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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2017 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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i'm telling. you. this is the w. news live from berlin germany must do better those words from chance long the american letter memorial service for the victims of last year's christmas market truck attack michael admits mistakes were made in the aftermath will take a closer look at that response also coming with every decision and every action
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we're now putting america first donald trump lays out his vision for national security the u.s. president signals that america will play hardball in pursuit of its own interests. i'm sumi so misconduct welcome to the show one year to the day since a terror struck the very heart of berlin a memorial has been opened to the twelve people who died in the dozens wounded in the first major islamist attack in germany the names of those who lost their lives have been placed on steps and that's the scene of last december's carnage among the dignitaries honoring the victims and survivors german chancellor angela merkel and interior minister thomas they must german authorities faced criticism in the aftermath of the attack and many questions have been asked over whether it could have been avoided. berlin's mayor michel miller offered words of condolences as
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he inaugurated the memorial this is a place that everyone who you wish is to grieve so. that to have a place to come to commemorate all those when you really could mention were killed here. and there go to the sea we have the names of all of those who died you feel here and. it is a signal that we are sending out across all religious and national boundaries as well and this gash here commemorates wounds that the attacks of the cold caused but we want to overcome this wound in our society we do not want to be divided by terrorism and hatred and this is why i am normally a plaque is also a symbol of teller and tolerance of fun we owe that to the victims not just in berlin but across the globe let's bring in broad terms in our parliamentary studios
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hans it was a very moving ceremony a quite chartplotter take a story. well the day opened with a ceremony inside the church that was right next to plots in itself in fact a memorial church a memorial to the consequences of the second world war this was a private ceremony attended by uncle america and various representatives of the german state the german government and the local berlin government as well as the victims all the. survivors of the family of victims and survivors of this attack a very private ceremony with which they are no pictures this was followed by the public an organization of the some of morial of which we just saw some pictures a memorial which consists of a crack in the flax turns in front of the church a crack at has been filled with precious gold and liquid this is
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a reference in fact to a japanese tradition to repair. ceramics to show that such a crack can be repaired that. rift in the society can be repaired without making it disappear so this is the memorial that was an organ right at this morning and there will be further memorials well into the night today until eight o'clock tonight local time when the church bells will be ringing in memory of the victims that were killed at that exact time a year ago. as we mentioned that chancellor merkel's government has faced heavy criticism for its response to the attack as she did make some remarks following the ceremony let's listen at. and i have to speak now on behalf of myself and on behalf of the german government to say that we need to work to improve the way we deal with things like this. that we must do everything in our power not only to
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try to protect the people in this country but also to ensure that people whose lives are affected by attacks of this kind and that we are doing everything we can to help them adjust to their new situation which is why the bereaved relatives and the injured i will be meeting again. soon to tell them what we have learned from my mistakes what we will do differently next time in order to help. to move. overcome this terrorist attacks and to ensure that in the future we as the german state will do everything we can talk to help. so have the german chancellor saying there essentially germany must do better that is a pretty significant statement isn't it. yes indeed i think the criticism that came from the victims' families and from the survivors people that were injured
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themselves but not killed during this attack has been massive in recent weeks and months and it has been directed to some extent directly at angle americal herself people felt people involved felt that the chancellor herself should have taken time to meet them should have taken time to speak to them and she is only done done so yesterday in other words a year after this attack the victims felt that there was that that was much too late until america i think will of course one that everything was done by the book as it were was done according to the rules which is how she likes to do things but in such an emotional situation that was not the optimal way of responding to those whose case is it's not only the chancellor that's come under criticism also police and security services it's perceived as a failure on their behalf tell us more about that. yes indeed there were and in fact failures on many many levels in the security operators in germany and he's amery the. person who committed this crime was actually well known to the security
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or foreign he's in various parts of germany they did not manage to coordinate their knowledge about this person amongst each other and when they did so the coordination was was lacking or was was not perfect and in fact he was being observed at some stage he was in contact with an informant of the german interior secret service people knew quite a lot about this person and yet still he was able to commit this crime after he of the crime was committed the search for him also revealed a lot of weaknesses in the german security system. there are many lessons have been learned from that and there has been an attempt to actually improve those difficulties some attempts i think probably are going to be successful but at the same time as a lot still remains to be done our political correspondent hans rant on the fall out year after the christmas market attack thank you hans. ok
