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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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moment from the heart to. falter disable watch your d.v.r. in between for. this is the wus line from berlin the countdown to christmas with tensions running high in the middle east. worshippers have been making their way to bethlehem's church of the nativity ahead of midnight mass but
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festivities are being overshadowed by anger in the region over washington's new middle east policy also coming up. in. the philippines reels of from a powerful typhoon more than two hundred people are now known to have died in the devastating storm rescue was scrambling to find those still missing. plus father christmas may be on his way but where is he from d.w. goes in search of santa claus and you might be surprised about where we found him. welcome to the program christmas celebrations are underway in the west bank town of bethlehem i made heightened tensions this is festivities come at a time of simmering anger after u.s. president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's
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capital now that move has triggered clashes and has been weighing on christians as well as they prepare to celebrate christmas still the celebrations are happening. christmas eve in bethlehem the town where the it is the birthplace of jesus is in festive mood as thousands of christian pilgrims arrive from around the world. and i hope to find something special and. back to feel something special here we're here to fall of the steps of the christ. being there where he was born. is like. reading the bible all life was jerusalem's latin patriarch pierre but his step piece about was a score to buy israeli police through a checkpoint from jerusalem. to the west bank. arriving in bethlehem he
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greeted the faithful but his message of christmas peace is overshadowed by we need tension prompted by u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize to resell him as the capital of israel. like many world leaders pizza balor has said the status of jerusalem should not be altered by unilateral decisions. palestinians both muslim and christian hope the same city will one day be their capital. refused for the british and. the continuance of the bridge and the fight that it is . looking for freedom for over human dignity in bethlehem but it's been you have a message to the poor introducing them is the capital of palestine jerusalem is the biggest thing in city there is of you. but in jerusalem israeli prime
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minister benyamin netanyahu criticised palestinian leader mahmoud abbas for saying he would not work with the u.s. on any future peace deal i think once again a clear and simple thing is being shown those who do not want a resolution to the conflict are the palestinians. through tonight christians in bethlehem are trying to put the conflict to one side and remember the reason they're here to celebrate christmas is. more than two hundred people are dead in the philippines after tropical storm brought devastation to the south of the country rescue operations are underway to find dozens who remain missing tembin is the second deadly storm to hit the country this week it swept over the island of mindanao leaving destruction in its wake. tropical storms rarely hit mindanao in the south of the philippines ten being proved
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a brutal and deadly exception. the heavy rains caused massive flooding and numerous landslides. entire villages were swept away oh it washed up there used to be one hundred three houses here but when the flash flood happened everything was washed out all their homes and livelihoods gone ninety families have been affected in the least that the last. towns were deep under water with people trapped in their homes. across the affected region at least forty thousand people have been displaced scores are still missing. emergency workers and volunteers have been searching for survivors and victims. the devastation is widespread endless mud. flattened crops. and entire communities where people have to rebuild their homes and their lives.
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staying in the philippines where people are mourning another tragedy this christmas eve at least thirty seven people are feared dead after a fire broke out at a four story shopping mall firefighters have begun recovering bodies and authorities say there's no chance of survival for anyone trapped inside crews have now put out the blaze in the southern city of devour it's believed the fire started on the third floor but the cause is not yet known. now to some of the other stories making news around the world north korea has condemned the latest u.n. sanctions against the country as an act of war state media said the measures violated peace and stability in the region. and says it will carry on developing its nuclear program to establish a balance of force with the united states north korea's ongoing ballistic tests have prompted fresh sanctions by the u.n. security council a u.s.
