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tv   Doc Film - Christmas in Vienna  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2017 2:15am-3:00am CET

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video and audio podcast and language course. in the d w media center at media center dot w dot com. bio diversity. at the park. and it exists in the. happy and global ideas presents nonsense from all over the world. traditional church this is a drill. use it to make it say it will help ease pain. because i feel it's my duty to protect the area and that's why i bring my students here and the end to. this is. our strategy is based on the traditional lifestyle of the people as a way of preserving the environment for future generations out of. the ideas on facebook twitter and.
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nobody. really stayed. home. her. love. was. low slung. it was a. little overload that was life.
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i. guess. i. was.
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home. home. home home. home home. home home home.
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during. the old. will rule. for home.
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you it was you. was a little. bit . a little. bit the. oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh. oh
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. for sarah willis. it's a passion. to. join her on a journey as musical discovery. it's christmas time here in berlin and in the real opened staatsoper today named in syria enjoys a christmas classic pencil and gray top by anger baton pretty. good fifteen minutes long tetovo. hold her old. music is known as a christmas sound that's why i'm here at christmas time. i really hope to get into the christmas removed and of course get to know the city as well.
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. pope francis has told brigid the traditional christmas eve midnight mass in st peter's basilica. in remarks earlier the pope compared mary and joseph journey to bethlehem to the mass migration being seen in the world today.


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