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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2017 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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most of real town inquisitor province around seventy kilometers east of the capital manila. the bully who thinks he can buy our favor angry diplomats did not hold back today at the u. when after trump threatened to cut aid to countries he rebuked his jerusalem decision tonight an embarrassing vote for the u.s. and a lesson in the limits of trump's transaction diplomacy i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. the united states will remember this day they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against this one we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the united nations we will
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show that it states of america and nikki haley that the i so they think thank you president pro and ambassador are starting to go. to the light just like a puppet. or we begin the day at the united nations one vote that targeted two facets of u.s. president donald trump his mideast policy and his personality by a huge margin the u.n. general assembly voted to reject the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel it was how the u.s. president tried to influence that vote that is at the center of even more outrage tonight diplomats and heads of state including turkish president richard tire fair to one accusing traum of bullying other nations to fall into line yesterday trump threatened to cut financial support to the un and individua. well countries as
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punishment today the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley again warned that the u.s. would be watching the voting and taking names it turns out to be a long list of names of the wives known as the bully's puppet. those. two days with the aleutian like puppets puppets pulled by the three or you. pop it musters i have no doubt that two days of the illusion will end up in the trash bin of history we were all osterwald know or face the consequences some are even threatened. development aid cut such an attitude is unacceptable this is bullying and this jumble will not bow to the america we'll put our embassy in jerusalem that is what the american people want us to do and it is
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the right thing to do. no vote in the united nations will make any difference on that but this will make a difference on how americans look at the un and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the us and this will be remembered the voting has been completed please lock the machine. and for more on that now we are joined by our correspondent in washington carson phenomena and our correspondent in israel tanya kramer to both of you good evening karsten let me start with you the u.s. has been defeated or at least embarrassed in this vote what now i mean is washington licking its wounds. well that's from the ministration
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is doubling down on his decision concerning jerusalem as had to be expected to have been no tweets or other statements from the president himself so far but vice president mike pence just tweeted on the president trump the u.s. expects our allies to stand with us thank you to the countries that recognize our right to determine where we put our embassy and with that he echoed some points that nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. made earlier today in which she said this was a question of whether countries respect disrespect the united states but i quite don't get that we need to be honest because of course the u.s. has the rights to decide where its embassy to israel is located but also other countries have the right to disagree and to criticize this move and if you actually look at the countries that went with the united states here this list is nos very
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impressive we have got somalia on dura told. the muscle islands and of cause is were you know this is not a very impressive coalition of the willing and tanya speaking of israel the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has commented on the outcome of the book today let's take a listen to what he just had to say. israel completely reject those proposed truce was aleutian drew swimmers are competent always was always will be. but i do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refuse to participate in this theater of the absurd so i appreciate that and especially i want to the good express our thanks to president trump an ambassador for their store difference of israel and there's no more difference of the truth all right so he rejects the what next then for israel. what he did mr netanyahu doesn't sound to borat about it i
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mean that in the past was expected and he made it keels in this video that he quoted in theater of the absurd pointing out again that more countries also abstain i think that is what is very official looking at at the moment from a point a few in israel you know the official line was here in the past couple of days that you know it doesn't really matter if this is a non-binding resolution and some israeli officials also called it like a publicity stunt by the palestinians now if you don't get at it from an international point of view might say israel and the u.s. have isolated limited themselves. but that there might not be any implications that photo on that on the ground. all right that was a deal used on you kramer in jerusalem interesting phenomena on the story for us in washington here at the big table now joined by nicole verges on
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a fellow for transatlantic relations at the german council on foreign relations you called this year we were talking about this is story in the vote and it was they are still up for debate but i was saying not a single european country voted for the u.s. position today at the u.n. so so much for the transatlantic alliance here well there were a few european countries which actually voted poland and hungary are among them not like the old allies like germany france or great britain which is very important because jerusalem and the whole peace process is an issue with it you know has been closely followed and supported by these european powers for many many years and the decision to declare to resign as the capital is something that affects the peace process idea in a very bad way yeah and although we are constantly hearing from the white house and
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from nikki haley today that decision pushes peace forward so it's like they're singing from two completely different songbooks here when it comes to jerusalem well if you know if i don't think the peace process will not continue i think the president trump has a pretty good idea what he wants to come out of the peace process it will be a peace process according to the rule with benyamin netanyahu this is his acceptable idea of what a peace process shuts it the end it's regulations and ideas that. these eighty. one i mean. for what it's not a peace process in which the palestinians have a real saying and have a role. they. they wanted to play well i mean it's also speaks to the transaction diplomacy don't trump and i was saying at the beginning of the show
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we've seen today there are limits to but maybe trump doesn't see those limits but when it comes to mideast peace you know how much can he impose his business deal on other countries i mean countries in societies are not businesses seventy five countries did not vote for the rest of the illusion this time so. to certain degree has a little bit off success in scamming this country is to take a position a straight as among them canada is a miser you say the ones who abstained today exactly so by abstaining then they're saying we're not going to vote against the u.s. we're not going to vote for the u.s. so it's better to stay neutral do you think they were staying neutral what they think they were afraid where the explanation was we want to be everybody stay at the table and this is why we don't want to take sides and we take a side when we participate in you know saying no or yes to the resolution that's
