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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin germany remembers a night of terror one year ago a failed asylum seeker drove a truck into a busy christmas market killing twelve people injuring dozens it was the first
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major islamist attack to strike the country has enough been done since that to help those devastated by this attack also coming out with every decision in every action we are now putting american first u.s. president trump lays out his vision for national security it is one where competition will edge out compromise when it comes to america's interests. and a german journalist was released from a turkish prison but is still unable to leave the country will all their jailed colleagues also be free. plus from the underground to one of the world's top stage it's. not known by the street musician the got their start in the paris metro are invited to perform in the very same concert hall as legends like edith p.i.a.f. .
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our brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show well one year ago today terror struck in the very heart of. a failed to nation asylum seeker honest ameria drove a stolen truck into a crowded christmas market twelve people died dozens were wounded in the first major islamist attack here in germany well talk about the criticism german authorities have faced in the aftermath first we have this report. christmas in central berlin and this truck races towards the market full of people but doesn't stop the driver deliberate least is into the crowd. people have been eating sausages and drinking mulled wine now dead an injured lie among the wreckage of wooden stools. you heard glass breaking itself people like shouting and
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screaming. and crying and there were large people out there he's. obviously injured. some people are sitting on the ground there are a few. that. the man who'd been behind the wheel escaped to italy police found him nearly a week later and shot him dead german politicians initially seemed reluctant to label it a terror attack but the so-called islamic state soon claimed responsibility even then late is urged people to stick together the hostility the perpetrators hatred will not tempt us to hate. it will not divide out togetherness. this year people have been determined to carry on as normal but precautions have been made concrete barriers set up around christmas markets now in germany show an underlying concern. and here at bryant child plots there's more
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a makeshift memorial to the dead today it makes way for a more permanent remind. our political correspondent joins me in the studio to talk more about this now good morning one year on is germany better prepared i guess you have to say yes there have been a lot of measures taken to try and prevent this kind of thing from happening again police measures measures to try and coordinate better between the various police and security institutions so in the sense i think you have to say yes but obviously no country can assure with one hundred percent certainty of a something like this cannot happen again ok now the victims' families have had their very first meeting with on the back row since the attack and they have been extremely vocal in their criticism of security services especially the chancellor was let's look at how that may be what. survivors of the christmas market attack
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attended the meeting and so too did others whose wounds a psychological like victims' families angle of merkel invited idea of them in total it was an uncomfortable encounter begins angry at her government is. already here last may at a memorial service but she wasn't. mentioned why did twelve people have to die in vain why were so many sky. because the german government filed attack and a summary was well known to the german security services despite that he was able to carry out his plans in a meeting with victims who promised to do better. so i know that some might have wished this meeting to have happened earlier but i think it's important to stress how much we feel for the injured and victims' loved ones and how much we want to improve things. merkel is in favor of reforming the security services and increasing psychological and financial care for
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victims the government special representative came up with the ideas they have to follow the compensation for victims' loved ones isn't enough only ten thousand euros for parents who've lost children or children who've lost parents that's low by international standards. but the opposition says the government's plans don't go far enough this pope doesn't is there needs to be an inquiry into the army attack germans should know exactly who he was and who was behind him and stick to a year after the bell in truck attack the wounds that left remain open. why did the chelsea take so very long to reach out to the survivors and to the families of the victims frankly difficult to say and i don't really have an answer to that i think in the end you have to say that this kind of emotional situation is something that i'm personally friends. very difficult to handle and she has some sort of
