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it matters d. w. made for mines. and w. we speak your language so you got the book. for content in dari pashto and your new specs for returning to our web special you can take the refugee journey like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on g.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning to the w maybe. a. welcome just forty show yesterday we have a special edition of your inbox in store for you and it focuses entirely on winter sports as what's coming up. the road there's no stopping it stream
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athlete as john eve longo. snow queen the way a bad night is one of the best free riders in the world. catching the way we look at setting an amazing or the song on the planet. is snowballed skates there are so many ways to get active in the cold weather what is your favorite winter sports even if you aren't that experienced on the slopes there are still many ways to have fun on the mountains have you heard of the s.m.s. or ski fox or ski buckle well these are some of the new s. mountain toys on the market an argument colleague mike a crew headed to the bavarian alps to put them to the test. the ski and the snow about this nominee that is because right now even begin to
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meet. the mountains. to be honest i'm not very good in skiing and i will never learn how to snowboard but there's another way to be cool in the snow. at this. region for example you can try out all the fun sports equipment for twenty. to give you some help. or it's no more risky. it's easy to learn. and then one or two goes on the slopes to get used to it appears to be some. time to find out which equipment is suitable for me. and we started with it as it's a bit like a big. but instead of the tightest it has shot skis on the great thing is you can
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take on the ski lift but what goes up must come down. and what if i can't stop. there's more you could break with your feet on me than for you don't go too fast for me to dig your feet into the snow and pace yourself from the cold is your list good luck to admit it's a lot easier and it's more fun if you start to do so then you cool thing to prove and thanks to all ok let's try out. this piece of of the mundus also in and out on many slopes you take the curves would be a body weight rather than actually steaming pros can reach speeds of up to one hundred sixty kilometers an hour settle for a lot less but all the same i'm moving. this is a little challenge for me i have to practice a little bit more. now i need to save to him it. can be risky so it isn't permitted on every slope. of the oh you slide down and you steer with your
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body to the right and left. it. on the top of a muscle and if you turn it to the side it'll break up it's kind of complicated. but piloting is really easy. and fast right down with speeds up up to one hundred kilometers an hour but you do need steady nerves a bit for me and this simple slope looks like a pretty steep challenge to be on the safe side i don't just break with my feet but with my whole body. i did it fish. being so close with the place over the snow it's a little bit scary. next up the ski folks developed in germany as a comfortable i'll turn it if to skiing it is easy on the knees. ok tell us if
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somebody what is this a stool in the snow versus the ski box ok it just looks like a stool so cool for. talk but enough that i want to take a kurd you can steer it with the skis come to take the handles like this from your lungs them into the snow but. it's not easy to run. the losing my balance yes because your center of gravity is so hard you have to learn how to balance thomas descents elegant lead downhill ninety nine percent of the guinness get the hang of it right away me too but slowly probably because i keep breaking with my feet i'm afraid to take them off the ground in case they topple over. it seems the ski folks and i are made for each other. going to have the hill on the stool is quite shaky and the ski buckle is the lightest of the funds
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bought selection today it weighs just the coolest and it costs two hundred fifty euros making it also the cheapest. you steer it with your body where you lean in the direction you want to take and to keep from tipping over you glide your hand over the snow. i'd rather use again the safety habits of the dentist come in handy but it's easy to write and because i'm close to the ground i'm not afraid. i have really enjoyed trying else all the different kinds of the footman. which is my favorite. so at the end of the day my favorite toy for the snow is this one and what is your i agree with you. those people call is my favorite. but if you don't want to pay the twenty euros to have that clip lent you can also have fun on the slopes on an old fashioned flat. after an enjoyable day in the
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mountains i feel elated but pretty tight to. are snow angels something that is almost mandatory in the snow but of course that's not the primary reason why people enjoy the cold weather winter sports enthusiasts are after the adrenaline one man who is addicted to the rush is a frenchman known as roll a man he designed a unique role a suit that is fitted with thirty two rollers meaning that he can glide down any street in many different positions lately he's been adapting the suit for different terrains and we met up with him in latvia as he tried out his suit for the ice. roller man. is trying on some blades. he shoots down the icy track at seventy kilometers per hour like a human bobsled his head just ten centimeters from the ice. he calls
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this brand new version of buddy roll in the extreme sport invented buggy ice. the perfect fitting is fitting. when you make mistakes you hear that the noise is changing when and when everybody's is on the right position it just like. when something's wrong as. i sunfire and see good and i feel some fifty kilometers east of the capital and we got. adrenaline junkies come here to race on skates or hurtle down the loo jad breakneck speeds. and he is the craziest of them all. from france is full body suit is studded with fourteen ice skate blades a prototype that's only been tried once before. the first suspicion i got which i
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loved is intercounty you watch and then you see the people wrong direction the trees. going over you and the sky is wrong direction so so if the world is changing around you because of the gravity direction and. this is. in the original version of his suit as the roller man. he reached speeds up to one hundred twenty kilometers an hour. the thirty two rollers let him slip across smooth surfaces in every conceivable position. it may look pretty dangerous but it's meticulously planned out. sometimes i go even by foot to know each corner it's truck it's crosswords. so i know everything in my head i can visualize in three d.
