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the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help the georgia line find out what you can do today at regional the line. this is the news line from berlin south africa's ruling party at the threshold of a new era who will need the african national congress into the next national election corruption and scandal how to please the a.n.c. these current keda south african president jacob zuma now in the contest to select
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a successful threatens to split the party we'll talk to a longtime observer of some african politics also coming up. austrian conservatives form a government with a euro skeptic free don't talk to incoming chancellor less about gen could promises to crack down on immigration so what does austria has turned to the right mean for the european union. meanwhile europe's other far right parties are hoping to follow the austrian comers into positions of power such a meeting in prague dislike marine le pen and get phil does the save the e.u. is bad for euro. i'm a money thank you for joining us south africa's ruling african national congress is fighting for its future. those were the words of party leader and south african
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president jacob zuma in a speech to a conference that will elect his successor the contest to replace the scandal plagued zuma has caused deep divisions in the a.n.c. observers say it's in danger of splitting the party into the n.c. led the battle against apartheid and has governed south africa since the country's first democratic elections in one thousand nine hundred ninety four. power to the people south africa's president jacob zuma trying to conjure up some of the former spirit of his party the african national congress led the fight against apartheid demanding justice and equality for all. for some it almost sounds like mockery president zuma faces dozens of allegations of corruption blackmail fraud and money laundering for years he's used his presidential immunity to remain in power. though the mood at this party gathering seemed upbeat divisions run deep
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assume himself acknowledged them and is a growth grow. by you we identify me. as. to the a.n.c. . need to look. within our organization. observers say the party is in danger of splitting into into camps headed by the two main candidates looking to succeed zuma as party leader so run the post us two months karan deputy and one of south africa's richest men is battling. the president's ex-wife run the process seen as someone who could revive the party and its fortunes he has repeatedly spoken out against corruption in the country he also pledges to bring south africa's flagging economy back on track.
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zoomer was for many years ahead of the african union if she is elected to eggs has been jacob zuma might enjoy continuing immunity from prosecution observers say is zuma might stand down early and not wait until the next elections due in twenty nineteen if his ex-wife does take of the party helm many in south africa would like to see zuma. for what they are looking at the looking at him as this look at newton as a lie and all those names that has been painted with. it's like the people that are supposed to be protecting the company country don't. so it's about time they step down it's. the party's expected to announce its new leader on sunday. here live. in studio with me is dr who was a correspondent for us in south africa for many years thank you for joining us in studio so and see
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a party that's plagued with scandal and corruption is this conference sort of the last kicks of a dying horse. not really the a.n.c. is going to stay there and it's probably also going to be elected again in the next elections in twenty nineteen but one has to really say it's lost its importance and its credibility in the last twenty three years there is corruption in the a.n.c. particularly in the provinces and president president of tal posts are being bought . politically motivated murders we've seen thirty of them this year alone. so that's alone in the a.n.c. and then the president himself he's faced with hundreds of corruption charges fraud extortion and money laundering so all this together has led to the party losing vote to support and that has meant that the party has lost all the major cities in
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south africa so it's opposition party the main opposition party the democratic alliance running the major cities now so obviously the hopes are now on the two main candidates. and cyril ramaphosa do they have a chance to actually change the party. well the party is deeply divided and one hopes to also see that both candidates are former freedom fighters the part of the a.n.c. establishment so one cannot expect a massive dress tick change or turn around but they're very different so. she was the chair of the african union commission she was also a minister in south africa for many years so she's got political experience she is a leftist for instance she wants land reforms without compensations taking land from white farmers and she's also. ex-wives she's got his support.