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reticence to get involved in these kind of emotional exchanges i think that this party behind it formally she is saying well you know the state president in other words the representative of the state not of the government spoke to the victims everything was done by the book as it were but in fact you have to say that in these situations you can't do things by the book you have to do things that people need and that's really where the failure of america personally i think and of her government has been most the most crucial ok you know as we saw in that report as we've been reporting it now turns out that the attacker and his armory was being used by authorities as an intelligence asset still eluded the police have there been any representations for this complete breakdown in security replications in terms of anybody being fired a personal consequences for some of the police people involved and so on and the toll in fact yesterday the government spokesman said that the government's trust in
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in the main in the lead of the internal security of the internal intelligence agency remains intact and you have to say that the various security agencies in the federal state and the central states and so on there coordination their cooperation was disastrous in this situation didn't know this person they followed him he was being observed and still he was able to commit this attack it's really quite inconceivable that it could have happened like that have been two inquiries already on the parliamentary level at the state level and i think it's very likely that in the central parliament there will also be some sort of inquiry on this front thanks very much we'll be looking into this story later in the show we'll be talking to security expert we will of course be following the special memorial as well later today. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour to south africa where the governing african national congress has elected a new leader
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a deputy president cyril ramaphosa defeated president jacob zuma ex-wife in a closely fought race now that puts him a big step closer to south africa's top job all of the n c's last three leaders have gone on to serve as the country's president. protests have turned violent in argentina over the government's planned pension reforms authorities say about one hundred people were injured dozens were arrested in clashes outside the legislature in buenos aires plans to rein in pension costs are part of president mike rees are for its to curb spending and bring inflation under control. well to the us now our president donald trump has laid out his foreign policy strategy in a speech that outlined significant shifts from the past his focus on protecting american interests mirrors washington's changing role on the world stage of the plan focuses on containing china and russia as well as dealing with threats from iran and north korea. in
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a wide ranging speech donald trump unveiled his new national security strategy let me begin once more he used the blunt language that his supporters love and his detractors love. with every decision and every action we're now putting america first with the strategy i am announcing today we are declaring that america is in the game and america is going to win this dropping previous mentions of climate change trump instead focused on four main pillars. boosting homeland protection including building his wall on the mexican border promoting american prosperity by rebuilding infrastructure demonstrating military strength he said he would end mandatory defense spending limits and advance u.s. influence in the world. trim call china and russia great rivals
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he also said washington had no choice but to deal with the challenge posed by north korea's nuclear and missile programs. our campaign of maximum pressure on the north korean regime has resulted in the toughest ever sanctions we have united our allies in an unprecedented effort to isolate north korea however there is much more work to do america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a d. nuclear ization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world. but on monday it was the united states that was isolated at the u.n. security council when the us ambassador nikki haley vetoed a resolution rejecting trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital after all fourteen other security council members back the measure. what we witnessed
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here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten today for acknowledging a basic truth about the capital city of israel we are ques departing peace the record will reflect that we reject that outrageous claim. the veto highlighted washington's isolation over trump's declaration that the us embassy will be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. the let's bring in the w.'s carson phenomena is standing by for us in washington carsten the president launched a blistering attack in that speech on previous president's policies what did you make of that. officially it was a speech on national security but the effect of this was an election campaign speech catering to strom's base he was hocking back to his inaugural address in january basically and defending his record the end of his first year in office back
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then in january he had already talked about the forgotten men and women who had been neglected by america's elites and by the governments who had failed them by. agreeing to bad deals and he did this again in a speech on monday once again blasting previous governments and presenting himself as a kind of protector of america against the evil world outside he said he would protect america against bad trade against terrorists criminals illegal immigrants and so on and pretty much was a summary of donald trump world view where he doesn't really have a positive view of vision of how to minister lobel ization it is all about surviving in a competitive world ok now in a speech the president also described china and russia as america's biggest rivals
