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just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there make the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear. this is t w news live from berlin an unexpected victory for the separatists in spain's cataloger region as voters condom another slim majority in the regional assembly their leader collins puts them on records the votes of defeat for the
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spanish steps so what is next for catalonia we'll go live to boston from. the united nations general assembly rejects donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital but the vote isn't as one sided as expected we'll get reaction from our correspondents in washington and in jerusalem. for pilots rather in germany holds the first of a strike the budget airline has the account crippled in service travel is everything they need to know. that the origins of the man in red father christmas may be on his way but the way is he coming from exactly goes in search of son to kill. the. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a thanks for joining us separatist parties in catalonia appear to have won
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a slim majority after yesterday's crucial regional elections the result could further inflame tensions between the wealthy spanish region and central government in madrid spanish prime minister mariano a hall he called the election off to stripping catalonia of its autonomy and sacking its government following a declaration of independence in late october. long before vote counting was finished the party of former catalan leader catalyst please the moment was celebrating victory. we see exactly right we saw it not only for us but for next morning the been these movement. we are in may not be here this should. have been one thing these pieces to me see we walk away sad sacks we got them he was the mother see him here we are. along with the two other separatist parties together folks at allone you know has
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a narrow majority seventy out of one hundred thirty five seats. from his exile in brussels said it was a black day for spain central government. you must not dispute the spanish state has been defeated. and his allies have lost and i've received a slap in the face from the catalan people yeah they have lost a plebiscite through which they wanted to legalize the coup d'etat through article one five fired one prime minister ohio has failed in catalonia. but the pro madrid camp was also celebrating victory the citizens party which opposes independence emerged as the single biggest party with thirty seven seats. today and we have sent a message to the world that the majority of catalans feel catalan spanish and
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european and will continue to do so. and the nationalist parties can never again claim they speak for all catalonians because we are all catalonia. yeah can we get along with rival groups declaring victory this election has seemingly done nothing to end catalonia as political deadlock. but it has made one thing evidently clear the independence movement is not going away. ok we're going to take you to barcelona now the visual standing by for us there monitoring events barbara as we saw their rival claims to victory the catalan separatists celebrating victory but also the the liberal party. saying they were the strongest party. it has been a very very tight vote not everyone is enthusiastic about the results what sort of reactions they you hearing this morning. in
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a way of course christopher this is an election result from hell if you view it from madrid they tried to resolve this crisis by calling for these early reflections and afterwards there is sort of they have the exact same situation then they had before so nothing has changed nothing has moved and on the other hand for people here in cuts alone if there is no real reason louche neither because even though the independence parties can come up with seventy seats that means a two seat majority in parliament here still what is going to happen now who is going to be the next president congress puts him on to some belgium says he will only come back if madrid promises he's not going to jail and he will be reelected however there's not a lot of love lost between him and his coalition partners who want to steer a slightly different course and start talking to madrid and probably not unilateral
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independence any more so it's not clear that camp is just going on marching they have to sort of. nominate figureheads to to stand in their place while. kara's the one leader is still in jail and put him under still in belgium so it really is a mess and you say barbara that nothing much has changed that was of course the reason that the spanish prime minister mariano to horn called the election to change the game he's failed with that where does that leave him. it really leaves me well hot in the hole and this might very well be the beginning of the end or hardly because a political miscalculation has been sort of his name from the from the beginning on he has sort of mishandled this crisis for years he has let it come to a head in the fall of this year and he has miscalculated the alexion and
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now he is left with something that doesn't really help him at all plus in his own camp new party this year than it was the citizens party has risen was young leaders energetic and it has garnered a large support here in catalonia there this second or the other winners off the selection here and they're going to sort of take votes from him in the next general election so the whole is really he's really in a hole and it's totally unclear where he can go from here he's stubborn he will just continue on his course but it is going to lead to a more crisis ok barbara visual in barcelona many thanks for the. moving on to our other big story the united nations general assembly has overwhelmingly back to resolution denouncing the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the vote was overshadowed by washington's threats to cut financial aid for countries supporting the motion we're
