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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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wonderful way to transport energy from one place to another so let's make those investments now so that we own the things that we need to own and when the time comes. this is. a catastrophe in the making on the greek island of lesbos on this international migrants day looks at the deteriorating conditions for asylum seekers there locals are as well and say it is only
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a matter of time before the situation turns violent we'll bring you an exclusive report also coming up. today with relatives of those killed in last year's christmas market terror attack like many families shattered by the parents of the terror attacks first they say they've been forgotten. and bundesliga football had to hang on for the win the team went down to ten men early on but still managed to handle their first home loss of the season. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us on this international day we look at in astounding number there are an estimated sixty six million people around. the
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world who've been forced to leave their homes seventeen percent of them are here in europe the greek island of lesbos for example is now home to thousands of migrants the main camp there is the maria refugee camp but it's the people living outside that camp in makeshift homes who are the focus of our first report today they live in squalid conditions and tensions with the local community are rising in abuse all over south filed this exclusive report from. the g eight can be early move his fingers it's the morning after another cold night on the greek island of lesbos. man and his friends ran out of firewood long ago. and now they'll use what's left of this cardboard box to heat today's first cup of tea. from iraq
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he's been here on the island of lesbos for two months know in a makeshift camp just outside the morea refugee camp. we are many. but we don't have. a different just. next door is the official camp it looks like a high security prison made for refugees that have come to the greek islands in the hopes of continuing on to north and europe they have to wait here until their asylum applications have been processed authorities strictly for bit filming here. who are ever you'll look you'll see garbage and thesis and people living right in the midst of it the refugee camp. far beyond its capacity and with more people arriving than leaving conditions here are getting worse every day.
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wants to show us what's happening inside the camp so we follow him with a hidden camera. the air is filled with the stench of smoke garbage and feces the united nations high commissioner for refugees or u.n.h.c.r. recently said that moria was dangerous for women and children but they are the ones who must stay here. it seems like a miracle that epidemics haven't spread within the camp yet. please don't give. me. security what. you see. many
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refugees have taken matters into their own hands to stay warm knowledge that it's getting colder they simply lied old trees. these trees belong to local residents field s. and still use visits his fields he has to struggle to maintain his composure. well off to come in then about all these trees are burnt then about there's nothing left of these trees won't grow again they're finished there one hundred twenty trees and now there's only for a little bit about this and nobody cares the authorities won't stop this they got enough or compensate us every night these people cut down the trees and burn them when they get dark again. the village of moria is in a state of emergency. it is another villagers me to regularly to discuss ways to deal with the situation with. the local mayor nikos truck haley's has just returned from talks with the greek government in athens the news isn't
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good. if the situation goes on like this it won't take long before we have physical confrontation up to now we are tolerating the looting of people's assets and it's fortunate things haven't become violent yet. but it's a matter of time before that happens. ahmed al majid left his country to escape the violence he doesn't want to be lumped together with lawbreakers he wants to leave less because but for now a ferry take it to athens remains just a distant dream. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today prosecutors at the istanbul trial of a turkish german journalist who are calling for her release seek used to be a member of an armed terrorist organization or taking part in a women's rights march several years ago she is one of ten german citizens now
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imprisoned in turkey in the wake of a media crackdown. officials in the u.s. a power has been restored to atlanta airport this comes more than ten hours after a blackout led to thousands of flights being canceled at one of the world's biggest biggest air hubs the outage was caused by far in an underground electrical facility calming winds may help thousands of firefighters battling a massive blaze in southern california infernos calls two deaths destroyed more than one thousand structured new evacuations ordered a number of areas over the weekend the fire which is being called the third largest in state history as driven thousands of people from their homes. north korea has marked the sixth anniversary of the death of former leader kim jong il n.p.r. and yang thousands of people carrying flowers came to pay their respects kim ruled
