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tv   Kick off - Caught offside The Ben- Hatira case  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2017 8:30am-9:00am CET

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i have worked on the streets of many cameras and they have problems are always the same forward to source an inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. coverage we're gonna forced to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and seem right to fold who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work a day darling. action . when you've.
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got a footballer fighting for his place. ready made sure that i never get to play for a club at least not in germany they want to the story of a person or want to destroy their future. so i don't want to and we've been two months already since discussion started surrounding striker and it was organised. for me it was important for me not to be brought down to my knees when i haven't done anything wrong. from blunders leg a fine to the fringes of these for extremists. in southern turkey professional football player and has been had tira has only lived here for. few months turkish first division club gaziantep sport is his new
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employer for the twenty eight year old ben had tira this is his first job as a professional player outside of germany. i'm the kind of guy that can quickly adapt they've taken care of me here too i haven't had any problems so far. the only difficulties are some of the differences especially when the coach speaks a different language which until now ben had zero had only played in the bundesliga . a shooting star in germany's top flight and as such he was renowned and well paid but also a player without an impeccable record on the field once leaving a fellow player with a black eye. that was what he did was not right but i cannot change that now.
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he's a player with a big heart as well he befriended a young fan battling cancer. and has helped an organization in berlin that works to keep kids off the city streets. the organization was awarded the band before its integration work. for i'd like to thank emma spend her tutor. thanks. but all of that is history in an industrial metropolis need turkey's border with syria bennett era keeps fighting for his place driving to the last training session before the most important league match. the answer of sport is second to last in the table of turkey's first division a critical situation for the club which has never been relegated in all of its history was when your post was i knew that this wasn't going to be a walk in them. mark this i knew was going to be
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a very very heart of corn but after some talks about what i was looking for and what i wanted i decided to play for this club and we should go to the french influence for instance. but his transfer at the beginning of twenty seventeen was forced upon him. a complicated state of affairs a chronology of the end it's been had here a case it's been two months already since discussion started surrounding strike and it's been had here and his support toward the controversial aid organization and so our international reportedly has links to the radical islam scene and has been closely monitored by germany's intelligence agency. and had a radical islamist off the pitch politicians up the pressure. except how to figure from the sports world or from society would associate themselves with extremists extremists. in the midst of an.
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industry they get club damn start waited three days to separate themselves from player and it's bennett era the tunisian international believes he's victim of a smear campaign. has been had tara financially supporting an organization that only does good deeds. or one that at the very least agrees with extremists. not after a few days of leaving down start and explain how to or has found a new club the twenty eight year old transferred to turkish first division club because young top sports. the youngsters the guys they're playing play station. thurlow. bennett here is happy to have found a team after having to leave the bundesliga so this is my room here here i get to rest so to. there's a small bathroom with
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a shower everything that i need. to swim but this is my bed. another player used to sleep here in the room with me i don't know if you know this but unfortunately hang himself he committed suicide or for me just look it was weird for me at first from her first four or five days after he that i feel weird being in the room and some of the ship and i saw him every day we would chat every day we would laugh sometimes. you wouldn't have noticed that he had problems and it was definitely an extreme shock for commercial. and when it rains it pours all this after the whole ordeal in germany. having to leave the bundesliga is still atop a convent here is mind. going to shift yes of course i think about it and everything surrounding it everyone knows about it too. i think
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my name also comes up in germany whenever people talk about those topics but nonetheless i'm getting used to everyday life here even of the club is a difficult spot. on this one. and that's not only due to relegation fears but also because the club gaziantep spore is near bankruptcy. as a reserve to shut off i don't fortunately the club has huge financial problems. already knew that before coming here and they told me that and were honest about it but i never expected it to be this bad it has been months since the club has paid wages they haven't paid anyone so there are some players that haven't been paid in the over a year and they get. been had here is also waiting to get paid he currently lives off his savings a double burden the relegation battle and being accused of salafism a controversial in strict interpretation of islam. what is comes i can understand to a certain extent that people will fear certain topics if they're only associated with
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terror hate and violence and it's this one of the unspeakable but i think that at the moment everyone knows me. they know my position and all that i've done in the past maybe you what i was born with or the social work i've done before. i think everyone knows that it was all so you know. the club gave ben his hero an apartment on the outskirts of the onset his parents are originally from tunisia and then his hero who was born in perlin was raised a muslim. says he and well as a professional footballer a few years ago he decided to donate two point five percent of his earnings a usual practice in islam he then picked the aid organization and saw international . as well as. always tried to help a lot and then i heard about an sar. i had already had my eye on them for some time
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i became interested in their projects and i started following what they do and watch their videos. but what really cumbers me about them was their transparency they seem to be trustworthy to the foothold swedish. but it was followed with heavy criticism from media and politicians. will definitely not mean they just want to smear my name in the world to me they want to associate my name with things that have nothing to do with me before who ever accuses me of somehow being in the slamming extremists or whatever they say that i am then i don't know they have no idea and i can't even put into words what's going on in their heads as they consider this when what it was most of us a little of. the next morning is the day before the match against gala tasa roy bennett tara meets up with the founder of onsite international who is here today to take part in a fund raising campaign at the turkish syrian border. and. which of those
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there's certainly i cannot be there today because it could be a busy day injuries for me the risk is too high and of course i have again to morrow i have to go toward training camp and sleep there if not i would have liked to beautify. and so as director general abdul rahman kaiser is a german who has converted to islam and is good friends with and as ben had tira. this tradition. or with any means a lot to us not only as a person that has worked hard for his money what's sinus but as a person that hasn't forgotten where he comes from pottstown hasn't forgotten the poor people of the world. he's a valuable person for them and. the muslim aid organizations key player. in a couple of years kizer turned and saw into a millionaire muslim donation organization. it operates a hospital and is currently building an orphanage in syria.
