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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is did every news live from berlin a crucial election today in catalonia leaders of the main regional parties have cast their ballots in a vote that is testing the region's appetite for independence all seats are up for grabs after madrid sacked the government and demanded thresholds also coming up no evidence of links to terror groups police say
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a driver intentionally crashed his car into pedestrians in melbourne but his motive for mains on clear. the trial opens for the man charged with carrying out a bomb attack on the football team grossi adornments bus investigators say it had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with money. also coming up the face of a childhood no child should ever have to endure five year old sorrow is a syrian girl and a refugee this image of her has just been named unicef's photo of six year in a competition dominated by the migration price. i'm sumi so much got to thank you for joining us voters in catalonia are casting their ballots in a hotly contested election seen as a barometer of support for independence from spain the poll comes two months after the region declared independence following a referendum opposed by madrid
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a spanish authorities responded to that with a crackdown arresting a separatist leaders and calling today's snap election madrid hopes that will put an end to the political crisis. let's speak to our correspondent lisa lewis she's standing by for us and barcelona hi lisa have supporters from both sides been turning out to vote today. yes indeed we have been talking to voters this morning and there were people from the independence camp and from those who are opposing independence everybody here knows that this might be a crucial election to solve this ongoing political crisis here in qatar onya according to first turnout figures about a third of the voters of the five point five million voters have come out so far and they're divided into camps as i said i've been talking to people from both sides. hume called him about his companion for an independent catalonia the pianist and her friends think that madrid stands for
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spain of the past. and got to say i told. the independence movement in catalonia really wants to change things for the better people in the rest of spain don't necessarily agree with that our parliament for example approved giving people the right to receive gas and electricity even if they can't afford it but the central government then overturned the law we don't have a common future with moderate elements. we are not going to do that. but the group has been plastering makeshift posters like these all across catalonia but you didn't expect to get involved in this campaign until a little while ago independence how do you thin an option for oil initially i wanted to very against independence and the referendum it was after all a united country would have had more means to improve in citizens' life but when i saw how the police were beating voters something inside me broke to pieces i
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couldn't help but say that he was that busy. the referendum was a turning point for many people here but that doesn't mean that they are any closer to agree with each other quite the contrary the catalans are more divided than ever . young movie this has always apace independents but it wasn't until after october's referendum that he took to the streets for the first time to express that sentiment along with hundreds of thousands of others he finally felt accepted by his home region. like out of here bullied example his our country is based on stigma if we say something that is considered politically incorrect we are socially going to fight an officer here in catalonia speaking out in favor of a united spain was for a long time. we didn't dare to be. but the referendum and what happened at the time was so ridiculous that we lost our fear of stigmata really finally found the
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courage to speak on lines. of this. talk jamo recently started a satirical you tube channel in one of his videos he proclaims a catalonian republic from his balcony he wants people to laugh about a topic he thinks is being taken too seriously he's also calling for a conciliation not of political or politicians have broken our society but we shouldn't forget the neighbor who has been against the war in favor of independence to know is that our neighbor and not our enemy that we need to learn to appreciate each other again even if we don't agree with each other than we can by gentleman knows reconciliation will take years he intends to keep on making his videos and hopes that one day they will make even independent supporters laugh for it's only see we start two very different perspectives there while the selection do anything to bridge the divide. well the latest polls are saying that it's
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a neck and neck race basically if there is a camp that would get a very very slim majority it would be those who are supporting independents however they are split there actually are seem not to be able to agree on who should be the leader so many people here are actually expecting that if there is a government that comes out of these elections it won't be very stable and they to us and experts have told us that they're expecting this not to be the last round of voting but that they could be the second or even the third round of voting very soon or they said the former cattle leader he is open from his self-imposed exile in brussels let's listen to what he had to say. clearly what's happening today is normal this isn't a normal day in a democracy there are candidates in prison candidates an exile there is fear spanish institutions are intervening the governing people's party have taken over our institutions its economic war all of this shows that we are not in
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a normal situation what we have to hope for at the end of today instead will reestablish normality so lisa pushed him are saying this isn't normal are these free and fair elections well you can hardly argue that france is not a functioning democracy demand has said well one of the leaders is in prison i'm in exile yes but they are there because they have infringed the law so and enforces here are allowed to vote for all the different parties so i don't think he has a lot of arguments in his favor when he says that and the e.u. i imagine only says launching this vote very closely. absolutely the e.u. obviously wants this problem to go away that other countries such as france for example for example with corsica facing nationalism and the e.u. want everything but this independence movement to succeed they wanted to go away
