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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2017 1:02am-1:31am CET

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next in south korea now russia's sports minister says the country will hold its own winter sports competition. voters in spain's catalonia region deliver an outright majority to pro independence parties it's not the result that madrid was hoping for when it insisted on the vote had they hit the restart button for another independence debate i'm sarah harman amber lyon and this is the day. i want to give the state it is the wish of that on people. but i would like to know that a new era in catalonia will emerge based on dialogue not confrontation of britney and despite the all the that force comes from the spanish estate violence and
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oppression. despite this. we are stronger than ever the political decisions must not dictate a little political soul we need to find through to found you a political solution for our trade crisis which in spite of just they don't get along by the next step is to talk with me on the record if you're going to give them this if i would need to sit with this the winner of the election is not in this is our remote us next. also coming out on the day discovering your inner santa we visit a father christmas boot camp and find out what it takes to make the season gel but first we begin the day with more uncertainty for spain's cattle on region after separatists there won a crucial vote against anti independence parties the vote was widely seen as a moment of truth on the region's independence question a hugely divisive issue for all of spain pro in the pen his party's managed to
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secure a majority but it's still unclear what if anything happens now. pushed him all made his offer from brussels where he currently resides to avoid being arrested by the spanish for leading october's independence referendum. i'm ready to meet prime minister oha in brussels or in a different place in the e.u. except spain for his reasons ready to do that because it's time for catalonia for the spanish state and for europe to start a new political phase and this phase needs to be defined by a political solutions not by the but not all and depression we've been seeing so far as your i know. spain's prime minister. had different ideas and the person i should be meeting is the one who won the election and that is mrs audi mud us. you know saudi mud us is the leader of this
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you did honest party which had the best time reasonable result on thursday. at the sun yes life in catalonia has certainly been affected by the divisive political situation with many locals hoping for some kind of breakthrough. i haven't offended you a little there is no progress i believe we must take a step further and that the gamers of spain and colonia put themselves in our place and understand they must solve the issue and leave the most extreme positions aside . explain the steps because i think things have remained as they were and they should look now for a different solution to solve the problem. of. the whole he has made it clear he would talk with the new leaders as long as they don't violate the country's constitution despite separatist parties winning a slim majority forming a government is still
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a long way off. we can cross now to lisa lewis she is in barcelona following developments for us we were injected a meeting with pushed him on a separatist later offering dialogue does this mean the standoff is just going to continue. it looks like it yes there seems to be a deadlock really i mean if you look at what's the outcome of these elections yes the independent supporters have won the elections they could form a government with seventy seats in parliament but forming that government will be very complicated this coalition would be made up of three parties two large parties that can see him to be able to greet on the common leader i mean it is very complicated right colors put them on is an exile in invalid's and he can't come back without going to jail and the other head of the other party of the year see party kara's he is in jail in spain at the moment so it's not really that easy to find someone new to replace them and then on the other hand you've got the smaller
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coalition party they say u.p. party and they are saying you know we will join you but only if you really go for independence now that would be very complicated for all of them to go for independence right away because they have seen over the past few months and then madrid would intervene right away. there was a record turnout in this election eighty two percent how significant is that. that is quite significant in the sense that before hand the independents opinions worries always saying you know what yes the in and independence supporters are winning the elections but that's only because the other guys are not turning out to vote you can't you can hardly argue that's the case now with eighty two percent of participation so it seems like really a lot of the catalans are in favor of independence or at least opposed to the other parties that are not in favor of independence listen where do we go from here what's the situation going forward well obviously the different parties will now
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try to form a coalition the parliament will come together will stand normally until the end of january and then they have to elect a new leader of catalonia they have until they would elect that new leader in february and if they haven't done so by april that would trigger trigger automatically new elections so we could see new snap elections in late may or early june and just briefly pushed him on how relevant is he still of his party didn't get a majority. well he is very relevant because amongst the pro independence parties his party got the highest share of the base so normally that party would also put forward the new leader but as i said it'll be very complicated because he's an exile and there is no obvious number two people are really listening to what he's saying i mean from here obviously all right excellent
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that's lisa lui she's reporting from barcelona thanks for bringing us up to date. of more on this and joined now by car may lend a great issue to spanish journalist based here in berlin you've been following the story let's start at the beginning didn't moron or a horse decision to hold a referendum backfire here yes probably yes because he said to to people in spring we will lose this crisis this big crisis that this bond if they will get the. dice is like this since the beginning of their them were going to be in didn't i mean these are seven we would loose it because we will make then we will see what. we see what happened yeah not so good is the same for madrid right certain where do we go from here. of course we don't know where where we were on. the idea of.