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right now he said he would also seek partnerships with them how can he square that with his american first policy. well once again things about partnerships on a case to case basis for instance when fighting terrorists or when dealing with countries like north korea then he wants to cooperate with these countries it was actually quite interesting that he singled out those two countries because it is was known that donald trump is actually quite impressed by authoritarian leaders such as bloody putin or sieging ping it shows that a lot of advisors who are quite critical of these two countries in particular have made their influence clear in writing this strategy and of course donald trump also wants to show that he protects america against any foe including china and russia ok now the strategy has also reversed the obama era warnings on climate changes
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that mean that climate change as a threat to national security is now off the table. it's no longer in this strategy as such the only time he mentions climate change was when he defended his decision to leave the paris climate a court basically saying it's expensive and unfair towards the united states but there's nothing like in obama's national security papers where he actually said that climate change is one of the biggest threats to u.s. national security donald trump will have nothing of that carson phenomenon for us in washington this morning thanks very much carson and staying in the u.s. at least three people are dead several others injured after a train derailed monday near seattle washington state emergency services say the
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death toll is expected to rise as the governor has declared a state of emergency on what should have been a groundbreaking day for us rail travel. the train was on its first commuter run when it crashed monday morning as it rounded a bend onto the highway overpass it jumped tracks sending a number of rail cars down onto the interstate. then a distress call from the train operator. oh i. see i am right. we are on the ground hard everywhere on the highway. the train was carrying seventy seven passengers and seven crew members went into rail. there have been several reports of fatalities but authorities say it's too early to know for certain how many because some of the cars are still too unstable to search. we know that there's nobody alive in him at this point but there are some other fatal so we're probably going to find we just don't know until that to shore up those train cars
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and get in there search authorities however say no one on the busy roadway was killed. surviving passengers described the moment of impact all the lights flickered out suddenly i was out a forty five degree angle kind of falling over in the seats in front i mean i'd come dislodged and or swinging around right away you knew that this was not something something minor but your father right away the crash came on a recently upgraded stretch of rail part of a one hundred eighty million dollar project aimed at speeding up travel between seattle washington and portland oregon. locals had warned of the high speed rails potential dangers to pedestrians and motorists at street level crossings. investigators will now have to determine why fears of darrelle men's weren't a bigger concern. or present trump is not only been laying out his foreign policy
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he's also been shaking up the u.s. economy with a new tax code that's in the making and that's shaking up a stock markets for the stovall brian go. stocks surged on monday on expectations of course the united states will pass its massive tax overhaul later this week the dow jones industrial average closed at a record high in new york while the take heavy nasdaq composite index briefly broke the seven thousand mark for the first time in history markets in asia and europe also ended the day in mostly positive territory president trump is expected to sign the tax bill before christmas the bill would permanently slash corporate tax rates and it's widely seen as a boon for businesses and wealthy americans. u.s. president donald trump seems to want to play santa claus this year. we have a tremendous spirit for the tax reform this is going to be one of the great christmas gifts stability before but trump's tax reform gift will mostly benefit
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large corporations it shrinks that tax burden from thirty five to twenty percent for mid-sized companies the tax cut is slightly less generous their rate is capped at twenty five percent meanwhile tax rates for ordinary employees will hardly change tool in fact allowances for low earners weren't even be as high as was originally planned but perhaps the greatest threat of the tax reform is it's cost two point two trillion dollars over the next ten years money the government doesn't have but trump has an idea of where the money can come from. if we think four trillion dollars will come flowing back this is a country that's one of those overseas that's stuck there for years and years trump is hoping the said new one time repatriation tax will incentivize u.s. companies to bring their profits back home where they can be reinvested or and to the economy through stock buybacks at the moment u.s.
