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of everyday life in a regimented society. an exclusive peek behind one of the last iron curtain is. a north korean dial starting december twenty eighth on t w. this is g.w. news live from berlin a crucial election today in catalonia leaders of the main regional parties have cast their ballots in a vote that is testing the region's appetite for independence all seats are up for grabs after madrid sacked the government and demanded fresh polls. also coming up
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no evidence of links to terrorist groups police say that a driver intentionally crashed his car into the death streams in mount vernon but his motives were means on clear. and israel's benjamin netanyahu who calls the united nations a house of lies that as it prepares to vote on a motion condemning washington's decision to recognize real slim as the country's capital. plus the face of a childhood no child should ever have to indoor five year old zahra is a syrian girl and a refugee this image of her has just been named to unicef's photo of the year in a competition dominated by the migration crisis. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us voters in catalonia are
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casting their ballots in a hotly contested election seen as a gauge of support for independence from spain the poll comes two months after the region declared independence following a referendum opposed by madrid spanish authorities responded to that with a crack. down arresting separatist leaders and calling today's snap election now woodridge hopes that it will put an end to the political crisis. and correspondent lisa lewis has the very latest now from barcelona so lisa as we've just heard a tense backdrop for this election how is the turnout been so far. well the first figures from earlier from early this afternoon are saying that a about a third of the size point five million voters have turned out to vote so far this has been a highly divisive election campaign the only exciting topic in this campaign has been independents and catalonia is state in two parts those who are in favor of
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independence and those who are opposing it i've spent i've been speaking to care people from both camps. you know about his companion for an independent catalonia the pianist and her friends think that madrid stands for spain of the past. and got to say i told. the independence movement in catalonia really wants to change things for the better than people in the rest of spain don't necessarily agree with that you better not call parliament for example approved giving people the right to receive gas and electricity even if they can't afford it but the central government then overturned the law but we don't have a common future with madrid and. we are not going to do that. then got to close last year but the group has been plastering makeshift posters like these all across catalonia but you didn't expect to get involved in this campaign until a little while ago independence how do you thin an option for her was the oil
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initially i wanted to be very against independence and the referendum and after all a united country would have had more means to improve in citizens life but when i saw how the police were breaching voters something inside me broke to pieces i couldn't help but see what that kitty. the referendum was a turning point for many people here but that doesn't mean that they are any closer to agree with each other quite the contrary catalans a more divided than ever. the. well movies has always a pace independence but it wasn't until after october's referendum that he took to the streets for the first time to express that sentiment along with hundreds of thousands of others he finally felt accepted by his home region because a little get out of here believed example his our country is based on stigma if we say something that is considered politically incorrect we are socially going to
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fight because of here in catalonia speaking out of favor for united spain was for a long time. we didn't dare to give us about the referendum and what happened at the time was so ridiculous that we lost our fear of stigma finally found the courage to speak on lines. jamo recently started a satirical you tube channel in one of his videos he proclaims catalonian republic from his balcony he wants people to laugh about a topic he thinks is being taken too seriously he's also calling for a conciliation not of political or politicians have broken our society but we shouldn't forget a neighbor who's been against the war in favor of independence to notice that our neighbor you know good and not seen our enemy that we need to learn to appreciate each other again put into humans even if we don't agree with each other. but gentleman knows reconciliation will take years he intends to keep on making his
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videos and hopes that one day they will make even independence supporters laugh. and they say i want to talk a little bit more about that reconciliation is that likely to happen through this election how is this election expected to affect that divide between the separatists and the unionists there in catalonia. well it will be very difficult to bring both sides back together they don't seem to be agreeing on anything friends have stopped talking to each other family members have stopped talking about politics so it's very difficult to imagine how they will become friends again these two parts of catalonia when it comes to the elections polls are predicting that neither side is likely to get a stable majority there might be one site which will get one of the other side which will get a very slim majority but each side the independent support and those who are against independence they are composed of parties that are actually from different
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parts of the political spectrum and both sides have difficulties agreeing on a common approach and agreeing on who should be a leader in each case so it will be difficult it's very difficult to see how these elections can produce a stable government and many people here voters but also experts actually expecting a second or even a third round of voting in the near future ok so perhaps we might not have an answer after today it seems there at least what is the e.u. looking for in this vote would you say because i mean it also has a lot at stake in this election. absolutely the e.u. wants this problem to go away really there are other countries in the e.u. like for example france which have regions that would like to separate possibly like corsica in france and the e.u. doesn't have any interest whatsoever in governing a huge number of states even more states that at the moment so they want the countries to say united for the e.u. to be as strong as possible they just want catalonia to be part of spain is just
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a spot part of spain lisa lewis with the very latest from barcelona where elections as we mentioned are underway highly contentious elections we thank you so much for bringing us the latest. and let's get a quick check now at some other stories that have been making news around the world at least four people have died and several others are missing after a passenger ferry sank off the eastern coast of the philippines rescue crews hold more than two hundred people to safety but authorities say that two hundred and fifty one people were on board that boat when it capsized in rough waters off of the coast of real town in quezon province. south korea says that its soldiers fired warning shots at north korean border guards after they chased a defector officials say that twenty shots were fired when the guards approached the demarcation line between the two sides they were pursuing a north korean soldier the second to defect to the south in around five weeks.