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then a tierra donated money to answer specifically to finance a water tank in the gaza strip. another project took place in ghana where benazir opened the water well. accord. to answer the projects of a muslims as well as christians. kaiser denies the claims that and stop us use goals of radical islam. for crystal's them about he helped build a well for christians and muslims. i don't know how anyone can buy something like that. or try and link it with salafism or radical islam. a person who is a radical muslim wouldn't build a well for christians and everyone knows that radical islamists would criticize him for doing that and often missed. the city of searches under martial law as with
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many other areas in turkey the cities matt welcomes kaiser during his meeting with some of his local employees of course it's all part of a promotional video i mean i don't know. i know it's a lot of. we're here today in suits together with the mayor. and so has a good relationship with the government unlike many other n.g.o.s. the turkish government revoked the work permits of various international organizations some of them even offered psychological help that's the concern to national is the only one allowed to stay and that has donated food and clothes for at least a year. you show much you know not. twenty five thousand refugees live in the border area of search rice flour and sugar distributed throughout the city. and the ones government maintain
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a close relationship. both have conservative views of islam and provide emergency aid. televises in former president countries where turkey also helps like somalia and syria where they've seen our projects in action and we've seen various welts on the canada. very very refugees a syrian kurds from the neighboring border area the mayor of search does what he can. the place these people call home has been destroyed after years of war. there from the syrian city of kabbani located right on the border the city was the setting for heavy battles. even though fighting has now ceased the city remains a humanitarian crisis. that has caused many kurds to flee to turkey they say that international n.g.o.s provided help until the government categorize
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them as terrorist suspects just a few months ago and now fills the gap of. living with my grandfather and my daughter my wife died and i don't have a job i need this help. that you had planes destroyed everything we had you know i'm not one of the know not what. would go back if we had something the red crescent gave us food in vouchers but that was three months ago they're not allowed to do that anymore. that has made and saw its role even more important. the organization also works in regions of syria that are controlled by armed militia even in areas controlled by al shabab which germany has classified as a terrorist organization. journalists that work in these areas risk their lives and face imprisonment if they had to return to turkey.
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german intelligence agencies started monitoring on saad you to possible connections with islamist militia in syria the ball if you're walking around were bombs are going off the whole time then you're also in danger not a lot of people are up for being there but we see it has our jews in the just. because our critics claim that if you're working there then you have got to be in close contact and work together with the militant groups in the area. s. most us. to begin with that's wrong in two ways. first of all not all groups in those areas are considered illegitimate he will germany there are groups that are supported by some nato alliance partners as well as by germany and the united states such as the free syrian army. they aren't seen as a terrorist group by berlin and washington and they work in these areas still it's just so vitamins secondly if you're operating hospitals there doing work
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that's not considered political if you're building orphanages then you have to people support you if at the same time you're letting people know what you're doing then we want to remain neutral nobody should try to influence us nobody should try to harass us nobody should tell us what to do in those areas if that happens we would stop helping there. it's not confirmed whether and so works in syria independent of islamist militia. militant islamism is a topic that has affected germany according to authorities at least eight hundred ninety germans have moved. to syria and iraq to join the fighting there. in the meanwhile and so collected donations in germany guest preachers were a regular part of their fundraisers. as well. as always there will be well known preachers who lead you through the programs that are also be a one hour long lecture by akhmed. according to intelligence agencies.