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moving on to some other stories making news around the world now in south africa the governing african national congress has elected a new leader deputy president cyril from up holes up defeated president jacob zuma ex-wife in a closely fought race that puts him a big step closer to south africa's top job all of the a.n.c. as last three leaders have gone on to surface president. protests have turned violent in argentina over the government's planned pension reform authorities say around one hundred people were injured and dozens arrested in clashes outside the legislature and put aside it's the plans to rein in pension costs are part of president modi for it's to curb spending and bring inflation under control. u.s. investigators say a passenger train that derailed onto a busy highway was traveling at nearly three times the speed limit at least three people were killed and dozens injured when the amtrak train left the tracks it was the inaugural run of
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a new route linking these cities of seattle and portland. saying in the u.s. and president donald trump has laid out his foreign policy strategy in a speech that outlined a shift from past administrations his focus on protecting american interests first mirrors washington's changing role in the world the plan focuses on dealing with threats from iran and north korea and challenging china and russia both moscow and beijing say they will welcome u.s. cooperation but warned confrontation could bring on losses for all sides. in a wide ranging speech donald trump unveiled his new national security strategy. once more he used the blunt language that his supporters love on tuesday truck loads. with every decision and every action we are now putting america first with the strategy i am announcing today we are declaring that america is in the game and
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america is going to win this dropping previous mentions of climate change trump instead focused on four main pillars. boosting homeland protection including building his wall on the mexican border promoting american prosperity by rebuilding infrastructure demonstrating military strength he said he would end mandatory defense spending limits and advance u.s. influence in the world. trim call china and russia great rivals he also said washington had no choice but to deal with the challenge posed by north korea's nuclear missile programs. are a campaign of maximum pressure on the north korean regime has resulted in the toughest ever sanctions we have united our allies in an unprecedented effort to isolate north korea however there is much more work to do
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america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a de nuclear ization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world. but on monday it was the united states that was isolated at the u.n. security council when the us ambassador nikki haley vetoed a resolution rejecting trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital after all fourteen other security council members back the measure. what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten today for of knowledge and a basic truth about the capital city of israel we are accused of harming peace the record will reflect that we were just that outrageous claim. the video highlighted washington's isolation over trump's declaration that the u.s. embassy will be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. let's talk more about this
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foreign policy vision with a boris forman he's a professor of political science at bard college in berlin thanks for joining us trump did spend quite a lot of the speech attacking previous administrations and presidents for their lack of a foreign policy vision what was new in terms of policy here many ways i mean securing american influence in the world is nothing new that's something we've seen in every national security strategy ever since nine hundred eighty six when the first national security strategy was was drafted but in a sense there is a pivotal break from the american tradition i think which is to emphasize american values in a way that they are not congruent with universal values normally american exceptionalism is defined as something that is holds true american democracy something that should hold true for the entire world what trump is emphasizing is a zero sum vision of international relations as
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a competition between individual nation states so what will that mean concretely how how will america's relations with the rest of the world change. this we don't know i mean one of the purposes of this national security strategy is to congeal what has been said and what has been practiced in the last year into a coherent vision that you know which we can read and that's true but we see many tensions and contradictions the a position that is articulated in emphasize these a view russia and china versus what he has done in the last couple of months talking to the heads of states of these of these nations and. forming a tighter bonds it seems so there are a lot of contradictions also the european transatlantic relations are emphasized in a way that is almost surprising you mentioned russia and china he did see both of those are mention both of those as the biggest rivals to the u.s. and he did mention the cyber threat from russia but he did not touch on the allegations of meddling in the elections what did you make of that well i mean he's
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been trying to get rid of these allegations. ever since the first day in office. the threat of an obstruction of justice is still looming over him and it might threaten his presidency at some point i think that what this national security stretch does is to paint a gloomy image of an international realm that is dangerous and can present himself as the strong leader that's something we've seen in the campaigns in the primaries when he was running for president and he's no picking that up again but china says this america first policy is only going to lead to isolation on the global stage is a right yeah but i think. heads of states foreign policy circuits are somewhat more immune to trump's rhetorics than they have been in the beginning not everything that is stated at some point in time is taken at face value because well security circles know that sometimes there are decisions that might contradict these prior statements at some point in time you mentioned yourself in the last few months we've seen such a gap between rhetoric and real policy in the trumpet ministration why is that and