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companies have to pay thirty five percent tax to bring their foreign profits back home. let's talk a bit more about this tax reform with my u.s. savvy colleague last last let's start off with the end the report said that trump wants to offset the cost of his tax bill by giving amnesty to companies for bringing back profits booked abroad four trillion dollars a mention to you in the piece what you make of that well let's look at the amount of money here first it's more like two point five two point six trillion dollars that's what most analysts actually have that number but still obviously that's a lot of money that's our profits american companies have made abroad is basically money that is sitting there and cannot be taxed in the. u.s. now if companies bring that back and they might at a lower tax rate of course that is a good amount of money but that obviously would be a one time items so as such it would be i think pretty much unfit to pay for
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tax cuts that would be recurring items then that would affect the budget on a year to year basis of course what trump is betting on is what we all know as the famous trickle down economy is that companies keeping more profit will also invest more maybe also hand out higher wages those that work no it doesn't work at all we've heard that story over and over again from always republican administrations they've started under reagan and the fact of the matters and every economist agrees with that companies do not pay higher wages company do not hire or invest just because they have more money sitting around companies hire and company invests when the demand is up for their product of for their services for that matter alone it would actually be good to strengthen the middle class because they are customers and they might actually make demand for certain goods go up and that leads to more hiring and you know over by the way who should know that now as of late gary cohn trumps advisor financial advisor he was at
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a meeting in front of c.e.o.'s just recently about last month and they asked c.e.o.'s who if you would immediately invest if you had more money sitting around who would hire two hands went up and he was asking why aren't the other hands up obviously the other hands and are not up because people would not the companies would not hire just because they have money signals those hands firmly stuck in the company's pockets now with lower corporate taxes of course the united states could become attractive to not just u.s. companies but other companies shifting headquarters wakes up the european multinationals do you see a chance or a risk of that i don't think anyone would move their headquarters over to the united. states but i do certainly think that a lot of multinationals will put their investments war into the u.s. let's look as an example maybe the german automakers they have huge plants in the united states now if you're one of those companies and you would launch
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a new model obviously becomes very attractive to build that model in the u.s. instead of elsewhere so that might have been some analysts thing as for germany that might make up about forty billion dollars of investments that could go into the u.s. instead of staying in the whole markets all right last how to there as ever extremely u.s. savvy here filling us in thank you so much i'm. turning to air b.n. b. which is writing a record third quarter to book its first full year of profitability in the company's history the holiday apartment rental platform recorded revenue of about one billion dollars last quarter up more than fifty percent from the previous year bookings have risen by the same amount company officials say with significant growth from emerging markets like china the news comes at an auspicious time for air b.n. b. which is set to begin public trading next year and is expected to be one of the
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year's hottest debut says. but now the company behind humphrey bogart in casablanca or harrison ford's head in the indiana jones movies is bankrupt union officials say a court has thrown out a rescue plan for italian had to make a bar sell you know and put the company into administration an investment fund took control of the struggling has had two years ago but its efforts to save the company failed borsellino was founded in eight hundred fifty seven and its heyday was in the one nine hundred twenty s. when it produced two million hats a year. bit of history gone turkey has released a german journalist of that after a months in prison that's right monica supporters say though that she cannot leave the country a court in turkey has released a turkish german journalist pending trial for terrorism rachela told those cases tested the already strained relations between berlin and ankara tolo was arrested
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earlier this year and what human rights organizations are calling a targeted crackdown on free speech in turkey among those arrested is another turkish german journalist and he's huge el remains behind bars. free at last. after being held in a turkish prison for seven months michelle can finally embrace her family members again back in april she was arrested in her istanbul apartment and taken to a women's prison her three year old son also spent time with her behind bars. we followed her to her lawyers office michel and told me once to see a few words to the media. i am very happy but also very exhausted this is been a huge circus that i still have to process i believe in the coming days i will get a clearer idea of what actually happened and be able to say more.
