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tv   Check-in - Quedlinburg A festive world heritage site  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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i am on the edge of the hans a low mountain range in the east of germany it is a journey into history that's why i chose the hots narrow gauge railway for the trip it's been around for quite some time. my destination a town that's over one thousand years old. i'm in korea then book and i want to find out what earth this mediæval town world heritage status will be visiting the famous cathedral and treasury and be looking
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at what else you can experience here in the run up to christmas. course we also show you what you can experience in the hearts mt use in winter. a peruvian shows us the sights of her hometown. and we have a pure video of a tour of japan. has been a unesco world heritage site since one thousand nine hundred ninety four no other german town has so many will preserved half timbered buildings i'm meeting a real expert on the subject a local tour guide. book is a world heritage site why is that fair because of the beautiful have timid houses built over many centuries it's never been destroyed back at just traffic pa is
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a was in book has an architectural heritage stretching back four thousand years which you can still see today. you can just hear a typical style for it didn't work. out of the most striking thing is the pointed beam and nominee and designs with exposed to beam and they rounded to allow the water to drift off. the thirty years' war left a lot of destruction in its wake all over northern europe north are open and there was a building boom here on a really major scale because as i said the individual buildings were destroyed not entire districts but those houses were rebuilt with simply decorative animals and carvings that's where the pointed beam ends come from the bits and they're just easier to cut than a round and surface. and that innovation was only introduced here the idea didn't spread among other carpenters in the country and other places didn't copy it they didn't like it so it's a unique characteristic. and therefore they
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are all beautiful buildings but they all look a bit crooked why is that they have a certain kind to them and the cop and his didn't build them crooked originally but the ground used to be seabed so there's lots of sand and sandstone. and have to move houses don't really have foundations just sandstone blocks set on sand so the building shift in one direction the ground in another the wood used to make the houses was freshly cut and it was under the strain you often see dogs and entryways that are about. the vertical beam sink down that forces the other wood in the house to go up as well. the fact that was largely spared from devastation even during the second world war is only one reason for the unique state of the town. your violence of the tribes that some songs of the war we were in the soviet occupation so the resulting poverty
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kind of froze the town's invasion let you see that preservation in other parts of the world too i thought if there's no money to change things they stay as they are and that's why we take to the town's condition. i mean this is something you have to see when you come to it and book the organizer stand about is in a sense the original version of the heart in building dating back to the fourteenth century understand the back then the stars around continuously from the joists to the eaves at the ceiling of the room have seems that was secured with wooden shims it's still in excellent condition even though it was built in thirteen what was he saying of to one thousand six hundred thirty it would be hard to find a half to that house much older than that because it's a really interesting building.
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as you can see everything is gearing up for winter and the holiday season the hearts mountains also have a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts this time of the year winter sports and. beautiful scenery. if you're an early riser with a bit of luck you might catch sunrise over the hops mountains from their highest peak the brocken one thousand one hundred forty one meters up. with a meteorologist at the weather station here it's a nonstop natural spectacle even on by two the cold mornings like this one.
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is funny told often it was gorgeous this morning and you boy the air was very clear the trees covered in ice and i knew it was like a toy in the sun rises everything is bathed in pink with the snow it's now minus twenty two degrees celsius really crunches under your boots as a lovely winter morning. published one exist fantastic visibility but would not see if you can see one hundred seventy kilometers all the way to hess and it has been shown you can also clearly see the bustle cokers were not in their pronouns and so it's a reason of her indian forest could be more beautiful. when the weather's like this how about a romantic train journey to the summit. the
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rail service serving the hots national park runs nine trains a day journey the wintertime. but many businesses prefer to do the journey uphill on foot. ever since the early one nine hundred ninety s. they know smith has been climbing the broken nearly every day. this couple are already on their way down benno tells them how when the weather's nice he has to go out he's an optimist rain or shine he hits the trail they have it all begin to winter is just starting here most of this year doesn't really get going until february or march which is when we get snow drifts up to five meters deep in the last few years and tapered off a bit but i hope this winter will be a good one thousand nine hundred ninety eight thousand the time was in october
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which renshaw rain. so that was something. for a doctor reaching not goal actually wanted to start only coming out every second day but i can't resist a mountain. the broken is popular with hikers and daytrippers but winter sports fans prefer the second highest peak in the hearts the form that. because there's often not enough natural snow in the region ski lift operators have to lend a helping hand. it was given we have to make a lot of yourself with the work itself is a really murderous lot especially when you do it about what you know during the day and then snow quite a bit on the not so the mix was really excellent up the mobile that's a huge amount of work to building up a good base over such a large area of some bone. but it's worth it and with a little luck if the weather plays ball visitors can revel in another stunning win