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that once the spain to be united so that the e.u. can just go about its business it doesn't have to deal with these secession problems anymore. lisa lewis reporting from barcelona thank you lisa. well a big day for catalonia also a decisive day for the region's economy ben definitely it's a moment of truth and as we heard there even economic war in some people's cases or as they believe joining the independents big there was pressure from the spanish government in madrid on companies to move their headquarters out of the region most didn't need encouraging though spain's commercial registers offices over two thousand seven hundred firms have relocated their main worry was legal uncertainty over operating from there and you remember those huge demonstrations in barcelona well they kept many tourists away another big source of revenue. these street musicians in barcelona's old city are jamming in front of a sparse audience. december is the slow season anyway but the political crisis
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here is making matters worse since october the number of tourists has dropped almost twenty percent compared to a year ago. four years tourism has boomed in the popular mediterranean city but recently business has taken a dive. the volume of hotel reservations has tumbled with luxury hotels taking the biggest hit. and with not only for the hotels are suffering the consequences they've reacted by offering discounts but with little success if we can fish for customers as much as we want if it doesn't help if there are no fish in the river has got there just aren't any customers now that's new for barcelona and it obviously has to do with the fact that tourists are afraid of coming here to put it. on. but
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the center katherina market is bustling with customers christmas season business is as good as every year according to the merchants here many catalogs consider the ominous business news an attempt by madrid to scare the public. but the fact remains that many spanish consumers across the country refuse to buy cut along products and are considering an all out boycott. the conflict continues at the dinner table between bites of ham and catalan cheese. is a bit of a. yes it's true that we're sensitive it's got that and those that want independence would rather buy cattle on products and those on the other side you know approach spain people buy products from other parts of spain but in the long run it doesn't make any sense at least not for gold maize as in i was going to get it and ditto. even the real estate market has been damaged by the political sledgehammer foreign investors would rather stay away from doing business in the catalog capital.
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our foreign customers have simply disappeared sixty five percent of them have left due to the instability here really nice they don't want to buy in barcelona you know they would rather invest somewhere else maybe in madrid or portugal or some other region. you know to follow the political climate is poison for catalonia as business setting many companies have shelved plant investments executives doubt that the new elections alone can and the current crisis they urge both sides to seek dialogue in particular about a decentralization of spanish state power have no business for you later on in the show including the deficit blowing tax bill of trumps all right ben thank you very much a place not really i have said they found no evidence of a terrorist link in a car ramming incident in melbourne at least nineteen people were injured several seriously the driver and a second man were taken into custody right after the incident during the city's
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afternoon rush hour. a tragedy in the center of malbon. a white s.u.v. went through a red light and sped up to hit pedestrians before crashing into a barrier. the driver was arrested after a struggle with an off duty police officer. say he's a thirty two year old australian citizen of afghan descent with a history of assault and drug use. we understand as i said this still is very early days that he is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness at this time we don't have any evidence for intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism. a second man was also detained he was seen filming the incident and was carrying a bag of knives police now think he wasn't involved more than a dozen people were injured many have been taken to hospital including
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a toddler with serious head injuries the collision happened at the busy flinders street and elizabeth street junction outside the central train station just after four thirty pm local time. the area was packed with commuters and shop was just a few days before christmas. melbourne has been on high alert since six people died in january after a man drove a car into a crowd in a nearby spawned people it devastated that the city has been targeted yet again. to some other stories making headlines around the world at least four people have died and several others are still missing after a passenger ferry sank off the eastern coast of the philippines rescue crews pulled more than two hundred people to safety but authorities say two hundred fifty one people were on board the boat when it capsized in rough waters off the coast of real town in quiz on province. south korea says its soldiers fired warning shots at
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north korean border guards after they chased a defector official say twenty shots were fired when the guards approached the demarcation line between the two sides they were pursuing a north korean soldier the second to defect to the south in around five weeks. and the fire in south korea has left twenty nine people dead and more than a dozen injured the blaze engulfed an eight story building in the city of j officials say all the victims were found inside a sauna on the second floor the fire is thought to have started in a parking lot below. now in germany the trial was started of the german russian man charged with carrying out a bomb attack on the soccer team bus in april the man has been charged with attempted murder causing an explosion and serious bodily harm investigators initially thought the incident was terrorism related but now they believe the motivation for the attack was greed the suspect had taken out options on thousands of percy dormant shares betting that an attack would send prices plummeting and net