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but going to germany is not an option for michelle if she still faces charges in turkey and was only released on the condition that she doesn't leave the country german researcher shadow god is in a similar situation in general two thousand and sixteen he signed a petition together with more than a thousand other academics urging the turkish government to end violence in kurdish areas now the eric used of engaging in terrorist propaganda for the band kurdish workers party. he lost his job as a university professor and cannot leave the country as i did as it's ephesus i'm stranded here. it's my life has been taken from me. and it's leaving skivvies and i live here without work a place to stay money and my family he be here shot of god he pulps that after his trial his travel ban will be lifted he wants to leave turkey as soon as
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possible. michel atolls trial is set to continue in april she is charged with being a member of the marxist leninist communist party a group classified as a terrorist organization she believes she's being tried for another reason is innocent and all in all this is we are journalists and we're a thorn in the side of the government i am free today but i'm waiting for dennis you just to be free to all i really can't see a difference between the two of us i hope you'll be able to enjoy his freedom soon only hope it does isn't like. a family. dennis you just has been detained without charge since february michelle a totals release could be a sign of hope i would be taking a closer look at some of the risks faced by journalists in turkey and other countries that's coming up later in this program also still to come on the show one
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year on what has changed since the first major is almost attack here in germany and similar attacks been prevented in the future we'll talk to a security expert. and with five million potential listeners the paris metro is a giant stage but what's it like for boss curtis swapping the underground for the most famous concert venue in the french capital would be taking a look at. that and plenty more straight ahead. kick up not step play before the winter break. a drill sprang fits me with child to school in the last minute equalising goal on defense it could
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almost taste big trade. finally eleven steps with the season it's intense into the winter break up to the success against bus book. and sixteen . dublin. v.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on. its own now with our innovations magazine for in. the classroom every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. they live to surf. danger lurks in the water we were the only old surf. waste and polluted water.
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basically in this case the only one with a backup will occasionally. place is only decent it's to go some way read and see more and more broadly she much time to see gives me everything from blames the wind i have to give something back so i feel obliged to behave as we seem to already out of the us or. white waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea fleet starting january seventh on t.w. list. welcome back your news i'm brian thomas in berlin it was the first major islamist attack in germany one year ago today twelve people were killed seventy were wounded
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when. a tunisian whose asylum application had been rejected hijacked a truck and plowed into a crowded christmas market and want to bring lenz busiest public spaces among the dead victims from the czech republic ukraine poland italy and israel along with seven germans the injured included citizens from fifty five different nations a memorial for the victims will be unveiled at that site later today will have extensive coverage throughout the day but first a fog infanta mark looks at what has changed in germany since that attack one year ago today. the worst ever islamist attack carried out in germany was the work of a terrorist who get out smarted the authorities. asylum seeker and his amry used fourteen different identities while living in germany. the
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police had categorized emery as dangerous and capable of an attack but they had lost sight of him. after the atrocity put it decided to act. as a. government has made a number of legal changes for example didn't go into the control and surveillance of immigrants classified as potentially dangerous alter the streamlined deportation of these people should stop anything like the emery case from ever happening again at least in germany even if you don't. it's no easier to deport potential foreign terrorists and this is happening. if as in the case of on is only they have no documents they can be imprisoned. fingerprints of asylum applicants and now stored in a central data bank along with biometric photos and if their status is dubious data
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can be extracted from their cell phones one year after the attack germany's interior minister believes that the authorities can no longer be tricked into accepting false identities. if someone you know in the emory case enters the system using multiple aliases that will actually help us to identify that person as someone who's seeking to deceive us. germany has also extended its use of phidias surveillance there are plans to install cameras and facial recognition systems at central locations further measures include electronic ankle bracelets to money top the location and movements of potential terrorists that's also mine as we put it in my opinion these were all symbolic measures that were taken to suggest to the public that something was being done to increase their security really that if you analyze the emory case
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you'll see that the legal framework allowing him to be arrested was actually already implies. that someone for lies and half so named in berlin the most clearly visible action taken this year was the installation of concrete barriers at the scene of the crime but they cannot stop the terror on their own what is needed for more security is targeted prevention more effective policing and above all closer cooperation both nationally and internationally german authorities have done a lot this year but they still need to draw more lessons from the fatal armory case . so what more can be done to talk about that i'm happy to be joined by walter reed the analyst with the berlin based consultancy plan for risk good morning malta thanks for being with us. you know when you look at the as case how do german