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is an influential salafist from berlin to stir up hatred against nonbelievers and german traditions. what kind of life is that of life for you follow those that don't have anything for their customs and traditions and the wrong views and you lose your place in paradise because of it. this willage is perfect it's completes we don't need anybody could change or bring something new to this religion. experts in extremism observe sermons like these with concern. zuzana sure to seize close ties between international and preaches like. this found the. they were preachers who clearly act in a selfish context creatures who wander around representing
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a special ideology that's opposed to democracy and our basic order. promoting. an islamic order. i. wish oh. yes that was the reason why and sorry attracted criticism in the first place ever since they have clever people at the top who quickly reacted and promised to no longer invite those kind of people however the ideology remains the same you just lost intelligence agency also believes nothing has changed and that's why it monitors answer in particular due to its close contact to controversial preaches. about yes we know that answer international is well connected in the self-esteem movement we also know that it supports the movement and on top of that we know they're going to try to hide their selfish background and ideology. intelligence agents do not rule out the possibility that ansar contributes to the radicalization
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of young people. in ben had here is hometown. what are the consequences of ben had serious situation islamic scholars in berlin address his case in seminars to prevent radicalization. the top of the thetan and a part of clues once his contract was terminated it led to many self-esteem outlets to argue that the western world punished him for being committed to muslims and even after doing good deeds there mahmoud who's best known for the west it's a problem when someone is involved in social work in mali or somalia or in other words he became a martyr it was. on facebook ben had to receive support from thousands of fans. like politics and the media instead were some experts say that view was partially justified nation and saying you can get
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involved and be part of a political discussion. but it should without getting involved with salafist organizations all of a therapist is an organizer through and through. the berlin neighborhood of vetting is where ben had tira grew up it's one of the poorest areas in the city and there's high unemployment here. there's a much higher risk of young people being radicalized in neighborhoods like this one where i will bar up preaches. his message is particularly directed towards a disoriented youth. all young people are searching for a sense of belonging to a sense of identity especially those with an immigrant background before long before they hope for recognition and affiliation and that is not the case for many of them. initially says the student if they don't have that at school either of these teenagers are looking for something and that's what we've observed it's not
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really about religion that your own religion becomes the pathway to identity it's something that they can belong to where they have a community with guidance and reason to you who is in. football gave meaning to ben his here is life. that's what his youth coach frank friedrich says he regrets that his former apprentice is now better known for his actions off the pitch. and it's an image problem. and he's isn't the only player there are many players who as public figures don't present themselves in the right light in the way they should or could not but there are many factors to take into account. agents parents and most importantly friends. i would suggest questioning these elements.
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i think. the fans are well aware that spork cannot afford to lose against. doesn't lose and is relegated. to hell. and his penance here i will go back to berlin as a free agent. back in the german capital a month later then had to close up shop and gas and hopes to return to the bone does leg. ever really miss linking him with hamburg meanwhile bennett's hero works on his fitness with a personal trainer. for him and this is a fighter he's got a big heart and he wants me part of a top club once again that's why he trained so hard to. come from.
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bennett's here is still involved with. even if it could ruin his chances of coming back to the bundesliga. which will dominate the movie screen well you may want to set an example everyone talks about being tolerant about respect and freedom of speech and i think everyone has the right to do things their way as long as they're not hurting anyone else or they're not involved in criminal activity then it's all good. for the solution. bennett here is not against intelligence agencies monitoring and as long as the organization is not banned he does not want to distance himself from it. this comes during a time in which german society and his government have to discuss where to draw the line between conservative islam and extremism.
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in december nineteenth twenty sixteen there's been an attack at a christmas market according to police a truck has plowed through the crowd. the islamic state terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. bennett here wants to distance himself from violence in islam. which is kind of what i have never seen that in my religion i've been close to my faith for many years and i have never heard a preacher tell me that i should go and stab people of. god if you know if you do not put us all this people that i have left to join isis or they're usually young people this week they had no direction in life. they are people that have been filled with hate. and of course that has made them easier to manipulate through
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this before must first know you have to show also want to put your. according to german intelligence around twenty four thousand four hundred islamists who are against free democratic and fundamental although live in germany. terra does not identify himself as one of them. so what now. negotiations with hamburg fall through a season starts and bennett era has no club. from a solution by saying that it will be a bit complicated for me here in germany but i'm open to everything. of course i want to play in a league where i'm happy in a country where i feel comfortable in the moment. and expenditure is off to a new start in a country where his parents come from tunisia they help life
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a club esperance. they don't give up. his goal is to play at the world cup in russia and get himself back onside for.
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why do elephants. does a plastic model turn into a paving stone why do algae make it clear. good idea kill working anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other in the environment to magazine go at africa in thirty minutes on t w. g w true diversity.
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as teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches. and here is a toddler's been hit by his mother. breaking up glass. is child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. here online bowling. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there are the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear.
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this is t w news live from berlin an unexpected victory for the separatists in spain's catalogue of reaching those voters condom another slim majority in the regional assembly their leader calls put calls the votes of defeat for the spanish steps so what is next for cash.


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