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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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philip klein interesting to many of the others. point where you see the surfers fighting against unseen pollution the suv starting january seventh on g.w. the full. leak . this is the news live from berlin the philippines reels from a deadly typhoon just before christmas more than two hundred people are now known to have died after the storms devastated southern parts of the country rescuers are scrambling to find dozens who are still missing. and
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a shadow over the holy land on christmas eve the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital these heightened tensions in the region. also coming up discovering your interest and a clock we visit a father christmas school here in germany to find out what it takes to make this season jolly. i have a quote awesome welcome to the program some two hundred people are dead in the philippines after a tropical storm brought devastation to the south of the country rescue operations are underway to find dozens who remain missing tembin is the second deadly storm to hit the country this week it swept over the island of mindanao leaving destruction in its wake. tropical storms rarely hit mindanao in the south of the philippines
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ten being proved a brutal and deadly exception. the heavy rains caused massive flooding and numerous landslides oh entire villages were swept away. washed up that like there used to be one hundred three houses here but when the flash flood happened everything was washed out all their homes and livelihoods gone ninety families have been affected in the least that the last. towns were deep under water with people trapped in their homes. across the affected region at least forty thousand people have been displaced scores a still missing. emergency workers and volunteers have been searching for survivors and victims. the devastation is widespread endless mud flattened crops. and entire communities where people have to rebuild their homes
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and their lives. staying in the philippines where people are mourning another tragedy this christmas eve at least thirty seven people are feared dead after a fire broke out at a four story shopping mall firefighters have begun recovering bodies and authorities say there is no chance of survival for anyone trapped inside crews have now put out the blaze in the thunder and thirty of the valves it's believed the fire started on the third floor because it's not yet known. tensions are still simmering in the middle east following washington the decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital u.s. president donald trump's controversial announcement earlier this month triggered demonstrations and clashes across the region including in the israeli occupied west bank city bethlehem it's cast a shadow over christmas festivities as christians prepare to celebrate midnight
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mass date pastries not too sweet these palestinian delicacies called mahmoud have a special significance would be oddly enough to make these a tista because they symbolize christ's crown that this year we've decided to make them a christmas as well because the children like them so mind. the whole family joins in the man's sores are christians living in bethlehem charlie mansoor is a doctor he and his wife breda have three children as christians celebrating christmas in the birthplace of jesus is extra special but this year politics is putting a damper on the celebrations. and. people are worried and afraid we'll probably go to church for christmas and then just stay at home with the family. you can see why at bethlehem's town walls palestinians dressed as father christmas
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taunt israeli border guards they retaliate with tear gas it's been like this for the last two weeks the tension is getting to the man stores. in many ways christmas is different this year we can even smell the tear gas and tom as well because donald trump decided to move the american embassy to jerusalem to see if we can say the jerusalem an arabic city where all religions should co-exist in a city to. the more as in calls the faithful to prayer in the center of bethlehem two thirds of the town's thirty thousand residents are muslim one third christian but two faith communities treat each other with respect. and that we celebrate together with our christine presence and day with those there are no differences between us. was.