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security services stack up let's use a comparative kind of level how do they compare with the american the british or the israeli security services which are also under pressure from islamist threats. it's an interesting question obviously there's a big difference the german system has a federal system the german security services are all witnessed at the federal level and also on the regional level so there's a number of a lot of activists that need to talk to each other not a lot of police authorities from the different blend that need to talk to each other and that's something that for example britain doesn't have that way and israel doesn't have that way this different approach to it they they also they have got their own problems but definitely germany has this federal structure thing but in this emory was red flag he was working for intelligence services as an asset as a lawyer to get information he had fourteen different identities how could
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a person like this look through the net yeah that's also i think a pro docked of the federal federally ogunleye system there was a number of identities that i miss emory used and he was on the radar that's right and he was probably being used as a bait as a lure for the security services so they can understand better where he goes and how the structure functions as it was regards to libya now obviously there's been a number of mistakes made in the case management because if you have such a case if you have a lure somebody that you're watching. that points you to other avenues that might be. interesting for him. it's a geisha and then that needs to be centrally managed and people need to watch that and put a stop to these activities at some point we've heard reports that they're being watched like nine to five some of some of these individuals there are seven hundred individuals who are listed as is
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a must read right now and they're being monitored are we safe from them well partly i would say not all of these seven hundred suspects are actually in the country at the moment so maybe half of them. all. in that area roughly but the thing is that there is a lack of staff of the security services including police they have a lack of of personnel so they cannot physically they cannot one is of the common cannot surveil each and every single suspect now along with these with these known jihad as threats we also have the returning jihad ists from syria from iraq that have been with islamic state how do we protect ourselves from them what are security services doing about that first of all the numbers on as high as expected of the return knees. obviously they need to be prosecuted if they have if they were part of the islamic state structure and then they have been a member of
7:38 am
a foreign terrorist organization that's punishable by law an enemy they face person a prosecution when they get back yes they would face prosecution in some cases some og you that they haven't done anything that would just in support roles or have been wives for example of of some of the jihadist that was there so those cases need to be differentiators of course they need to be skimmed for information they have they need to be prosecuted if they were part of something. like these let me state a terrorist structure and in some cases they need to be monitored by the security services briefly if you could with the war wrapping up in syria now do you expect an increased security threat. it's not an increased security threat. considerably high. that's for sure there's been no change to either direction i would say there's still the threat of further attacks going on despite the islamic state being dismantled multiverse and from plan for risk thank you very much for being
7:39 am
with us. and remember to stay with d.w. throughout the day for more on the anniversary of the berlin christmas market attack check out the w. news facebook page on our web site plenty of stories there including an in-depth look at the fate of the first person killed in the berlin attack that's the polish truck driver who gosh you can go to the w. dot com for more of that. now just how safe is it these days to be a journalist especially an investigative journalist while reporters without borders has just released its annual report looking at the risks a journalist and bloggers are facing all around the world in some regions trying to report on certain issues can cost you your life this year sixty five journalists and media workers were killed while doing their job the most dangerous countries
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right now are syria followed by mexico afghanistan iraq and the philippines but what about being able to report freely without the risk of persecution while world why wide more than three hundred journalists are turned being held in prison a large number of them are languishing behind bars in china and in turkey many are also being held in iran and in syria we met one journalist from syria who fled the war in his home country and who now lives here in germany. yeah yeah a loose had to leave syria as a journalist it was too dangerous for him to stay once the civil war broke out he'd already been held in custody for criticizing the regime the non-governmental organization reporters without borders helped him to escape to germany in twenty fifteen. as surely you can't stay in
7:41 am
such country because you will face a lot of problem i could be arrested maybe i would be said to the brand the president and this is what i don't want to make it one thing again after my forty years in two thousand and two to two thousand and four things are going well in germany after five months in refugee accommodation yonder his family were able to move into a comfortable flat in berlin it's a relief knowing his children are safe but he hasn't lost sight of what's happening at home as far as possible yeah yeah stays in contact with close relatives in syria this is. always cool and sometimes there is no internet knowledge kristie so i'm just trying to keep in touch with them yeah yeah feels he is safe in germany but because of the language
7:42 am
barrier it's difficult for him to get a job as a journalist he enjoys writing an occasional diary of his life in berlin for two prestigious daily papers but he still wants to go back to syria i think my real life is they are not germany i have a lot of things to do there i have a lot of friends staying. a lot of. ideas and dreams. yeah you know it goes for a walk when he wants to think things over he wishes syria had the freedom enjoys in germany and the people there were able to write what they want without being afraid . we want to take you now to egypt where a severe water crisis is looming despite the fact that the world's second longest river runs straight through that country the nile of course provides ninety five percent of egypt's water supply but an even distribution and the misuse of that
7:43 am
resource are playing havoc with water security in the country. ahmed abdul hadi has been rowing in the nile for as long as he can remember. when he's on the river the commotion of cairo seems far away. close to twenty three million people live in greater cairo egypt's capital is expanding and so is its population by around two million people a year. almost the entire population of egypt lives close to the nile and drinks from it to. the river is egypt's lifeline. it's a symptom of life and my life and i think in the whole egyptians life.