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a fire in south korea has left sixteen people dead and more than a dozen injured the blaze engulfed an eight story building in the city of jay sean officials say that the victims were found inside of a sauna on the second floor the fire is thought to have been started in a parking lot below. police in australia have said that they have found no evidence of a terrorist link in a car ramming incident in melbourne at least nineteen people were seriously injured several seriously now the driver and a second man were taken into custody right after the incident during the city's afternoon rush hour. a tragedy in the center of melbourne a white s.u.v. went through a red light and sped up to hit pedestrians before crashing into a barrier the driver was arrested after a struggle with an off duty police officer. say he's a thirty two year old australian citizen of afghan descent with
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a history of assault and drug use. we understand as i said this still is very early days that he is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness at this time we don't have any evidence for intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism. a second man was also detained he was seen filming the incident and was carrying a bag of knives police now think he wasn't involved more than a dozen people were injured many have been taken to hospital including a toddler with serious head injuries the collision happened at the busy flinders street and elizabeth street junction outside the central train station just after four thirty pm local time the area was packed with commuters and shoppers just a few days before christmas. melbourne has been on high alert since six people died
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in january after a man drove a car into a crowd in a nearby spot people it devastated that the city has been targeted yet again. the united nations general assembly has opened an emergency session prompted by u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize to lose them as israel's capital yesterday trump threatened to cut funding to countries that backed the measure the one hundred ninety three member states will vote on a draft resolution reaffirming that to roussillon is an issue that must be resolved through negotiations now the status of the holy city is one of the most thorny issues of the israeli palestinian conflict with both sides claiming it as their capital. let's get more on this now we are joined by kilmer scieno he is a middle east expert for the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to the program and thanks for being there. a controversial vote the outcome is highly expected to be in favor of this vote we know what are the
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implications of that result would you say the surprising especially when taken into account for the general assembly of the u.n. which is already considered to be quite critical towards israeli normal circumstances that alone these specific unique circumstances unlike the security council resolution that was vetoed earlier this week this resolution is nonbinding nevertheless we've seen in the hands diplomatic efforts by the israelis to win what you can define is ductile victories convincing specific nations saying there's not opposed to specific reason to shoot so a symbolic vote there but nevertheless i mean we have seen very strong rhetoric coming from world leaders and i want to in particular turn to what prime minister benjamin netanyahu had to say from israel so strong words have a listen and then i want to get your reaction. maybe attitude towards israel of many countries on all continents is changing outside the walls of the united nations. and that change will ultimately permeate into the un the house of lies
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the state of israel totally rejects this vote even before the resolutions approval jerusalem is our capital and we will continue to build there and foreign embassies led by the united states will move to jerusalem write down what i say because it will happen. the united nations as a house of a law is he says i mean those sound like fighting words why so strong here but he did a harsh tone but basically nothing of an exception to the line of policy of israeli governments towards the general assembly a long history of a still it is starting from the famous treaty seventy nine resolution of the general assembly in one thousand seven hundred six defining zionism as a form of racism and basically continuation of the same narrative specifically would you speak with the israeli domestic basal the israeli he's owned political base but i would define two different goals or two different instruments and then
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you're always trying to use your festival by trying to separate the general assembly is a biased in advance for him to cooperate as a biased phone which is different than the mainstream diplomatic community and then you know to support is that them is to convince other nations to defect to accept the new status of jerusalem and in the same time as we said it's also the mistake but this specifically speaking going in a clear it on to his own audience about the commitment and the consistent commitment to all of this israeli government you know to to to actually show a change in the status of jewels and for that matter so it's really a combination of both domestic and international goals and it's live so far we've talked a lot about goals we have a rhetoric here we also have symbolism right but i want to talk about potential action that we might see going forward because on the united states also coming up very strong here we heard the u.s. . ambassador nikki haley's saying essentially we are taking names here if you vote in favor of this that we are going to write your name down trump going one step further essentially saying that it could have some impact on funding on aid also