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the off official line but i think it has to do with being concerned what the results will be because nikki haley said they would take down names they were taking names and what do you make of that i mean we've never seen that before we we've never heard a diplomat at that level use that language either well it shows that. from the very start. people were concerned that the u.s. president didn't doesn't quite understand how administration works on even how the government works because it's not up to the president to decide which country will get how much money through the u.n. it's up to congress so in in you know threatening that they will not get the money if they vote against him he somehow. understand how it works when you do you think that's a really key here because he probably sees it as the white house submit a budget to congress that congress then of course has to approve and can change but
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do you think he sees it that way do or do you think he sees it as the president submit a budget that will be approved i think so i think he simplifies the complexity of the decision making processes and this is how he has you know politics as a president from the very start to see this as a business deal as an act you know to negotiate i put some money invest in something i want to get something out of it and this of course is not how politics works because trust plays a role of diplomacy place of all and a long term investment in these values in this you know ideas of you know it has to do with you know with trust with understanding the position of the other person and he completely ignores spider has this this this notion of intrinsic value is like speaking you know mandarin to your double trump many people have said so or have to
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see how it plays out he's only in his first year there's a long time left in the term. i will say to go run but it was good to have you back on the show thank you. well as we reported last night's the german chancellor angela merkel's troubles in finding a coalition partner have reached record dimensions never before has it taken the chancellor this long to form a new government but it doesn't have to be this way according to former social democrat chancellor gerhard schroder he says it's a problem with a very simple solution and he told us about that and more when he spoke. in an exclusive interview. i believe that any future government will see this project as a good business and will support it just as the current chancellor and the current foreign minister do i have no worries on that school. don't you
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see the danger that because of this power vacuum in berlin interests in brussels are of course that could be the case that's why i'm one of those who say let's get a move on let's act as soon as possible move. what's your advice to your party a new coalition or loose corporation kind drop the dramatics and get on with a grand coalition what else do you think that in future governments in germany will always take so long to follow. it's difficult this is the first time that we've got a six party parliament two of those parties are not seen as potential coalition partners in fact they aren't capable of being in a coalition with the left on the one hand and the f.t. on the other that's why it will become more difficult so i'm telling my party very frankly there's no way round it you have to take on this responsibility but you have to convince the party members that this is necessary and do it quickly. europe
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needs it europe needs a stable france which they've got in the form of and europe needs a stable germany with this in mind i believe the sensible thing to do is to form a government quickly. and as things stand the only option is a grand coalition that's what we should do and no one profits from new elections and no one profits from playing around with other ideas like case by case cooperation or whatever that won't get us anywhere but. through going to. hundred to six which cost should the new government take on russia what do you advise their. cooperation rather than confrontation that's the sensible way to go it with an annoying we need the equivalent of a new policy of daytona and it's about time it's. i'm in favor of the step by step removal of sanctions is dependent on how things go in donbass we should not always be talking about an escalation when there are prisoner exchanges when the heavy
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weapons are withdrawn verified and supervised by the appropriate people then we should go ahead and say ok we see there's goodwill and we want to reward this by dismantling sanctions step by step. and by the way as the economic research institutes tell us of the sanctions damage to gemini. was the former german chancellor gerhard schroeder there now it's interesting his remarks on russia it's important to note that he was recently elected chairman of the russian state controlled oil giant ross now he's also chairman of the nord stream to gas pipeline which is majority owned by russia's gas fraught you see the picture here is close ties to russia and president vladimir putin have drawn criticism from his own party the social democrats. still to come on the day
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the story behind the eyes of a syrian refugee we take a look back at the year in photo journalism and some of the prize winning images that's coming up later in the show. the u.n. war crimes court for the former yugoslavia has officially closed its doors after almost a quarter of a century and has justice been served. accords groundbreaking work was honored at a ceremony in the hague the tribunal was set up to prosecute the perpetrators of some of the worst atrocities seen in europe since world war two u.n. secretary general and tony a good test he said that the court gave a voice to victims and rolled accountability into the world's collective conscience that all despite that high praise in the hague the court is despised in parts of
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the former yugoslavia and despite its repeated findings of genocide and crimes against humanity there still widespread denial in the balkans that any atrocities ever took place we take a look back at the tribunals hearings and its legacy. wooll crimes. forcible displacement the u.n. tribunal for the former yugoslavia has tried many cases of atrocities some have made history. perhaps best known the trial of the former serbian president slobodan milosevic charged with crimes against humanity he was brought before the courts in two thousand and one the list of indictments was long and the trial dragged on for years with loss of which died in custody before a verdict could be reached the trial is fear. over more than twenty years the u.n. tribunal indicted one hundred sixty one people not all of them face trials some
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refused to cooperate but there were some spectacular cases well walk room and those were brought to justice such as the former pows need and serve believe the right of and candidate who was arrested in two thousand and eight for years he's been living quietly in disguise passing himself off as a faith healer. after the breakup of yugoslavia carried it suppressed for the creation of a great has said. he was blamed for the heavy loss of life in the brutal siege of sarajevo. the verdicts forty years behind by three along with the former general right come let it be carried it was found guilty of the srebrenica massacre in the summer of one thousand nine hundred five and some eight thousand muslim men and boys were murdered. the judges ruled the massacre was genocide it took years just to identify the victims.