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today in the hearts mountains. the history of friedland book goes back to the tenth century emperor also the first established a last resting place here for his father he had a church built on. the silk and a convent. became a paletta knit a seat of power visited by emperors and kings and the town accumulated quite a bit of wealth the middle ages. pastor accused of costumes takes me to the treasury here you can find the cathedrals famous collection of artifacts which was lost for forty years. but what is actually in the treasury. don't touch the students mostly made up of liturgical objects objects made in the middle ages that in the field of function in the church in the tourist done during services for example are things that were perhaps used display norma's
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rated during mass and given that i can toggle in today the treasures are displayed in a cabinet seen for viewing purposes only in the google isn't the treasure is comprised of a range of smaller and larger items is there perhaps one thing that stands out coming in the zone but not really because even some of the smaller objects have a great history lesson was to go to the most important items are made from very different things that have been put together the diligence to go its guns into listening to them does it still isn't so much the samwell gospel for example it is in a limited work and post that later received the cover of gold the hudspeth on in good and one click music and that cover also had materials worked into it and doing a full than it will and use for us in the game had. done it once and as an eagle when the book like this has a history stretching back hundreds of years it was a long time in the making when doesn't that makes every object in the cathedral treasury
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a work with its own unique and exciting story stick. in an old thing and use it to dish out fire and the treasure disappeared from creating books for a while where was it. to such a visit funnily enough the treasures here have a knack for being stolen which i started during the reformation when i had people back then the abbot sent the treasurer off to relatives for safe keeping the food today because she was worried that it would be taken away after the monastery had come down on the side of the protestants a bit later wholly and had a treasure taken elsewhere fortunately it was then brought back and that's it was it was the most recent stories from the period after the second world war when quite a murder was occupied by the americans significant portions of the treasure were sent back home to the us they were stolen and disappeared to housing to seek bones and get all clones and he was a mystic films and when. he comes who discovered it in the us and brought it back here yeah i was given to do it when the treasurer of such significance is stolen
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little one that's also well documented on the there are always people keeping an eye out to see if it pops up again somewhere because of one day one of the missing items appeared on the market which came to the attention of people who hadn't any case suspected it could be in the us and he was on one hundred with us what's going to be in this news in terms of next on the border they started trying to track down there. at the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. they managed to find the treasure that had been stolen food and the items were returned to germany at the start of the one nine hundred ninety s. and from then on to go on so we can come to. another little recommendation once you've visited the church and the cathedral treasurer check out this terrorist afterwards. as you know we visit viewers all over the world and they show us the sights of their home towns this time we joined lima the capital of peru it was founded in the
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sixteenth century by spanish colonists so it's not quite as old as quittin book but the old town of lima is also a unesco. world heritage sites. or lab hi i'm maria welcome to lima it's a beautiful day and i'd like to show you around my city. that's the glory of. the center of lima under your that the city's most important buildings can be found head. of the government palace. and the town whole this is where lima was founded in fifteen thirty five and it's also withdrew declared itself independent of spain in eight hundred twenty one i'm going to let you know right in front of the government palace every day here you can see the changing of the gun it's a big attraction yes. thank
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the. town that has been the caribbean isco world heritage site because of the numerous colonial buildings with a beautiful balcony is going to. this is one of the most beautiful buildings in. the church of san francisco and we're going to. known for its. i mean they want it bad today i know many ph it was. i mean i would have to believe it is the only south american capital that lies directly on the coast and when one of my favorite places is the prominent it connects the center to other districts of a city i love. love to come here with their families to get a workout. going to have to accept and some
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of this is a typical sky him it's always great but never rains that's why it's called the great city they say it's the color of a donkey they were. here and if you come to peru you're sure to want to take home a souvenir this is an ink a market that sells had made crafts and there are many different cultures and through most of them indigenous let's see what we can have them. on stuff mostly made a full. effort
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into the bridge of so many people crossing it for the first time i suppose to hold their breath for a second and. from there what are the bridge takes you just say to us but i'm not i'm district. i misread the mean time for a delicious pass because our crews national drink it's made of brandy a sugar syrup line. and a shot of i was stood out that. i don't believe i did but you know do. you know that i wanted to ends here on a central square and that on cus i have enjoyed it and that you'll come and visit us one day in lima you know and i said that.