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a whole district like so it's a question of preparation you don't go just like this. drawing you brando invented is thirty two wheel roller sued over twenty years ago while studying industrial design. now he's selling his invention so much of it has to be done by hand but the suit costs around six thousand seven hundred euro's. he also warns money with t.v. appearances and advertising even if he makes a living from his invention rondo's says it's not primarily about money. when you wear the suit the first time. your. connection to the world is changing you are not you're not a normal human everything you touch in touch with the wheels it looks more robotic deeply your identity the image you sent to the other people is different.
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over the years brando is refined his suit more and more modifying it for a variety of services this is the ski version and he's got his sights set on a new goals as well. i think we can go like easily fifty fifty can return more we've got ironies to work on ironies i would like to work reverse some more towards insight like electric motor was my dream is to be faster than a construct even a flat i want that i can produce the suit cheaper that's for christmas choose to buy it. there's no doubt that the suit is a real eye and catcher. and it may well be the most impressive and dangerous way to speak down.
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on us now to a female athlete with guts to spare and that eva wagner of austria she's both a sports journalist and a professional free rider which means that she skis off piste is false doesn't generally more popular with men but no matter the gender if you're an extreme sports athletes you need to be tough courageous and not afraid of breaking the speed. in the french alps around chamonix at an altitude of some twenty six hundred metres austrian free skier sets out on the free ride world to work she jumps off cliffs and rocks that are metres high. it's great being on the mountain the snow is fantastic so it's lots of fun. she's a star among free riders skiers who go off piste she's already chalked up several victories in the past free ride world tours in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen
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she became world champion this sport is about far more than speed. it's more about reading the mountain knowing where the cliffs are that i'm going to jump the route that i've wanted. or the other way around about finding a route. i look at the slope from the other side and from above from above it looks completely different. from below it's just rocks but from above it's a little rollover you have to find the exact drop in. the annually since two thousand and eight the free ride world tour is the world's most demanding free riding competition it's held in five stages in five countries only the start and finish lines are set the route in between is clouded by each
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athlete referees award points for every run a five is one of the best. is just talented she hardly ever wipes out she's very fast and technically quite strong she can also jump high. if i was born just south of zach's book she started skiing at the age of three soon she was taking part in international races in one thousand nine hundred five she entered the europa cup for austria in two thousand and ten she switched to free riding even after several falls and injuries she has given up keeps her going. i take this sport very seriously more so than many others perhaps. i do an extreme amount of training in summer and even in winter. i spend five or six days a week at our olympic center insults board training for four to five hours
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a day which is very tough sometimes it can get monotonous in the weight room. is one of the very few women who can make a living from freeriding though the fees women command are not high men of the same skill level ten times as much from sponsors in advertising. for us women there is a very strong emphasis on movie parts not just for the world tour but for skiing films. the biggest american production companies are ninety five percent men and five percent women so we women have to work very hard at this. so you know what. kris tragedy is straight up let it get she meant what she demonstrated most clearly in twenty fifteen after two years off to let a torn ligament heal she easily won the free ride world tour for women skiers.
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i wasn't even expecting it my goal was to make the top five but when i won that's when the tears started. to get you know. a woman with drive and discipline who's taken the lead in the male domain of extreme sports . you're at its best you're a max brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our your max instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow us on instagram. oxygen it's something that we only to survive
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if you had to go without it for twenty minutes you'd think that the results would be fatal but it can be done danish diver stakes evidence and has proven so and he now holds the guinness book well record of a holding is back twenty two minutes underwater as a free diver he regularly puts his lungs through breathing training to get the most out of each dive we saw him put these skills into practice at a frozen lake in finland. stieg seventeen thousand is in his element diving without oxygen and with a thirty centimeter layer of ice above him he spends a number of minutes under the surface the water temperature is just one degree celsius. for the danish freediver it's all no problem. going to. many people think that free diving is all about being extreme or just
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having a kick and doing something and of course when you dive under the ice and the endorphins pumping and you wake up you really feel alive but it's much more than that also i've done several of world records on darius and i think it's a fascinating journey. around an hour and a half north of the finish capital helsinki stig's ensign is attending an international i study the meat it's being held at like pine and. despite all the merriment they all know that diving in these conditions especially without an oxygen supply is a risky business. and the most dangerous experience in freediving is what we call a blackout so it's loose of consciousness obviously anybody can understand when you're on the water and you black out and you lose consciousness it's very dangerous because in a matter of a few seconds you will drown and you will sink to the bottom and then you die so that's why you should never freediving alone. as evidence and has been