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media say if somebody's going to say do you. do what would happen you yes run away because. no one knows what you're saying of course no and of course not but it's clear this intuition was the same as before or even worse. in societies completely the divided gun say. for all independence or not in the bin as they won the war and in this in the ok no action full of losers. but the independence camp now gets to rule how are they going to do that these three parties. but over our lead the one to do that because you have the bristly than them buses if he goes to spain he will be. cattle on president yes. president he will go to spain and you have
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these in against him they will take him in. as will take i'm not. fit. again at the end broadly the one half the majority that they do it is the guy. that there was a huff. so you could have a theoretical majority push them on is stuck in brussels what use does he have what can he do to try and pull this movement together i don't think he had the good options because. you know it's not given then is. to say any sign to say we would support this movement of course not. to ban unions are not in this to support their independence movement in the non they would say spawn you still say it's illegal to fit in the. first
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four so and they have responsibilities hospital in. you raise a good point the e.u. has been consistently committed to maintaining the status quo in spain the entire time i've been very hesitant to get involved does the cattle on independence movement need europe to get involved can they survive without us support of course they will they will survive because we have seen it they don't have to but about the even then the fifty five. brawl independence. vote the vote for up r d for the independents or i don't think it will be something that you can lose that easily. i so i think the question list that our go him and in a spin from the. hust provoke eight.
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years he's. been proven does that these women gross because at the year for twenty years there were only twenty or twenty five percent of people who were of four to four then the ben and so obviously provoked it what has he done whole. well. there were a lot of. but of course. they make a new document or what they say they are a nation and a wonder do half don't know me like in basketball and three. then the block parties say no. we want to offset this because then do we'll have your own doxies to what to do we'll draw your own. and we will be losin our in this way so they got the answer. very hard to be the decided in the parliament these. and then they went to do this bonnie's parliament in and it was
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approved for this by an aspirant and it goes. this season and this morn but their day point was. they didn't win it this dad to do it. but the bigger the crises in his mind. crisis with no end in sight that's carmel and a great issues of spanish analysts based here in berlin thanks for being with us on the day we're gone. what made your powers in the syria conflict say they'll hold peace talks in the russian resort of sochi at the end of next month russia turkey and iran say the meeting will involve both rebels and the government damascus has confirmed it will attend the opposition hasn't yet the un special envoy for syria staffan de mistura said the initiative would be assessed on the contribution it made to the mandated political processes by the united nations in geneva and that as rights groups
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warned of a fresh humanitarian crisis in syria human rights watch says the government and russian forces have been pounding rebel forces near the capital damascus among the worst hit areas eastern gowda the group as for most things pictures showing attacks have killed dozens of civilians. were earlier g.w. spoke to human rights watch researchers in the jordanian capital amman she's been talking to locals in eastern gaza and gathered information for the report we asked her about the humanitarian situation there. the humanitarian situation in eastern is catastrophic the area has been under siege since twenty thirteen and now we're talking about close to half a million civilians innocent people who are triscuit starvation and dying because of the lack of medical supplies and refusal of medical evacuations we are hoping
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that the star talks come up with with with the plan and actually push the syrian and get their actions to push the syrian government to allow humanitarian aid and access in this is particularly vital given that little is actually an area under one of the is a deescalation area under the supreme and which means out which means that there should be humanitarian access there should be suspicion of hostilities but even where there isn't civilians shouldn't be dying because of this and humanitarian access should be outlawed. that's human rights watch researchers there are caylee talking to us a little earlier or one of the many horrific stories to come out of eastern gaza has become a symbol for the plight of the besieged civilians there an october a two month old baby named karim abdullah lost his arm and suffered a croc skull during a syrian bombing raid his mother was killed in the attack now kareem has become part of
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a global protest against the siege people around the world have been putting one hand over their i in an effort to highlight the suffering in eastern gata these are just some of the posts on twitter with the hirsch tag solidarity with karim. well as christian as just around the corner santas are in peak demand being permanently mary is a must for the job after all sarah's play to the top list audience of all kids one old school instructor here in germany is making sure that all the new centers that he trains meet the highest standards. that's why it's the record so i want to welcome you well ladies and gentlemen or you'll be doing a workshop on how to be santa claus today the first really is discover you're in a sense a. believer is a first time santa and perhaps it's not as easy for him as others to impersonate
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the festive figure but the course instructor here in a local town hall takes his yuletide mission quite seriously but. is beards like this one here. there are people running around with these things and call them selves centers and they have no idea what it's all about the guns this is the only hoarsely. that's pretty good i think we need to head outside for practice your bite with both of you give each other a bit of room or behavior and we'll keep an eye on you and be the referees and and maybe give you a few tips about what you can do better. now is it good it's a lot of fun. i do. know. but the first trial run isn't all smooth sailing. look do you want some.
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one who was. look here i'm not i won't hurt you there you go i. know where they're going to christmas. and. the. first to find love this week do you have a blonde drawl with long hair now you've learned of how learned how to love and a car as a christmas present. not no bus length but i want to barbie car for christmas one barbie i want to try my wait a second i know if a blonde girl is for the christmas albums told me about her. oh can you bring me one of those ones bring those too i'm sure i can switch them. two days later all of us first proper appearance it's december sixth and he's class.