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because he expects her to grant him immunity if she becomes his successor and then there's cyril ramaphosa he's an economist mining magnate he's one of the richest men in the country. he is the economists hope at the moment and he was also the one that mandela want to succeed him didn't work at the time maybe it does this time if he'd be the one to bring about change and turn it around in south africa remains to be seen but he's definitely the bigger chance and zuma ok well thank you very much for that analysis we obviously will be waiting to see what happens in south africa in the coming year time now for some of the other stories making news around the world the california wildfire that erupted almost two weeks ago near los angeles is now ranked as the third biggest on record on saturday strong winds pushed the fire
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towards the outskirts of santa barbara part of the city is under a mandatory evacuation order the fire has destroyed more than one thousand structures. thousands of romanians have attended a state funeral for their late mourner king michael he died in exile in switzerland earlier this month aged ninety six he'd ruled romania twice before being forced to abdicate in one nine hundred forty seven by romania's then communist rulers. the united nations security council is considering a draft resolution rejecting any change to the status of jerusalem a text has reportedly been drawn up by egypt in response to the decision by u.s. president donald trump to recognize a city as the capital of israel the united states is expected to veto any such resolution. the bavarians is to party of german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives has reelected. as its leader but with his weakest support so far.
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has been under pressure since his party's poor performance in september's elections earlier this month he announced he would step down next year as the various state premier but remain as party leader australia is set to make a shop turn to the right with a new governing coalition taking office on monday austria's thirty one year old political rising star sebastian cordes of the conservative people's party will become chancellor making him the youngest head of government in europe he will govern with the far right to euro skeptic freedom party now the two parties have promised to tighten the country's asylum and immigration regulations but they also affirmed austria's commitment to the european union. a day after concluding their negotiations the leaders of austria's new governing coalition met the press the best includes as people's party will receive eight ministerial positions the far right freedom party will get six including the foreign ministry. we have agreed on
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a clear pro european course with the goal to strengthen the subsidiarity in the european union a european union which should be stronger in bigger questions but takes a step back and small topics. this pro e.u. stance marks an about face especially for the euro skeptic freedom party according to insiders austria's green leaning president alexander found better than was crucial in getting this policy point on the new government's agenda both members of austria's new coalition have been outspoken in their desire to end illegal migration freedom party leader hines post laid out the government position at saturday's press conference. when it comes to immigration we have clearly defined that we want to stop illegal immigration but also stop immigration into our social security system so the benefits for asylum
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seekers will be reduced to three hundred sixty five euro. and with the interior ministry and with that the control over austria's police going to power eighty it's expected that the new government will move quickly to crack down on illegal migration is already announced plans to add over two thousand new police officers to the force. we spoke to rosie waits from australia public broadcaster or f and we asked her what australia's relationship with it look like in the future. we think that the reaction is going to be muted we don't expect there will be sanctions us there were when the freedom party was last in government and that's really due to the rise of other far right parties and anti establishment parties across europe for example the f.t. getting into parliament in germany and the the front national making france's presidential runoff the new government will be pro european although it's going to
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seek increased devolution of power from brussels so could the e.u. should focus on fewer tasks such as securing its borders and hand more powers back to member states and just around the corner from austria far right populist from around europe gathered in prag the group called for an end to the european union in its current form but the meeting was not without protest boosted by their gains at recent actions leaders of europe's far right parties clearly intended a show of strength at this meeting in prague here they waved the same flag though not last of the european union and institution they family reject. none of us is an affair beck where in opposition to the european union because we believe it's a catastrophic lead disastrous organization. she couldn't migration
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is close to being unbearable are respected cultures are being destroyed. the could. be this big chief but far right parties from britain the netherlands italy austria and france were all represented here they were invited by tommy or camorra he's the son of a check mother and a japanese father and takes an openly anti muslim stance. but it will be the best life for the czech and slovaks was proved to be in their national states the same applies to europe and muslims we will achieve a peaceful life only if everybody lives in his own country according to its traditions and its own culture muslims in the muslim countries and us europeans in europe. why it's clear what these leaders are against what they support is less apparent. in your. hundreds of protesters gathered outside the meeting accusing the
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far right leaders of inciting hatred. the problem are these politicians who stimulate hate in the community. hate against social groups like the roma muslims or even jews for example to. demonstrate is braving freezing temperatures in a show of solidarity with migrants and the european union. rail madrid have retained their club world cup title of to defeating brazil's gremio one nil in abu dhabi who else but well to play over a year christiana rinaldo scored the winner early in the second half it is the fifth time in five years that a european side have lifted the club world cup. it watching the news coming up next in the bundesliga show there was bags of drama in saturday's match including in the standout game between don't mind and hoffenheim.
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