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fascinated by water all his life as a teenager he was a keen swimmer and also played underwater rugby. then he started specializing in free diving a discipline in which he has sense won four world championship titles. my inspiration from sports has always come from my grandmother and actually also my grand grandfather was the biggest so. bossman in his town and when he won many trophies and and my parents are active and healthy but they're not really competitive in sports so i think that from my grand grandparents that i got this desire to challenge myself and really to love sports. he believes ice diving is the ultimate in free diving. in two thousand and thirteen severinsen said two world records including one for the longest swim under ice holding his breath he swam one hundred fifty two point four meters in one breath he has been tireless in training
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his lungs when people told me you cannot hold your breath for more than twenty minutes is not possible it's never been done it's a good challenge for me because i think in my mind that i can do it so the trick to become successful i think in life is to dream of course big bigger and then in your subconscious mind believe it so much that it becomes a natural part of your everyday life. dane has developed a whole philosophy called breathe ology through training exercises such as these in mexico he was able to expand his lung capacity to fourteen leaders allowing him to take in twice as much oxygen as someone who is untrained. perhaps his most spectacular record to date is the one he gained in two thousand and twelve twenty two minutes underwater without surfacing for air. seven has a ph d. in medicine and a passion for yoga he says the right breathing technique can boost your health increase your brain power and improve stress management and energy levels. he
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regularly give seminars on the subject and provides tips and training to other athletes. for demonstration purposes he jumps into the icy waters of lake high and he dives to ten meters without a wetsuit or oxygen tank. his personal record is sixty one. meters. it was a great dive when you're under the water you you have different sounds because you're filled with water and you hear the bubbles very rude so it's a different world but you also away from the noise from the from the land so it's a peaceful place. severinsen does not plan on pursuing any more records but he says he does want to continue testing the limits of the human body.
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while like with diving if you think of surfing as a sport you'd most likely picture it being done on warm sunny beaches however that all people on all corners of the world who like to catch a life in the middle of an oxy regions of norway there's a group of islands quote blue for ten the warmest it gets that is a mild seventeen degrees celsius but the areas become inside to take in the surfing community so not quite the sunny beach experience but if you're lucky you might instead spot the northern lights while writing away. this is one of europe's most northern surfing spots on stuff day in the foton islands it has very little in common with tropical surface to nations but it's still an experience not to be missed. the water is around twelve degrees celsius so it's warmed just great clear water and once you catch
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a wave everything else is forgotten. stefan henning from germany is searching for that perfect wave along with many other enthusiasm from australia the u.s. and scandinavia. suddenly they realize they aren't alone in their hunt except the orcas simply come here to chase herring and seals they rarely come so close to people. this is such a unique place we're here in the arctic one reason to come to the low fourteen islands is the great waves and apart from that there aren't too many people here. a visit to the foton islands in winter can also be a spectacular experience thanks to the northern lights. australian pro surfer mick fanning was unlucky in december twenty sixth seen when he got to surf with this panorama for a backdrop. credible
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hard. or abiding. the surfing based on the low fourteen islands has been around for many years its rural style surfing to heat up there's a mobile sauna and you can even buy grilled sausages with a credit card but they don't come cheap. if you're not camping at the beach accommodation can cost you more than in some cities. it was surfing that brought mari and friends and father here. he learned to serve as a sailor in australia. my father built a surfboard with his body in one thousand nine hundred fifty three when they came back from sydney and back then there was no internet or surf shop so no one could show them how to do it so they had to figure it out for themselves. this film is actually from my grandmother's fridge. up. this record cover from
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california's beach boys served as a template for norway's first surf or five decades later now even surfers from sunny california come to in style to ride the waves. so whether it's surfing diving skiing or having a go at ice skating or skiing foxing there is no reason to stay inside all winter though i admit a balance is good and being inside is nice and cozy too this is destined for winter coming up later in the way so morrow it's all about food and drink of the season do you join us and until then i'll see you on social media by phone out to you. on the next euro max special it's teatime in germany but why are so many germans drinking. clubs dipping into one of switzerland
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specialties cheese fondue. and traveling to new heights in austria for a two. keyser schmock that and more on the next edition of your all max. glass. globe. blogs. the book.
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the be. a. good move luis at full speed above. the but always on the move the b.
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today and in the future. good. thirty minutes of double. images from an isolated country. images from north korea any telling photographer captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. an exclusive peek behind one of the last iron curtain it's. a north korean dial starting december twenty eighth on d w. me. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed spines at a reporter so what part of this is implied as inside the ear what is outside. custom that draws on a wealth of insights totally different experts in the whole foods of medicine. in
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good shape. long. tells us stirring stories. it makes us laugh. and cry a little trouble and smile a. magical images and emotions that don't. know the magazine to every weekend on d w so. they live to serve the. danger lurks in the longer we were there. surfing ways and. basically for the
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safety of all as long as the backup of goal was to help. these we please it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more time in the scene gives me everything the claims of the wind so i have to give something back i feel obliged to assume. white waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution of the sea starting january seventh on g.w. . germany's chancellor angela merkel has unveiled a memorial on the one year anniversary of the berlin christmas market attack americans said her government needs to do better to prevent such attacks.


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