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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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the waves the wind have to give something back to experience life you know clawing children missing too many of the worst. point when the surfers fighting against him seem to be starting january seventh on the job. this is deja vu news live from berlin after scoring victory in regional elections catalonia as fugitive independence leader makes an offer carlos pushed him on says the time has come for dialogue with the spanish government without preconditions he
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says he's ready for talks anywhere except in spain where he faces arrests. also coming up aid groups accuse russia and syria of targeting civilians in airstrikes on rebel held long legs that's as another round of syria peace talks gets underway in kazakhstan. plus an alternative to the olympics after being down from the winter games for systematic don't think russia says it will stage its own sports extravaganza. i'm sumi so muskaan a thank you for joining us separatist parties in catalonia have won a slim majority after yesterday's regional elections deepening a national crisis over whether the wealthy region should remain a part of spain deposed president carlos boozer last together for catalonia party won thirty four seats along with two other pro dependents parties that. separatist
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movement has seventy of the one hundred thirty five seats in the regional parliament but the anti independence citizens party which you see here in its abbreviation c s was the largest party with thirty seven seats it remains unclear who will form the next government in the region pooja ma who is currently in self-imposed exile in brussels had this to say a short while ago. i'm ready to meet prime minister oha in brussels or in a different place in the e.u. except spain for his reasons are ready to do that because it's time for catalonia for the spanish state and for europe to start a new political phase and this phase needs to be defined by political solutions not by the but not all and delirious depression we've been seeing so far. let's bring in barbara vale she is and barcelona for us hi barbara what does this offer of dialogue me. well this is not the first offer of dialogue from carter's
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push to man and it seems that he is continuing in belgium after his reality of election victory to do what he did before he is weakling all over the place because during the crisis in october he one day he said oh i want to talk to our heart he even sent a letter to madrid saying let's talk about all this and then just hours later he came out and said but we still will declare unilateral independence no that will not work i mean this is just reality of lee useless because spain is not going to play his game in that sense and say ok just take it all and make catalonia independent if you so want plus i mean ra is not going to meet with him somewhere outside of spain that is relatively ridiculous politically it will not happen and of course knows that so he is just playing a game here and it seems like cuts alone politics that had a certain sense of tragedy earlier this year i finally turning into
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a farce still barbara himself is not in a very strong position he called for the snap election his gamble appears to have failed what can he offer catalonia. he can offer catalonia and there was talk about this even before these elections more autonomy in fiscal matters he can offer catalonia what other regions in spain have the authority to sort of draw their own taxes and then redistribute a certain amount to madrid that is one of the failings of his own politics that he didn't do this earlier he could have probably cuello some of the heat of this independence crisis much early he didn't do that he's a stubborn man and he likes political instinct at least he didn't like it too or it's to cut. prices now he's in an impossible position how can you talk to push him on to guy he depots then who now says oh but i've come back because i've won the
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elections how. pushed a month be elected from far in exile as president off this parliament here all of this is sort of unknown it's really a game that nobody knows the outcome off and also right hala has taking a beating his own party is taking a beating at yesterday's election here they really went down into the bottomless pits all for four seats and so he is really in a bad position and his power might really be on the wane are taking all of this into account and where does this leave the question of forming a government in this region. heaven knows i mean there is no telling it is it seems relatively impossible if pushed a month from exile says i but i'm still the president and the two big independents parties don't get together and say ok we'll organize ourselves and we sort of create we appoint some people to stand in our place is that the second in command
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will take over until we can solve something and there is no sign for that. there is again a deadlock and also the smallness of the saree the very hard left cook party only four seats but still they hold the key to the majority they say they sort of they wretched up the price and they say if you don't go for unilateral independence we won't support you so we'll be looking at a minority government probably so it is as intractable and unsolvable as it's been before the elections they might as well not have happened at all. barbara rachel reporting for us from barcelona barbara thank you for that analysis. and we should mention that a spanish prime minister mario is actually speaking at the moment we'll bring you an update on his response a little bit later but as about barbara said the prime minister facing a very difficult situation at the moment after calling that snap election yesterday and as we said separatist parties there winning the majority we will tell you more
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about what the prime minister has been saying a little bit later in the show and again at the top of the hour for now though moving on to some other news human rights watch says syrian and russian forces have stepped up their airstrikes on eastern near damascus the area is one of the last strongholds of rebels fighting the troops of president bashar al assad the rights group released these pictures showing the attacks it says have killed dozens of civilians it says government forces have tightened their siege of the enclave and are blocking evacuations and restricting humanitarian aid the population is at risk of starvation with windell and supplies of food and medicine. now those reports come as power brokers russia iran and turkey hold a new round of syria peace talks in the cause of capital astana the un special envoy on syria stefan the mystery is taking part he's usually hold separate talks with syrian representatives in geneva but with the reports of that worsening humanitarian situation in eastern russia he's hoping to get the sides to agree to