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him millions. of spring and public fully aaliyah's from v.w. sports for more on the story what was the impact of this attack will shock and anger well i would say to begin with i was. the team dortmund's team were targeted in such a shocking we'll say and then of course i'm here because many people in the footballing community felt that you know this could have been any of their teams. strangely or brought the fans together they were playing against monaco. the following evening and it brought those fans the other in fines across germany who supported dortmund in this tough time for them and also put football and security into perspective how did investigators that catch on to the suspect well initially it was thought it was an islamist attack because what happened was the police found three letters at the scene claiming that it was the so-called islamic state but then the police realised that there was something quite dodgy about those letters and it didn't quite add up
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so when they investigated further they realized. probably wasn't an islamist attack and they were then alerted to behavior and in the hotel opposite where this bomb went off. there was a man who was very insistent on having a room looking out onto the street then his behavior looked incredibly concerning as well for people in the hotel the way he reacted around the time he ordered the steak and then a massage and he was acting strangely in general then the police also this is all related they saw that there was a put option on dortmund dormant of course floated on the stock market and that was done on the morning of this attack so once the police began to investigate that they sold that the ip address where it was coming from and they traced it back to the main suspect tell us more about what he was actually trying to achieve here well you mentioned already greed is something that was basically the main issue here on this put options sort of put everything into perspective the prosecutors believe that what the main suspect wanted was was the dormant stock price would
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plummet after the attack and then he would obviously have stocks bought and then once the price went up people make a lot of money from it and of course let's not forget this is a club that's been floated on the stuff. market since the year two thousand it's well known it's actually the only german club that started out floated on the stock market perhaps it's quite odd here in germany but they're not the only clubs many clubs across europe who are who have a similar set up to dortmund so dot it was a senshi the main reason greed is what they believe for meanwhile dortmund was actually on the field out last night there they were playing in germany's out classico they were playing by munich in the german couple what was a game like well it was certainly a very inside a clash and that was one that i really was not on a mission miss it's always a really exciting affair particular when they're playing down in munich we want to keep you waiting any longer here's a look at the action from the last sixteen clash. dortmund beat by a long route to winning the cup last season i did win two in a row and a new coach peter stood for winning at the audience so then it is tough for any to
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. unbutton made a fast start in the twelve minute nicklaus soulis headed to talk to the robo it's a pilot in the rebound it was his first ever could go and get by and it deserved really. but don't want almost levelled on thirty five minutes when the ball run through to under ya malenko but cleared off the line. soon after though by and doubled the lead when a well move was expertly finished through much smoother the giant fans knew they'd seen something special that a rough time in front of goal in the last two seasons but you wouldn't know it's a i told them pulled one back midway through the second for ya milenko to set up a grandstand finish but it wasn't to be for the holders of first defeat for a while mighty buy and go through to the quarterfinals. looking at that do you expect baron to go in and win the cup well you would actually put my money on it i
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think they're well in with a chance of doing it there are eleven points clear of the ball in this league to start with they're looking incredibly strong this season and either through sort of quarter finals and performances like that against big teams like dortmund ok fair enough they're playing at home is great but there's one player that they've just signed and that's from hoffenheim so they have another striker to add to you know the plethora of strong grass of players that they have thrown bolton for example thomas miller and so it will be you know more reinforcements up front for byron munich a team that already have absolutely no problems and so you know this is one of the hot favorites for this season well not just me many people ok what about the other a german cup action that there was well there were some really great games that took place this week particularly the one that stood out for me was leverkusen against they beat so there through them we've seen frankfurt beat second division the hill this time. we have other big teams like shellcode they beat cologne during the week part of. mine speech volved bird beat nuremberg so there's like many big
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teams who have gone through and we're just seeing the results there you can see the freiburg three to course last hill to frankfurt and of course there's confirmation of that great result from munich to one against dortmund that's a great problem but there's no german soccer now until january twelfth i think there's a winter break how are we going to cope i think everyone can cope easily i mean there's plenty of big games one game that you could look if you want to look away from germany briefly and that of course is the classic go taking place in madrid between around madrid my team against barcelona but. the byron coach has some words of wisdom for all of us who are going to be wishing that with the recent german football to watch all right let's listen to what he had to say. first of all next week we have to take a little step back chill out a bit and have a rest so we don't think about football from dawn till dusk. nation.