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funding to other countries do you think that we will see the united states follow through there i think that when we speak about domestic goals and international goes it also applies to the top administration if you really look closely at the language beyond the taking the names language of hailey defines this it was talking again about the united states and not letting the other countries take advantage of it and about the american people not letting other countries taking advantage of all of the the u.s. generals will be on that list and so we see the same discourse the same discussion that we see during the early phases of the complaint of drum specifically against the u.n. this is different sentiments regarding the u.n. regarding specific forms of the u.n. and specific new mindsets about the american position on that level having said that still when we speak about the future goals of the united states we do see the u.n. is a relevant form which is an important instrument we seem to be a force by
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a drunk administration to the security council and so on especially when we walk in and we are thinking about the future of peace plan and the question of plan on that matter so really finding the golden fest is going to be the challenge in the next couple of weeks for the trumpet ministration and as i mentioned to our viewers we are awaiting right now a vote at the united nations acknowledging that jerusalem is an issue that must be resolved in negotiations that is of course in the wake of the u.s. decision to recognize drislane as israel's capital and jill. thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about that decision and the implications there after we appreciate it for. for your watching still to come on the program this image of a five year old syrian refugee has just been named unicef's photo of the year we will hear from the photographer about the little girl that he simply cannot forget . and the on again off again pilot strike is back on benghazi has
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more on that thank you sara it's the season to be jolly not so if you're flying ryanair pilots based in germany are walking off the job friday the union accusing the airline of a publicist stunt now boss michael o'leary and said for the first time in company history he recognized unions to about the strike but when it came to yesterday's talks ryan pulled out at short notice rejecting two of the union officials taking pot. right here ahead michael o'leary will bend over backwards to make a buck and that mentality has helped to make ryan air a force to be reckoned with in the european market for the refining the ultra low cost model plane needed by u.s. carriers south west o'leary cut ticket prices in favor of making money and baggage fees on board shopping and other secondary revenue streams but that cost cutting obsession ran him a fall of many unions they objected to what they described as substandard pay poor working conditions and uncertain labor contracts. the result many pilots left
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ryanair and the airline recently announced it would be forced to cancel some twenty thousand flights through march of next year. to stave off a threatened strike in some european territories over the holidays ryanair management recently announced it would finally enter into talks with the unions but if we've got to make a change will make a change and in this case because it was christmas week it was within their control and were where we called instead to call off this action so people can take away all that uncertainty and get home for christmas but it seems that not everyone was convinced michael leary had really changed his tune germany's pilot union cockpit says they're calling for a four hour morning strike on ryanair flights in germany this friday or if they carry through with the threat it would be the first strike in ryanair history. it's police and their device bucko financial correspondent in frankfurt and how do you
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read the situation does o'leary i mean what's he doing here he said he was going to recognize the unions and suddenly pull out of talks. while he was recognizing the irish doing it's not the german ones he actually was recognizing the german ones as well because they initiated talks but who knows what then happened apparently he didn't lie to the commissioners from the union side and then they cancel those talks on short notice and that's why we have that escalation now with the first try for ryan air in germany but i think he has to actually be prepared for more to come because the german unions as we know about all that's very special pilot unions they are playing tough with those employers and perhaps there's more to come for ryan air and i mean you've got to be cooperated don't you i don't but some colleagues that i really like but i've got to work with them. are we back to you in a moment first of all this story which i want to ask you about clear skies for
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lufthansa today brussels approving the german airlines puzzle takeover of air berlin yet as lutherans are grows so do fears it could become foster domon it. opportunity in the demise of its one time rival. the faction carrier could take on new groups as well as the aircraft and employees to service them. it's originally proposed to take over this included two subsidiaries that plan sparked e.u. concerns over competition responded last week with a more modest proposal dropping the purchase of austrian flyer nicky all together and instead of the original eighty one aircraft it wanted to buy it would now buy just sixty a green light from brussels raises other questions first among them who will buy the airline nicky which remains insolvent there are already