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muffins are all there was a river nile egypt disaster a doesn't last that there's a doctor for me i was out man was out on every mile mile i would be just like this . egypt is mainly made up of barren wasteland sand and stones. the nile provides ninety five percent of the country's water supply. fields are irrigated with water from the nile. made the rower is an agricultural consultant. farmers share their worries with him . although.
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many fear that this is exactly what could happen when the grand ethiopian dam up river is completed egypt would not have as much water for irrigation if you. sold your water will get up and it will be if you will be affected for many years if you keep growing the land you won't have any problems if you stop. you would have a problem and the problem was they was. here in the nile delta there why canals and water seems plentiful. this is a fertile area but people don't appreciate how valuable natural resources are rubbish floats on the water.
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although egypt is already dealing with water shortages farmers often use an ancient irrigation method they completely flood their fields. cranks up his water pump. experts say this old fashioned method of irrigation wastes much too much water. the solution would be that farmers like haasan should learn how to save water. water shortages in the summer months are nothing new. at all on the ethiopian dam. the downs are already having an impact. now always used to be full and i didn't need a pump. less water now. kiersten eamonn is from the g.i. z. the german development agency is providing support to a farm school in the nile delta. these farmers don't just need to save water but
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must learn to grow more food with less of it. egypt's population is growing dramatically there are two million more mouths to feed every year even small changes can have major consequences. drop in water levels will have an impact whether it's because of the dam population growth or climate change it will affect the soil and farmers will have to learn to deal with that in order to secure their future. as soon as ethiopia starts filling its new giant reservoir there will be less water for egypt. according to ahmed the agricultural consultant no one is quite sure how much less or for how long but one thing is certain there will be less more water. at the moment egypt imports around sixty percent of its foodstuffs. but the country can't really afford any more
7:48 am
expensive imports. i think we need to get more more more of everything more housing more food more water. so less water was the same equation will be got stuff and. when ahmed is rolling on the nile he is removed from the commotion in the hubbub of cairo. but as soon as he's back he is confronted with the fact that the nile egypt's lifeline for all of history may soon windell to a shadow of its former self. all must be something. about subways that are irresistible for musicians remember you'd see right here playing an impromptu concert at berlin's you to train along two weeks ago some people might do all this job on our next report get to know the
7:49 am
best metro musicians paris has to offer they may be quite as famous as you two well anyway but they are definitely on their way from the platform to bigger things. five million people cram their way onto the paris metro every day. there's no hanging around. with three hundred three stations on the network its on will it stand up or it's. and there is a good chance of bumping into these boys. want. to call themselves be here tomorrow which roughly translates as opinion piece. selected from two hundred applicants to be official metro musicians they can earn money by busking singing it's. stations of their choice.
7:50 am
so it's behind the project. instead of just banning the amateur accordion players his idea was to identify and encourage the best mentor musicians. that. made the journey more pleasant for the passengers and it's a chance for young musicians to be discovered. on the project's twentieth anniversary the very best get the chance to perform in the most famous concert hall in paris. stars like edith p.i.a.f. and jimi hendrix shot to worldwide fame from here. and now it's being turned an audience of two thousand is certainly impressive and the metro seems to have been excellent training ground.
