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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is the news live from voting is underway in catalonia for today's crucial election. everybody pretty much you want but the pen will turn out because the political emotions are really running high here in catalonia the poll is seen as
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a barometer of support for independence all the regional seats are up for grabs after cattle and separatist leaders were sacked by madrid also coming out no evidence of links to terror groups police say a driver intentionally crashed his car into pedestrians and what his motive remains unclear. and the trial opens for the man charged with carrying out a bomb attack on football team bursted dortmund's bus investigators say it had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with money. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us voters in catalonia are casting their ballots in a hotly contested election seen as a gauge of support for independence from spain the poll comes two months after the region declared independence following a referendum opposed by madrid spanish authorities responded to that with
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a crackdown arresting separatist leaders and calling today's snap election madrid hopes it will put an end to the political crisis. let's go to our correspondent barbara vessel she is in barcelona for us today covering the story hi barbara are we expecting a high turnout today. yes indeed sumi i'm told so say that up to ninety percent of people could turn out to the polling booths today we see one behind us we've seen people streaming into it since nine o'clock this morning and so that means that everybody pretty much you can walk and hold a pen will turn out because the political emotions are really running high here in catalonia and we see the two camps the pro independence camp and the un to end time independence camp we see them really not reconciled at all we see a lot of animosity on both sides and everybody really tries out to show their
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political vote their political opinion however many fear that the vote in the end might be inconclusive and that we'll see like a fifty fifty situation how significant is this vote is this going to be the day that decides how long his future. it is difficult because nobody can really see a way out the political parties on the spectrum all on the pro and against they still maintain that they don't want to talk to each other they still say that they would not get into a government with the others they still say that they can see a way forward some sort of reconciliation to talk to madrid to find a solution that is legal and peaceful at the same time and that would bring people back together so the vote it's the reticule e could be decisive if it creates a clear majority. if what what the poso say happens that it's going to be until inconclusive then again we'll see an impasse we'll see people stuck in this rut of
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the strong emotions and sort of politics that don't really happen that don't work for people did having as barbara they saw reporting from barcelona as catalonia goes to the polls thank you barbara. and we just heard barbara there discussing how polarized catalan society has become the that is lisa lewis has more now on the human side of the conflict. you don't know about is companion for independent catalonia the pianist and her friends think that madrid stands for spain of the past. and. say i told. the independence movement in catalonia really wants to change things for the better people in the rest of spain don't necessarily agree with that you better not go parliament for example approved giving people the right to receive gas and electricity even if they can't afford it but the central government then overturned the law but we don't have
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a common future with madrid and. we are not going to do that. but the group has been plastering makeshift posters like these all across catalonia but you didn't expect to get involved in this campaign until a little while ago independence how do you thin an option for the oil you initially i wanted to very against independence and the referendum it was after all a united country would have had more means to improve in citizens' life but when i saw how the police were breaching voters something inside me broke to pieces you i couldn't help but say that he was that busy. the referendum was a turning point for many people here but that doesn't mean that they are any closer to agreeing with each other quite the contrary the catalans a more divided than ever. young movie has has always a pace independence but it wasn't until after october's referendum that he took to
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the streets for the first time to express that sentiment along with hundreds of thousands of others he finally felt accepted by his home region. laconically a bullet example his our country is based on stigma if we say something that is considered politically. in correct we are socially going to fight because here in catalonia speaking out of favor for united spain was for a long time. we didn't dare to give us about the referendum and what happened at the time was so ridiculous that we lost out of the we finally found the courage to speak on lines. jamo recently started a satirical you tube channel in one of his videos he proclaims a catalonian republic from his balcony he wants people to laugh about a topic he thinks is being taken too seriously he's also calling for a conciliation not of political or politicians have broken our society but we
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shouldn't forget the neighbor who's been against the war in favor of independence and that is that our neighbor and do not see more and i mean this we need to learn to appreciate each other again put him through as even if we don't agree with each other. but gentleman knows consolation will take years he intends to keep on making his videos and hopes that one day they will make even independence supporters laugh now to some other stories making news around the world south korea says its soldiers fired warning shots at north korean border guards after they chased a defector official say twenty shots were fired when the guards approached the demarcation line between the two sides they were pursuing a north korean soldier the second to defect to the south that around five weeks. also in south korea fire has left sixteen people dead and more than a dozen injured the blaze engulfed and eight story building in the city of j. chan officials say all the victims were found inside a sauna on the second floor the fire is thought to have started in