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going to take a closer look now at the exact numbers for you so we had one hundred twenty eight countries including germany by the way voting in favor of the resolution thirty five abstentions and nine countries voting with the u.s. in opposing the resolution those countries are. honduras israel of course marshall islands micronesia now rue palau and togo all those countries voting with the u.s. to oppose the motion supporters of the decision to recognize jerusalem as capital have been expressing their disappointment that outcome. crown heights in the new york borough of brooklyn the area is home to many orthodox jews they follow the vote in the united nations closely now disappointment is spreading over the resolution condemning u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. un has been the vegas does israel which sort of for no reason at all we would israel always been the more democratic
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country in the middle east and its support of america i don't know why un is against israel and there is no palestine so we really think that jerusalem should be the capital i don't think there's ever going to be a solution you know when you give them a finger they want the whole hands i feel that sure is some is the cap of israel but i think the chance the situation is not going to change anything and i think basically it's going to encourage terrorism in israel and america and probably in other parts of the world. u.s. united nations ambassador nikki haley said the u.s. would move its embassy to jerusalem regardless of how the general assembly vote turned out she also made it clear that trumps america first message also applied when it came to u.s. financial support for the world body and its members is being that the united states government is answerable to its people as such we have an obligation to
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acknowledge when our political and financial capital is being poorly spent. we have an obligation to demand more foreign investment and if our investment fails we have an obligation to spend our resources in more productive ways. behind her words a threat to cut financial assistance to countries that vote against the u.s. in the general assembly only nine out of the one hundred ninety three member states sided with washington but there were thirty five abstentions and others didn't vote at all germany was among the one hundred twenty eight states that backed the resolution a lower number than its supporters had hoped for soon after the vote the u.s. warned there would be consequences i just received a note from our folks over at the white house and the n.s.c. and they tell me that the president's foreign policy team has been. empowered to explore various options going forward with other nations however no decisions have
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been made in crown heights people are happy to see so much solidarity with israel but in other parts of the world countries are taking notice that washington is now taking on a more confrontational role that the united nations. and we've been getting more all of us from our correspondents in washington and jerusalem cost of. crime i started by asking cost and how the white house is dealing with this defeat. we haven't heard from donald trump yet his vice president and mike pence has tweeted under president trump the u.s. expects our allies to stand with us thank you to the countries that recognized our right to determine where we put our embassies so mike pence doubling down here and nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations also send a thank you note to the sixty five nations who are the vote no or abstained or didn't even show up for a vote she also sent that via twitter so in the way the u.s.
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are now trying to twist the result of this vote claiming that all those countries who didn't vote for the resolutions were with the americans but that of course is nonsense because yes there were a number of countries probably who didn't want to publicly offend the u.s. or were afraid that maybe eight they receive from the u.s. might be cut if they vote against the u.s. but in the end only seven countries voted with the u.s. and israel and that's what tamala durance make rooney's rupiah low and the marshall islands and that is a very unimpressive coalition of the willing and an embarrassment for the u.s. indeed not many major nations among that list constant what about reaction in israel tanya. well it doesn't seem to me that the israeli prime minister mr netanyahu is too guarded about this israeli officials have tried to play it down
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a bit also before enough to the resolution was passed mr netanyahu made it clear that he wanted and theater of the absurd but he also pointed out and i think this is important that more countries abstained or there were more no shows so on the one hand you know there were trying to play down on the other hand you know that there was a lot of lobbying going on also the threats by the u.s. might have played a role that there was no it was that it's an on binding resolution some of this is you call it even it's a publicity stunt by the palestinians so there's no really backing down from their position in this case ok. in washington tanya kramer in jerusalem many thanks to both of you. you're watching d.w. still to come with just two days to go before christmas eve father christmas is on his way the question is where is he coming from g.w. has been in search of santa claus.