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north korea for seventeen years and died twenty eleven he was seated by his son kim jong un. in south africa thousands of members of the ruling african national congress of voted two are voting rather to decide who will succeed president jacob zuma as head of that party the deputy president cyril ramaphosa is facing off against seumas ex-wife because as ana let meanies whom the winner is likely to succeed jacob zuma as the country's president or here in germany chancellor all a machall is due to meet with relatives of the victims of last year's christmas market terror attack on the visit comes shortly after grieving family members published an open letter sharply criticizing machall for not reaching out to them. of course. yanina all done takes candles to the grateful for her son lucas
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the first victim of the attack on the christmas market the walk to the cemetery in the polish town of banja has become a regular regional for her and her husband. q when we come almost every other day we have to tidy up here because so many people come from all over poland even all of europe we have to take good care of the grave and visitors from both germany and poland come to lay flowers the symmetries only a fifteen minute drive from the polish german border. they expected more support and compassion from germany. they have yet to receive a letter of condolence from chancellor and yet enough bones speak on camera too many tears she says the attack in berlin set of the usually tranquil region of western poland many locals are further dismayed by the way the german government
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reacted afterwards it was only in march this year three months after the attack that a commission of the relatives of the victims was appointed. i think none of us was really prepared to say that what happened in france could happen here. as a result we made an error in judgment. it wasn't enough for the president of germany to speak with the victim's relatives. it should have been the chancellor that's regarded as a major shortcoming on the part of the government. because mungo informed involvement. because an. angry at german authorities at the time of the attack he had at the trucking firm was the vehicle was high checked by the attacker. besides the biggest loss my cousin i had to shoulder enormous expenses because of the attack i didn't even say
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that early on. the haunting of gremlins in this bag a fragment of the truck wreckage is of all that the police returned to. his company was badly affected by the attack and the resulting investigation. there was the loss of my very expensive truck for one thing. i had to replace the tractor trailer at least. then there were three weeks of inactivity and all the lost income relating to that. and of course multiple trips to berlin. just to receive ten thousand euros compensation from the german foreign ministry the same a c. of the victims' relatives the special commission a montagne he's done everything possible to help. recover but
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a year after the attack the pain of loss is still very present for the family of obama. has more coverage of this story we have a documentary for you coming up later today the attack how terrorism came to berlin check out d w dot com for the broadcast time in your area honestly go football now and leipzig were in need of three points if they were to avoid slipping farther away from leaders byron munich a run of three games without a win and seen them give up second spot in the table to. the other hand were feeling confident after a midweek when against. davey celcom left light sick after making just two starts last season today he was in the first eleven for the six game running. and it took him just six minutes to punish his former employer the young
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german has now schooled in half of his appearances for him. but just one minute later his side suffered a setback jordan torn a rega brought down team of vanna red cod liver movement from the light six tried to buy the foul. but hats have persevered as a free kick found solomon flew to nail despite being down to ten men. in the second half celko struck again this time from a corner. one man down three goals up. davie selke atoning the red bulls with a kiss of the baggage. when lex explored through captain for the obama it looked like nothing more than a consolation three won. but in the ninety second minute a bull over the top put like six within a goal of a drill. three to the final school a painful finish for like six muscle house and bag. but
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a night to remember the davies elka. and there was action galore in sunday's match between hanover and les vickers and the sides battled back and forth and then eight goal thriller the ended even. the visitors came out swinging leverkusen tsars bender to julian brandt one nil but hanover immediately answered as he left the bow equalized both sides continued to exchange goals with hanover taking a three two lead into the break. down one goal at the restart start leverkusen brought on leon belly and then as a jamaican and paul decides level again twenty minutes later another goal from bally gave laver who's in the lead but hanover was not done julian korb rounding out the four all scoreline. world surf league champion john john florence remains on track to defend his title the american edge through the fourth round of
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the billabong pipe masters in hawaii ords came out on top of a tough battle with australia's he's nearing in the third round the american held his nerve when the pressure was on to produce some stunning serve the only man now capable of stopping is him is a gabriele medina brazilian defeated josh care keep his hopes the second title. this is due to the news live from berlin we have more coming up for you at the top of the hour and don't forget our web site w dot com for now though for me brian thomas and the entire news team thanks so much for being with us. images from an isolated tree images from north korea. and italians a toggle for captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society.


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