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and food but we're not thinking about training about analyzing games about preparing for games etc etc instead we should just switch off relax and if it's possible maybe even read a newspaper from beginning to end. so listen. chill out rest read a newspaper or are you going to say oh i definitely am going to spain in the line in the sun somewhere that's for all the right making us all very jealous unlawfully aaliyah's from i did have use for thank you for thought it is a big win for donald trump ben is back with more on that story a very big win and also i think you'd have to say his first since being in office but is it a victory for the american people that's the question we've got to ask sumi the u.s. congress finally voting in favor of a big presidential campaign promise tax reform advertised as a christmas gift to the american people the new bill will likely not be signed until after the new year that will delay potentially painful spending cuts until
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after the midterm elections after all the controversial reform is not very popular economists say that most of its benefits go to large corporations and the wealthy or as low and middle income americans will likely bear the greatest burden. cutting taxes has been republican orthodoxy for years the argument goes that businesses the spend less money in taxes we use those savings to create new jobs and fresh investments experts say that hasn't occurred with past cuts the united states has tried to do. or individuals and expect has not happened yet. this is another experiment and see if it works the. history of. the new cuts go further than ever before republicans say that economic growth from a post tax cut supercharged economy can pay for the one point five trillion dollars price tag analysis shows that's almost certain to be true no credible outside
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analysis has found this to be true at best what many analyses show is that we would see an initial bump of growth in twenty thousand and twenty nine thousand but after that it would start to falter in the long run it wouldn't have any meaningful benefits for the pace of back and. macpro the bill isn't even a finished product tax analysts say glitches and drafting errors are likely to be found in its text much as they were in older versions that means future rewrites other aspects of the bill expire raising difficult political questions as beneficiaries see their taxes rise again the fact is the way it's structured means lawmakers are going to have to keep revisiting its provisions for years to come so while president trump and his republican allies take a victory lap it's likely that this is just the latest stage in the marathon debate over u.s. tax policy. it looks like clear skies for lufthansa brussels has approved the
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german airlines partial takeover of lin yet as little towns are grows so do concerns that it could become far too dominant. lufthansa saw opportunity in the demise of its one time rival. past the fact ship carrier could take on new groups as well as the aircraft and employees to service them. it's originally proposed to take over this included two subsidiaries that plan sparked e.u. concerns over competition defensive responded last week with a more modest proposal dropping the purchase of austrian flyer nicky all together and instead of the original eighty one aircraft it wanted to buy it would now buy just sixty a green light from brussels raises other questions first among them who will buy the airline nicky which remains insolvent there are already a number of interested buyers including the original owner former austrian racing
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car driver mickey lauder yet another decision for a turbulent european airline market. it's hardly a new accusation but officials in beijing are upset the e.u. cold china a distorted state run economy the union has also threatened to use tougher measures to fight against the dumping of cheap chinese products on global markets china calls the e.u. was remarks about its economic development thoughtless the e.u. had given china's special attention in a report on how is economy is distorted by the state omen. the report by the e.u. makes irresponsible remarks about china's economic development fabricates excuses develops discriminative just restraint measures towards china it doesn't mention its own acts that violate rules this way of calmly using double standards is really hypocritical shewing. the report states that beijing excerpts
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a decisive influence over the allocation of resources and influences prices in a very significant manner it further defines that selling product for export at below domestic prices is considered dumping the e.u. sees such dumping in chinese exports of steel aluminum chemicals and ceramics. apple has admitted that the performance of phones is slowed down by the company and develop a primate labs published data that appeared to show slow performance in the i phone success and seven models as they aged apple acknowledged this software takes measures to reduce power demands which can have the effect of slowing the process so the problem stems from the fact that old lithium ion batteries degrade as they age. i fell for i didn't know what was going on thirty five percent of then suddenly it was iran that i bought a new i phone happened to me as i know especially in the cold and so frustrated
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with me back to you and a story about making it hard to get to the top of germany's highest mountain making it easier actually that's right got into theft is thanks to a record breaking feat of engineering now a cutting edge cable car has opened to take people up in the very notes at boasts the world's biggest altitude difference between the base and some of the stations more than three kilometers up that makes of the world's longest unsupported span and it also has the biggest distance between the summit and its only support pillar the project cost fifty million euros it took three years to complete but as soon as many six hundred people will be riding it to the top every hour. you're watching news still to come if they can agree on anything about jerusalem it's that they disagree muslims jews and christians weigh in on president trumps of
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recognition of a city as israel's capital. this image of a five year old syrian refugee has just been named unicef photo of the year we'll hear from the photographer about the little girl he can't forget. and steven spielberg's new drama the post is coming out this weekend tells the story of one of the biggest scandals in u.s. history we'll give you all the details in a moment. full story coming up next thirty minutes the first. bigger and bigger ships more and more freight the german cargo shipping company humbug lloyd is a global player. when the company was founded in eight hundred forty seven the competition was pretty tough. today cargo is shipped more quickly than ever and how
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it is setting the pace. lloyd shipping company from hamburg out into the world. in forty five minutes on d w. images from an isolated country images from north korea. any tell you is a toggle for captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. a north korean diary starting december twenty. three dim of expression. a value that always has to be defended a new. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w.
