be
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a father. and i love that they're going to has it been there was that allison that occur to them that's like having what they have though they're the fullness of the love the. with. that at the end of the budget but the sit in business and if they do them in the middle of. the city any of them and then a listener that it was a high school would get the one half the navy blue moon if you go before a few go but if you're going to go i have been here for a while that i may get into. then the we've been. at it. but. if it.
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is the end of the job.
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for sarah willis warner is a passion. to. join her on her journey as musical discovery. at the beethoven festival in bone farah meets a lot of young talent what. a special highlight is the weald renowned gustav mahler
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you've been told passed out. in fifteen minutes j w. a childhood lost for. us works twelve i was in de. jesus syrian refugees in turkey. instead of going to school she goes to work in a textile factory. the family claims there's no alternative. but is that really true. in thirty minutes on t w. migration and decide. i'm seekers remain hot topics in europe. but european politicians struggle to provide answers while those who fled wait for what might come and worry about family members back home i feel very shame because of the germans to europe and the refugee crisis inside outlooks and i'm focused upon.
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this week on day w. . this is d w news live from berlin the return of the far right in austria conservatives strike a deal to bring the anti immigration freedom party into government europe's youngest leader promises built crackdown on illegal immigration.


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