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is that something we're going to continue to see i think that's been the one continuity in the trumpet ministration and i think yes this is something we're going to see this is one of the reasons he was elected president because he was seen as particularly authentic doing what his guts tell him this visceral impulse this is something that george w. bush was also famous for and i think this is going to stay around all right boris farman a professor of political science at bard college in berlin thank you very much thank you now accordant turkey has released a turkish german journalist pending trial for terrorism mashallah told this case has tested the already strained relations between berlin and ankara total was arrested earlier this year in what human rights organizations have called a targeted crackdown on free speech in turkey. michelle a tolo can finally embrace her family members again she'd been in a woman's prison since april when she was arrested in istanbul her three year old
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son also spent time with her behind bars is a big place i'm very happy but also very exhausted and this is been a huge sacrifice that i still have to process. thank god i believe in the coming days i'll get a clear idea of what actually happened and be able to say mall. but told those new freedom only goes so far turkish authorities have refused to return her passport the charges against her membership in a left wing group turkey considers a terrorist organization remain her trial is still set for spring for the german government to those release is a good sign but not a final resolution. and as. we aren't in place yet where we can say everything's being. definitely not and there are still many existing difficulties but this is
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a clear signal towards the easing of tensions that a step in the right direction or of course very happy for him is tolu falling. toto is one of several german journalists or human rights activists arrested in turkey this year the german government considers them political hostages to lose release comes on the heels of another turkish court ruling in a german detainees favor the sociologist is now free to return to germany after nearly two years detention that leaves eight german nationals still behind bars in turkey. well just how safe is it these days to be a journalist especially an investigative journalist reporters without borders has just released its annual report looking at the risks that journalists and bloggers face around the world let's take a look in some regions are trying to report uncertain issues can cost you your life this year sixty five journalists and media workers were killed while doing their job now the most dangerous countries are syria followed by mexico afghanistan
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iraq and also the philippines you'll see here but what about being able to report freely without the risk of repression or persecution a worldwide more than three hundred journalists are currently being held in prisons a large number of them are languishing behind bars in china and in turkey as we heard many are also being held in iran and in syria. all right let's move on to business with monica now and along with foreign policy u.s. president because pushing a had with his efforts to change the nation's tax code and i can tell you sumi investors around the world are delighted global equities have stayed at somewhat after their biggest jump in almost six months that was yesterday expectations tied to the massive tax reform bill in the united states a coming on top of one of the strongest and longest global bull runs on record the u.s. congress is set to vote today or tomorrow on long awaited tax cuts and reforms and
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the bill who will likely be signed into law before christmas the biggest gift goes to corporations who see a permanent tax cut from thirty five to twenty percent individuals would see smaller tax cuts with higher earners benefiting more they would also be temporary expiring at the end of two thousand and twenty five so while low and middle income earners would see more money in the first few years their taxes would eventually go up without an extension of the cuts. even if temporary those cuts allow some skeptical republicans to get on board most made households will see their taxes go down the bill could hurt individual earners in another way it introduces a new inflation index that could push them into higher tax brackets sooner the plan sticks closely to the familiar republican themes assuming tax relief for businesses and the wealthy in a fit society more than tax cuts for low and middle income earners this is good news for the american people we're going to get the economy roaring back again and improve pay and increase jobs and make america more competitive in the global
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economy but in the final version republicans have not lived up to trump's promise to drastically cut the paper work behind their taxes or for tax cuts the do not further inflate america's ballooning deficit. that means the most expensive overhaul of america's tax code comes as a christmas gift to some but also as a present that has been bought on credit. well either way we could see those tax cuts in the u.s. cut and dried by the end of the week but what else well that joins me now from the frankfurt stock exchange on that i'm sure you can tell me that what else investors are looking for this week we know that they're quite excited about trump's tax plans but i'm sure there's more. yes they're very excited about the tax cuts of course but i have to say as it looks quite likely the potential benefits of a thaw less already priced in we have seen
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a very very strong market so in the course of the last week so what else to look out for this week it's the last bank of japan meeting of the year and that actually really puts an end off a very very interesting central bankers december we have the fed with the rate hikes we had the e.c.b. actually not saying too much but still sitting on the monetary policy paddles so to say with this ultra loose monetary policy stance that also was helping the markets and also will help the markets going forward so all in all some also are watching out for potential movements in the u.s. dollar as analysts are reckoning that there could be a covering before the christmas period meaning there could be more buyers who are looking for the u.s. dollar out there in the market which could hike or increase the price talking of
