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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2017 12:00am-12:03am CET

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yeah fuming sewage completely untreated and strong laws are coming out of these rights considering that an absence of want to call most much crime yet. is going to have to go somewhere every day and sees more and more rubbish each tiny of the sea gives me everything i suppose waves the wind i have to give something back i feel obliged and then to know it was true mission to many of us are just. one waves surfers fighting against unseen illusion in the city starting in january seventh w. . spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has rejected an offer to discuss the political situation in cuts alone you're with separate says and said roy said he would meet
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with the leader of a pro madrid policy which is called the best individual result in thursday's regional elections. human rights watch says dozens of civilians have been killed in increased strikes by the syrian government and russian forces in eastern rooter near syria's capital damascus the area is one of the last strongholds of rebels fighting president bashar al assad's troops the reports commas powerbrokers russia iran and turkey hold a new round of syria peace talks. ryanair pilots in germany went on a warning strike for the first time in the company's thirty two year history on friday morning however it has a limited effect with a budget airline still able to operate most flights as planned with some delays. eleven russian athletes have been one hundred lifetime bans for doping earlier the anti a russian olympic team was banned from february's winter olympics in south korea
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now a russian sports minister says the country will hold its own winter sports competition . bit coin plungers on world markets down more than twenty percent recovering a little many still cling to their faith in the cryptocurrency including a cafe in singapore where coin is king. and international take over tussle in the skies brazil bulls out relinquishing government control over embrace as boeing guys the aircraft maker. and germany's renowned for its masters of traditional trades but with the labor force the future of the manual skilled work could be a little labored. in physical unless the business the big roller coaster ride continues after nearing twenty thousand dollars last weekend the cryptocurrency.


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