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dot com to freedom. and if. you look at me speak your language make it up. for content in dari pashto and. prospects for returning to our web special. journeys life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t. w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for return issues d.-w. maybe for my. welcome back you're watching news our top stories turnout is reportedly high in catalonia a special election for a new regional parliament separatist parties help the poll will strengthen their bed to break away from spain the election was called after madrid declared october's vote for independence illegal and arrested catalan leader it's police in
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australia say a car crash into a crowd was a car crash was a deliberate act but they found no links to terror groups that already say the driver was known to authorities and had a history of mental illness nineteen people were injured in the incident. now the un general assembly is voting today on a resolution opposing u.s. president trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel washington has in turn threaten to cut off aid to countries who support the resolution israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has also responded angrily to the vote here's what he had to say. to me attitude towards israel of many countries on all continents is changing outside the walls of the united nations. and that change will ultimately permeate into the un the house of logs the state of israel totally rejects this vote even before the resolutions approval jerusalem is our capital and we will continue to build there and foreign
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embassies led by the united states will move to jerusalem write down what i say because it will happen. all that is met yahoos for suspect of but what do the people of jerusalem think about the latest wrangling over their city status jews muslims and christians offer their take. who some of knows everyone here he's a celebrity in the muslim quarter of east jerusalem which was occupied by israel fifty years ago whose son was born here fifty eight years ago near the front door of this bakery even today he can't go past without taking a bite of the freshly baked bread. i could get from you know this but a bakery is more than two hundred years old traditional sesame rings are a specialty of the old city of jerusalem. ok but the idea that
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this bread is ours like falafel and thomas everybody has it for breakfast it means much more to us than just another food. whose son is famous in his neighborhood because he's become an actor just this week he's posted a you tube video. before his reaction to trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. his message i will never leave jerusalem it doesn't matter what you do to us however you're trying to drive a sound jerusalem is the capital of palestine. or. does trump really believe that with one signature he can hand over to netanyahu the our ox a mosque the church of the holy sepak and the via dolorosa. who
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some is not particularly religious others he says whatever ivan paradise before him . but he never misses friday prayers at the mosque worshippers are united in their anger against trump prompter and give washington to the israelis because this country is not for america. rest in his speech that he was not taking a position on the complex final status issues such as jerusalem is contested borders but israelis and palestinians don't seem to have heard this message whose son says he's also not interested in what his own leaders have to say. show up at a studio they call for an uprising but we're not there remote control toy we will decide if and when we rebelled but at that he would have to produce for muslims at the heart of the conflict is unrestricted access to the al aqsa mosque and the dome of the rock they fear that he slams third most holy site could be taken over by the
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israelis. that's because its location is also the holiest place in judaism where the first and second temples once stood hardline religious jewish settlers like zipporah pills welcome trump's statement as a victory i think it was it's a very special day it's a very special decision. it's a historical day and what i do with my children i was on the way back from home. coming home and my cousin's car called me gold near the supermarket go go buy ice cream and let's celebrate this day. has ten children for the last sixteen years she's been living a very simple existence almost in poverty at one of the most famous jewish cemeteries the small jewish settlement is between the palestinian district of mood and the mount of olives the twenty settlers are protected around the clock by security guards paid for by the israeli government the poor is not bothered that
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effectively she can never leave her cemetery in safety as a settler she's on a mission she remembers how they began building the settlement fifteen years ago. police started building and digging the foundations of the building. we had a lot of riots a lot of demonstrations of the arabs why are you building a jewish neighborhood in the center of our neighborhood now it's a fact now you can't change you know there are kindergartens there's a synagogue there's a buses and people going in and out would be they accepted this and i think either going to have to accept the jerusalem is the capital the ancient three thousand year old capital of the jewish nation. see pora is hoping that trump's decision will bring more settlers to east jerusalem and the whole city will soon become jewish. currently sixty one percent of the eight hundred eighty thousand residents
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have jewish roots. thirty six percent are muslim arabs and one point four percent christian arabs. father nicodemus from germany is one of the more than one percent classified as other he joined the benedictine abbey of the door mission on mount zion in two thousand and three today he's the leader of the community he things it's wrong to keep asking whether trams decision will lead to violent confrontations. more. people will say oh there are clashes trump has got it wrong kind of or there are no clashes trump got everything right it's not just a question of whether there's violence or not fogs the real question is what will bring peace to the city what will bring reconciliation dialogue and justice which destroyed the abbey of the door mission says between west and east jerusalem in front of the gate to the old city under international law it's