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a parking lot alone in pakistan at least eight people have died and more than a dozen are wounded after a bus collided with a parked a trailer on a highway the incident happened near the town of qana while in central eastern punjab province visibility was poor due to heavy fog. british prime minister theresa may has forced one of our key cabinet allies to resign after an investigation concluded he breached the ministerial code damian green was found to have made misleading comments about pornography discovered on his parliamentary computers nine years ago he has admitted to making misleading statements but said he never viewed the porn. police in australia have said they have found no evidence of a terrorist link and a car ramming incident in melbourne at least nineteen people were injured several seriously the driver and a second man were taken into custody right after the incident during the city's afternoon rush hour
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a tragedy in the center of melbourne a white s.u.v. went through a red light and sped up to hit pedestrians before crashing into a barrier the driver was arrested after a struggle with an off duty police officer starts he say he's a thirty two year old australian citizen of afghan descent with a history of assault and drug use. we understand as i should be still it's very early days that he is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness at this time we don't have any evidence for intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism. a second man was also detained he was seen filming the incident and was carrying a bag of knives police now think he wasn't involved more than a dozen people were injured many have been taken to hospital including a toddler with serious head injuries the collision happened at the
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busy flinders street and elizabeth street junction outside the central train station just after four thirty pm local time the area was packed with commuters and shop was just a few days before christmas. melbourne has been on high alert since six people died in january after a man drove a car into a crowd in a nearby spot people are devastated that the city has been targeted yet again. at least four people have drowned after a passenger ferry sank off the eastern coast of the philippines authorities say two hundred fifty one people were on board the boat is believed to have capsized in rough waters off the coast of real town in quiz on province around seventy kilometers east of the. authorities say some people have been rescued but there are conflicting reports as to the number still missing conditions have been poor in recent days due to a passing tropical storm. the trial has started for the man charged with
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carrying out a bomb attack on the dortmund team bus in april the suspect has been charged with attempted murder causing an explosion and serious bodily harm at first investigators thought the incident was terrorist related but now they believe the motivation for the attack was greed. suns had already started gathering in the stadium for months champions league match against monaco but dortmund didn't make it there that night just as they left the hotel shortly after seven pm the team bus was rocked by several blasts class shouted dortmund defend a month but truck and a police officer were injured. boche i was taken to hospital for surgery on a fractured wrist. the buses reinforced windows prevented further injuries. police discovered three homemade explosive devices packed with shards of metal
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placed in bushes by the roadside a shaken dortmund team lost against monaco when they played the reshoot much the next evening. the authorities first line of inquiry a terror plot letters left at the scene claimed the attack was retaliation for german military operations against so-called islamic state in iraq and syria ten days later police arrested a twenty eight year old german russian national identified only as surrogate w. the motive of the attack not terrorism but greed the suspect had taken out options on thousands of piracy of dortmund shares betting that an attack would send prices plummeting and net him millions while dortmund was in action on the field on wednesday in a blockbuster german cup clash against the leaders by munich the last sixteen
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encounter came with both sides in good form but with dortmund missing injured striker appear emerick obama on. dortmund beat by a long route to winning the cup last season i did win two in a row new coach. but winning at the audience arena is tough for any team. and byron made a fast start in the twelve minute nicklaus soothers header to talk to the jerome pilot in the rebound it was his first ever could go and get by and it deserved really. but don't want almost levelled on thirty five minutes when the ball rolled through under your malenko but cleared off the line. soon after though by and doubled their lead when the move was expertly finished through most of. the buying fans knew they'd seen something special. time in front of goal the last two seasons but you wouldn't know it's. been pulled back midway through the second tower for ya malenko to set up
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a grandstand finish but it wasn't to be for the holders of first defeat for well mighty buy and go through to the quarterfinals. meanwhile biron have completed the signing of a germany striker sandra wagner from hoffenheim for ported twelve million euros the thirty year old who scored for legals the season has tended to your deal until twenty twenty joints on january first now back in or came to byron's youth friends before moving on to different clubs he is a mainly expected to play a backup role to first choice striker property of dust. getting to the top of germany's highest mountain has just gotten a bit easier thanks to a record breaking feat of engineering a cutting edge cable car has opened to take people up there in the very alps it boasts the world's biggest altitude difference between the base and summit stations more than three kilometers that makes it the world's longest unsupported span and it also has the biggest distance between the summit and its only support pillar the
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project cost fifty million euros and took three years to complete but soon as many as six hundred people will be riding it to the top. every hour. thanks for watching daniel wynter we'll have your business headlines coming up in one minute. when i'm trying. to be comfortable.


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