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a number of interested buyers including the original owner former austrian racing car driver nicky lauder yet another decision for a turbulent european airline market. and talking about turbulence and i think it's interesting today i heard the tourism is down here in the capital berlin because there's no air berlin anymore. yeah that's the case at least according to the tourism authorities in berlin tourist numbers are down by six to seven percent in the month of october and november and that's because abilene has ceased to operate there's literally not enough flight capacity to fly tourists into into berlin at least at cost except to post to them because obviously ever since berlin evelyn ceased to operate no phones as hike the prices for many tickets of many routes inside germany saying that this because demand is so high and that might
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change once again when they have the additional capacity of operation that can be as soon as generally as we know by today because they're adding thirty three more aircraft from air berlin of course not only on that route but of course i'm also going on various routes into a bird lead and that should help to add capacity and bring more tourists once again back to berlin ok we love all those tourists thank you very much an advice for us there at the free. throw it's hardly a new accusation but officials in beijing are upset the e.u. called china a distorted state run economy the union has also threatened to use tougher measures to fight against the dumping of cheap chinese products on global markets. china calls the e.u. was remarks about its economic development thoughtless the e.u. had given china's special attention in
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a report on how its economy is distorted by the state omen. the report by the e.u. makes irresponsible remarks about china's economic development fabricates excuses and develops discriminative just restricted in measures towards china it doesn't mention its own acts that violate rules this way of calmly using double standards is really hypocritical hewing the report states that beijing excerpts of decisive influence over the allocation of resources and influences prices in a very significant manner it further defines that selling product for export at below domestic prices is considered dumping the e.u. sees such dumping in chinese exports of steel aluminum chemicals and ceramics. for fifteen minutes of business for you next hour sir thank you so much dan we're going to turn now to unicef germany because each year it grants its photo of the
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year award to an outstanding image depicting the living conditions of children around the world this year's winner is a sad testament to the hundreds of thousands of children who are the innocent victims of war displacement and exile. the bewilderment of war in the eyes of a child she's five years old and comes from syria mohammed was in took this picture of zahra in a refugee camp in jordan in twenty fifteen czarist parents fled the war in syria with her and seven other children they have lived in a tent ever since every time i look at the picture i still go back to that moment i remember this traumatized. but the war is all over her face through her eyes you can see that all my she passed through the ongoing war in syria and the flight of the revenge in the face of mass persecution in myanmar with the central topics in this year's competition unicef germany grants the award each year to photos and photo series that best depict the personality and living conditions
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of children worldwide. it is a mirror of the reality that many children in this world live in a bitter reality which is why there are three pictures in this competition that address the flight of the range from myanmar to bangladesh but you can still find pictures from iraq there are still images from syria and if you had to find a headline for this competition it would be it is still not over people are still dying still starving people are still on the run. for this year's winner there's still work to do. new project the shooting portraits of refugee children stranded in serbia. in germany of the trial has started up the german russian man charged with carrying out a bomb attack on the men's soccer team bus in april the man has been charged with attempted murder for causing an explosion and serious bodily harm investigators initially thought that the incident was terrorism related but now they believe that the motivation for the attack was greed the suspect has taken out options on
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thousands of tourists who dortmund shares betting that attack with send prices plummeting and get him millions. it's now the town of wigan in northwest england is holding the world championship for the twenty fourth time residents are proud to be called pie eaters but the nickname does not come from their appetite for the dish it is said to date back to the nineteen twenty six general strike after several days without pay the hungry miners went back to work forced to eat humble pie. in this corner of the world that's the stuff of legend like others who go there to go the city but if you do know that in the interview it will be. the the rules a simple. one of the famous meats and potato parties as quickly as possible but such owing to the brave folk of wigan so you go every year each eager to claim the
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title of the world champion party the sun will go to hold lengths to secure victory on caution because as you know it's an international sporting competition that we're going to take you very seriously and you know what we're going to do up and go into that hotel to get the property known to turn the government you know to repair the roads and try to get the politicians quickly as possible to our. own getting to. the moment of truth five pounds it's appears that could only be room where no martin. already have three titles found after thirty two seconds of paice gophering. so as the sun sets on another chapter of northern english tradition the brave folk of waco and big bear for well may the pollies be with you. and with that you are up to date now on
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