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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2017 12:00am-12:15am CET

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that and also double and all kinds of books so sure said judge brogdon porter. this is d.w. news live from berlin the u.s. buyers the latest shot in the conflict in eastern ukraine washington says it will supply anti-tank missiles to kiev to provide it with quote enhanced defensive capabilities russia says the move is fueling
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a war we'll get the latest from our moscow bureau. and in the philippines a storm tendin unleashes flash floods and washes away homes more than one hundred people are dead and dozens more are missing. i my ass waiter thanks for joining us ukraine's president petro poroshenko has thanked the u.s. for its decision to provide his nation with lethal weapons u.s. officials say washington plan to provide the ukrainian government with anti-tank missiles and missile launchers kiev has been battling russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine since two thousand and fourteen. cleaning up after the attacks has almost become a normal the in eastern ukraine. neither side is willing to concede as they continue to shift the blame on to each other. president poroshenko was fond of
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saying that the war cannot be won with radar and night vision goggles alone. while joint exercises with the west boost troop morale poroshenko now says ukraine needs arms more than anything else. and the united states is expected to deliver washington has agreed to provide forty seven million dollars worth of weapons including the u.s. made anti-tank missile system javelin. russian president vladimir putin has said his country would react quote appropriately and adequately speaking to a congress of his united russia party he briefly touched on the matter of peace but . we are not looking for confrontation with anyone however we will never sacrifice the well being of our citizens and the interest of our nation. critics warn the move would have consequences. but this undermines the peace process and prevents
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efforts for the implementation of the minsk treaty. a ceasefire has been in effect since saturday due to last until the new year past agreements have been shaky at best joined now by emily short winded obvious correspondent in moscow forty seven million dollars worth of weapons are about to be delivered to ukraine what's the reaction been in russia. well as you can imagine my of the reaction has been rather severe here in russia russia's deputy foreign minister today said gayety of course said that the us has gone too far and that they have crossed a line they also accused he also accused the us of fueling war rather than acting as an intermediary in peace and question in fact the u.s. is capability of acting as an intermediary in the future at all and ahead of the decision the kremlin also said that this kind of decisions would fuel bloodshed so
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as you can see the reaction has been really extreme and we can expect that now russia won't just be blaming the blaming ukraine for breaking the minsk agreement but that they may also be blaming the u.s. so this conflict in ukraine has been going on since twenty fourteen it's basically a frozen conflict as sort of become the status quo for a lot of the country a lot of people in the eastern part of ukraine there is there any fear is that this new move on the u.s. is part would lead to an escalation of sorts well obviously the reaction as i said has been really severe and of course the u.s. and russia support opposing sides in the conflict which has now become even clearer with this u.s. step and it does sort of feel like this almost could become more of a kind of proxy war between the u.s. and russia especially because there has been a hardening of the two sides this week as well with the u.s.
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presenting its new its new national security strategy which called russia a rival along with china and putin said that the strategy was quote aggressive so this decision along with that strategy sees a hardening of of the kind of positions between russia and the u.s. and that can be good for ukraine. rival sides the rival sides in the conflict directly have been have agreed as you say to a holiday ceasefire began today but we know that these things have been tenuous at best in the past what have we seen so far is it working well both the ukrainian side and the pro russian separatists side have have already been claiming violations in the cease fire and there has been an escalation in violence recently according to monitors and also this this week a mechanism which is supposed to guarantee peace and help facilitate peace the
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joint center for control and coordination in ukraine basically broke down russia pulled out its officers on wednesday and today german chancellor i'm going to america and french president. called for russia to bring their officials back to restore that and to uphold the cease fire and for the cease fire to be upheld excuse me but so far things aren't looking so great well sure when for us in moscow thank you very much. staying with russia nato says the russian submarines have dramatically stepped up their activity in the mediterranean and the north atlantic the alliance fears that moscow could use its navy to damage or tap into vital undersea data cables that run between europe and north america in an interview with a german newspaper a nato secretary general younes stoltenberg said that quote russia has invested massively in its marine capability especially in submarines he also pointed out
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that russia's submarine activity was now at its highest level since the cold war. more than one hundred eighty people are dead in the philippines after a tropical storm brought devastation to the south of the country rescue operations are underway to find dozens who are still missing tembin is the second deadly storm to hit the country this week it swept over the southern island of mindanao leaving destruction and its wake. this man and child and lucky to be alive. the effects of mudslides and flooding have been devastating. entire villages under meters of water. others swept away. fallen tears have been digging through mud to try to recover bodies.