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judge has partially blocked president donald trump's latest restrictions on refugees the core true of the measures could be could not be applied to people with a bonafide relationship to a person or entity in the united states the white house had effectively stopped refugee admissions from eleven countries mostly in the middle east and africa. the government of turkey's president. has announced it's sacking twenty seven hundred public servants with alleged links to terror everyone's government has fired or suspended some one hundred fifty thousand teachers judges and public servants since they declared a state of emergency after last year's failed coup. kremlin critic alexina valmy is holding rallies in cities across russia to back his bid to run in next year's presidential election not only is hoping the show of support will persuade officials to overturn a court conviction that bars him from standing as
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a candidate a ruling he says is politically motivated the vanni is considered the strongest potential challenger to vladimir putin who is expected to extend his hold on power by another six years. we lose you we have come together to live a better life and make our country better. this is something we will fight for i thank you all for your trust to be your candidate and fight for your interests. i promise that i will not disappoint you. but he writes together we will lead russia to a better future. for this. christmas eve is finally here and now that all the shopping is done it's time to hand out the presents especially for something many kids around the world will be hoping to catch a glimpse of the saint nick on his sleigh and maybe even with food oh and a few other reindeer as he delivers billions of gifts sounds like
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a tough job right well every year he does get it done on his journey starting from the north pole and this is a story that most of us you know what does father christmas really come from the acting. set out in search of the mythical man with the bright red outfit and a white beard and she found him in turkey. it's christmas time a reason to celebrate for some people here in istanbul as well and like every year curious children want to know where does santa claus come from. our lives from somewhere in europe more weight. from a snowy place from england. america maybe.
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from over there. i don't know. unbelievable but true even many turkish people don't know that good old sense is in fact one of their own so states you and we will show you where father christmas really comes from. it's right here the small town of demaris in southern turkey. in the fourth century a bearded man known for his generosity lived here children were especially fund of him because he often gave out gifts it was this man st nicholas. the reading this is the very church in democratic west saying nicholas prayed about seventeen hundred years ago he was officially called the bishop of iraq that was the name of
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this town back then. was his nicholas. between saint nicholas is important all over the world to some of his good deeds reflected in the first here in this church. like protecting those in prison and healing the sick you also won't because. they devoted his entire life to the well being of others yet show moon has. many such stories surround the legend of st nicholas he was known for sharing his possessions with the poor and filling children's boots with gold coins pilgrims spread the word of his miraculous deeds over the centuries the persona of st nicholas evolved into the santa claus figure we know today. the most sacred spot of the church and daimler isn't open to me behind the glass screen
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people have long believed that this is the last resting place of st nicholas they say his remains were stolen and taken to italy hundreds of years ago. but a team of scientists recently made a fascinating discovery at a con you clues findings point to an intact burial crypt below the church you clue is convinced that this is where the real grave of st nicholas lies. it will take some time before we can prove it but i think the chances are good. if you think. it will be a sensation importance of this place will grow there are many more people would visit down. there. maybe then word will spread that the original center close actually comes from taki. second division german soccer team union berlin have been battling to reach the bundesliga for many years but it just hasn't happened yet still every christmas the
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club makes headlines because of a much loved tradition twenty eight thousand fans fact a stadium to sing festive carroll's. the. classifying nothing and started back in two thousand and three now ballin fans make the annual pilgrimage to their stadium not for football but for singing their moms would do exactly like we did at the start all or all music all in fans wrote amateurs on the stage and in the crowd really come backs all part of the charm only all have become synonymous with christmas in germany not just because they kids has the same color as santa. who knows where this will lead. you to. the. christmas carols have become a marketing tool for the club. the
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take is that their sons and lives are wonderful them it is not about a flight as if young here is like family that's why it is great to experience it my eight. people come from all around the world to take part in the singing like mad to atari's she's from mexico. was really like it's a great atmosphere and i really enjoy it is that the fan way to celebrate christmas . if the team plays as well as their fans sing only on berlin could well be in the bond as they go this time next year now wouldn't that be a great christmas present. was. i was. home to tennis now wes arena
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williams has confirmed she will make a long awaited return to the sport on the thirtieth of december show compete at the mall but dallas. championship an exhibition event in abu dhabi the twenty three time grand slam champion has not played since winning the australian open in january taking time out from the sport to give birth to her first child in september the thirty six year old has confirmed that she will be at melbourne park early next year and looking to defend her title. you're watching news from berlin thank you for watching. like to be comfortable.


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