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a no man's land these days the abbey is getting more visitors than usual because some groups are free to go into the old city father nicodemus believes these fears are unfounded while there is tension he feels more of a sense of resignation among the palestinians from the church tower the monks have a panoramic view over jerusalem mostly jewish to the west mostly arab to the east the building is still pitted with bullet holes from the wars of one nine hundred forty eight and one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. review of the novel been just as the structure is still scarred the whole of jerusalem is also scarred by five thousand years of history falls and dark sheesh the ever present tense. the city has to be treated with extreme sensitivity for its own there's so much pain you don't have to sign of it's so easy to cause offense my new million you've got to be very careful you might get even jerusalem needs sensitivity that was numb of
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all sensibility the city also needs leaders who understand these things leaders who can bring love to this complex fascinating city which is home to jews muslims and christians. now each year unicef germany grants its photo of the year award turn outstanding image depicting the living conditions of children around the world this year's winner is a sad testament to the hundreds of thousands of children who are the innocent victims of war displacement and exile. the bewilderment of war in the eyes of a child she's five years old and comes from syria mohammed was in took this picture of zahra in a refugee camp in jordan in twenty fifteen czarist parents fled the war in syria with her and seven other children they have lived in a tent ever since every time i look at the picture i still go back to that moment i remember this traumatized she's so beautiful but the war is all over her face
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through her eyes you can see that. the ongoing war in syria and the flight of the revenge in the face of mass persecution in myanmar with the central topics in this year's competition unicef germany grants the award each year to photos and photo series that best depict the personality and living conditions of children worldwide . it is a mirror of the reality that many children in this world live in a bitter reality which is why there are three pictures in this competition that address the flight of the range for me and more to bangladesh but you can still find pictures from iraq there are still images from syria and if you had to find a headline for this competition it would be it is still not over people are still dying and still starving people are still on the run. for this year's winner there is still work to do mohammed was scenes new project to shooting portraits of refugee children stranded in serbia that's two thousand and seventeen has been a big year for women earlier this month time magazine dedicated its prestigious
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a person of the year title to the silence breakers the thousands of women whose stories of sexual harassment have led to what time called the biggest cultural reckoning in decades but the fight for respect and equality is bigger than me too like in iran where women are subject to strict islamic cult but if the woman we're about to hear about have their way that's about to change let's bring in a show from our social media desk for more on this hi liz so a battle of the sexes is brewing in iran tell us more. yeah that's right sumi we're seeing women in iran saying ok we don't want men to tell us what to wear we don't want them to tell us what we should look like when we're out and about on the street so they've launched a campaign they call it white wednesdays and all the women who are supporting that campaign every wednesday have to wear at least one white item so it can be something like a brace lead or it can be a dress and the women that are very brave they decide on those wednesdays to completely take off their he jobs something that is actually forbidden in iran and
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let me just show you video that has gone viral on instagram here this is an iranian woman as you can see she's not covering her head and then you have that security officer there kind of blocking her way he doesn't want her to continue walking down the street so lots of people have commented on this saying this is how women are being oppressed in iran and we're also seeing women across the country joining the white wednesday's movement and also giving reasons why they're doing that here take a look. at. homburg for me although because her model would come up a little bit only that people vote for her behavior for the. first part of the. campaign that made it so that it's pretty tough but in fact they think that
3:43 pm
you know it's tough. to take on. such a simple story. so all the women in iran being very defiant there are sunni lists who are the women behind this campaign. well it was actually started by one woman she is from iran but she lives in the us in exile her name is mafia lena jad and she is very popular on social media she had started similar campaigns fighting for women's rights saying the women who don't want to wear a hijab should not be forced to do that she has a large following on social media especially on instagram so the women in iran send her their videos and pictures then she posts them then on her page and we're seeing this evolve really and going beyond just the women not wanting to wear he jab we're
3:44 pm
seeing men now coming up and supporting the women many are posting pictures like this one here themselves covering their heads to show that they stand with the women of the country and let me just show you here to finish sumi one very interesting and hard working the fact this one hero posted on instagram a woman standing outside a stadium she wants to climb up to the stadium wall to watch a match that is going on inside and then you see the man there helping her to get on that wall now you might ask yourself why the woman is not just using the main entrance but the fact is that women in iran are not allowed to attend a match if there are men at that sporting event and that is why she has the kind of sneak up that wall to see what's going on in the stadium so we're seeing the man now supporting the women that is the positive change that we're seeing in iran all right let's show from didn't use social media let's thank you for bring us more on that campaign. now the u.n.