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technically it's st nicholas day. but no one's being too picky certainly not at a local car dealership this is opening night so to speak. your what's your name. should we try and find them. the pressure's on if the children were good this year tradition dictates that their boots will be filled with goodies. he wants. and then the next kids have arrived it's a chance for a lever to work on his holiday chops. but he is well aware that his outing at the car dealership is just a warm up for the main event christmas eve. how do you feel about working on christmas eve. christmas eve well you need to have a feeling for what makes it so special and you really have to enjoy being santa claus i really like advent. i like looking around and seeing all the houses lit up
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it's impressive and every year i just can't get enough of it. so while others are lounging around their trees here in germany all evil will be celebrating his premiere and dashing from one christmas celebration to the next. well with me here in the studio is ron wall like he's a special effects makeup artist who also works as a santa claus trainer ron thanks for coming in and helping us to talk about how to bring out the santa clause in all of us when we started the beginning what makes a convincing santa in your eyes i think the personality and bringing into the character also the tension to detail is very important in your appearance and also knowing santa is backstory what is that his backstory. where he comes from
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how he delivers the presents how many reindeer children questions children are going to ask sands and expect in the know so you have to be prepared now you are working as a special effects hop artist also in hollywood and you're responsible for making up the set of cause in a new film called santa stole my dog how did you go about it where do you start when you're creating a santa look there's several different looks for the american santa there's norman rockwell rockwell's version there is the. abyss pronounce that that's the classic coca-cola version there's also what they call the hollywood santa which was put together by a conference of santa clauses in one nine hundred thirty eight and there's also the the mall santa which is called the charles howard santa which was you go for as your inspiration when just looking at a clip from a film that you helped on the norman rockwell version is very natural believable that he's an older man and. working on making toys. all the time and it's not
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too scary right because some of the scandals that you see like out on the street or maybe at the mall they're like a little creepy looking right yes. we thought it would be good to have you rate some santas for us we have some people in santa costumes now it should be said these are not maybe the most professional santas not like the ones that you're working with but take a look at those guy who's got like a lot of excess series in the beard he's got like some lights and a pins what do you think is this look working or not i actually like it because he's is doing all of the parts about santa in the character and he doesn't have a lot so he embellished to have too much which i think makes him more friendly than opposed to the guy standing to his right who has no beard and just the santa coat he also looks angry i mean that's not the santa i would want to sit on his lap ok what's going to remove another sensor here i think we can pull up the next picture . this does look like rain might be
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a sporting iran this guy's got a double barreled look going when you think about that i think that he needs to come to see me. yeah he's probably got something else on his mind. here to children everywhere right there are they are exhibiting good sense of behavior not exhibiting good santa behavior when you're advising santa how do you how do you help them connect with children what's an intrinsic part of this santa experience for a cat i think the most important part is their eyes and with a couple of those pictures you saw there was too much air and that's frightening the children but. when you much care is frightening to children i think you scare children you have a lot of well. friendly eyes i think because the hair has to be balanced by kind eyes as what you're saying yes and if you wear too much makeup in too much hair in forget about your eyes because if you're dealing with children who
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don't speak who speak many different languages and your eyes can. can translate so much emotion in sometimes your words can like that old saying the eyes are the window to the soul what advice would you give to viewers who are maybe going to be playing the role of santa at a holiday party what can they do to just bring it up a little bit that level of santa claus in person nation. attention to detail is important to make sure your belt buckle is in the right spot and that your suit is pressing that. you can have some character in whimsical part of it but that your care hair is combed in that you look presentable and and some of the welcoming that children want to come to aren't just like your mom always said come your hair ironed your suit it's no different whether you're santa or not that is wrong a wall like he's a special effects makeup artist who also works as
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a santa trainer ron thanks for being with us oh you're welcome thank you. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at news or tweet me at sarah harman five three and don't forget to use our hash tag the day and that is the final day for this year hard to believe we're back in twenty eight team and we'll leave you now was a few with a crazy things people do at christmas all around the world from our whole team here in berlin abbey holidays we'll see you next year. leg .
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length . lens
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. length. live. a winter paradise nestled in the swiss alps. where the snow never
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seems to stop falling. here in davos the most charming side of winter. your moments next. stars up close in the sun. and feagles house of music this time with vocal sensations delamont. and rock poet currencies boost to some. style john is inevitable. with. the serious look below close to forty five minutes. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our webspace. dot com
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football made in germany. crime fighters the new season of radio crime thrillers begins. domestic violence. and human trafficking for investigative cases that keep you want to toast a crime fighting stories at the base idea so every young person needs to listen to crime fighter and share tell a friend tell a friend to faint. clock fighters don't miss it. i have you are wrapped up warm as we are in for
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a chilly show yes the theme for today's euro max is i.


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