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more and more tourists are coming to bethlehem the palestinian authority has stepped up security measures but a feeling of ease remains. at the grotto of the native of the where jesus is believed to have been born a group of pilgrims starts an informal choir a prayer for a peaceful christmas. now to some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of israelis have demonstrated in tel aviv and jerusalem calling for the resignation of what they call a corrupt government and its leader benjamin netanyahu the protests come days after netanyahu lashed out against police he's accuse them of conducting an investigation against him aimed at ending his leadership. north korea has condemned the latest u.n. sanctions against the country as an act of war pyongyang insists it will carry on developing its nuclear program to establish
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a balance of force with the united states on friday the u.n. security council unanimously back fresh sanctions against north korea in response to its test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. in japan laughter is definitely the best medicine a heartwarming ritual and encourages people to laugh continuously for twenty minutes it's meant to bring joy and forget the bad experiences of the past year the ritual stems from a national myth that god's giggled to coax out the sun goddess to egypt now were a project to build two tunnels under the suez canal has officially been launched the goal is to create better transport links between the sinai peninsula and the rest of the country they move the project is not only to upgrade infrastructure but also to improve security. tunnel boring machine is borrowing underground beneath the suez canal the new tunnels were inaugurated on saturday and hailed as a major achievement by president of delphi c c the four links are intended to
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improve access to the sinai peninsula from the rest of egypt at the port side on the mediterranean and is my only a further south the plan is for them to deliver a long needed boost to the peninsula economy it's a volatile area where an offshoot of the so-called islamic state has a foothold the militants claimed responsibility for the downing of a russian plane in two thousand and fifteen killing more than two hundred people but the peninsula is also receiving investment the plan is for sustainable economic growth bringing jobs martin has an connects company has provided some of the know how the german engineering firm developed the huge drills used in the tunnel project as president of the egyptian president attach great importance to us giving skills to egyptian engineers for children with trained in germany before working on the project here where. president el-sisi took part in
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a test run on saturday up to six kilometers long and seventy meters deep the tunnels will soon be open for traffic. while christmas just around the corner centers are certainly in high demand they play to the toughest of audiences namely children and they better be ready for the unexpected one fees and instructor is making sure the center has he schools with the highest standards. that's my earthly record so i want to welcome your wall ladies and gentleman or you'll be doing a workshop on how to be santa claus today the first rule is discover your inner center. is a first time center and perhaps it's not as easy for him as others to impersonate the festive figure but the course instructor here in a local town hall takes his yuletide mission quite seriously but. is beards like this one here all for. people run around like these things and call
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themselves santas and they have no idea what it's all about. that's pretty good i think we need to head outside for a practice your bite with both of you. give each other a bit of room or keep an eye on you and be the referee season and maybe give you a few tips about what you can do better. now is it. good it's a lot of fun. i do. know. but the first trial run isn't all smooth sailing. look do you want some. look here i'm not i want to hurt you. then you are. no where near
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a christmas. with. us to find the love of this week do you have a blonde drawl with long hair now you've learned how to learn how to love and a car as a christmas present. no up us but i want to barbie car for christmas when bobbie i want to try my new white a second i know of a blonde girl and the christmas albums told me about her. can you bring me one of those ones bring them to i'm sure i can push them two days later all of us first proper appearance it's december sixth and he's clad as a santa technically it's st nicholas day but no one's being too picky certainly not at a local car dealership this is opening night so to speak to your wants your name you
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. should we try and find them. long enough the pressure is on if the children were good this year tradition dictates that their boots will be filled with goodies. he wants. and then the next kids have arrived it's a chance for all eva to work on his holiday chops. but he is well aware that his outing at the car dealership is just a warm up for the main event christmas eve. how do you feel about working on christmas eve there was this christmas eve well you need to have a feeling for what makes it so special and you really have to enjoy being santa claus i really like advent. i like looking around and seeing all the houses lit up it's impressive and every year i just can't get enough of it. is the truth you're most on the move on tuesday and. so while others are lounging around their trees
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here in germany oliva will be celebrating his premier and dashing from one christmas celebration to the next. now second division german soccer team winning on berlin have been battling to reach the bundesliga for many errors but it just hasn't happened yet still every christmas the club makes headlines because of a much loved tradition twenty eight thousand fans packed their stadium to sing festive carols. that was. testifying nothing and started back in two thousand and three now ballin fans make the annual pilgrimage to their stadium not for football but for singing their moms would do exactly like we did at the start all or all music we're all bill and fans wrote amateurs on the stage and in the crowd we come that's all part of the charm only all have become synonymous with christmas in germany not just because they
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kids has the same color as santa. who knows where this will lead. you to. the. christmas carols have become a marketing tool for the club. with the kids and their sons and lives are wonderful them it is not about of life as if young here is like family that's why it is great to experience it my eight. people come from all around the world to take part in the singing like mad to atari's she's from mexico was. was really like it's a great atmosphere and i really enjoy it is that they've found a way to celebrate christmas. if the team plays as well as their fans sing only on
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berlin could well be in the bond as they go this time next year now wouldn't that be a great christmas present was was . the was. was. it watching the news i have a quote arsenal back again at the top. you can get all the latest on our website any time that's thanks for watching. the whole d w one. four in some insights.


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