3:45 pm
war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia deliberated for more than twenty years in the hague now the court's work is over we take a look back at the tribunals hearings and its legacy. crimes. displacement the u.n. tribunals for the former yugoslavia has tried many cases of atrocities. some have made history. perhaps best known in the trial of the former serbian president slobodan milosevic charged with crimes against humanity he was brought before the courts in two thousand and one the list of indictments was long and the trial dragged on for years with loss of its died in custody before a verdict could be reached for the trial is fear. over more than twenty years the u.n. tribunal indicted one hundred sixty one people not all of them face trials some refused
3:46 pm
to cooperate but there were some spectacular cases where war criminals were brought to justice such as the former bosnian serb leader radovan carriage who was arrested in two thousand and eight for years he'd been living quietly in disguise passing himself off as a faith healer. after the breakup of yugoslavia carriage pressed for the creation of a greater serbia he was blamed for the heavy loss of life in the brutal siege of sarajevo. the verdicts forty years behind bars along with the former general ratko millet it carried it was found guilty of the srebrenica massacre in the summer of one thousand nine hundred five when some eight thousand muslim men and boys were murdered. the judges ruled the massacre was genocide it took years just to identify the victims.
3:47 pm
and the tribunals made another historic ruling classifying for the first time mass rape as a crime against humanity. almost sixty years after sixteen years on the wanted list right come let each was also brought before the court in the hague to see mr. for having committed crimes the chamber censuses mr right coma each to life imprisonment. yet there is little i'm so happy the judgement can't bring thousands back from the dead but this is what we've prayed for. is the cause given and the last hearing in november this year should have been a fitting end to the tribunals work instead it was a debacle the defendant slobodan prayag killed himself by swallowing poison just off to being sentenced to
3:48 pm
a twenty year jail still police piece a don't the course itself had become a crime scene. the tribunals should have helped with the process of reconciliation but it's not as simple as that many in the former yugoslavia deny to this day that will crimes took place and many of those found guilty is still celebrated as heroes in their homeland. from on the i.c.t. why we have did it is correspondent ron kaufman with us here in studio frank what do you think the legacy is that this court is left behind by the international justice to a different a better level after it started in one thousand nine hundred ninety three it was the first war crimes tribunal after the number of trials of the world war two against leading figures of the german nazi regime. and it's made possible that we have the i.c.c. the international criminal court nowadays there in the hague. which is starting all
3:49 pm
report there of course it's a mixed feelings situation what we have here because a lot of goods a little financial just a lot of justice that was brought to the people and the ground in the former yugoslavia but on the other hand. the i.c.c. why you had to deal with a lot of obstacles do you think it actually achieved what it set out to do well it never. had the charms to get over a major setback after nine hundred ninety five when the made sure perpetrators are can lodge and disappear when the leaves national community let them disappear literally speaking and until today this was a major setback and having this in mind that's a good explanation why it took so long i mean it started one thousand nine hundred three not two thousand and seventeen that's a very long period of time and one of the biggest disadvantages of the of the do
3:50 pm
you think of some way it was able to deliver some sort of justice to the families who were affected by this conflict it did to many there's no doubt about that but not all we have about one hundred sixty cases. eighty four perpetrators were found guilty and nineteen the could that's that's a good good result of this cold much better than many have thought at the beginning but still we don't tough a real peaceful situation there on the ground and in that sense there's much more work to do much more work to do just briefly frank what are the next steps there is a follow up court for the appeal cases and of course there are local cases ongoing on the ground in sarajevo for example and the next step will be of course the work of historians and people i'm curious what we're going to find out that all right good of you correspondent frank kaufman on the legacy of the i c t y thank you frank.