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houses will being flooded with people could no longer get out of their homes so they got trapped by the strong waters they were swept away. when the big. dozens of people are still missing. rescue efforts have been hampered by power cuts and the loss of communication lines. storm tembin struck the southern island of mindanao on friday. it's an area not often hit by tropical storms. winds of up to eighty kilometers per hour along with heavy rain batter the area. for locals and they're taking stock of the damage officials say more than seventy thousand people have been affected. there used to be one hundred three houses here but when the flash flood happened
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everything was washed out all the homes and livelihoods gone we have ninety family said are affected. by. this nasa satellite map shows the extent of the powerful storm which is now headed towards the philippine island of palawan and on towards vietnam. for those affected by ten then a long path lies ahead to recovering from its devastation. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations has been evacuating african refugees from libya directly to italy for a second day the u.n.h.c.r. called the move a quote groundbreaking development over one hundred sixty migrants among them children and women have been waiting for months in libyan detention facilities but hundreds of thousands of migrants are still stuck in the country where they often
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face abuse and torture. a former u.s. soldier has been arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack in san francisco over christmas the man allegedly told an undercover agent he planned to target the city's busy pier thirty nine area in the name of the so-called islamic state authorities say a search of his home turned up firearms and a letter claiming responsibility a fire at the london zoo has left one aardvark dead and several cats missing the blaze broke out on saturday morning at the zoo's animal adventure section before spreading to a shop and a cafe more than seventy firefighters tackled the blaze the dead aardvark called me was one of the zoo's best loved animals and cuts alone in a separatist leader wisdom and says he is still the legitimate president of the spanish region in an interview he also asked madrid to allow him to return home in
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time for the opening session of the council on parliament separatist parties won a majority in the regional vote held on thursday and this is the season to be jolly even as christians in the palestinian territories are feeling less than festive as they prepare to celebrate christmas but they feel a responsibility to keep its traditions alive in bethlehem and surrounding areas one of those traditions is the game of bingo israel correspondent tanya kramer was there and joined in for a round. christmas time is being go invade at the auditorium of the orthodox christian community they're keeping track of every number on people here play bingo all year round but during the festive season the atmosphere is extra special. palestinian christians see themselves as a custodian of christmas and it's often colorful traditions and bingo is one of
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them that tumble as they call it and they jhala friends and family gather to play every sunday after going to change. it gives us a break from everything going on with all the checkpoints the situation is difficult and people can't go anywhere they want that's where we open the community so we can play bingo over the holidays and have a good time. being good brings everyone together. on a very digital. we really have a good time. would be christmas here without being go maybe christmas day wilfredo way it we we have a nice holiday atmosphere that's why we meet here who has been. instead of sweets the winners get practical host good items like ice detergent or toilet paper it's been like this since intifada times this spirit of helping families is strong but
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this year the next in warsaw living them in say any middle when a crisis situation this is about the future of to a city that's holy to us to it's about our homeland that we are losing. a message for surrounds bethlehem cutting off the roads to jerusalem images of trauma familiar sight palestinians from the west bank need a special permission from israel to visit jerusalem. bethlehem the birthplace of jesus is decked out for the crew. here too the mood is far from stiff but locals and this is to try to make the best out of the situation. to sit looks like this christmas will be better after what happened in the west bank following trump's decision so everyone here is against it tourism is down to them. we like to come to bethlehem today to show the baby the atmosphere the city i love
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the circumstances we. dress because of the occupation. it's the third round of the big everyone's enjoying the evening and trying to forget the uncertainty costing the show do over this christmas. free style skiers faced off in france in the final world cup event ahead of the holiday period in the women's final sixteen year old tests do earn herself a ninety three point six score from the judges to claim victory that put the young french skier ten points ahead of her rivals in front of the jubilant home crowd meanwhile in the men's event sweden's best start a first career when he saved the best for last as a spectacular final run saw him secure at the top.
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will leave you with christmas carols being sung by the fans of the second division for all team union berlin nearly thirty thousand supporters attended the annual event on the day before christmas eve and really got into the festive spirit thanks for watching t w news will be back with more at the top of the hour. last. load. lived to surf. we were there.


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