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it's high season the tree didn't look during in that weekend like this one and it's really the perfect place to get into the holiday mood. of course there is also a christmas market here and it's doing very good business. let's see what's brought other visitors here. book i get the munchies always a nice asian butter just flails it's with invented it has a special chalmers wilson you look at the cook at buildings and then later the people live in them horizontally in the it's fantastic. why did you come all the way from florida to quit living book i actually been living in germany for two years now but this is my fifty sixth christmas market that i visited in germany so i'm quite
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a fan of german christmas markets it's good to see again there are all these cute little stands on all the old buildings and it's beautiful. green book has much more to offer than only mediæval sites and handicrafts the lion the finding a gallery for example finding was a bow horse artist but his art was labeled degenerate by the nazis so he subsequently returned to his birthplace new york city but he left some of his arts to a friend here and quit the book. this gallery has a pattern a collection that contains over a thousand words representing every face in the career of lionel finding it. from us we tried to hide at least one or two reference works for everything that was in our notes finding its work to get evidence of washing to bring these include of course to his important what cuts in the darkness or such as his baltic sea motifs unions wife long sea coast
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a multi-phase landscapes ratify mar his village church is off commission. and they can be discovered in all their glory here in the gallery alongside some of fine because very earliest works we have a close friend of the artist the fun for having brought them here to the house mountains. up to him and. she took to hammond studied architecture at the school in the one nine hundred thirty s. and. when the nazis seized power fighting it was viewed as a degenerate just looked at him and sure that his works was saved from the nazis. since one thousand nine hundred sixty those works have been the foundation of the finding a gallery collection if you visit eskin also see personal objects once important to the artist including toys he called for his children. and this album containing sketches majoring a bay cation by the baltic the gallery a stock which provides
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a very private view of a well known not just who loved more than anything to discover the world around him on his bicycle. a must during the preterist season it read the book is the so-called living advent calendar from the first to the twenty fourth of december a crowd of curious people gather by a different half to bridge house every day to just stand by. claims she was. pushed pushed. then everyone is treated to a short story from the city's history in this case about the judas of a night watchman. and finally there's a seasonal reward for the children to help shorten the wait until christmas.
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right now it's time for all week leave your video we're happy to receive the footage of your travels this editions video was submitted by swe phone from singapore it's a record of his trip to japan taken in tokyo kyoto and the island of nias jima.
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we want to know your favorite place to go on vacation send us your videos you can upload them at d.f.w. dot com slash travel. another tradition in the run up to christmas in cleveland book is the advent in the core jobs a number of courtyards that are not normally accessible to the public open up on the weekends. and basically let sensitive of what i said i didn't like should. and of course i also need to get some christmas presents and i hope to find something here maybe even made by myself. things like all. things are hunting up as i prepare to blow a christmas tree bauble. now that would be
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a very special present particularly given the physical efforts i find vested and having put my life on the line. i'm so excited it's all that you're going to get. now i need something else typical for the region. has its own mustard factory hot and spicy sweet and fruity or was purchased mustard in all manner. sixty one featuring horseradish is based on the one thousand year old recipe. for the for the my mom will like one of these delicious souvenirs of. mission accomplished i saw the cathedral treasury understood the world heritage status and
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even found a christmas present my visit to was like a journey through time although the city is over one thousand years old many monuments have been preserved fortunately for visitors like me.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful two months ago motos most famous investigative journalist southmead car on a gullied zero was assassinated in a car bomb and for years she targeted self politicians and business leaders my
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guest here in valetta is the deputy prime minister chris but as his government allowed be a budget said the mafia eva folks in thirty minutes w. believe that. it's all happening which of it a few going to. do are linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and welcome to news africa link program tonight from funny to me from the news of easy to and wild website d w dot com stash africa join us on facebook at t w africa. beat the germans new and surprising aspects of songs and culture in germany. us american keep music takes a look at germany to distinguish these at their traditions every day lives and language can just come out of the highlights and so i'm. good for him.
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like a fish because i am going to t.w. dot com the germans. the french. have a terrible problem with biofuels right now in the in that they're eating they're taking food. so i've made a prediction that about a century from now to. we have a new industry that grows up that supplies carbon for industry. you can imagine making synthetic fuels out of carbon that you broke. with plants it will be in salt water comes to syria will be in the ocean. and the reason is if that song fresh water supplies water it competes with food that is
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a perfectly possible scenario for. this is g.w. news a line from grilling donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital goes to the u.n. the security council will vote on a resolution submitted to fight egypt this as muslims protest against chomps move in demonstrations for.


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