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and the tribe in all made another historic ruling classifying for the first time mass rape as a crime against humanity. almost sixteen years after sixteen years on the wanted list right come let it was also brought before the courts in the hague the mystery of you for having committed crimes the chamber synthesis mr rudd coma each to life imprisonment. where you were living. yet. i'm so happy the judgement can't bring thousands back from the dead but this is what we prayed for. the president given and the last hearing in november this year should have been a fitting end to the tribunals work instead it was a typical the defendant slobodan prayag killed himself by swallowing poison just
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after being sentenced to a twenty year jail still police and police adult the court itself had become a crime scene. the tribunals should have helped with the process of reconciliation but it's not as simple as that many in the former yugoslavia deny to this day that will crimes took place and many of those found guilty is still celebrated as heroes in their homeland. it's a mixed legacy at best when we're talking about the tribunal and analyze the album bit more i'm joined here at the big table by our correspondent frank hoffmann for it is good to have you on the show so what kind of legacy does this tribunal leave us with well the tribunal that saw the one nine hundred ninety three brought international justice to another to high level to a more intense level not as we have the internet international criminal tribunal
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international criminal court in the hague which is not come of that development and even the most positive juridical figures would not have folded at this is that this really can happen when they were. developing the first tribunals in one thousand nine hundred three. what crimes tribunals after the number of probes this gives a little bit of a historical perspective what we what we have and. a very important outcome of all of that is sites delivering justice is the impact and the knowledge we got from that court and this remains in the huge life. with a body more than one hundred and sixty records and they are available the tribunal often had to defend itself against political interference i mean there were forces at work that wanted to influence that we've got a statement from christiane surely he was the high representative for bosnia and
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herzegovina from two thousand and six to two thousand and seven let's take a listen. there were some cases where you really wanted where is this meddling going to end. but the tribe you know refused to be influenced and the states involved had to learn one thing. if you had no respect for ruling it's because you had no idea about the judiciary and if you don't have a clue about the judiciary if a lot to learn about democracy. well that's true and i think that probably holds true today still doesn't it in the former yugoslavia absolutely and here you see what mr churchill in maine says the political effects are something on the one side and the use of this criminal war crimes criminal tribunals by nationalists agenda and politicians using that nationalistic agenda for their own poll purposes but then on the other side you have the civil society you have human rights groups you
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have people that are in the center and the call group of the of these societies that. are in the call of the call group transforming these societies towards democracy and for them that was very important to have the tribunals and would you say then as i asked at the beginning of the story was just as delivered to many but not to all i would say. but there's still crowds going on and sorry of all for example it's a basis this reconciliation process is not over unfortunately there's no real loss to peace in the balkans yet but it's a basis to move on from frank hoffman is always good to have you on the show thanks great insights thank you. powerful images in photojournalism germany grants an annual award to showing
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the living conditions of children around the world for two thousand and seventeen when there is a sad testament to the hundreds of thousands of children who are the innocent victims of war displacement and exile the bewilderment of war in the eyes of a child she's five years old and comes from syria mohammed took this picture of zahra in a refugee camp in jordan in twenty fifteen czarist parents fled the war in syria with her and seven other children they have lived in a tent ever since every time i look at the. face of. the ongoing war in syria on the flight of the revenge in the face of mass persecution in myanmar with essential topics in this year's competition unicef germany grants the award each year to photos and photo series
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that best depict the personality and living conditions of children worldwide. it is a mirror of the reality that many children in this world live in a bitter reality which is why there are three pictures in this competition that address the flight of the range from myanmar to bangladesh but you can still find pictures from iraq there are still images from syria and if you had to find a headline for this competition it would be it is still not over people are still dying still starving people are still on the run. for this year's winner there's still work to do. project to shooting portraits of refugee children stranded in serbia. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter you can write to me off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day today is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere making it the shortest day of the year so for those of you north of the equator we're going to leave you with the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is
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a slightly longer day we'll see if this. take out the dice and invite your friends around. boardgames are experiencing a revival of. the new alternative to a night on the town. a group activity the way to unwind.
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away from the screen. and board games up that. your rollbacks next. kick off life we take football personally. from bone does make a stop to our cost and spend the tears donate money to a charity germinal someone to say is linked to extremist muslim groups really scored an arm go to the bosses make sure i'll never play again at least in germany . but is there anything to the allegations. in sixty minutes on d w. to the.
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roof. i guess it's an end to this so my name's louise houghton and i'll be bringing you a special.


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