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movement just briefly and that you can we expect the traditional year end rally in twenty seventeen to. most likely not we had a really good rally already on the markets most of those global equity markets are probably having their best years since two thousand and thirteen but some people are saying that could be something like a foe mode trade a which is more or less an f. preview for those who were missing out to be for this so that could happen but for now it doesn't rate a local like a really really big rally ok well we'll have to talk about that particular trait but we'll do that until the time and if i spot in fried foods but they can see into the world. well what we do know is that abbey m.b. is writing a record third quarter to book its first full year of profitability in the company's history the holiday apartment rental platform recorded revenue of about one billion dollars last quarter that's up more than fifty percent from the previous year bookings have risen by the same amount
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a company official say with significant growth from emerging markets such as china the news comes at an auspicious time for air b.n. b. which is set to begin public trading next year and is expected to be one of the year's hottest dead use. a south korean crypto currency is shutting down and is filing for bankruptcy after it was hacked for the second time this year highlighting concerns about security as trade in bitcoin and other jewel currencies boom of the exchange called you bid had been hacked once before in april when nearly four thousand bitcoins was stolen in a cyber attack but the country's spy agency linked to north korea according to a newspaper report you get an ounce on its website that it had been hacked on tuesday causing a loss with seventeen percent of its total assets there i assume it is here now and she's got some sports for us the german capital round of sixteen gets under way this even the exciting you know monaco exciting in the
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standout mark match actually brings together two teams with a very different fortunes shaka have been flying high the season and are unbeaten in twelve games cologne on the other hand they're at the bottom of the bundesliga but they did bag their first league win this weekend in the season over the weekend . christmas came early for shall cause this year they have lost since september and will spend the winter in second place putting them in a festive mood. on saturday they showed their fighting spirit against frankfurt coming back from to kneel down to seal a draw was the book coach dominico to desk zero is wary of a rejuvenated cologne sign it. does from phones you on the exact he i don't see them as lacking confidence but as a team with nothing to lose playing against teams with nothing to lose it's quite uncomfortable swimming in him it took them seventeen games but cologne finally won
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in the bundesliga on saturday was but they've shown better form and cup competitions with strong performances in both the europa league and german cup was with several key players back fit new coach stefan luton back thinks his side have a chance against shall go was said to munch of the top they're a great chain among the top five in the bundesliga and thoughts about every game has to be played and we can beat anyone has done ok we know shall career strong team but we've got our chances for sure mike every game we've played was the form book often goes out the window in knockout competitions i'm cologne players will be hoping they'll be repeating scenes like this on tuesday. was sweden's abba is the mega-hit band his music still packs a dance floors worldwide and even though they broke up in one thousand nine hundred two they're still selling their sound to new and old fans alike an exhibit has just
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opened in london for a look back at the band that took the seventy's by storm. the typically drab nine hundred seventy s. british living room it was a time of endless strikes and high unemployment part of the backdrop that saw abah catapult to find a slice of glitter in the gloom. i. was. this is getting close to what it was like this is not one of those huge technically advanced exhibitions this is. a warm place super trouper is a guided exhibition in small groups of visitors pass through nine immersive rooms that explore important moments of the band's history including polish studios in stockholm with a big suited superstars made many of their indisputable hits and the brighton grand
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hotel room where the stage or in the famed one nine hundred seventy four year edition song contest the win would see apple go on to become one of the most successful bands of all time the fishing leave the nearest subway station for the super trouper exhibition is waterloo in london it was always london and the u.k. . to have a number one in this country was all or ways our biggest dream super trouper not only celebrates the life and music but also the political and social context of their rise i. feel. and thank you for watching we're back in about thirty minutes.
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two us car tires are indispensable but the environment would be better off without them. german scientists are taking a closer look at the damage they cause. and they're searching for greener solutions
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in production. disposal. and recycling. tomorrow today next d.w. . an impulse visible. as a camera video was just take a plunge in an icy lake in finland you so much a let and a miss rank up until most of the films but in both some pretty impressive acrobatics and defying stunts so how do they create this. sixty minutes. i. probably will not succeed in defining. said i'll not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global
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news that matters. made for mines. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing no one fireman to for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. going to pick up the environment magazine. d w. o and welcome to tomorrow today coming up. rubbed off rubber how dangerous are particles from tires. thailand's elephants a danger.


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