7:51 am
music we didn't say much after the first song we just wanted to listen to the applause it was indescribable. the next morning the lads are back in the metro with five million potential listeners it's the biggest stage in the country. let's get some footballers down the german top round of sixteen gets underway this evening with the stand out bringing together two teams with contrast in fortunes have been flying high this season there and all games cologne meanwhile they endured a dismal campaign at the very bottom of the bonus league but they did bag their first league when the season over the weekend. christmas came early for shall because this year they have lost since september and will spend the winter in
7:52 am
second place putting them in a festive mood. on saturday they showed their fighting spirit against frankfurt coming back from to kneel down to seal a draw was coach domenico to desk zero is wary of a rejuvenated cologne sign it. does from phones you only been hit by ten see them as lacking confidence but as a team with nothing to lose and playing against teams with nothing to lose is quite uncomfortable swimming in him it took them seventeen games but cologne finally won in the bundesliga on saturday but they've shown better form in cup competitions with strong performances in both the europa league and german cup. with several key players back fit new coach stefan hooten back thinks his side have a chance against shall go was said to months of a top they're a great chain among the top five in the bundesliga lots but every game has to be played and we can beat anyone has done ok we know shall career strong but we've got
7:53 am
our chances for sure mike every game we've played by the form book often goes out the window in knockout competitions and cologne players will be hoping they'll be repeating scenes like this on tuesday. were let's talk more german cup now us press harrington from the sports morning morning press. let's talk about shelter for starters what a turnaround that incredible all thanks to dom and that dominic go to desk oh you know where did this guy come from that was a big question he know his coaching c.v. could fit on a postage no the one thing that separates him is he was the top of his coaching class in a class he shared with hoffenheim yulian now goes so you leonardo's might has made waves in the but as they get known as a coach to desk go his game plan has worked well. well it's all good considering the fact this is germany's third largest club he's made some smart moves one in particular i like his use of veto bergdahl coming up from the second division he
7:54 am
has seven goals domestically you know it's nice there right now second the table all steam ahead first maybe they can return to some glory that they experienced a few years ago when they actually walked away with silverware in one competition but i like shocker right now ok it's a completely different story though for cologne isn't it i mean yes definitely sitting at the bottom of the table how important is it for them to have a good cup run but when you factor in they've already have the worst start in but is the history ok so they can only go one direction that's moved up you know the one thing is positive they have going for them is that they can put everything out on the pitch they really have no other competition to be focused on because you can arguably say they'll be relegated that's a sure shot and in terms of the head to head match up again shock of the last time these two sides faced against one another they drew and actually cologne pulled well back on two occasions two two was the final score. he was the one player for
7:55 am
cologne that stood out so anything can happen when it's a do or die game like this one coming tonight ok that might be a hopeful take in terms of cologne you got to go it plays out can you walk us through some of the other games that i yeah you know there's another top flight match up this is mine since to guard i like this particular match because they are neck and neck fourteenth and fifteenth on the table both seventeen points of peace so on paper that does definitely look like it will be a nice game played out the other two match ups it's a case of lower division teams playing a stronger team so it will be a case of teams trying to punch above their weight it will have to wait and see what happens look forward to talking about it tomorrow with the criss cross aren't ok thanks a lot. marking one year since the christmas market. people.
7:56 am
first response to the country's. first focus is on. china and russia as well as dealing with threats from so-called. north korea also dismissed climate change as a security issue. this is. more of course on the stories on our website dot com for now though. thanks.
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it's new. taste victory.
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perspectives. join us and be inspired by distinctive instagram murders at g.w. stories the two topics each week on instagram. this is live from berlin germany remembers a night of terror one year ago a failed asylum seeker drove a truck into a crowded christmas market killing twelve people and injuring dozens it was the
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first major. to hit the country as an eye.


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