3:51 pm
and it's it will most of the full power of the presidency and if there's a way to destroy you god will find. you know when it's your new invention. you do this the legacy of the company is its state. what will happen if we don't publish. we will lose the country will lose. meryl streep's starring as katharine graham the first female owner of a major newspaper in america and famous be able spielberg's latest movie poster we have our culture editor robin merrill with us here in studio to talk more about this robin this is based on a true story about the the pentagon papers they were leaked to the washington post in one nine hundred seventy one yes they were the pentagon papers basically we revealed that the u.s. government knew that the war in vietnam wasn't winnable of course a huge scandal at the time this was just before the watergate scandal incidentally and a cold to this was not in seventy one but it does address the subject of freedom of
3:52 pm
the presage addresses dirty politics all the abuse of power if you don't revisit addresses fake news so it's very topical today and look at the cast it's pretty incredible yeah it doesn't get mode. star studded the this does i mean steven spielberg's directing and then you've got to be the two biggest stars in hollywood starring in it that's meryl streep and tom hanks who fascinatingly have never worked together before and they're both personal friends of spielberg and spielberg says he's in or of both of them but i love the thing he said the other day at the premiere he said and meryl streep plumbing's the depths of this extraordinary powerful and brave woman katharine graham in under two hours and he says i don't know how meryl did it and i'm the director which i thought was rather amusing anyway let's see more of the movie. do you have the papers. not yet. oh gosh oh gosh because you know the.
3:53 pm
position that would put me in saving her own face and korea are risking everything to do the right thing it's a tough decision for a publisher katharine graham as owner of the renowned washington post she has the chance to expose one of the biggest scandals in history but in a male dominated field graham who's played by mao streep has to find her own strength first thank you for your frankness she was not only doubted by her adversaries but also by her friends. and it's a particularly lonely thing to do to try to stand up under those circumstances but everybody in this film does that every single person has risk attached to the decision that they make. when the post gets a hold of top secret documents the race is on the team surrounding chief editor ben
3:54 pm
bradley played by tom hanks has to dig through the pentagon papers and find the evidence proving the government has been lying about the vietnam war but they have to be careful the government already stopped the new york times from digging too deep and now they're on to the post's editors. of those seven nine hundred seventy one steven spielberg's movie seems to be just the right movie for our time but the story also takes takes it on a journey even though it happened i knew seventy one word nixon was trying to do the court stop the free press and that whole broadside assault on the news media is. she i wonder if that happened to. morrow integrity freedom of the press the complicated relationship between politics and the media the post is more than a riveting drama it's an eye opening history lesson at the prison. that begs the question robin to have we learned lessons of history here but we haven't we we've
3:55 pm
got possibly more mistrust finally between politics and the press than the before i mean i think journalists we have to fight for freedom of the press even here in germany where we have relative freedom of the press we have to defend this is very apparent in america at the moment where anything that doesn't like the labels is fake news the only real difference nowadays i see is that it all happens much faster because of social media and because of social media it's more difficult to hide stuff well looking at this move it looks great do you think with this cast it's going to get. i mean is the pope catholic. one would think salvi best actor best actress best director i'll be interesting lee the national board of review in america which is a very prestigious association of professionals. vogts the best film of the year is a predictor of the also because i would say it's going to get an oscar i don't know
3:56 pm
which one it's going to get we'll have to wait and see but definitely going to see this movie again and again all right robin merrill our culture editor thank you robin. you're watching news sarah kelly will have your latest news update in just a few minutes stay with. the beasts. we've . gotten. thanks. to.
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the to. shoot. the bigger and bigger ships more and more freight the german cargo shipping company homburg lloyd is a global player from when the company was founded in eighteen forty seven the competition was pretty tough subject to the congo a ship more quickly than ever before and setting the pace so old lloyd shipping
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company from hamburg out into the world. in fifteen minutes on d w. they live to surf. danger lurks in the water we were. surfing waste and. not only the witness but a thousand victims i mean we see the troubles all gastric troubles. basically this a sort of. couple feel i was on a shelf. is really decent it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more of them from the time sort of assumed gives me everything the waves the wind have to give something back to me and i can apply inch to me seem to many of the others. one way
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surfers fighting against unseen pollution the sea starting january seventh on t.w. . the finn you with so i. see a good lead. to the below loans from him to the high speed league the speed of for loans and then they keep. an oil. shipment sonot didn't. miss. the beat them enough to get in the queue but to. keep for. the next part to take over the mosque and sit in. the.
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top five new top priority it. this is news of live from berlin a crucial election today in catalonia leaders of the main regional parties have cast their ballots in a vote that is testing the region's appetite for independence all seats are.


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