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allow u.n. aid convoys in let's bring in simon megan he's a middle east expert at the university of lancaster in the u.k. hi simon so there are new airstrikes as we said fresh air strikes in eastern and meanwhile stuff and i'm a store is expected in a standard for those peace talks today we've seen so many diplomatic efforts to end the conflict in syria fail is there any real hope for a fresh push for peace. well i certainly hope so but i fear that that might be optimistic right now i think that all sides know what each other wants but but there was this real intractability between the different sides which means that it's increasingly difficult to actually get a resolution that the assad regime wants to stay in power wants to to try to pay all forms of of oppositional forms of armed opposition and reclaim control over all of syria whereas the opposition groups the u.s. and u.k. they all want some form of transition to a post outside syria now of course assad's in a much stronger position than he was
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a year ago or so so so there's very little incentive for him to negotiate or not so it seems that there's just a real impasse where is that gives time for assad and the russians and the iranians who are supporting him to just go and and exert control and influence in trying to regain all of all of syria militarily sam if we look at the specific situation and eastern bopha what are the biggest hurdles to getting humanitarian aid in well it's clearly just under a blockade it's it's a place that's been under a blockade for four years now which has made it increasingly difficult to get any type of humanitarian aid who medical supplies into eastern ghouta so so that's the big logistical challenge getting permission to do so obviously that involves not getting permission from the assad regime and that's been a big hurdle right now obviously the assad regime has been incredibly reticent to to give any access to king monetary an aid that's part of this besiegement as part
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of this strangulation if you will of the the opposition groups there and so because it is besieged it's been increasingly difficult to get anything in which is having obviously a massive impact on the people around four hundred thousand people sending you said yourself all the sides here involved seem to have intractable positions so after today's meeting in estonia what are the next plans. well that's the big question i guess so i guess it just depends if any side is willing to compromise but also the one extent assad is able to be successful in his military units and what type of resistance he's met and i guess that's the question as to what happens next on the ground not only in a start to and geneva group there are so the rounds of talks into it which i imagine it will be in the early part of twenty eight the but how the facts on the ground to change things and that will have a massive impact on the negotiating positions of all of those involved all right
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simon may have been middle east expert at the university of lancaster in the u.k. thank you simon. now at some other stories making news around the world french president has held talks with his palestinian counterpart mahmoud abbas the pair met at the elysee palace in paris to discuss the u.s. has moved to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the meeting comes after the united nations voted to reject donald trump's decision the british foreign minister boris johnson has confronted his russian counterpart over the annexation of ukraine and russia cyber hacking sergey lavrov told him relations between the cut between the two countries were quote very low johnson's four visit to russia is the first by a british foreign secretary in more than five years while russia's sports minister says the country will host an alternative competition following its ban from february's winter olympics in south korea that's a special came after the international olympic committee found evidence of
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a quote unprecedented systematic manipulation of the anti-doping system. in less than fifty days around two and a half thousand outlets were descend on pyong chang for the twenty eighteen winter olympics the question is how many russians will be here among them earlier this month i.o.c. president thomas bach announced a ban on russia because of state sponsored doping. this launch now appearing some more private sure russian athletes will be allowed to compete in pyongyang under a neutral flag if they can prove they're clean but with some russians calling for boycotts the country wants to stage an alternative games for those choosing to stay behind with good looks but it's it will hold a number of competitions for athletes and we're working on it now at the competitions will also be an opportunity to invite foreign awfully. the last winter games in sochi in twenty fourteen were meant to be a display of russian sporting prowess they have since turned into
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a russian nightmare. evidence from gregory rowe chunk of the former head of russia's anti doping lab revealed cheating on an unprecedented scale this year an i.o.c. investigation finally confirmed that evidence to be credible. the year has been an intense warm a hard war. believe we've never had a harder year for both soviet and russian sport. but still russia and its president vladimir putin continue to deny state involvement until that changes the country may find itself left out in the cold a pariah of international sports. spain has been marking one of its big christmas traditions drawing the winners in the world's largest lottery a total of two point four billion euros will be paid out by el gordo or the fat one as that's affectionately known instead of putting the entire prize into one winning ticket those shares the wealth by having many smaller prizes so it's no wonder
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practically the entire country joins in the fun. the numbers of every winning ticket are sung out today's draw will take five hours it's the world's biggest lottery held at madrid's. the total prize payout is more than two billion euros many spaniards believe that being present at the drawing improves their chances of winning. hello merry christmas we came here tonight all the way from. three generations. if i win i'll quit working was that it was. me and my win i'll leave here really slowly. so that people won't notice it maybe you know but even if. all you need is twenty euros to play and spaniards are crazy for the
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lottery in madrid alone more than three times as many tickets have been sold as there are residence everyone dreams of winning big el gordo the four million euro top prize this is the day when supposedly losers can become winners two years ago for example gordo went to a region suffering from massive unemployment and the second prize more than one million euros went to a betting syndicate in an old people's home and the spanish state always wins big as it rakes in up to two hundred million euros in taxes merry christmas spain. ok daniel winter has your business headlines coming right up. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word the word. is in germany to learn german why not learn it's simple.
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