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but first we have learned his business news it was supposed to be a big warning strike from ryanair pilots but it hasn't disrupted the airline service is that right that's right it's a significant strike but not for the reasons that the pilots were hoping for it's the first time ever ryanair pilots have gone on strike in the company's thirty two year history and major warning strike was announced in germany this morning but they had limited effect with ryanair still able to operate most flights as planned or with delays pilots' demands for better wages and working conditions aren't going anywhere and could lead to further strikes employees distrust was the company runs a lot deeper than the pay package alone and all comes back to one. ryanair head michael o'leary will bend over backwards to make a buck and that mentality has helped to make ryan air force to be reckoned with in the european market. further refining the ultra low cost model pioneered by u.s.
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carrier southwest o'leary cut ticket prices in favor of making money on baggage fees on board shopping and other secondary revenue streams but that cost cutting obsession ran him afoul of many unions they objected to what they described as substandard pay poor working conditions and uncertain labor contracts the result many pilots left ryanair and the airline recently announced it would be forced to cancel some twenty thousand flights through march of next year facing pilot walkouts in some european territories over the holidays ryanair management recently announced that it would finally enter into talks with unions something considered unthinkable years before. but if we've got to make a change with make a change and in this case because it was on christmas week with within their control and we're where we called in the unions to to call off this action so people can take away all that uncertainty and get home for christmas the move
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worked in italy portugal and ryanair is home base of ireland where unions canceled strikes planned for friday pilots in germany were convinced however the union there said ryanair broke off schedule talks after objecting to two union negotiators the disruption early friday was minimal however as most flights appeared to leave frankfurt as scheduled bigger questions lie ahead the union said they won't strike in the christmas holidays but could walk out as soon as the twenty sixth a busy time for holiday travelers. and aviation john the journalist yes joins us now from frankfurt a big strike was announced now it's looking like a bit of a dud what's going on. well there's several factors at play here i think ryan are is made sure that flew in. pilots from other bases into germany to ensure that the flights take off then there's a lot of freelancers that wants to strike anyway and i'm it is unclear how many
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members the pilots union actually has have and germany so look so there's a pool of pilots that wasn't going to strike anyway ok we've been hearing about mixed messages linus relationship with the unions many unions internationally in recent days and things seem to be cleared up but only with some unions and some locations where does lie in a stand right now with its employee relations. well it's interesting clearly but i think that the solution as such stands it is sincere i just talked to the management last night again and the they absolutely affirm that they are willing to talk and. will. in consequence collective bargaining agreements with the unions i don't think there is any way for them to back off that even though the german pilot unions thinks it will and while it's a big deal culturally i don't think the economic consequences of that great yes
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labor cost will go up a little bit about then again reiners costs are so low overall that it can afford to summarize there ok and briefly if you can we understand the problems behind the scenes but why now after thirty two years without a clash against the unions. well the discontent has built up over a long long period of time and unions saw the opportunity now that they can exert pressure on management and that they have a chance to be recognized right now because there's a big shortage of pilots within ryanair turnover rates than double what it used to be in previous years. remember ryanair had to cancel tens of thousands of flights over the winter season so it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for them and people are taking it in thank you very much for that thank you. crafts people have powered the global
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economy for centuries and it's not just you but just bakers and candlestick makers but people who ensure safety and quality in construction and engineering but the future isn't looking so bright for these pillars of the economy especially here in germany german tradespeople are sold off around the world but the german money will try to sociate says there's a critical workforce shortage at home benyamin plots owns a plumbing company in berlin and he can't complain there's enough work and he has contracts into june of next year but he still sees tougher times coming . also being funding apprentices is getting harder and harder no one is applying and the applicants that we do get are not qualified for the job. we. klutzes tried out a few things to find good apprentices but with little success he thinks the digital
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generation has the wrong attitude. craftsman are disappearing of course it's nicer sitting in an office with a cup of coffee and working on a computer than it is on a construction site and clogging a drain or carrying unmounting a radiator. and. it's couple. in the last twenty years the number of skilled worker apprentices has gone down forty three percent the plumbers training center as h.k. is trying something new it's a revoke berlin initiative is training refugees for a career in plumbing today's lesson plumbing techniques and work vocabulary. and listen to one spoon we have to make sure we find workers any way we can with that and why shouldn't the refugees get a chance if they're hardworking motivated and well trained in the profession for.
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that and will be for. it. around fifteen thousand apprentice positions have remained an occupied in germany and the number is still going up many employers hope that refugees can fill the gaps but is it realistic. comparably there are two main problems one is their refugee status and are they allowed to stay in germany can they complete their training at the other problem is the language like not just general knowledge they also need to know the trade language . and this is an on off. hello from iraq is pursuing his dream he wants to become a plumber in berlin and has a message for other refugees. you have to get training because training used the decisive factor for having a future or no. words
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that anyone can live their life by well for more on how to develop its global reputation for quality craftsmanship check out our social media channels will show you how important the so-called hunter valley is for germany's economy and what apple c.e.o. tim cook has to do with that find out more on facebook and dot business and on twitter. on the school business. and now to a sport where your career going downhill is actually a good thing christopher that's a very good way of putting it down and we're talking about downhill skiing a young south african country vying to become the first black skier to represent his country at the olympics as a teenager spielman was invited by the international olympic committee to compete at the twenty fourteen sochi games but south africa his own country declined to send him saying he didn't meet the required standard now he hopes to make that cut
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for the winter games in february in south korea. missing out on sochi hasn't stopped him for a civa spielman the very novelty of participating in alpine sports in south africa spurs him on to keep going for gold you know. and the great thing is. that the water is another thing that motivates the twenty two year old inspiring local kids to also get involved in a sport they wouldn't normally have on their radar. i think i'm a good role model to kids. and qualifying for sochi in turning forty so like a difference. within the community with more children wanting to question the sport and to the development program kids. that decision on his participation him yung chang twenty eighteen is likely to be made in january but
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after missing out on the sochi games ziva spielman is more determined than ever. two days to go before christmas even here in europe means last minute shopping bright lights and of course father christmas bearing gifts and sporting good cheer the children know that he's coming but the question they come times was where he's coming from so he sent did. to settle in search of santa claus she found him in present day turkey. but. it's christmas time a reason to celebrate for some people here in istanbul as well and like every year curious children want to know where does santa claus come from.
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are forgiven from somewhere in europe more awake. from a snowy place from england. america maybe. from over there. i don't know. unbelievable but true even many turkish people don't know that good old center is in fact one of their own so states you and we will show you where father christmas really comes from. it's right here the small town of demaris in southern turkey. in the fourth century a bearded man known for his generosity lived here children were especially fond of him because he often gave out gifts it was this man st nicholas. the reading
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this is the very church in demarest where st nicholas prayed about seventeen hundred years ago he was officially called the bishop of iraq that was the name of this town back then. as is nicholas. between saint nicholas is important all over the world some of his good deeds are reflected in the first here in this church. like protecting those in prison and healing the sick you also mention so did he give his. or even a devoted his entire life to the well being of others yes show moon have. many such stories surround the legend of st nicholas he was known for sharing his possessions with the poor and filling children's boots with gold coins pilgrims spread the word of his miraculous deeds over the centuries the persona of st
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nicholas evolved into the santa claus figure we know today. the most sacred spot of the church in. demaris and open to meet behind the glass screen people have long believed that this is the last resting place of saint nicholas they say his remains were stolen and taken to italy hundreds of years ago. but a team of scientists recently made a fascinating discovery can you clues findings point to an intact burial crypt below the church you clue is convinced that this is where the real grave of saint nicholas lies still buried too so we should it will take some time before we can prove it but i think the chances are good. news if you click on the enemy it will be a sensation the importance of this place will grow a many more people would visit them and of course you know more. maybe than the word go spread that the original sends a class actually comes from taki. up
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in where there aren't people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire. other than the environment magazine to go at africa next d.w. . mexico april twenty ten. paramilitaries gunned down here. finnish activist murdered for supporting the rights of the indigenous people. his mother in berks on a campaign for justice determined to bring the killers to court and still trying to this day a mexican murder story in forty five minutes on d w. i'm not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the
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